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CCTV Camera Selection Guide

CCTV Camera Selection Guide • There are numerous CCTV cameras available for home security purpose. In order to buy the best security system and camera there are certain things that you need to keep in mind like your requirements.

Buying CCTV camera Select the type of camera : • It depends on your need and recording environment. • You can choose wired/wireless cameras • Demand for wireless cameras is increasing with each passing day. They are a cost effective way to build a video surveillance system at home/office.

Wireless IP cameras • Second option is Wireless IP cameras. These camera are also a good option for video surveillance. • They are network based cameras which connect to your WiFi router just like any other wifi enabled device. • Audio and video quality of these cameras is good.

Black & White Security Camera • A black and white camera is perfect for an environment where light conditions are quite low.

Colored Camera • Colored cameras are suitable for indoor and outdoor when used in a house surveillance system. High resolution cameras use infrared red cut filter for built in night mode.

CCTV Camera System Recorders • If you are setting a video surveillance and want to record the video then you will need a CCTV camera system recorders. These DVR (digital video recorder) can record videos onto a hard drive.

Proposal • There are many expensive video security system available in the market. • Choose the right security system according to your requirements and budget. • There are thousands of websites on the Internet that sells security systems . Analyze your requirements and then buy the security system.

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Cctv camera selection guide  

Choose the right security system according to your requirements and budget.