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Jouni Kemppi

Beckett and I Blended poetry

"Try again. Fail again. Fail better." Samuel Beckett

Beckett and I Š Jouni Kemppi Vantaalla 2010

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Swoon, Oh, Swoon house something bull not whereas bucket show the girls on tide, sands hide keep thrice the impassible to he this is knee-deep for felts sighing must find hear: to with find hear: to your divine stay, lay mind hear: all half-mast nay, head in till long faint unseal till seal head ashen one no then cyclop on eerily, on off


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Beckett and I  

words they faed breit baerd light wind snowmaker undlingo kedieseq ferscri forebo darrea hyperachive dmends quatious

Beckett and I  

words they faed breit baerd light wind snowmaker undlingo kedieseq ferscri forebo darrea hyperachive dmends quatious