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Paid for by Norby for Assembly 2009-2010 216 N.Yale Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92831 ID# 1321663


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Committe Dick Ackerman

Linda Ackerman Got Paid $ 76,000 From Her Husband’s Campaign Accounts By Collecting Money From Lobbyists…

While her husband voted for bloated state budgets that raised our taxes again and again! Norby - Corruption.indd 1

10/16/09 3:39:45 PM

Sacramento Insider Linda Ackerman …A Shameless Record of Abuse Financial Abuse • Dick and Linda Ackerman needed more money to finance their lavish Sacramento lifestyle. • So “Loophole Linda” used a money laudering-type scheme to funnel $ 76,000 into her personal bank account from her husband’s campaign committees by serving as his “lobbyist fundraising consultant.”

[Source: California Fair Political Practices Commission]

• She was being paid by the special interests who lobbied her husband to vote in favor of FOUR STATE BUDGET DEALS that raised our taxes and gave government benefits to illegal aliens!

[Source: Official Senate Voting Records--2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 State Budgets]

Travel Abuse • Linda Ackerman serves as a Board Member for a phony “Research Foundation” which the Ackermans used to arrange junkets for themselves and other politicians.

[Source: Pacific Policy Research Foundation and IRS Federal Tax Records]

• Official tax records show that lobbyists and special interests gave Linda Ackerman’s Phony “Foundation” over $1 million dollars for legislative junkets over the past 4 years.

[Source: Public IRS Federal Tax Records]

Money Laundering…Bloated Budgets…Higher Taxes

We CAN’T AFFORD Linda Ackerman! Norby - Corruption.indd 2

10/16/09 3:39:46 PM

Ackerman Money Laundering  
Ackerman Money Laundering  

This is the hardest hitting piece yet from the campaign of Supervisor Chris Norby