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Rikvin Offers Singapore Company Strike Off Services Investors can stop doing business. If they want to remove their company from the Company Register, they may opt for a strike off. Striking off means the removal of the name of the company including the details about the shares, directors, and shareholders from ACRA, the company registrar in Singapore. The procedure can be a tremendous task as several requirements ought to be satisfied. Rikvin provides assistance in this aspect as it knows well how it is done. “ACRA cites conditions to qualify for a strike off,” says Rikvin’s male consultant, “for instance, in order to be approved for a strike off, the company should have ceased from operations and will not in any way be involved in any legal proceedings within or outside Singapore.” He adds: “The company ought not to have assets and liabilities, no outstanding penalties, not indebted to other government departments, no tax liabilities; it should not have outstanding charges in its charge register, nor should its officers incurred outstanding summonses from ACRA.” To apply for a strike off, the directors headed by the resident director may inform ACRA and complete the necessary form and all directors should sign the form to signal their agreement. The corporate bank accounts are also closed, domain names transferred, and all other loose ends are dealt with. Upon receiving the application, ACRA shall assess it for approval or disapproval. “There will be a notice of strike off sent to the company at its registered business address, to each of its directors at their residential address, and to IRAS, within 14 days from the receipt of the application,” Rikvin explains. Rikvin continues: “The company and to anyone who has significant interests in the company are given one month to file any objection to the strike off. After this period elapsed and nobody raised objection, a notification of the intention to strike off this particular company from the registrar will be published in the government gazette for 3 months.” At this stage, any interested person may still file for objection within the three-month period. “After the three-month period and nobody still filed any objection, a final notification will be sent stating the company has been struck off from the registrar. It will also specify the date that the company has been struck off,” says Rikvin’s business consultant, in conclusion. Overall, the striking- off procedure covers 5 months. Meanwhile, in case of disapproval because of wrong or lack of requirements, the application shall be returned to the director to make the necessary actions. Rikvin can help the company in every step of the procedure.

About the Publisher: Rikvin has successfully helped foreign and local entrepreneurs form a Singapore company. The company provides complete corporate solutions to investors and entrepreneurs both local and abroad. Among its specializations are Singapore company registration, income tax Singapore and providing professional services relating to financing and compliance services. Rikvin assures its clients of confidence in dealing with every transaction. Its employees maintain competence and above all, Rikvin’s principles adhere to business ethics and all applicable laws. Its goal is to provide a highly personalized and professional service worthy of our clients loyalty. “Our phones are answered during business hours by specialists and not by an answering machine. We appreciate the value of your time and understand that a person cannot be replaced by technology. This is especially true when it comes to making important business decisions.” For more information, visit: Rikvin PTE LTD 20 Cecil Street, #14-01, Equity Plaza, Singapore 049705

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Rikvin Offers Singapore Company Strike Off Services  

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