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PLANE is a NSW Institute of Teachers’ endorsed provider of Institute Registered professional development for the maintenance of accreditation at Professional Accomplishment.



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What is PLANE? . . . . and what can it do for you? PLANE is an acronym for Pathways for Learning, Anywhere, anytime – a Network for Educators. PLANE is an innovative and fun educator community, networking space and virtual world that provides accredited professional online learning, courses and quests, multi-media resources, ICT skills development, an e-portfolio, collaborative tools, game-based-learning peer coaching and other professional learning opportunities. PLANE is online and accessible anywhere anytime. PLANE is managed by a consortium consisting of the NSW Department of Education and Communities, the Catholic Education Commission NSW, the Association of Independent Schools NSW and the Council of Deans of Education NSW together with industry partners Adobe and Microsoft. Our Mission: To utilise cutting edge technology and best practice methodology to ubiquitously empower all educators to learn, create, collaborate, innovate, and transform their teaching practices to, in turn, inspire and enable their own 21st Century students.

Who can join PLANE? PLANE is free in 2012 to all Australian educators. NSW educators can register now, other states and territories by September 2012. A small subscription fee per year will be introduced from January 2013. PLANE is available for:  All P-12 educators in the Government, Catholic and Independent sectors.  Educators at every career stage including pre-service and early career teachers, inservice teachers, school leaders, and teacher educators working in in metropolitan, regional or rural areas, full-time, part-time or casually.  Educators working in a school or in a leadership support role, across curriculum, or in speciality subject areas Are you a Principal or member of school executive staff? You are invited to join this flight and consider how PLANE can support your professional learning needs and the professional learning needs of teachers in your school. Access PLANE free of charge now and let us know what other opportunities you would like to see on PLANE for 2013. 2|Page

Want to know more? Contact the PLANE flight crew at:

Get Involved There are two great programs that educators on PLANE can get involved in.

Highly Accomplished ICT Educator program Are you leading the use of ICT in your school? Are you an innovative teacher in the use of ICT?

Then the Highly Accomplished ICT Educator program is for you. It provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate your expertise alongside other educators, in the integration of technology into learning and teaching.

The program provides training and support to participants as they adopt leadership roles in PLANE. Participation in the program is formally recognised within PLANE and Highly Accomplished ICT Educators are invited to attend special PLANE events and master classes. 3|Page

The Highly Accomplished ICT Educator program recognises and rewards exceptional educators while providing them with the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with peers from all over Australia. Participants in the program will be able to apply for NSW Institute of Teachers accredited hours at professional accomplishment level.

PLANE will hold multiple intakes for the Highly Accomplished ICT Educator program during the year. Join PLANE and keep an eye on the news page for details of upcoming Highly Accomplished ICT Educator program intakes.

Virtual Peer Coaching Would you like one-to-one assistance to design engaging lessons and integrate technology and 21st century skills into your teaching practice or practicum placement?

PLANE is looking for pre-service teachers and teachers who would be like to be coached by an accredited Microsoft Peer Coach in the PLANE Virtual World. Register your interest here:

Are you already trained as a Microsoft Peer Coach? Would you like to extend your coaching skills by coaching peers and pre-service teachers in the PLANE Virtual World? Register your interest here:

The PLANE Virtual World is an immersive, 3D environment. It allows educators to meet and collaborate regardless of geographic location, sector or position. Peer coaches and collaborating teachers are invited to meet up at Coach Away Island in the PLANE virtual world to conduct coaching sessions. This is a purpose built space within the PLANE Virtual 4|Page

World, where teachers (or pre-service teachers) and their coach would spend approximately 10 coaching sessions together designing and redesigning lessons.

Sneak Peek Use Open ID to get in to PLANE One of the first things you’ll notice is that PLANE links to a social media account of your choice to provide fast and easy access to PLANE’s online communities and online tools ‘in the cloud’.


Assess and plan your learning

You can tailor professional learning in PLANE to meet your own individual needs using a Self-Assessment Tool, short Skill Snacks lessons, and extended professional learning courses and quests. You can use PLANE tools to generate your professional learning plan and evidence your learning in your Professional Learning Portfolio.

Record your learning

For accreditation, you need to record the time you spend on learning and development. PLANE’s Professional Learning Portfolio streamlines this process for you. When you complete a course the evidence of that learning is auto-populated into your portfolio, providing the necessary evidence of learning. You can share your portfolio with others for accreditation verification. You can also create and track your Professional Learning Plan gaining a career long record that you maintain even if you move across schools, sectors or states. 6|Page

Share what you know Have you created an activity or lesson plan that inspired your students? Share the experience with other educators on PLANE. The PLANE Share Club allows you to search for and share with other educators the teaching experiences and resources that you have used for student learning.

Immerse yourself You can experiment and collaborate with other educators within a 3D simulated environment that extends the possibilities for experiential learning.


Play the game

PLANE embeds game mechanics as a way of engaging you in PLANE activities, recognising your contributions to the PLANE community and encouraging you to continue to contribute. The game layer provides a way of recognising that the work of a teacher is heroic and we have used the concept of the hero’s journey to help teachers overcome challenges in their learning journey. The levels of learning in the game layer draw together various activities, challenges and opportunities in the identified domains of knowledge, practice and commitment. The tasks required at each level and those required to move to the next level are shown. Check out how our PLANE badges and rewards operate. A specially designed 3D game called Leornian exemplifies how to learn through gamebased-learning. This is a game-based-learning experience about game-based-learning tailored just for you!

Receive rewards PLANE uses points and badges to recognise the effort and achievements that you make in your learning. A game layer technology is used to award points and badges to you. The game layer brings together the best of gamification, reputation programs, highly sophisticated technology, social context, and powerful behaviour analytics to build the reputation of learners as they learn on PLANE. As an educator in PLANE you will earn certificates as credentials for completing part or whole professional learning experiences through courses and quests. These certificates reflect indicative hours of engagement in PLANE professional learning.


Coach or be coached Did you know that peer coaching has an 80-90% success rate of knowledge being applied back into the classroom? You can complete your peer coaching training on PLANE or if you’re an accredited PLANE coach you can use PLANE to conduct coaching sessions. In PLANE we are pioneering the use of online and virtual spaces to connect geographically isolated educators who would not otherwise have access to such peer support.

Use 21st Century learning design PLANE has been designed by teachers for teachers. Indepth consultation with stakeholders through focus groups, surveys, advisory panels, trials, and in reference to academic research has informed and guided the development of PLANE. This is not a single event in time as the PLANE team know that maintaining an innovation edge and usefulness to a community is a continual journey that is shaped by the users of PLANE. One result of this collaborative approach is the development of a Learning Design Framework which underpins all activities in PLANE to empower educators to learn, create, collaborate, innovate, and transform their practice through self-directed and continuous life-long learning. 9|Page

Improve your ICT skills Complete a Skill Snack and quickly pick up the skills you need to integrate technology into your teaching. There are lots of area to build your skills in including Augmented Reality, QR Codes and ePubs. A Skill Snack can take 30-60 minutes to complete and all are NSW Institute of Teachers registered.

Seek mastery and depth Complete a Course and gain mastery with these guided learning experiences that are focused on new technologies, skills and concepts. PLANE courses involve collaborative, online learning and cater to a range of abilities, skill levels and interest areas.

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A course can take between 1–18 hours to complete and all are NSW Institute of Teachers registered.

Dive in shallow or deep Gateways are portals to content that allow you to dive in shallow or deep to a comprehensive range of information, resources and learning experiences on a broad range of topics. The content is collated from both within PLANE and from external sources such as twitter feeds, blogs and bookmarking sites. There are gateways to curriculum areas and to broader educational concepts. The curation of Gateways is NSW Institute of Teachers registered.

Your mission should you choose to accept it… Is to experience a quest and reap the rewards of self-directed learning that address the big questions about ICT in education and improves your understanding of the benefits of Inquiry Based Learning. A Quest can take 4 – 6 hours to complete and all are NSW Institute of Teachers registered.

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Who is a PLANE Educator? Meet Jose’: Pre Service / New Scheme Teacher Jose is a first year out teacher in the city. He needs to develop his skills as well as accumulate accreditation hours for his NST qualification. He would also like to connect with like-minded people

What the New South Wales Institute of Teachers (NSWIT) says about educators like Jose’: Graduate educators are beginning their teaching career in NSW. They have undertaken an approved program of teacher preparation and possess the requisite knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to plan for and manage successful learning. These educators are equipped to engage in and negotiate a process of ongoing professional learning. They identify their development needs and seek advice and support from colleagues. They have high expectations both of themselves as professional learners and for the learning of their students. Their commitment to students and student learning is reflected in their desire to support students' achievement of the highest possible education outcomes. They have the commitment, enthusiasm and interpersonal skills to assume a professional role within schools and their broader communities and to contribute to the operations of a school as a whole.

Jose’ needs

Jose’s PLANE journey

Jose would like to know how to use ICT for designing activities in a more student centred, collaborative and interesting way. He would like to see examples of how to implement specific software in subject areas and hear stories form those who have used these.

Jose has found the Shareclub resources to be very useful and the conversation around how people have used each of these. He was very excited to find the Digital Storytelling Gateway and joined the group using this so that he could hear more stories from those more conversant in this area.

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Meet Rodica: Professionally Accomplished Teacher Rodica is an experienced teacher looking to change the instructional climate of her classes. She is keen to help others on their learning journey too. Up to now, Rodica hasn’t found professional learning to suit her change mission…yet What the NSWIT says about educators like Rodica: Professionally accomplished educators have demonstrated successful teaching experience. They have successfully undertaken an induction program and have met the standards for professional accomplishment. They effectively monitor, evaluate and plan for learning. They are able to tailor teaching programs to meet the needs of individuals and groups within the class. These educators have a record of effective and ongoing professional learning. They work collegially and in teams to further enhance their professional practice. They take responsibility for collaboration with others to identify and address their own learning needs.

Rodica needs

Rodica’s PLANE journey

Rodica thinks progress is limited by a lack of access to relevant and appropriate Professional Learning that will enable staff to maximise use of available technology. Staff have varying levels of interest and expertise with computers but most are keen to learn and develop their skills, they just do not know where to do this and Rodica herself cannot support all their diverse learning needs.

Rodica decides to view options for Professional Learning in PLANE. She decides to explore the learn area to make recommendations for staff to engage in Professional Learning online and have opportunities to share within stages. Her colleagues will link up with other schools through PLANE groups where educators are utilising these programs and strategies to share stories and do problem solving. They will have an opportunity to add these people to their friends list for personal follow up activities

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Meet Irfan: Professional Leadership Irfan is looking for ways to lead his school into a new phase of ICT use. He wants to move beyond “tools” and introduce strategies that reflect 21st Century skills and learning. What the NSWIT says about educators like Irfan: These educators have a record of outstanding teaching and are committed to enhancing the quality of teaching and learning. They are committed educators who can articulate a vision of education to their students, peers, the profession and the wider community. They may be employed in formal leadership positions within schools. They are knowledgeable about the latest developments in pedagogy and can apply those developments to unique student contexts. They have outstanding interpersonal and leadership skills. These skills are underpinned by principles of fairness, compassion and integrity. They recognise the talents of others and promote and encourage those people to achieve their potential. They apply critical analysis and problem-solving skills to educational matters.

They engage in professional learning and facilitate and support the professional learning needs of others, particularly induction programs for beginning educators. They communicate effectively with the community to support the development of the school and promote student learning.

Irfan needs

Irfan’s PLANE journey

Irfan is keen to create opportunities that engage and enhance the needs of staff members in ICT and empower them to take risks that will engage their students as well as their own learning. Supporting educators using appropriate technologies within the classroom such as IWBs, software, mobiles and virtual worlds are examples of where Irfan wants to move his staff.

Irfan searches through PLANE to find the relevant ICT experiences. The Skill Snacks catch his eye as a fun place for educators to start acquiring new skills. He also wants to use PLANE as a collaborative environment where he can facilitate and support staff engagement in, and reflection about, PLANE learning activities. But he is also very pleased to see the Ask an Expert Forum where educators can get specific help and the Share Club space for resource sharing and discussion

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You too can lead with PLANE School leaders are invited to lead a group of colleagues through a learning experience on PLANE. You may like to design your own learning experiences on PLANE or, to make it easier for you we’ve designed some learning pathways that are easily implemented in your school. Educators who lead a cohort through the learning pathways below will be eligible for 7 hours of registered Professional Learning at Professional Accomplishment level.

Using the 321 Learning Pathway 3 hours learning Facilitate 3 hours of learning on PLANE (e.g using a PLANE ICT course to scaffold learning about a particular ICT tool or application of ICT in the classroom). This facilitation may be via a webinar or a planned learning event, or providing online support whilst the cohort works through an ICT course on PLANE

2 weeks to implement 1 hour reflection Provide 2 weeks (intermittent) support and advice through various PLANE forums to support the implementation of the ICT tool into classrooms

Facilitate 1 hour of sharing and reflecting about the successes or issues in teacher’s Professional Learning Portfolios, on Share Club or in forums on PLANE.

The 222 Learning Pathway

2 hours learning Facilitate 2 hours of learning on PLANE (e.g use a Course/Quest/ Skills Snack to scaffold learning on a particular ICT tool or application of ICT in the classroom). This facilitation may be via a webinar or a planned learning event, or providing online support whilst the cohort works through an ICT course on PLANE.

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2 weeks to implement 2 hour reflection Provide 2 weeks (intermittent) support and advice through various PLANE forums to support the implementation of the ICT tool into learning.

Facilitate 2 hour of sharing and reflecting about the successes or issues in teacher’s Professional Learning Portfolios, on Share Club or in forums on PLANE.


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