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SMART Asset Management

Track, locate and manage assets with your smartphone or tablet device SMART Asset Management extends Apptricity Asset Management and provides enhanced flexibility for organizations that have specific mobility requirements by integrating mobile platforms like iOS and Android and supporting devices from smartphones to tablets.

Complete asset tracking and scheduling increases overall visibility and allows information-based decisions on when and where to best position your assets. By replacing faulty, incomplete tracking processes, your facility can significantly reduce asset shortages and stockpiling, as well as misdirected and misplaced assets

Companies are finding that automated asset management provides an increasingly important competitive advantage. Apptricity Asset Management automates the tracking of life cycle factors like purchase price, maintenance, depreciation, and salvage, as well as maintain information about purchasing processes and policies, supplier relationships, warranty coverage, location and storage, distribution, usage patterns, productivity rates, etc. This end-to-end solution delivers full asset budgeting, depreciation, allocation, tracking, and real-time general ledger (GL) integration. Effectively managing all aspects of physical assets is critical to greater return on investment and longer, more efficient usage.

SMART Asset Management leverages the latest 3G and 4G LTE technology with Apptricity’s industry-leading Jetstream automation platform to significantly enhance the asset management solution relied upon by organizations including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and NASA.

SMART Asset Management’s secure login allows authorized users to search assets by location, name, assigned user or barcode, directly from their mobile device. Updates to any asset’s information are synchronized in real time to ensure up-to-the-minute location and status information. Assets can be tracked across locations by employee, general ledger, and/or cost center.

above the cloud.

With SMART Asset Management users can: • Search assets by location, name, assigned user or barcode • View/edit information about the user’s assigned assets • Read barcodes using the device’s built-in camera to view all associated information • Assign/change locations of the user’s assigned assets

Supply Chain

SMART Asset Management continued

How it works


FIND ASSETS Search assets based on assigned user, barcode number, location, or asset name

HIGHLY ADAPTABLE Jetstream applications are highly adaptable. They can run on any OS, RDBMS, web server or application server technology platform. Apptricity supports a N-tier configuration. U

MY ASSETS Access all associated information about assets assigned to you like location, physical measurements, serial/barcode number, vendor information, assigned department, etc.

ASSIGN LOCATION Set/change home locations for assigned assets

HIGHLY CONFIGURABLE Jetstream provides a business rules engine for unrestricted configuration. Solutions adapt to business logic, rules, established best practices and compliance.

SUPERIOR INTEGRATION Jetstream’s integration engine provides the ability to integrate into any third party data source, dynamically or batch (EDI, XML, ORM). Apptricity also provides pre-built integration connectors for Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, Epicor, JD Edwards, GEAC, Great Plains and many others.

MINIMAL-COST MIGRATION You configure the solution to meet your needs once. Our solutions’ migration capabilities eliminate future costs associated with upgrading to new versions. Why repeatedly pay for professional services every time ERP vendors send you a new version of software? With Jetstream, you configure once and migrate forever.

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SCAN BARCODE Read barcodes using your device’s built-in camera

Track, locate and manage your assets with Smart Asset Management Software by Apptricity  

Apptricity with its smart asset management software provides enhanced flexibility for organizations having specific mobility requirements by...