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Dear Friend, Your signature on the enclosed petition will STOP liberal Democrats in Sacramento from tripling the CAR TAX and dismantling Proposition 13. Public employee unions, trial lawyers and other liberal special interests are celebrating new State Senate district lines which were drawn by a commission that was supposed to be non-partisan and ended up being dominated by Democrat activists, who infiltrated the system and hijacked the process. They ignored the requirements of the Constitution and worked in secrecy to draw up a plan that gives one party – Democrat – complete control in Sacramento. If allowed to go into effect, this redistricting scheme will give liberal Democrats a 2/3rds Super Majority and the One-Party Rule they have dreamed of for years. Here are some of the things Sacramento Democrats are already planning to do once they gain a Super-Majority and One-Party Rule: - Triple the Car Tax, Dismantle Prop. 13 and Raise Property Taxes

- Grant Lavish Higher Pensions and Benefits to Government Workers

- Adopt ObamaCare in California and Increase Spending

Needless to say, California’s future is on the line. One Party Rule will mean HIGHER TAXES, FEWER JOBS and a state government under the complete control of public employee unions. Fortunately, California law allows voters to have a say, through the referendum petition we have enclosed. Over, please . . .

Paid for by the California Republican Party • 1903 W. Magnolia Blvd. • Burbank, CA 91506

-2This referendum is the voter’s check – your check – in our system of checks and balances. It will: > Give voters a say by putting the Senate District plan on the ballot and stopping the unfair plan from taking effect until voters have had their say. > Requires the Supreme Court oversee the creation of a new plan in the meantime, so next year’s elections can be conducted in fair districts drawn by non-partisan experts under strict requirements to respect the Constitution. Time is short, so we need you to SIGN and RETURN your petition immediately.

Here are the 4 STEPS you need to take to STOP HIGHER TAXES and ONE PARTY RULE 1. Sign and date your petition in the SHADED AREAS (at least one person in your household will need to sign twice – one in support of the referendum, and once as the CIRCULATOR.) 2. If you can, have other registered voters in your household sign. Don’t forget friends and neighbors as well. 3. Use the enclosed POSTAGE PAID envelope to return your petition – no stamp is needed. 4. And, finally, if you are able, please consider enclosing a donation of $100, $70, $45 or $20 to help us print and circulate more petitions. We know you agree - we cannot allow Democrats in Sacramento to obtain a Super-Majority and One-Party Rule. Please, take a moment to sign and return your Official Referendum Petition today. Very Truly Yours,

CRP Chairman Tom Del Beccaro

Senator Tony Strickland

Senator Mimi Walters

P.S. Printing these large petitions is expensive. Unlike the Democrats, who receive millions of dollars every year from public employee unions and trial lawyers, the California GOP is a volunteer organization which depends on small donations from people like you. We know times are tough, but if you can afford to, please enclose a donation with your petition. But if you can’t donate, make sure to return your signed petitions anyway. It’s your signature that is most important.

CA GOP Senate Redistricting Mailing  

The California Republican Party is working to qualify a referendum on proposed State Senate lines.

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