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Brian Fuller, Samara Gravesande, Michelle DeBique & Stephanie Jones PRC 515 Tracy Parker April 26 2011 1

CSR Goal -

1987: The Body Shop’s founder, Anita Roddick, launches Community Fair Trade initiative.

- Company committed to sourcing natural ingredients from various communities around the world for use in products - Trade provides farmers with a consistent income for their families and the security and confidence to develop their own businesses - Currently benefits over 25,000 people in 22 countries worldwide - Body Shop is allowed access to some of nature’s finest and expertly harvested ingredients - Community Fair Trade provides the company with 21 of its natural ingredients and over 60 different gifts and accessories

“Satisfies the Body Shop’s goal to protect the environment and everyone that relies on it.” “ The Body Shop | Values & Campaigns | Support Community Trade." The Body Shop ® | Natural, Inspired by Nature, Ethically Produced Beauty Products. Web. 18 Apr. 2011. <>.


Communication Objectives 1. To create awareness of the Body Shopâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Community Fair Trade initiatives 2. To market the Body Shopâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Community Fair Trade products


Communication Strategy The Body Shop employs various communication strategies to convey their Community Trade Programme. Here are some of the strategies they use.

2009 CSR report 

the “Support and Community Trade” section of their CSR report discuss their fair trade initiatives with marginalized communities around the world

Online blog “” 

Article titled “Community Trade: Fair Trade and the Spa Wisdom Line” Article discusses how community trade is one of The Body Shops Core Values and how it allows them to invest in communities in a tangible way Article also introduces their Spa Wisdom line which incorporates many of their fair traded products




ď&#x201A;ˇ The Body Shop has a couple Youtube videos based on a short film explaining the community trade program implemented by The Body Shop more than 20 years ago.


Swag  In 209 The Body Shop started selling reusable shopping bag titled “The Bag For Life”  The bag is made from originally grown cotton and is sourced from The Body Shop original Community Trade supplier, Teddy Exports in Southern India  It is sold in stores round the word, with a proportion of the profits going to a charity Children On The Edge.  Celebrities such as Ashley Greene from the movie Twilight have been spotted sporting the bag Ashley Greene


Beauty Blogger Events  The Body Shop holds blogger events in the UK for beauty bloggers  Beauty Bloggers get a sneak peek at their new collections  At their 2009 event beauty bloggers were introduced to TBS eco friendly shampoos, conditioners and hair treatment and the “Baked to Last” collection of mineralized products and their Vitamin C Collection





The Body Shop Stakeholders As a company, The Body Shop maintains a commitment to protecting this planet and the people who depend on it, not because it’s fashionable but because, they believe that it’s the only way. The Body Shop’s group of stakeholders represents a wide cross-section of individuals and groups who share in the company’s values and visions. Our communications tactic is newly designed packaging for the popular Body Shop Satsuma line. This tactic was designed to appeal to two of the company’s most important stakeholders: The Body Shop consumer and the communities from which they source the ingredients for its products.

The typical Body Shop consumer is generally one an informed one. This consumer places emphasis on the overall integrity of the products they purchase. Issues such as fairtrade and the use of natural and organic ingredients directly affect their buying decisions. The new narratives featured on the product labels speak to these concerns, leaving no question for the consumer whether or not The Body Shop satisfies their standards.


TACTICS Website 

Communicates The Body Shop’s Community Fair Trade initiatives to all audiences: customers, NGOs and Academia, employees, external experts, suppliers and the community. This is because a large proportion of these groups, assuming they have Internet access, would easily be able to access the website and the information posted there Used largely in a descriptive role: provides a wealth of information and is very transparent about the processes and motivations behind the company’s trade initiatives Field notes from Community Fair Trade team who regularly visit suppliers around the world – describes area and process, how the Body Shop uses the ingredients and the benefits for the trade area Canadian website not as current as the global site (2010 versus 2011)- also has dead links

Social Media  Used to communicate the issue mostly to customers, employees and the community. To a lesser extent, could also be used to target NGOs, academia and external experts  Different Facebook Fan Pages for every country that The Body Shop’s products sell in  Section on the U.S. page providing company values in an interactive table, as well as a brief description and video on community trading – not present on the Canadian site  Twitter: link to company policy against animal-derived ingredients 12

2009 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report  Target audience of NGOs, academia, external experts and shareholders. Customers, the community and employees less likely to access a CSR report because the information they require is more readily available in other areas i.e. the website  Like website, used largely in a descriptive role but provides more detail and case study support  Also lists future goals for the trade initiatives

In-Store Display and Labelling  Primarily directed to customers but may play a role in informing the community. It could also be effective communication to store employees  Body shop uses colours that reflect the environment and the shades of the natural ingredients that they use. Labelling often lists the natural ingredients included in products, as does in-store displays  Labels may also include the company’s eco-conscious symbol: identifies that a product uses ingredients that are non-toxic to organisms that live in the water and that the product meets strict biodegradability standards


What is being said about the Body Shop Source The Huffington Post

Commentary 

Body Shop has made tremendous efforts to source sustainable palm oil, in particular from Santa Marta, Columbia. o Small holder model supports farmers diversifying into palm oil. This model has been certified by Eco-cert

Made efforts to do an extensive search for a sustainable supplier of palm oil. The Body Shop is a a strong advocate of positive engagement. Committed to working with communities, such as Daabon of Columbia, to find long-lasting solutions

Environmental Leader

The Body Shop was the first cosmetics and toiletries retailer to introduce sustainable palm oil into the global beauty industry.

Daabon is a certified organic producer & works with local cooperatives. A Brandjunkie survey showed that Body Shop was the third top bran seen as 'truly green' Advocates have questioned the validity of Body Shop's aquisition by L'oreal. Some view this as a way for L'oreal to be able to state that they offer green products & expertise.

 

Ethical Corporation

 

Efforts in Daabon are part of a worldwide sustainability drive L’Oréal is partly owned by Nestlé (24%), and is therefore included in the world’s largest international consumer boycott – poses as a possible conflict of interest.


Key Messages  “The only way to be beautiful is nature’s way.” - values statement  The Body Shop is committed to using responsibly sourced ingredients wherever possible and working with the communities and people that supply them  Community Fair Trade is an integral contributor to The Body Shop’s supply chain  Community Fair Trade benefits the company, customers, and suppliers


Recommendations 1) The Body Shop needs to ensure that its online material is as up-to-date as possible. Consistency of information across the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s national websites is also important and dead links should either be removed or amended with appropriate content.

2) The Body Shop should hold beauty blogger events over here in North America to promote its community trade initiatives. Glancing over beauty blogs and Youtube videos, I noticed that beauty bloggers in the UK have more knowledge about The Body Shopâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s community trade initiatives and the source of the ingredients in their favourite products than those over here in North America. Bringing these events over here will target more of their customers and will communicate their core value more effectively.


Communication Tactic The

communication tactic of placing information labels inside The Body Shop’s Community Fair Trade products can be used and distributed to have maximum impact in the following ways:  Have in-store displays that promote the benefits of the product line for consumers and suppliers alike  Provide free sample for customers purchasing $25 or more  Train store staff on the basic of supply chain so they can educate the consumer as they promote and up-sell product line  Consumers will be directed to visit to play a campaign inspired trivia game  Consumers that play the game can earn 5- 15% off on their next purchase  Along with label campaign, the Body Shop will produce special collector-game piece labels that will be 17

distribute to all stores in limited qualities  Customers lucky enough to purchase products with a special label will receive a 10% off Body Shop discount-card good for one calendar year  The Body Shop will also host Youtube video contest that encourages consumers to create their commercial showcasing the themes of the campaign  The winning entry will star in the company’s Youtube campaign and travel North America as the Body Shop community spokesperson




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