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The California Republican Party Endorses Small Businesswoman Beth Gaines!

WARNING TO VOTERS! Trial Lawyer Andy Pugno is spending thousands of dollars on political “hit pieces” that lie about his true profession and smear his opponent. Don’t be fooled. Andy Pugno is a lawyer, not a businessman, and he is running against Beth Gaines because she wrote the bill to stop trial lawyers from suing small businesses. In fact, the first thing Pugno did when he became a candidate was to file a frivolous lawsuit against small businesswoman Beth Gaines. The judge threw his case out of court!

Trial Lawyer Turned Politician Andy Pugno is Committing


Trial Lawyer Andy Pugno – Guilty of Political Identity Fraud Trial lawyer Andy Pugno is guilty of political identity fraud for trying to fool voters into believing he is a legitimate businessman. But the fact is that Andy Pugno is a TRIAL LAWYER who has never created a single job – except for other trial lawyers working for the people he sues.

And why is lawyer Andy Pugno running a smear campaign against small businesswoman Beth Gaines? Because Gaines wrote the bill to STOP frivolous lawsuits against small businesses – the kind of lawsuits that make trial lawyers like Andy Pugno rich.

Don’t let Andy Pugno’s identity fraud fool you!

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Say NO to Trial Lawyers. Say NO to Andy Pugno!

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Assemblywoman Beth Gaines blasts her opponent.