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• Surveillance means the close observation • Employee surveillance is the action to keep a watch on the employee/s during working • It is the monitoring of a person or group reaction by an organization

By various way employee surveillance take place. • Internet Surveillance • Video Surveillance • Computer Surveillance • Phone Recording

• Video surveillance, monitor the employee activities and behavior • Video camera is connected to the recording device • All the data and images captured by the camera is stored into the recording device • Recording device can be checked and analyzed when any issue arises

• This helps in increasing the productivity of organization • Increase in the security of network and data center • To control the miss-behavior of employee • To protect the women and make them a safer place to work • Workplace safety and security

• Breaking the privacy of the employees • Reliance between the employee and organization • Increase of expenditure on installing the video surveillance system • Unnecessary pressure on employee during working

• HR department spread awareness about the use of video surveillance camera system • Minimize the dispute • Safe and secure working environment • Prepare the surveillance system guidelines

Video surveillance for workplace monitoring  

Workplace monitoring helps in increasing the productivity of employee. Sometimes this leads to bad relationship between the employee and org...