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Dear [First Name]: I’ve known Linda Ackerman for over 20 years and am writing to voice my strong support for her candidacy for State Assembly. An experienced businesswoman, Linda will work to fix our economy by reducing excessive regulations on small businesses. A lifelong conservative, Linda will work to reduce the cost of government by working to save tax dollars by deporting illegal immigrant criminals. Linda Ackerman signed the no new tax pledge so we can count on her stand up to the liberal spending that has put California deep in debt. A good person with a good heart, Linda has what it takes to help restore morality to state government. If values still matter and character still counts, Linda Ackerman is the right Republican to represent Fullerton in the State Assembly. Sincerely,

Don Bankhead P.S. Linda is also endorsed by Congressman Ed Royce and former Assemblywoman Lynn Daucher.

IE For Ackerman: Bankhead Letter to GOP  

The Alliance for California's Tomorrow IE is sending out letters from local elected officials on Linda Ackerman's behalf. This is a letter...

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