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WHY CHOOSE AVENSURE? EMPLOYMENT LAW & HR HEALTH & SAFETY SEMINARS AND PARTNERSHIPS TESTIMONIALS DIFFERENT, WITH GOOD REASON It’s not unique to find a service which offers Employment Law and Health & Safety support. However, it is, when the support and advice is delivered with a truly personal service; a team, dedicated to your business which


that you are not only 100% compliant within the law but who also constantly consider your company’s needs and objectives. We’re Avensure and we believe in the true meaning of this type of service. We deliver a dedicated, personable, tailor-made package to all of our customers... businesses just like yours. Our specialist expertise covers all aspects of HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety, from writing contracts of employment and staff handbooks to being there to advice, 24 hours a day.

All of our advice, support and documentation are fully insured and it’s reassuring to know that your dedicated team will always be there, whenever you need us, every step of the way. And don’t worry - there are no hidden costs. Just a simple monthly fixed fee achieves this complete peace of mind, so that you can get on with what you do best, whilst we do the same.




Our service is underwritten by a separate legal protection, provided by

Financial & Legal Insurance Company Ltd. who are authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority under No. 202915.

When it comes to Health & Safety, the insurance covers legal expenses relating to court representation for any enforcement action taken against your company. In today’s world, we insure our car, our homes, our lives, even our pets – when it’s this simple to insure and protect your business, why leave it to chance?

Financial & Legal Insurance Company Limited have a unique, direct partnership with Avensure and are leaders in the market, providing a supportive, professional undertaking. The insurance protection will cover all legal costs and expenses so that your DOCS dedicated Avensure legal team, who are solicitor or barrister trained, can defend you should you have a tribunal claim with no additional cost to you. It will also cover any awards relating to a dismissal, such as unfair dismissal and/ or breach of discrimination legislation (excluding remuneration awards).



“At Avensure we promise to deliver the very highest quality of service and legal protection to all our clients. We will go further, work harder and deliver more in every way we can.“


No two employees are the same; so why would you want to settle for hr 24 a ‘one size fits all’ service when it comes to gaining advice or writing contracts for your staff? Here at Avensure we tailor our employment law & HR service to fit you. Incorporating up-to-date knowledge of every detail of the law, all our advice is fully insured and available 24 hours a day. We take care of all your paperwork, from writing your employee handbooks to contracts of employment and documentation. We can also help you write ad-hoc documents, such as probation or disciplinary letters as and when you need them. Simple, instant and 100% compliant.

Working with us couldn’t be easier - from day one you’ll have immediate access to your dedicated HR Advisor via telephone and email, available to you 24/7. We’ll then arrange an onsite consultation to take a closer look at the general procedures and working practises you have in place. Your bespoke documentation will then be produced and we’ll provide a second onsite consultation to deliver them to you and clarify any details for business implementation. • Statement of main terms • Induction procedures and records • Employment applications • Interview rating documents • Disciplinary records • Appraisal documents • Sickness records and holiday requests • Return to work forms • Exit interview documents

“From day one, you will have immediate access to your own dedicated HR Advisor...”

STAFF HANDBOOKS A Staff Handbook is essential for your business. hr We know that employees DOCS 24 are more focused and productive when clear objectives are explained and without one, issues will arise. Working with you, we will create a handbook that is relevant and comprehensive to your business, clearly laying out all of your policies, procedures, objectives and working practises. From clearly identifying holiday entitlement, sickness/injury payments, capability procedures, your social media policy, grievance procedures, disciplinary rules/procedures to harassment and bullying policies, we ensure everything is covered within this one document and fully complainant within the law. Your staff will each receive a copy of your new Staff Handbook and we’ll issue you a guidance book for you to retain for reference. Additionally, all documents can be issued electronically in-line with your business needs.

WHY CHOOSE AVENSURE? EMPLOYMENT LAW & HR HEALTH & SAFETY SEMINARS AND PARTNERSHIPS TESTIMONIALS OUR DEDICATED LEGAL TEAM THAT’S 100% PART OF YOUR TEAM If your business encounters any employee legal disputes, your hr DOCS 24 dedicated Avensure legal team will act entirely on your behalf. Our team consists only of solicitor and barrister trained individuals with extensive experience in Employment Law litigation. We also have individuals with mediation training and certification, enabling us to provide a service that meets our client’s needs, resolving employee issues in advance of Tribunal appearances and where relevant, Appeal Applications and representation.

Avensure will always act in your best interest, maintaining your business objectives through clear, continuous communication. The life cycle of a legal dispute will vary from case to case, but rest assured, Avensure will be with you every step of the way. MOST COMMON REASONS FOR TRIBUNAL: • Unfair dismissal • Constructive dismissal • Discrimination

From the moment you receive a notification from ACAS, seeking mediation or pre-conciliation, or notification of a claim (ET1) you simply contact us and your legal team will take action.


Preconciliation/ mediation

Advice on prospects of 3 Legal team success appointed

continuous throughout process

Visit your site


ET1 papers received


Prepare ET3 papers

Employment Tribunal A typical life cycle of full employment dispute would include:




“Our legal team consists only of solicitor and barrister trained individuals...” MEET MARIA FARNELL, Head of Legal Having a legal team that devotes it’s time to satisfy our clients’ needs means that we can be there in advance of a legal issue. Within our team, we have an integrated philosophy:- to provide employment law advice coupled with a HR function which meets the needs of clients’ business. We have licensed mediators who have the specialised training to find the right solution for our clients, to resolve legal matters

Advice on

7 prospects of

success - Settle?

Take witness statements 8

Prepare witnesses for hearing 9

Hearing 10

quickly and efficiently. Meeting the changes in the employment Tribunal system, in which focus has shifted to consider ACAS conciliation before a legal claim is submitted, we work tirelessly to find an early resolution before an employee brings a claim to Tribunal, which takes specialised mediation skills and expertise. We have the right level of skills within our team, matched by our individual and team promise to conduct ourselves in line with achieving common goals, so that we always keep our clients best interest at the heart of every decision we make.

In the event of an ET1, Tribunal claim, we will make the necessary defence application and preparation of witness statements ready for Tribunal Hearing. With our experienced employment law specialists who have extensive knowledge of the Tribunal system and representation at a full merits hearing, our clients can feel assured that they have the right support. We take on cases with new clients, regardless of the stage they are at and still achieve a good outcome for them. In one particular case, we had been instructed 2 days before the Hearing, during which we argued that the Claim form had been submitted more than three months from the effective date of termination, therefore giving us a defence for having the claim struck out because the employee had not submitted her claim in time. This was successfully argued by our legal team and the Judge indeed struck out the claim. Knowing you have a legal team on your side that has your business’s best interests at heart (without having to worry about the costs) is more than just a comfort, it’s a necessity! Maria Farnell LLB – Barrister trained – member of Gray’s Inn with over 20 years experience.


WHY CHOOSE AVENSURE? EMPLOYMENT LAW & HR HEALTH & SAFETY SEMINARS AND PARTNERSHIPS TESTIMONIALS H&S ASSIST© - WELLBEING, SAFETY AND HEALTH OF YOUR STAFF When it comes to Health & Safety, businesses are aware that they have a duty of care to their staff. Many believe they have done ‘enough’ to meet the required standards and the law... but often, this is not the case. Avensure’s H&S Assist© programme ensures that you have the tools and knowledge to exceed

standards but importantly, help protect your employees and business. With full support from your dedicated Avensure Health & Safety Advisor, we are there to advice and guide you 24/7, giving you total peace of mind.

In 2011/12, 27 million working days were lost to work-related illness and workplace injury. *Annual figures for 2011/12 reported by HSE

HOW IT WORKS To identify your current policies and procedures, a qualified Avensure Health & Safety Consultant will pay you a visit to assess your current work environment. When they arrive, they will work with you to understand every detail of your site and give you practical advice on how to avoid accidents, highlighting any areas that need immediate attention. A full inspection report is then provided to you, along with advice and guidance on how to implement any changes we have identified. We will then develop your Health & Safety Policy, just for you. It will outline your organisation’s needs, explain how to implement your new policy and detail your new Health & Safety arrangements. Our H&S consultant will then re-visit your hr site, to work 24 with you/your management team to fully explain all documentation and integrate the H&S Assist© programme into your business.


Your documentation will include: • H&S Handbook • H&S Procedures • H&S General Policy Statement • Organisational structure (including management responsibilities and monitoring/reporting) • Risk Assessments • Safety in the workplace • Safety Records



The stronger your client’s business is, the longer and more profitable your relationship with them will be. Helping them to understand the common pitfall and their responsibilities when it comes to HR, Employment law or Health & Safety will undoubtedly strengthen their business and overall productivity, whilst reducing their costs. The simplest and most effective way to do this is through an Avensure seminar. It’s not a sales pitch. It’s simply an opportunity for you to add value to the service you’re already providing them by, allowing us to show them what they should be doing, how to protect their business and get the best from their employees. By educating them in best practice principles, they’ll be more likely to have happy, productive staff with high retention levels and increased productivity.






empower businesses and there is no obligation to undertake our services – we can even offer

immediately free advice on the day for a particular issue they may have. You can choose the location and the format of your seminar, from a breakfast session at your premises to an all day event at a hotel in your area; Our highly skilled, experienced presenters will deliver an entertaining, engaging, informative presentation covering a wide range of topics including:• Upcoming or recent employment legislation changes • Documentation – what do you need? • M anaging absenteeism and sickness • Improving staff morale and productivity • How to avoid tribunal • Health & Safety compliance We also understand that due to time restraints or their office location, some of your clients may not be able to attend a seminar in person; this is why we also offer interactive webinars – the same informative, essential seminar from the comfort of their desk.

PARTNERSHIPS In addition to hosting seminars with us, you can become an official Avensure partner. Working together we can help your clients by extending our expertise and service to them. Our partners work with us in a wide range of ways. From undertaking our free Employer Advisory Service for their business and clients, to informing their customers of legislation changes through the Avensure newsletter. To find out more about how you can become an Avensure partner, simply email

“ Our seminars are designed

to empower businesses...�

WHY CHOOSE AVENSURE? EMPLOYMENT LAW & HR HEALTH & SAFETY SEMINARS AND PARTNERSHIPS TESTIMONIALS I’m back in the office now, after what can only be described as an experience this morning. I just wanted to thank you for your wise counsel and for the reassurance you provided throughout the whole episode – and of course for what turned out to be a very favorable result. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your help and guidance

Peter Williamson, Managing Director; Supersonic Software Ltd.

with the employment Tribunal that we were facing. We already had a solicitor on the case, which we were not happy with, and you came in to see us just at the right time. Even though there was just a week to go to the court case, you guided us through what to do, and forwarded our case onto one of your lawyers in Avensure, which carried on with the case in very little time. You were very helpful and kept us informed of what was happening. The outcome was successful and, even though the case has now ended, I appreciate that you are still able to guide us with other matter that are ongoing. Margaret, Hawkeye Transport Ltd. August 2012

I have just heard from solicitor that the employment tribunal has thrown out the claim against us. I wanted to thank you for supporting us at this difficult time and for providing legal support. We are delighted with the help we have received from Avensure. You have been fabulous and we are obviously delighted at the outcome. Our finance officer was reluctant for the directors to join the Avensure scheme but it has proved to be a shrewd move and the provision of legal support by Avensure was brilliant. John, Barton Nursery. September 2012

I am writing to say we are delighted with the successful outcome of our employment Tribunal this morning. The barrister allocated to us took the time to remind us how to respond when questioned by the claimant and did much to improve our confidence, if not our shaky composure. He remained calm and made copious notes which he referred to when questioned by the judge. He made a few insightful comments and questions to the claimant which it would not have occurred to me to ask. When the judge retired to consider the evidence, your barrister was honest with us and said one could never be entirely certain how a judge would respond. He did however say that if the judgement were to go against us, he had some points of law which he would present to the judge and some notes taken during the tribunal to reinforce his response. In the event, it wasn’t necessary and the tribunal ruled in our favour. I sincerely hope that I never have to experience another tribunal, but should we find ourselves in that position again, it is reassuring to have Avensure advising us and questioning on our behalf. Pam Jibson, G E Jibson & Son Ltd.

GET IN TOUCH Avensure Ltd longcroft house 2-8 victoria avenue london ec2m 4ns +44(0) 207 084 6342

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