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Paid for by Steve Cooley for Attorney General – 2010 10153 1/2 Riverside Dr #15 Toluca Lake CA 91602 ID#1323795

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district attorney

Steve Cooley

republican for attorney general

district attorney

Steve Cooley

law enforcement’s choice for attorney general!

“ Steve Cooley is the Toughest District Attorney in California…” – California Narcotic Officers’ Association

Endorsed by (partial list):

California Narcotic Officers’ Association California Peace Officers’ Association California Reserve Peace Officers Association California Police Chiefs Association California Fraternal Order of Police Los Angeles County Police Chiefs’ Association Los Angeles County Professional Peace Officers Association LA Airport Peace Officers’ Association Los Angeles Port Police Association Los Angeles School Police Association Southern California Alliance of Law Enforcement Pete Wilson, Former California Governor George Deukmejian, Former California Governor Tom Armstrong, Chief of Police, City of El Monte George Booth, Mono County District Attorney Ed Jagels, Kern County District Attorney Arthur Maillet, Inyo County District Attorney Rod Pacheco, Riverside County District Attorney Jeff Reisig, Yolo County District Attorney

Todd Riebe, Amador County District Attorney Jan Scully, Sacramento County District Attorney Greg Totten, Ventura County District Attorney Robert Philibosian, Los Angeles County District Attorney (Ret.) Grover Trask, Riverside County District Attorney (Ret.) Mike Bradbury, Ventura County District Attorney (Ret.) Tom O’Brien, Former United States Attorney, Central District of California McGregor Scott, Former United States Attorney, Eastern District of California Sheriff Lee Baca, Los Angeles County Lou Blanas, Former Sheriff, Sacramento County Sheriff Stan Sniff, Riverside County Sheriff Bill Wittman, Tulare County Darrell Issa, Congressman, 49th District Howard “Buck” McKeon, Congressman, 25th District Doug Ose, Former Congressman, 3rd District Mike Antonovich, Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe, Los Angeles County Supervisor John March, Crime Victims’ Advocate, Father of Slain Deputy Sheriff David March Hon. Collene (Thompson) Campbell, Crime Victims’ Advocate Jan Goldsmith, San Diego City Attorney

A Prosecutor, Not a Politician

Steve Cooley. crime and corruption fighter. conservative. qualified. Fighting Political Corruption District Attorney Steve Cooley has aggressively prosecuted corrupt politicians, government officials and lawyers. He established a Public Integrity Unit that’s won virtually every case it’s pursued against those who violate the law — regardless of how politically well-connected they are. Steve Cooley has forced secret government meetings to be opened to the public, stopped government contracts from being issued for bribes and convicted officials who embezzled taxpayer funds.

As Attorney General, Steve Cooley will take his crusade to make government more accountable and honest to Sacramento and fight corruption in the Legislature and state bureaucracy.

“District Attorney Steve Cooley has set the standard for prosecuting corrupt politicians and government officials. He’s proven that the powerful who betray our trust are not above the law.” – Riverside County’s Republican District Attorney Rod Pacheco

Steve Cooley has been a professional prosecutor for 37 years. He’s personally tried and convicted countless dangerous criminals.

The Most Qualified Republican No other Republican candidate for California Attorney General can match Steve Cooley’s qualifications, experience, proven management ability or achievements. • Served as professional prosecutor for 37 years. • Personally tried and convicted countless gang members, murderers, sexual predators, drug dealers and other dangerous criminals.

Enforcing the Death Penalty and Three Strikes Steve Cooley strongly supports the death penalty. Last year, District Attorney Cooley’s office gained a record number of death penalty convictions, more than the entire State of Texas. Cooley’s office also has one of the highest conviction rates in the state for Three Strikes cases and aggressively uses that law to target dangerous career criminals. Steve Cooley strongly opposed Proposition 66, the initiative that tried to weaken Three Strikes. Cooley has been a leader in expanding the use of DNA and using forensic sciences to solve difficult “cold cases” and put rapists and other sexual predators behind bars.

• Served as reserve LAPD police officer for 6 years. • Elected District Attorney of Los Angeles County in 2000, 2004 and 2008 by landslide margins. • Praised for re-organization and successful management of largest district attorney’s office in the nation, with a staff of over 2,100. • Named one of “California’s Most Effective Prosecutors” by California Lawyer Magazine. • Received Highest Attorney Rating based on legal ability, reputation and ethics by the independent Martindale-Hubbell publication. • Honored as California Lawyer of the Year – CLAY Award. • Named Prosecutor of the Year, County Bar Association, Criminal Law Section. • Received Nora Award for Advocacy in Open Government.

“ Steve Cooley’s experience as a seasoned prosecutor and his management of a large public law office make him extremely well qualified. Steve Cooley will make an outstanding Attorney General.” – Former Attorney General and Former Governor George Deukemjian

Steve Cooley "A Prosecutor Not A Politician"  
Steve Cooley "A Prosecutor Not A Politician"  

Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley is running for California Attorney General.