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Searching For Low Carb Noodles For those looking for a low carb noodle as an replacement for wheat based noodles, whether you are sticking to your diet, gluten-intolerant or managing medical related illnesses like type 2 diabetes, there are delectable options available on the market to help you to eat healtier without even realizing they are so good for you. Fortunately, there is a low carb, gluten-free option on the market: glucomannan noodles. What might you ask yourself is glucomannan? Thought of as a water-soluable dietary fiber, glucomannan originates from the cell walls of specific plants. Glucomannan as a nutritional supplement has been scientifically shown to help reduce the body's cholesterol, help type II diabetic patients, treat bowel problems, help with appetite control and losing weight which might appeal to a lot of people. The FDA has not approved the use of glucomannan in treating these health conditions, but Health Canada has sanctioned the use of glucomannan in certain items to help with cholesterol, bowel problems, weight loss and appetite management. When being used as a dietary fiber, glucomannan helps reduce these health conditions as it is able to slow the process of digestion and thus slowing absorption of glucose in diabetes patients and helps appetite reduction and weight management, giving the person a much fuller experience. Glucomannan’s zero net carbs plus few calories also make it great for low carb diets and weight management. Glucomannan, because it is a soluble fiber binds with the cholesterol containing bilous acids produced from the gallbladder and helps it pass through the system, lowering bad cholesterol. Glucomannan could be taken as a nutritional supplement in capsule form, but eating noodles made from glucomannan could be a lot more rewarding for the palette. The Asian “shirataki” noodles are created from glucomannan from a specific yam called “devil’s tongue,” “elephant” or “konjac” yam. Even though being gluten-free, the shirataki noodle that comes from this yam possesses zero net carbohydrates. For those with a wheat allergy or Celiac disease, they are ideal to eat. Found in a variety of Asian cooking, classic shirataki noodles have a semi-translucent physical appearance, with a distinct whitish or brownish coloring. A result of the overall health benefits, some companies have started to manufacture and provide glucomannan noodles that meet a variety of needs from angel hair replacement to orzo replacement. For anybody looking to get a low carb noodle, there are several options which is nice considering the selection is amazing. There are absolutely noodles available on the market for anyone who is wanting a great tasting alternative as opposed to the more common and less healthy dietary choices. Glucomannan-based low carb noodles have been given lots of press lately, from Dr. Oz to Rachael Ray. Cookbooks that provide Asian and non-Asian recipes for glucomannan noodles have become more widespread; even celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito has included shirataki recipes into his cookbooks. “Shirataki” is something of a trendy buzzword in the low carb diet community, but the benefits of cooking with shirataki could make this trend an extended and happy one. As people in the first world face more problems with weight problems, diabetes, bowel troubles, and high cholesterol, shirataki noodles could possibly be one of the forces that will help turn the Miracle Noodle

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Searching For Low Carb Noodles tide without making us give up on our favorite comfort foods and pasta dishes. For people who live with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, shirataki noodles may re-establish some normalcy and pleasure to their eating habits. Widely available on the market today, glucomannan noodles can be purchased on the internet and at several Asian related markets. Miracle Noodle features free delivery on all orders for their remarkable low calorie noodles. Find out more about Miracle Noodle by going to their webpage which is

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Searching For Low Carb Noodles  

Miracle Noodle features free delivery on all orders for their remarkable low calorie noodles. Find out more about Miracle Noodle by going to...

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