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A Member Communication by the California Republican Party

1903 West Magnolia Ave., Burbank, CA 91506


Shawn Nelson is the only candidate for Supervisor with the guts to take on the government employee unions...

That’s why they are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to mail you political hit pieces that smear him.

The Government Employee Union Bosses and their hand-picked candidates will SPEND, SAY and DO ANYTHING to defeat Republican Shawn Nelson.

Why? Because as a Fullerton City Councilman, Shawn Nelson stood up to the government unions and exposed their back-room deals to spike pensions. And as Supervisor, Shawn Nelson won’t let the unions rip-off taxpayers with demands for higher benefits and fat pensions.

That’s why the Republican Party of Orange County and the California Republican Party OFFICIALLY ENDORSE ONE CANDIDATE – and one candidate only – Shawn Nelson for Supervisor.

STOP the Unions’ Taxpayer Rip-Off Elect Shawn Nelson Supervisor

CAGOP Mailer for Shawn Nelson #3  

The California Republican Party is engaged in member communication in support of Shawn Nelson for Orange County Supervisor