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71st happiest According to the World Happiness Report, Philippines is the 71st happiest country in the world MANILA, Philippines — The Philippines placed 71st out of the 156 countries ranked in the World Happiness Report 2018, only one notch higher from its position last year.

The country has an average score of 5.524 in 2018. In 2017, the Philippines ranked 72nd out of 155 nations. It scored 5.430.

HAPPY. The Philippines is the 71st happiest country in the world, according to the United Nation’s 2018 World Happiness Report.-The STAR/Miguel Antonio de Guzman

Gerald Anderson on working with Pia Wurtzbach: ‘Siya yung mas cowboy’

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Philippine Air Force boosts intel gathering with drones acquisition

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MAFTI Presents Workshop on Writing community -21

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine Air Force (PAF) has upped the ante on its aerial intelligence gathering with the acquisition of six unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from the US worth $13.36 million. Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said with six Scan Eagle UAVs acquired from the US under a Foreign Military Financing (FMF) scheme, the PAF air intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations got a 

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Roach out as Pacquiao’s trainer? sports - 19

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Aquino denies election offenses over dengue vaccination program; cries harassment Former President Benigno Aquino III on Thursday denied he committed electioneering over the implementation of the P3.5-billion dengue immunization program in 2016. “Wala po akong ginawang mali. May kumpiyansa akong imposibleng mapatunayan ang isang pangyayari na hindi kailanman nangyari,” he told reporters at the Commission on Elections (Comelec) in Manila. “Tulad ko, ‘pag binasa ninyo ang reklamo, makikita niyong wala itong saysay at kabuluhan,” he added. The former President said the complaint filed by a former Health consultant against him was a case of harassment. “Klaro naman pong harassment lang ang punto,” he said. “Tama marahil ang sinasabi ng iilan na ‘di katarungan ang layunin dito, kundi ang magpapansin para ma-appoint sa puwesto,” he added. Dr. Francis Cruz and the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) filed a com-

plaint with the Comelec that accuses Aquino, former Budget secretary Florencio Abad, former Health secretary Janette Garin, and several DOH officials of violating the section of the Omnibus Election Code against releasing and using government funds for election campaign within 45 days before a regular election or 30 days before a special election. “Aquino III, Abad and Garin had caused the releases, disbursements or expenditures of over P3.5 billion in public funds in connection with the procurement of the Dengvaxia vaccine a n d implementation of the School-Based Immunization of Tetravalent Dengue Vaccine of the Department of Health (or Dengue Immunization Program) in the National Capital Region (NCR), Calabarzon and Central Luzon during 45 days before the May 2016 elections, contrary to Section 261 (v), B.P. Blg. 881, otherwise known as the Omnibus Election Code,” the complaint stated. — By NICOLEANNE C. LAGRIMAS, GMA News

Duterte ‘digging his own grave’

with ICC withdrawal, says lawyer

MANILA - The lawyer behind the charges against President Rodrigo Duterte said Thursday that the Philippines’ move to withdraw from the International Criminal Court (ICC) is a futile attempt by the Chief Executive to evade liability. Speaking to ANC, lawyer Jude Sabio said withdrawal of a state party does not stop the ICC, which has opened a preliminary examination o n the

the charges against Duterte, from exercising jurisdiction on any legal matter brought before it. “This sudden turnaround is an ingenious ploy to evade liability to prevent ICC from exercising its jurisdiction. It’s a futile attempt. Withdrawal won’t stop ICC from exercising jurisdiction,” he said, noting that Duterte once said he welcomes ICC’s possible probe. The ICC’s move to conduct a preliminary examination on the charges against Duterte and some senior government officials stems from the communication filed by Filipino lawyer Jude Sabio in April 2017, accusing them of committing crimes against humanity due to its war on drugs. Sabio, representing confessed hitman Edgar Matobato, accused Duterte of crimes against humanity in relation to his drug war before the ICC. Duterte announced the Philippines’ withdrawal from the court when the preliminary examination on the

charges began. Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said the ICC, under its complementarity principle, can only exercise jurisdiction when domestic courts are unwilling or unable to do their work, which he said is not the case in the Philippines. PH withdrawal ‘the beginning of the end’ for ICC: Duterte spokesman But Sabio said the administration has displayed several times that the government will never investigate President Duterte’s bloody war against drugs, the reason why there is a need to bring his complaint to the ICC. “What the President is doing right now is very counter-productive to him. It is a defense strategy that will boomerang against him. It will send a signal that no investigation that will happen in the Philippines, either by this government or by the United Nations. To me President Duterte is only digging his own grave in the ICC,” he said.-ABS-CBN News

March 16-31, 2018



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sci-tech PARIS — Artificial intelligence could be deployed by dictators, criminals and terrorists to manipulate elections and use drones in terrorist attacks, more than two dozen experts said Wednesday as they sounded the alarm over misuse of the technology. In a 100-page analysis, they outlined a rapid growth in cybercrime and the use of “bots” to interfere with news gathering and penetrate social

Top experts warn against ‘malicious use’ of AI

media among a host of plausible scenarios in the next five to 10 years. “Our report focuses on ways in which people could do deliberate harm with AI,” said Sean O hEigeartaigh, Executive Director of the Cambridge Center for the Study of Existential Risk. “AI may pose new threats, or change the nature of existing threats, across cyber-, physical, and political security,” he told AFP. The common practice, for example, of “phishing”—sending emails seeded with malware or designed to finagle valuable personal data—could become far more dangerous, the report detailed. Currently, attempts at phishing are either generic but transparent—such as scammers asking for bank details to deposit an unexpected windfall—or personalized but labor-intensive—gleaning personal data to gain someone’s confidence, known as “spear phishing.” “Using AI, it might become possible to do spear phishing at scale by automating a lot of the process” and making it harder to spot, O hEigeartaigh noted.

In the political sphere, unscrupulous or autocratic leaders can already use advanced technology to sift through mountains of data collected from omnipresent surveillance networks to spy on their own people. “Dictators could more quickly identify people who might be planning to subvert a regime, locate them, and put them in prison before they act,” the report said. Likewise, targeted propaganda along with cheap, highly believable fake videos have become powerful tools for manipulating public opinion “on previously unimaginable

scales.” An indictment handed down by US special prosecutor Robert Mueller last week detailed a vast operation to sow social division in the United States and influence the 2016 presidential election in which so-called “troll farms” manipulated thousands of social network bots, especially on Facebook and Twitter. Another danger zone on the horizon is the proliferation of drones and robots that could be repurposed to crash autonomous vehicles, deliver missiles, or threaten critical infrastructure to gain ransom.-By MARLOWE

Orangutan smokes cigarette thrown by zoo visitor March 9 (UPI) -- An Indonesian zoo is facing sharp criticism online after a video emerged showing an orangutan picking up a visitor’s tossed cigarette and smoking it. The video, posted to Facebook by animal rights activist Marison Guaciano, shows a visitor to the Bandung Zoo throw a lit cigarette into the orangutan enclosure, where one of the animals picks it up and starts to puff. “Visitors do not know how to deal with animals, but the lack of supervision by zoo management is equally lacking, and is one of the issues which must be addressed,” Guaciano said. “Indonesia desperately needs animal welfare standards in its zoos.” Guaciano, a prominent animal rights activist in Indonesia and director of the Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group, said the zoo is fraught with issues. “I know this orangutan’s name, it is Ozon. I am very sad and angry to see the visitor throw a cigarette into the orangutan enclosure,” he told website Gulf Today. “This visitor is clearly ignorant. But, really, I blame the management of Bandung zoo; it does not take sufficient care of the animals or care about their quality of life, or how visitors interact with them.” “The government does not make it a priority to standardize animal welfare standards across zoos. So, everyone is at fault: government, zoo management, and visitors,” Guaciano said. “Orangutans are intelligent creatures. I do not know if he has ever smoked. But it could be that the orangutan imitates visitors who often come close to his enclosure.” A representative for the zoo said a guard is usually present at the enclosure, but may have been on break at the time of the video. They said there are signs posted in the facility asking visitors not to give food or cigarettes to the animals.-By Ben Hooper

HOOD, Agence France-Presse

Google to ban ads on cryptocurrencies, related products Alphabet Inc’s Google said on Wednesday it will ban advertisements for cryptocurrencies and related content starting in June. Under the new policy, the company will ban ads for unregulated or speculative financial products like binary options, cryptocurrency and financial spread betting among others. In a separate blog post, Google said it took down 3.2 billion ads that violated its advertising policies in 2017, nearly double the number of ads it removed in 2016.

“Improving the ads experience across the web, whether that’s removing harmful ads or intrusive ads, will continue to be a top priority for us,” Scott Spencer, director of sustainable ads, said. In January, Facebook Inc said it will ban ads promoting financial products and services tied to cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings. The policy will be implemented across its platforms, including Facebook, Audience Network and Instagram, the company said.



Machine solves Rubik’s cube in 0.38 seconds March 8 (UPI) -- A masters student constructed a machine capable of solving a Rubik’s cube in a fraction of a second. Ben Katz, a student at MIT’s Biomimetic Robotics Lab shared video of the machine completing the puzzle in 0.38 seconds. “The time is from the moment the keypress is registered on the computer, to when the last face is flipped,” Katz wrote in a blog post. “It includes image capture and computation time, as well as actually moving the cube.” The machine is made up of six Kollmorgen ServoDisc U9-series motors with U.S. Digital optical encoders on the back, six custom motor drivers and two PlayStation Eye cameras. Katz said the actual motion time is about 335 milliseconds, with each 90 degree move taking about 10 milliseconds. “The machine can definitely go faster, but the tuning process is really time consuming since debugging needs to be done with the high speed camera, and mistakes often break the cube,” Katz said.-By Daniel Uria

4 n March 16-31, 2018


Pinay maid in Jeddah who couldn’t speak English sent home by employer

A Filipina domestic helper in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, was sent home by her employer after only several weeks of employment because of her failure to speak and understand English. “Hindi po ako marunong, ni isa po, pag sinasabihan ako ng how are you hindi ko rin po maisagot. Yuko na lang po ako,” said Joan (not her real name) when interviewed by GMA News at the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO). Joan arrived in Saudi Arabia on the last week of January. According to Joan, because of poverty, she only finished Grade 2. She said she has been living with a man since she was 15 and that her live-in partner is now in jail over drug-related charges. Joan said this was the reason why she decided to try her luck abroad as a domestic helper. Asked on how she applied for an overseas job if she doesn’t understand English, Joan said she was assisted by her recruiter

and that all she did was sign papers Because of this, Labor Attaché Nasser Mustafa urged recruitment agencies to thoroughly scrutinize applicants, especially those recommended by their agents. “Dapat suriing mabuti ng mga recruitment agencies ang mga recommended ng kanilang mga agent,” Mustafa said. “Kailangan on top of the situation sila sa pagre-recruit nila dahil kapag nagkaroon ng problema ay hindi naman ang agent nila ang mananagot dito kundi ang recruitment agency nila.” Mustafa said aside from problems with the English language, some Filipina domestic helpers they have encountered also could not perform household chores properly, while some were minors. Mustafa said recruitment agencies should be discerning with their recruits. —Ronaldo Concha/KBK, GMA News

Congress set to approve national ID system MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) is hoping Congress will approve the proposed national identification system next week. Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno yesterday said that Senate Bill 1738, which seeks a uniform and national ID system, has passed the committee level and is now under plenary deliberation. “The national ID system was sponsored in the Senate by (Panfilo) Lacson,” Diokno said. “If we are lucky, the bill will be approved next week and signed in March.” The proposal, titled “An Act Establishing the Philippine Identification System,” aims to create the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) for all citizens and resident aliens in the country. The DBM said the unified system would promote seamless delivery of service, improve efficiency and transparency and delivery of public and social services, and enhance administrative governance. “The national ID is expected to reduce corruption, curtail bureaucratic red tape, avert fraudulent transactions and misrepresentations, strengthen financial inclusion and promote ease of doing business,”

it added. Diokno said the government earmarked P2 billion for the establishment of the PhilSys under the 2018 budget of its key implementor, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). He said the agency decided to tap the PSA as it consolidates all civil registries in the country, including social security numbers. He said the government might hire a third party to develop the system, which will later be turned over to the Department of Information and Communications Technology. Under the national ID system, every Filipino and resident alien in the country will be identified through the use of a unique and permanent PhilSys Number (PSN). The DBM said data to be collected for the ID would be limited to demographic information such as name, gender, date and place of birth, and address. Other information such as mobile number and e-mail address are optional. It will also feature biometrics information, including facial image, fingerprints, iris scan and other identifiable features of an individual. -Mary Grace Padin (The Philippine Star)

March 16-31, 2018



3 PH offices recommend total closure of Boracay The interior, environment and tourism departments have recommended the total closure of Boracay island to facilitate its rehabilitation. Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo, Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu and Department of the Interior and Local Government officer-in-charge Eduardo Año on Thursday announced a joint recommendation to President Rodrigo Duterte for the total closure of Boracay. Teo maintained that Boracay should be shut down completely for a few months to facilitate rehabilitation. Tourists may visit other beach destinations for the meantime, she said. Teo, likewise, supported the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in its cleanup drive in other tourist destinations in Mindoro, Ilocos, Bohol and Palawan.

Teo said Boracay may be shut down for at least 6 months. The three agencies recommended the closure of Boracay island as a tourist destination for a maximum of one year, effective one month after its declaration. “This is to give ample time for the undisrupted implementation of the following measures to restore and eventually sustain Boracay island as a prime tourism destination,” the memorandum added. The Boracay Foundation Inc., meanwhile, said it has always expected the total closure of the island. “It’s always there. They’ve been threatening to close Boracay for two months, 6 months, pero we were not really, there was no proper communication. We were waiting for at least guidelines if ever they close

because there will be a lot of... I don’t know. It will affect not only the work force but the tourism industry in particular,” foundation president Nenette

Trillanes lambasts Duterte at UN side event in Vienna

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on Thursday condemned the Duterte administration’s drug war during a side session of the 61st annual meeting of the United Nations (UN) Commission on Narcotic Drugs held in Vienna, Austria. According to a report on State of the Nation with Jessica Soho, the senator presented

a series of President Rodrigo Duterte’s statements wherein he repeatedly verbalized his penchant to go after drug criminals in the country. Trillanes also asserted before the human rights body that there had been statesanctioned killings in the government’s crackdown on illegal drugs.

“Can you imagine a president of any country who would actually cite the deaths of his own people from summary executions as an accomplishment?” Trillanes said. “And those being suspected of being drug addicts were not even given a chance to be drug tested, or even if they are real addicts, were no longer given a chance to be rehabilitated and reformed,” he added. At the main session, Dangerous Drugs Board chairperson Catalino Cuy reportedly assured the UN Commission that Philippine law enforcement involved in the anti-drug campaign comply with a framework where there is respect for human rights. Trillanes has been one of the most vocal critics of Duterte. The President, for his part, has repeatedly bristled at international criticism of the rising death toll of his administration’s war on drugs, repeatedly saying organizations like the United Nations should not meddle in Philippine affairs.

—Margaret Claire Layug/JST, GMA News

Graf told ANC. “It might be difficult to get up once you were closed, and the name, the image of our island that we built for years,”

she added. Graf also said they are willing to sit down with Cimatu to give suggestions and recommendations.-ABS-CBN News

House to decide on fate of divorce bill next week MANILA- The House of Representatives will vote on the proposed divorce law on 3rd and final reading early next week. Divorce bill author, Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman said the vote is scheduled either on Monday or Tuesday. He noted that former senator Pia Cayetano is lobbying for the bill’s counterpart measure in the Senate. “From the very start, I said that the divorce bill will have a much better chance of passage early enough in the House,” he said. The lower chamber on Wednesday approved a bill legalizing divorce. Lagman believes that a counterpart measure will also be approved by the Senate. “My fearless forecast is like the RH (Reproductive Health) bill, it will also pass in the Senate,” he said. This despite Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III’s earlier pronouncement that the prospects of passing a divorce bill at the Senate are “dim.” The Philippines remains as

one of only 2 states in the world, besides the Vatican, where divorce is outlawed. Annulments are legal, but the process could take years and cost at least P250,000. 53% of Pinoys OK with divorce for ‘irreconcilably separated couples’: SWS survey “In the first place, I don’t think the opposition of the Catholic Church is that pronounced unlike in the RH bill,” Lagman said. Fr. Jerome Secillano, secretary of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines committee on public affairs, said passing a divorce law would “hardly [be] a surprise” considering the present political climate. “With the present political climate in Congress, the passage of divorce is hardly a surprise. The Church, though, continues to believe in the indissolubility of marriage. Our belief is in something that Christ Himself taught and not what our congressmen thought,” he said. ABS-CBN News

6 March 16-31, 2018

What’s the BUZZ?

Entertainment Gerald Anderson on working with Pia Wurtzbach:

‘Siya yung mas cowboy’ Gerald Anderson shares details about their unforgettable shoot in Zambales for ‘My Perfect You’. With his latest role as the heartbroken Burn in the Star Cinema rom-com My Perfect You, Gerald Anderson shared why fans should watch the movie. “Ako dito ay isang lalake na medyo madaming pinagdadaanan sa buhay kaya medyo ganun yung itsura niya. Nagpabaya siya hanggang sa nakarating siya sa isang resort kasi gusto niyang lumayo sa lahat dahil sobrang nasasakal na siya. May nakilala siyang isang babae na nagbigay sa kanya ng second chance sa lahat ng bagay, hindi lang sa pagmamahal. Pero sa ibang opportunities at dahil sa babaeng yan kay Abi, yung sunshine na binibigay niya kay Burn ang dami kong na-realize tungkol sa buhay so kumbaga it’s about second chances, opportunities, learning from your mistakes. Maganda yung pelikula pangako yan,” he shared. The My Perfect You actor admitted he felt for his leading lady Pia Wurtzbach when he saw the simple facilities at their shoot location. “Medyo mahirap talaga tapos nakita ko yung cottages namin, yung CR medyo hindi pang-Miss Universe kaya naisip ko baka mamaya mahirapan ‘to. Parang nakakahiya kasi. Pero siya yung mas kalog eh. Siya yung mas down-to-earth, siya yung mas cowboy. Siya yung sobrang kumportable kasama,” he recalled. Working in a remote location in Zambales allowed Gerald to bond with his co-stars and production crew on a more personal level. They were locked out from the real world with no cellphone signal for days at a time. “Honestly dito sa shoot na ‘to nakita nung mga tao, yung mga production kung paano ako sa bahay kasi nga wala kang choice. Minsan nasa labas ako ng cottage ko wala akong t-shirt. Kumbaga ganun na yung sitwasyon namin. Halos gabi-gabi magkasama rin kaming magdi-dinner kasi magkatabi lang cottages namin. So ang suwerte ko I got to know Miss Universe on a different level,” he said. My Perfect You opens in cinemas nationwide starting March 14, Wednesday. Starring Gerald Anderson, Pia Wurtzbach, Wilma Doesnt, and Janus Del Prado. Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina under Star Cinema.-BY RHEA MANILA SANTOS

March 16-31, 2018


MANILA -- “Bagani” stars Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil are celebrating the fifth anniversary of their on-screen love team. On Tuesday, Soberano posted on Instagram a photo of her with Gil as she thanked their fans for their support. “Forever grateful for the love you have given us. We love you all!” So-

Liza, Enrique celebrate 5 years as a love team

berano wrote in the caption. Soberano and Gil first worked together on the 2013 movie “Must Be... Love,” which starred Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. In the same year, they also starred in the movie “She’s The One” with Bea Alonzo and Dingdong Dantes. In 2014, they finally topbilled their own primetime series with “Forevermore.”-ABS-CBN News


8 n March 16-31, 2018

Billy Crawford, Coleen Garcia apologize for Ethiopia photos MANILA, Philippines — Celebrity couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia have released a joint statement last night as a reaction to netizens’ comments that their recent fashion shoot in Ethiopia was “racist” and “offensive.” The engaged couple has been called “culturally insensitive” by

for their tourism and capture their natural environment because we were told that tourism helps their economy,” Billy and Coleen claimed. “’Yung shot with the kids, actually patapos na kaming mag-shoot noon na kaming dalawa lang and we just needed to get a few shots in, but naaliw ‘yung kids and they really wanted to be a part of the photos, so they kept coming into the frame hanggang

some netizens for posing with tribal moms and kids in their shoot. The pair has since deleted their photos with the moms and children. They explained that it was never their intention to be offensive. “Completely, it might not

even be about the photos per se, but more on how it comes across and what it could represent. Being public figures, dito kami nagkulang and we admit we could have done better,” the statement said. According to the couple, Ethiopian Airlines sponsored the fashion shoot and they are supposed to be alone in the photos, but the children insisted to be part of the pictures. “We were invited and sponsored by Ethiopian Airlines to do our shoot there

sa sinama na nina Oly,” the couple elucidated. “In fact, may dumating pa na local who was scolding them and shooing them away kasi abala daw sa shoot, but we felt differently and natuwa din naman kami sa mga bata kaya we told the man na it’s okay, and we let them be a part of the photo despite it not being part of the plan, and we even showed the photos to them after.” Though they felt that the pictures were taken “out of context,” the couple is still sorry for those they offended. “It’s sad that the tendency is to jump to conclusions, but we understand din kasi nga they were not there to witness everything,” they maintained. “Kaya we do apologize for how it might have translated, and we’re sorry again to those we have offended.” They also clarified that the photos shot in Ethiopia are not yet their prenuptial pictures as they intend to shoot the latter in the Philippines.-Deni Rose M. AfinidadBernardo (

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Take a STAND

9 March 16-31, 2018

Thank you Henry and Linda Celones Editorial


Henry and Linda Celones contributed in a very real and tangible way to growing Manitoba’s Filipino community and, at the same time, assisting in reuniting nephews, nieces, brothers, sisters and other family members. I decided to sponsor a team that I really got to know my kuya Henry. The late Jun Martin who was my campaign manager back in

mp kevin lamoureux

Straight up ( 1990 and I were talking about my sponsoring a softball team in 1991. I had never played any organized sport before and I thought it would be cool to not only sponsor a team but see if I could play, too. It was Jun who introduced me to Henry and the Celones family and that was when our friendship really began. Henry was happy to have me as a member of his team and he even helped me become a player (second base). In many ways, that league was where I got my chance to meet so many people who became part of my life. After every game, our team became an extended family where we ate, talked and did so 

Y kuya Henry and sister Linda will be retiring in the coming weeks after many years of helping me represent in so many ways the people of Inkster, Winnipeg North, and in fact, even people beyond Winnipeg’s North end. Back in 1989 when I hosted my first Canada Day celebration, I invited some seniors from the Filipino community to perform a heritage dance. I found out later that Henry’s mother was one of the performers and, since then, their family has been a part of my life. Do you remember a Filipino slow pitch softball league that played out in Shaughnessy Park School? It was back then when

Is there hope beyond the cross?

OMEONE has said, “We can live forty days without food, eight days without water, four minutes without air, but only a few seconds without hope.” The people who were a part of the first Easter knew all about the need for hope in order to be able to continue on. They had knelt there at the foot of the cross watching the one who carried all their hopes and dreams die. They had listened as He said, “Father, into your hands, I commend my spirit”, and then, they saw Him bow His head for the last time. Their guts had wrenched as the Roman soldier plunged the spear into his side removing all doubt that Jesus was really dead. They followed those who carried Him to the tomb, and when they heard the resounding sound of the rock that sealed the tomb, they knew that their hope was dead – sealed in

When we consider our life and the mistakes that we have made, we are tempted to give up hope that anyone could ever love us, forgive us and make something good out of our life. the tomb with the one that they thought was their Savior. They knew what it was like to be hopeless.Some of us know that same feeling of hopelessness.When we look at our marriage, we see only despair. When we think about our children – whether they are still young or full grown, we wonder what kind of a future there is for them. When we consider our life and the mistakes that we have made, we are tempted to give up hope that anyone could ever love us, forgive us and

pastor fred sebastian

make something good out of our life. My prayer for us is that we will experience that same restoration of hope that those first century Christians experienced when they came to the tomb and heard the words, “[Jesus] is not here; He is risen just as He said.” They discovered that there is hope beyond the cross. What we are going through or whatever we have done does not need to

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ome economic managers are still in denial, but consumer prices have spiraled upward, and people haven’t seen the last of it. The February inflation rate, the fastest in three years, has been attributed to the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion or TRAIN law, particularly the hefty taxes slapped on fuel and energy. Finance officials say the additional earnings from TRAIN are still not enough to finance the Duterte administration’s “Build Build Build” infrastructure program. The second phase is being readied, which will reportedly include reforms in incentives given to certain sectors such as business process outsourcing and special industrial zones. BPOs and export processing zones are bright spots in the economy, drawing foreign direct investments that have generated meaningful employment. The jobs in these sectors offer salaries and benefits that are competitive enough to prevent Filipinos from seeking jobs overseas. The Philippine Export Processing Zone under Lilia de Lima in particular drew consistent praise from investors for clean and efficient management. Now PEZA investors are worried that the incentives that drew them to the export zones would be run over by the TRAIN. The foreign chambers have expressed concern over reported plans to remove certain perks enjoyed by enterprises in the industrial zones. Even with sustained economic growth and positive news from the export zones, the country still lags behind its neighbors in levels of foreign direct investment. Last year, for example, the country received $10.05 billion in FDI. Compare this with Indonesia’s $32.24 billion and Vietnam’s $35.6 billion in 2017.

Living Hope


lamoureux, 16

Enhance the advantages

A survey taken recently by a web-based publication picked the Philippines as the best country in the world for investment. Whether this will translate into actual investments is uncertain. Government officials attributed the ranking to strong macroeconomic fundamentals, although the ranking and survey methodology have been challenged by some quarters. The Philippines has certain advantages over its neighbors in attracting FDI, starting with the skilled and English-speaking workforce. But the country also has its minuses, including restrictions on foreign ownership, inadequate infrastructure and poor ranking in ease of doing business except in the PEZA zones. Regional competition for investments is stiff. The government should not only preserve the aspects where the country enjoys an edge in drawing FDI, but also enhance them. Filipinos have no choice but to bear the continuing increase in consumer prices due to TRAIN, but foreign investors can find other places to do business if they lose their incentives. This merits consideration as the government deliberates on the next phase of tax reforms.Philstar

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Opinion n March 16-31, 2018

Duterte won’t ever defeat drug lords


resident R o d r i g o Duterte won’t ever win his war on drugs. Not with the way his underlings are doing it. In one blow prosecutors cleared three of the eight biggest drug lords in Duterte’s hit list. Exonerated of narco-trafficking were Kerwin Espinosa, Peter Lim, Peter Co, and 20 of their henchmen. People closely monitoring the drug issue smelled something fishy. Prosecutors had things all wrapped up for them. Espinosa had confessed in a televised Senate hearing to narco-trading. Lim had surrendered in 2016 to Duterte no less. Co already is imprisoned for life for kidnapping. The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency has dossiers on them as the top shabu (meth) producers in the Visayas and Luzon. A solid case would have been built. Presumably it wasn’t rushed. State Prosecutors Michael John Humarang and Aristotle Reyes had ample months to determine probable cause, and Prosecutor General Jorge Catalan Jr. to approve. It would be up for automatic review by Justice Sec. Vitaliano Aguirre, Duterte’s legal point man in the drug war. Lawyer-senator Richard Gordon is pessimistic. “(Aguirre) has dismissed too many,” he said of cases that the chamber had

The PNP brags that index crimes like rape, robbery, and theft are down, but that murder is up. As if that is comforting. looked into. Among those was the murder rap against police Supt. Marvin Marcos for killing Kerwin’s jailed mayor-father Rolando Espinosa. Also, multiple ones against ex-Customs chief Nicanor Faeldon in connection with the smuggling of 604 kilos of shabu worth P6.5 billion at the Manila port. The justice department claimed to have no choice but to drop the drug charge. The sole witness Marcelo Adorco was deemed unbelievable. His narratives were inconsistent and defied human nature. He lied about the years of his drug dealings with Lim and Co as Espinosa’s trusty. Prosecutors gave credence to Lim’s claim to never have been to Bangkok, where Adorco said he and Espinosa met in 2013. The prosecutors blamed the police investigators for the flimsy case. No circumstantial evidence backed up Adorco’s testimony. What went wrong? Did not the PNP’s crack Criminal Investigation and Detection Group handle it? Was it not the CIDG’s elite Major Crimes Investigation Unit that processed the

violent resistors in police raids. Local and world leaders took notice of reports that more than 7,000 had been slain within a year, which the PNP corrected as “only” 3,500.

Jarius Bondoc

evidence? Why the major flaw then? The dragnet for the Espinosa father and son was well publicized. Gen. Ronald dela Rosa had assigned Chief Insp. Jovie Espenido as police chief of Albuera, Leyte to pin them down. Kerwin fled abroad. Mayor Rolando barricaded himself in his mansion. Espenido’s men arrested Adorco in a buy-bust, and slew six Espinosa bodyguards in a gun battle. Raiding Kerwin’s adjacent house they found a black book of political and police-military protectors, wads of cash, and other evidence. The older Espinosa turned himself in. The Interpol nabbed Kerwin in Abu Dhabi. From all that emerged many police reports, eyewitness accounts, and physical evidence. Why did the cops file a case based solely on the story of one suspect-turned-witness? That the rap was dismissed as far back as Dec. but was disclosed only this week makes it all the more suspicious. Why the secrecy in such a high-profile case? Many things can happen during mysterious time lags. Es-

GOTCHA pinosa and Co are state witnesses in the drug case against Sen. Leila de Lima. Aside from United Nations and European rights advocates calling for her release, what has happened to that rap? Two of Espinosa’s lawyers were assassinated in Aug. 2017 and last month. Has the police identified any suspects? Peter Lim is a compadre (wedding cosponsor) of Duterte, dela Rosa has told the Senate. Despite Duterte’s declaration to want to personally kill him, have others begun to treat Lim differently? All this consequently tell on the credibility of Duterte’s drug war. That war started with daily police visits to pusher-addicts’ homes to tell them to desist. Two million of them surrendered to barangay halls, but were sent home because there simply are not enough jails, rehab clinics, and soup kitchens to house and feed them. There also were nightly killings of

Duterte at first said he would finish the war in six months. Later admitting it wasn’t as easy as what he did as mayor of Davao City, he extended his deadline to one, then two years. Now he’s saying it would take his entire term. How can Duterte lick drugs when his men are quick only to eliminate shabu street peddlers but not the billionaire manufacturers? The 604 kilo-P6.5-billion confiscated shabu was only 15 percent of the contraband. Authorities have no clue about the 85 percent, or 3,423 kilos worth P36.8 billion? Vigilante justice has taken over. With Duterte’s men unable to wage drug war properly, assassins are punishing the suspects. Only three days ago one of Espinosa’s co-accused henchmen, Max Miro, was slain by motorcycling gunmen. During the hunt for Espinosa, Miro had been caught with three kilos of shabu, but no charges were filed against him for that. The PNP brags that index crimes like rape, robbery, and theft are down, but that murder is up. As if that is comforting. Philstar

Philippines: No. 1 for investment


espite many positive developments that have been happening, there are still those who continue to peddle negative perceptions about the Philippines simply because they refuse to accept a new era in Philippine politics. Even in the United States, there are certain individuals/ groups that choose to focus on, and propagate, negative – at times exaggerated – news about the country and the president when in fact, there are a lot of uplifting accomplishments that have been happening. For instance, the Free Irrigation Service Act or Republic Act No. 10969 that was signed into law last February, which waives irrigation fees for farmers who own less than eight hectares of land. In effect, government will be subsidizing the small farmers because the bill – which was a campaign promise of the president – will lower their production expenses. It is this “small people first” mindset of the president that is reflected in the administration’s policy of economic inclusivity where economic growth and expansion will trickle down and benefit more Filipinos, especially those in the most marginalized sectors. This is actually embodied in the administration’s development blueprint known as the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2017-2022 that has set a target GDP growth of 7-8 percent that would cut the national poverty incidence to 14 percent by 2022 (from 21.6 percent in 2015).

Babe Romualdez

BABE’S EYE VIEW A key component of the PDP blueprint is the ambitious, $180-billion “Build, Build, Build” program with 75 flagship infrastructure projects aimed at attracting investors, creating jobs and spurring economic growth. As the Asian Development Bank has noted, the “Philippines is among the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia, with upgrades to sovereign investment ratings confirming improvements in the country’s macroeconomic fundamentals. The government has defined its development objectives as driving rapid but inclusive economic growth, accelerating employment on a massive scale, and reducing poverty.” Many were not surprised that the Philippines emerged as the “best country to invest in” for 2018 in the recent survey conducted by the American firm US News and World Report involving 6,000 “business decision makers” in 80 countries. This encouraging development certainly confirms that

I now hear more Filipino-Americans looking at investing in their home country today. the government is on the right track, with the Philippines poised to become an economic powerhouse in Asia.

against innovation, all the while increasing purchasing power and living standards,” Garrie wrote.

In an article titled “4 Things Rodrigo Duterte Did to Make the Philippines the World’s Top Investment Destination,” Adam Garrie notes that “the series of mega-projects known as ‘Build, Build, Build’ have attracted positive attention from global investors… A country with modern infrastructure is simply more attractive than a country ill-equipped to handle the standards of modern commerce. Duterte has brought the country up to do in this way and it is already paying off.”

The administration in fact has assured prospective investors that critical and investment-friendly reforms are underway. The world is starting to notice the government’s efforts to create a more business- and investor-friendly environment, as seen in the move to liberalize the Foreign Investment Negative List (FINL) in order to open up more sectors to foreign investor participation.

Garrie also cited the president’s tough stance against corruption, and the tax reforms initiated by the government which are meant to “lift the burden of ordinary people and medium sized businesses,” proving that the president “has the wherewithal to transform the Philippines from a place that provides opportunities for some, into a place that is opportunity orientated for all.” Inclusivity, in other words. “This kind of dynamic and reasonable tax reform is as attractive to foreigners as it is to Filipinos, as it shows that the country is one that sees government finance as something that can work with rather than

During the recent business forum initiated by the USPhilippines Society, Finance Secretary Sonny Dominguez urged American investors to take part in the resurgence of the Philippines as an economic powerhouse, with the country continuing to “gather steam,” pointing to increased investment flows, tax reform and massive investments in modernizing infrastructure as some of the reasons why the country will do even better. Senator Loren Legarda, who is also the chair of the Senate Committee on Finance, expressed confidence that the economy of the Philippines will become even more robust. “We are gradually seeing the positive effect of the administration’s sound economic

policies. I laud the efforts of both the public and private sector, especially the president and his economic team,” she said, reminding that more also needs to be done to sustain investment inflows that will bring in more jobs especially in the provinces. This year alone, the government expects to create two million jobs as it aligns the massive infrastructure program with its job generation initiative through a transparency website that will not only inform the people about the status of projects but will also serve as a job-matching portal that will also benefit returning overseas Filipino workers. Senator Legarda pointed out that last year, the Board of Investments (BOI) posted P617 billion in committed investments – an all-time-high – which prove the growing confidence of both local and foreign investors in the economy. Just like the president, Loren also wants to see that all these efforts to achieve economic growth will result in improved lives for Filipinos. “We see a very promising future for our country… But all of these should be aimed not only at achieving impressive growth statistics but also, and more importantly, bringing the fruits of these investments to all Filipinos.” I now hear more FilipinoAmericans looking at investing in their home country today. Philstar

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Movie Review:

‘Magbuwag Ta Kay’, an endearing look at young romance “Magbuwag Ta Kay” (Let’s Break Up) revolves around college sweethearts Roy (Rowell Ucat) and Kay (Akiko Solon), who have to come to terms of their looming breakup. It all started when Kay learns she will be following her parents, who have migrated to Canada. Faced with a prospect of uncertainty, the couple, averse to being in a long-distance relationship, settle on calling it quits. As the end draws nigh with Kay scheduled to fly in a month’s time, the couple, through a series of vignettes, muse over their relationship, spend time with their families, and embark on a final road trip until they are confronted with realities of their situation. Set in present-day Cebu, “Magbuwag Ta Kay” is youthful, sweet, and relatable. It explores the emotional roller-coaster of lovers in the throes of an uncertain love. It conveys the bittersweet memories of teenage romance - the sudden euphoria, the delinquent behavior, the pent-up frustrations, and the devastation in its impertinence. It doesn’t follow the rom-com fodder boy-meets-girl-thatends-in-happily-ever-after. However, the film, in its entirety,

doesn’t quite measure up. It doesn’t distinguish itself enough to be memorable. That’s not to say it’s bad, but it’s bereft of striking moments. When the film hits the home stretch, it tries to tug at your heartstrings, but because it lacks precise direction, it feels less satisfying. Despite its flaws, the film is buoyed by the sincere performances of its lead stars. Both actors, however, leave different impressions for very different reasons. For Ucat, he can’t seem to divorce himself from his 2 million-strong following online persona, popularly known as “Medyo Maldito.” For taking his first step into film, his attempt still warrants admiration. His on-screen partner, on the other hand, has found solid footing. Solon, more known as a finalist of the singing competition “Star Power,” is bubbly and affecting, oozing charisma on the big screen. The cherubic-faced Cebuana songstress shines the brightest despite being limited by the film’s indiscretions. What the film succeeds in doing is that it offers a refreshing taste of the country’s burgeoning content of regional

cinema. “Magbuwag Ta Kay,” a locally produced film picked up for distribution by Viva Films, is a reminder that regional films deserve to be seen by a swathe of moviegoing public than to a select few in film festivals. One shining example that was able to strike a chord with audiences is the black-comedy “Patay Na Si Hesus.” The Jaclyn Jose-led film, which uses the Cebuano language and features local actors, became a sleeper hit

during the first Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino. By and large, regional-language films, a reflection of multi-cultural society, remains to be on the margins in terms of mainstream audience. It’s not about to change anytime soon in the current industry landscape, it appears. But for a pair of independently produced films crossing over into Philippine mainstream cinema, it’s a promising start. -Davinci Maru, ABS-CBN News

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Receiving the plaque of recognition from Optical Media Board during the agency’s 14th anniversary was ABSCBN Global Content Head Edgar “Ned” Legaspi, shown here flanked by Executive Director Atty. Victor Luis Padilla II, OMB Registration and Licensing Division Chief Elizabeth Red, and Chairman and CEO Anselmo Adriano

OMB recognizes ABS-CBN Global as one of the most compliant content exporters The Optical Media Board (OMB), the Philippine agency tasked to uphold intellectual property rights in the production, use, and distribution of optical media, recognized ABS-CBN Global, Ltd. Philippine branch (ABS-CBN Global) as one of the most compliant exporters in the Philippines at the agency’s 14th anniversary held recently at the Luxent Hotel in Quezon City, Philippines. As part of the agency’s celebration of over two decades of service, OMB recognized ABS-CBN Global’s efforts in adhering to OMB’s mandate and for complying with its rules and regulations, including license and permits application. ABS-CBN Global was awarded among a total of 58 other awardees from both the public and private

sector that also included ABS-CBN’s film production and distribution arm, ABS-CBN Film Production Inc. (Star Cinema), as one of the most compliant local entities under the commercial category. OMB Chairman and CEO Atty. Anselmo Adriano thanked partners, local government units, and private sector partners for their past efforts and said he looks forward to more collaboration with them: “We hope to work with you in more years to come.” ABS-CBN Global currently reaches out to Filipinos overseas, via its subsidiaries and affiliates outside the Philippines, through content such as movies and programs that comply with OMB and other applicable agencies’ guidelines prior to their broadcast and distribution overseas.

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Aiza Seguerra

quits National Youth

Commission post Actor-singer Aiza Seguerra has resigned as chairperson of the National Youth Commission (NYC), Malacañang said Tuesday. At a press briefing, presidential spokesperson Harry Roque confirmed that the Office of the Executive Secretary has already received the resignation letter of Seguerra. Seguerra later took to Facebook to shed light on his resignation. “I met with our dear President last March 5th to tender my resignation as NYC Chairperson. I coordinated with his office because I wanted to personally tell him my reason. Knowing how social media can exaggerate or twist the truth, I wanted to make sure that he’s going to hear it from me,” he said. The outgoing NYC chairperson said Duterte was “very understanding and supportive” of his decision. “Para siyang tatay. Nakinig, inintindi at pinalakas ang loob ko. I told him how much I valued his trust and how this experience made me appreciate public service and our public servants,” he said. Seguerra did not say what prompted him to quit although reports said he had issues with bureaucratic red tape. “Sa pagkakataong ito, gusto ko magpasalamat sa inyong lahat. Sa mga kasamahan ko sa komisyon, sa OCS, at sa lahat ng mga ahensiyang nakatrabaho ko for the past year and half. Thank you for believing in me and for making my chairmanship, as short as it may have been, one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life,” he said. “Sa kabataang Pilipino, napakarami kong natutunan sa inyo. Kayo ang puso ng lipunan and you must be heard. In this very divisive society, I hope you will lead the country in finding commonalities that will bring us all together. Be kind, always.” Seguerra, along with his wife, Film Development Council of the Philippines chairman Liza Diño-Seguerra, had campaigned for Duterte’s presidential bid in 2016. Seguerra was appointed to the NYC in August 2016. During his stint as NYC chief, Seguerra pushed for HIV awareness and youth representation in government. He even urged Duterte to stop making rape jokes. By VIRGIL LOPEZ,GMA NEWS

Drew Barrymore opens up about

divorce in Manila visit MANILA, Philippines — “Happily ever after” seems elusive even to “Ever After” star Drew Barrymore. Starring in the Netflix original series “Santa Clarita Diet,” said Drew, was a “welcome distraction” from what she described as her “worst fear”: her divorce from husband Will Kopelman. The Hollywood sweetheart called it quits with her art consultant husband in 2016, around the same time she first came to the Philippines to study it as a market for her makeup brand. Last Monday afternoon, the Golden Globe winner spoke with Manila press about her struggles following the end of her three-year marriage, which produced two daughters. “Entering this show (‘Santa Clarita Diet’) after the loss of a marriage I thought would last forever and most certainly was my plan, I was happy to engage in a show where a couple can make it work. Because we all know how difficult it is,” Drew confessed. “And the last thing I can ever imagine wanting to sit around is to watch a show about divorce. Now that is not what I want to spend my free time after having gone through that. I like the optimism of a couple that can make it through stuff. I appreciate that. I don’t want to watch couples fighting on TV ‘cause we have enough of that in real life. No, thank you!”

Functionality, not dysfunctionality

Thanks to the show, Drew said, she has found a “husband who’s fun, and cool and tells me when to stop and stuff!” She is, of course, referring to her husband in the show, Timothy Olyphant. In “Santa Clarita Diet,” Barrymore plays Sheila Hammond, a successful real estate agent and mother in Santa Clarita, California, who leads a perfectly happy life — until one day she wakes up feeling a little well, undead. Despite her hunger for human flesh and a more adventurous life, she tries to carry on and appear normal to the outside world. Meanwhile, Olyphant plays Joel Hammond, Sheila’s high-school sweetheart and husband with whom she shares everything: a career in real estate, a daughter who means the world to them, a picturesque suburban life. After Sheila develops her mysterious condition, he does whatever it takes to keep his family intact. “I always like to see a couple, like what I said before, that figure it out. Figuring out how to make it work is not always easy, it’s not always pleasant…It can be very confusing. But I like that they’ve always come up with solutions, even if they’re opposing sides from each other. There’s like a diplomacy in their love that I like watching on the show,” Drew said on how she admires Sheila and Joel’s strong relationship. “So, I was really into Joel and Shiela’s capability. I wanted to focus and watch functionality, not dysfunctionality,” said Drew.-Deni Rose M. Afinidad -Bernardo (

Hollywood star Drew Barrymore taking photos with Filipino fans in Manila on Monday. Nexflix/Released

16 n

March 16-31, 2018


The concept of ABS-CBN’s new fantaserye “Bagani” is to feature warriors, protectors, and heroes who espouse Filipino values and beliefs. The production team did intensive research to determine a distinctly Filipino term that embodies a champion who fights for the common good of his tribe or family—somebody who is brave, honorable, selfsacrificing, and good-hearted. In the end, the team recognized that the term and concept of a “Bagani” best solidifies the traits that the program wants to highlight. With all due respect, the use of “Bagani” is not in any way intended to malign or to disrespect beliefs of the Indigenous Peoples’ communities, but instead hopes to propagate the values, morals, and ethics that are inherent in a ‘Bagani’--a Filipino warrior, protector, and hero. To be clear, the “Bagani” fantaserye does not purport itself to be a historical account of Philippine history or culture. The program has always maintained that it has created

an alternative fictional universe with elements of Filipino mythology and folklore that simply serves as an avenue to creatively deliver and highlight Filipino values, beliefs, and heroism. (ABS-CBN Corporate Communications, Manila, Philippines)

lamoureux... 

From 9

much more. I was treated as a part of the Celones family. Years went by and in 2003 Henry retired from CP Rail, while Linda continued working for MPI. I asked Henry if he would work with me out of my office on Tyndall Avenue. He insisted that he work for free but I felt I had to give him some remuneration of some sort. I did not want him to be spending for what he was doing and, at the same time, I did not want him to feel that I was obligated to pay him ‘out of pocket’. In fact, I could afford to pay him enough so he could at the very least go out for a supper. A couple of years later my sister Linda also retired and I acted quickly, begging very nicely that she join me and Henry in helping run my Winnipeg office. I was so glad she agreed. Our personal friendship continued to grow and I could say without hesitation that Henry Celones is the closest thing that I have for a best friend. Even though Henry and Linda did so many things, I would like to focus on what I believe is their legacy with regard to working with me. My kuya Henry’s and sister Linda’s greatest contribution I believe is their impact on the size and health of the Filipino Community today here in our province and I do not say that lightly. It is absolutely incredible to realize the number of people that we had served and assisted with immigration issues and problems, specifically the provincial nominee program. The best years were from 2004 to 2009 when the Filipino community like no other community began to see and understand the value and opportunities that were available through the nominee program. My office through Henry and

Linda played a critical role in promoting the program and assisting people in navigating the features and requirements of the program. I remember clearly a prominent civil servant who worked for the province of Manitoba who believed that 80% of the people immigrating from the Philippines at one point were in some way assisted by my office. The numbers of people who came through our office seeking help with immigration problems, questions and guidance were well beyond our expectation. Over the years Henry, Linda and I would travel to the Philippines to conduct free immigration workshops. In fact, there was a time we would bring hundreds of nominee application kits with us, fill them out and bring many of them back. We conducted work shops where 30 people would show up (Alapan) or 300 people would attend (Pasig), or one workshop where nearly 1,500 people showed up (Isabela). Henry and Linda Celones contributed in a very real and tangible way to growing Manitoba’s Filipino community and, at the same time, assisting in reuniting nephews, nieces, brothers, sisters and other family members. Even though my sister Linda will be retiring soon, I know that she and Henry will still be found at my office, or at the church, or the community, still helping people with their problems and questions, and assisting them in whatever way possible. I love you both, kuya Henry and sister Linda, and our friendship will endure forever. On behalf of so many people that you had helped, I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me and the community.

March 16-31, 2018



Jessy Mendiola:

Ibecause got ofdepressed body shaming MANILA – Jessy Mendiola revealed on Monday that she suffered from depression after constantly receiving negative comments about her body. Sharing her “before and after” photos on Instagram, the actress said she reached the point of turning down roles as she lost her confidence because of body shaming.

“I’ve always thought of myself as really strong and fit, yes, even on the picture on the left. I worked out regularly (weights and all), ate what I felt was good for me, and you know what? It felt good. I was happy,” she began. “When I won FHM’s sexiest woman in 2016, I thought… Finally, people appreciate my efforts and my body. But I was wrong.”

“I was bullied, body shamed, with bashers calling me names like ‘pata,’ ‘taba,’ etc., while others said I didn’t deserve to win the title because I’m way bigger than the other girls who they thought should’ve won,” she added. Jessy to bashers: I’m the sexiest woman right now Recalling her ordeal, Mendiola said: “I felt really down and started losing my confidence. I loved myself then (big thighs, belly rolls, and round face), but when people started pointing out my flaws, I started hating myself, at times even thinking I was a bad person for having ‘thunder thighs.’ I stopped working out, I got depressed, binge ate my feelings off, and started gaining more weight than I should.” “I didn’t even want to be seen on TV anymore. I started turning down roles and it affected my work. Then I realized, why should I feel so bad about myself when I loved myself even before I was called ‘sexiest?’ I thought of myself as

sexy, strong, and beautiful in my own way.” After her realization, Mendiola said she began “building myself up again” and lost 15 pounds without “punishing myself for eating chocolates or that blueberry muffin.” “I still see myself as the ‘pata girl’ and it’s okay, it is just a matter of perspective,” she stressed. “When I decided to shift perspective, everything started falling into place. I may not be the sexiest for others, but I am sexy and beautiful for myself, that alone is enough. Shoutout to every ‘pata girl’ out there, just keep going. Love yourself, love your body, and it will love you back. Trust me.” Mendiola’s post was flooded with comments, with netizens saying that the actress inspired them. “This made me feel good, thank you,” a fan wrote. “Your confidence and self-love inspires a lot of people,” another added.ABS-CBN News

Nadine Lustre’s daring

Zambales photos go viral MANILA, Philippines — It looks like Kapamilya actress Nadine Lustre is ready to defend her “Sexiest Filipina” crown as she posted on her Instagram account sexy photos shot in Zambales. In a series of photos posted by Nadine and her photographer, Andrei Suleik, Nadine can be seen wearing a white long dress that shows the entirety of her right leg, and almost giving a peek of her intimate area. “Brace for impact; bigger things are coming,” the photographer wrote on his Instagram account.-Jan Milo Severo (

18 March 16-31, 2018

Exercises to prevent

muscle imbalance

If you think about the daily activities that we do, it is not difficult to develop muscle imbalance.When you have muscle imbalance, there are muscle groups that are overworked versus muscle groups that are weak. Whether we spend more time carrying, lifting, sitting on a computer, playing sports, eating or sleepingwe all tend to overwork the muscle groups in front of the body (i.e. Pecs, neck, abdominals, hip flexors, quads).Which means, the muscle groups on the back of the body (i.e. traps, rhomboids, lats, Q.L., glutes, hamstrings, calves)could be weak and often sore. Therefore, the body will develop muscle imbalance. In this article, there are 10 simple exercises on how to strengthen weak muscles and how to stretch tight/sore muscles. We will focus on strength exercises using resistance band and body weight that will target upper body and lower body muscle groups. Prior to starting upper body strengthening, you need to learn scapular stabilization (stabilize shoulder girdle). Stand up and do it with me. First, stand up straight,

shoulders down. Then, squeeze your shoulder blades together then contract your lats pointing your armpit forward. If you’re feeling tall, you’re doing it right. Before starting any upper body workout, be sure that your shoulder is stabilized. Exercises: 1. Lat pull-down with resistance band. Stabilize your scapula then pull down on the

5. Superman: bodyweight focusing on lower back, glutes and hamstring muscles. Lie on your stomach, tightening all the muscles, lift your arms and legs off the floor and squeeze low back, glutes and hamstrings. Hold the position for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times. Stretches: 6. Hip flexor stretch: in a lunge position, bring one knee on the floor. Lean forward to feel the stretch on the hip flexor and hold that position for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times.

resistance band contracting the lower portion of your back (lats, lower fiber of the traps, triceps and rear delts). Complete this exercise 3 sets of 10 repetitions. 2. Standing row with resistance band. This exercise will focus on the upper back (mid fiber of traps, rhomboids, triceps, reardelts). Complete this exercise 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

3. Bridge: body weight, lying on your back, knees bent. Engage your core, then squeeze the glutes, hamstrings and low back to lift your torso up on a bridge position. This exercise targets the muscles mentioned. Hold the position for 20 seconds and repeat 10 times. 4. Shoulder external rotation using resistance band. Standing straight up, shoulder stabilized with elbow bent, pull the resistance band apart focusing on squeezing your external rotators. This exercise targets the external rotators (supraspinats, infraspinatus, teres minor muscles). Complete the exercise 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

max, piriformis, glutemedius). Hold this stretch for 30 seconds repeat 3 times. 9. Hamstring stretch targets the hamstring muscles and calf muscles. You can use a belt and perform this stretch seated or lying down. Be sure your knee is straight enough to feel the stretch behind the knee. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times. 10. Pec stretch: you can use the door frame for the pectoralis stretch. This stretch will complement the upper body exercises mentioned above (exercise 1 and 2). Remember to stabilize your shoulder girdle first before the pec stretch.Hold the stretch for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times. You can break this program into upper body and lower body. If the exercises are too much at one time you can complete 1-5 for one day and alternate 6-10 on other days. These exercises focuses on full body so it will be safe to perform all of the exercises every other day. It is a combination of strength and stretches.

7. Cobra stretch: lying on your stomach, prop your upper body using your hand keeping your hips and lower body on the floor. This stretches the abdominals and also help with low back pain relief. Hold the stretch 10 seconds hold and repeat 10 times. 8. Glute stretch (pigeon stretch). This stretch targets the glutes (glute

Remember, stabilize shoulder girdle before performing any upper body exercises. The same rule applies for lower body where you engage your core before performing any exercises or stretches. To view images of the rest of the exercises listed in this article, visit our website: Follow us on Instagram for weekly motivation, simple workout videos and exercise/rehab tips: @ insahyu_training_therapy and @ insahyu_thrpy

Disclaimer: Please be aware that information in this article is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of a qualified health provider prior to starting any new treatment or with any questions you may have regarding an injury or medical condition.

Written by: Melanie Talastas-Soriano BA-Kin, CAT(C), ISSA-CPT Athletic Therapist, Personal Trainer

To view other articles, please visit Services we offer at Insahyu Training & Therapy: St. James area near MacDon and Boeing

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19 Ang Peryodiko

Roach out as Pacquiao’s trainer?

MANILA, Philippines – Is this the end of one of the most successful boxer-trainer pairings in history? When Manny Pacquiao’s camp announced the Filipino icon’s fight with Lucas Matthysse Thursday night, there was no mention of Freddie Roach in the press release they sent out. Instead, the release said

that Pacquiao’s local trainers, headed by the boxer’s childhood buddy Restituto “Buboy” Fernandez, will be in charge once training camp begins in the middle of April — roughly two months before the planned June 24 fight in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This fuels speculations that Pacquiao is severing ties with Roach, who had worked his

corner for 34 straight fights dating back to 2001, when Pacquiao challenged then IBF super bantamweight champion Lehlo Ledwaba in his US debut. Pacquiao, then a skinny 122-pounder, was a walk-in at Roach’s Wild Card Gym in Hollywood, Los Angeles. After impressing Roach on the mitts with his unique combination of speed and power, Pacquiao had

the bespectacled trainer in his corner when he fought Ledwaba as a last-minute substitute. The rest was history as Roach would guide Pacquiao to multiple world titles in different weight classes. Roach would likewise win many Trainer of the Year awards primarily for his work on Pacquiao. Those glory days are long gone, and things have reported-

ly gone sour between Pacquiao and Roach after the former lost to Australian Jeff Horn in Brisbane, Australia last year. There are unconfirmed claims that Pacquiao and his promoter Bob Arum weren’t pleased with Roach not asserting himself by trying to convince the referee to do something about Horn’s rough tactics in their 12-round bout. Adding fuel to the fire was Roach’s recent revelation that he hasn’t spoken to Pacquiao since the Horn fight. “I usually leave him alone until I hear from him, but I’ve called him five times and haven’t heard back. Maybe he changed his number,” Roach recently told the Los Angeles Times. Now, whether Pacquiao wants Roach in his corner again as he challenges Matthysse is a big question. “That is up to Manny,” Pacquiao’s adviser Mike Koncz told through text message when asked if Roach will be back as Pacquiao’s trainer. contacted Pacquiao on the matter, but the fighting senator has not replied as of posting time. Amid the uncertainties spawned by Pacquiao’s announcement of the Matthysse fight, the end of the boxer’s decades-long partnership with Roach may be the biggest subplot.-Dino Maragay (philstar.


Report: Diddy, Curry involved in bid for Panthers ownership Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry and music star Sean “Diddy” Combs are potential minority owners as part of a group that billionaire Michael Rubin is putting together with hopes of buying the Carolina Panthers, according to an ESPN report. The owner of sports retailer Fanatics, Rubin emerged Sunday as a major bidder to buy the team. ESPN noted that as of Monday, he was one of three known bidders with the financial strength to be a majority owner who notified the NFL with a formal letter of intent required by the league. Hedge fund billionaire David Tepper and Ben Navarro, the founder and CEO of Sherman Financial Group, are the others. The team was put up for sale at season’s end by founder Jerry Richardson, who is being investigated by the NFL for allegations of workplace misconduct. When news of the expected sale emerged, Combs tweeted his desire to buy the team and Curry responded on Twitter that he also was interested. The franchise is valued at $2.3 billion, per Forbes, which also estimates Rubin’s net worth at $3 billion. The league requires at least 30 percent of the sale price to be put down by the majority owner, with as many as 25 minority owners allowed in an ownership group. Rubin also has a stake in the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers, the NHL’s New Jersey Devils and the English Premier League’s Crystal Palace. Official bids are expected to come in over the next few weeks, with approval from two-thirds of the league’s owners required to complete a sale.-Field Level Media/Reuters

20 n March 16-31, 2018

Community Ang Peryodiko

PEOPLE, places & events

21 March 16-31, 2018

By Gemma Dalayoan

THE Manitoba Association of Filipino Teachers Inc. (MAFTI) held a writing workshop on Saturday, March 10, 2018 at the William Stephenson Library on Keewatin St. at 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Twenty eight members of the Filipino Language Proficiency Examinations (FLPE) attended the workshop and listened to the power presentation given by Gemma Dalayoan, Chairperson of the FLPE and Adviser of MAFTI. The topic was on “How to Compose and Mark a Writing Examination.” One of the purposes of the presentation was to discover new composers of the Writing Examination that in the past had been alternately composed by Victoria Cabrera and Gemma. Writing is just one skill among the four skills being tested if a student from Grade 912 takes the Filipino Examination for credit purposes. Gemma thanked Jasmin Masangcay for her technological help and Rene Castro for his assistance in setting up the paraphernalia needed for the presentation. Genalyn Aseron Tan, president of MAFTI, led the prayers and gave the opening remarks. She was also appreciated for buying a new projector for MAFTI and preparing the snacks with the help of other members. As a warm-up activity a simulated game “Henyo Pilipino”

MAFTI Presents Workshop on Writing

was done by Glendalle Ong and Rowena Cabela to the delight of the participants to introduce brainstorming and categorizing activities as techniques in start-

ing how to write. The Professional Development Committee, led by Mary Jane Napolitano, is planning a series of workshops, one of

which is preparing a proposal without a template, English courses, how to go about an interview, accreditation, and other projects.

Also watch for MAFTI’s Filipino Class for Adults free ad on this paper. Thanks also to Ang Peryodiko, Filipino Journal, and Pilipino Express.

Business Council of Manitoba holds #YouthCEO Career Connections: providing Indigenous and new Canadian youth with exposure to career opportunities Over 200 youth, including Indigenous and new Canadians, heard from seven of Manitoba’s largest companies about careers available and how to get on the path to employment opportunities at #YouthCEO Career Connections this morning at the Neeginan Centre. The Business Council of Manitoba organized #YouthCEO Career Connections in partnership with the Centre for

Aboriginal Human Resource Development (CAHRD) and Winnipeg Aboriginal Sport Achievement Centre (WASAC). “This morning is all about recognizing the talents of our young people and seeing their potential and possibility,” said Kevin Chief, Vice President, Business Council of Manitoba. “Manitoba has one of the youngest and fastest growing

populations, including Indigenous and new Canadians. These young people need jobs and careers and our companies need this incredible workforce to succeed.” The Business Council companies involved included: New Flyer Industries, True North Sports and Entertainment, Wawanesa Insurance, Conviron, Payworks, Duha Group, and Bank of Montreal. Students included young people

from across Winnipeg, four Northern communities, and adult education students from CAHRD. “Today’s event helps students learn about the different career paths available in Manitoba companies,” said #YouthCEO participant Kelsey Lands. “Taking part in the program last summer has led me to a full-time job with Payworks and a chance to give my two year old daughter a better

future.” The Business Council of Manitoba launched the #YouthCEO initiative in the summer of 2017 to provide Indigenous and new Canadian youth with exposure to the different job opportunities that exist within the business community. The morning concluded with a keynote address by the Honourable Senator Murray Sinclair. n March 16-31, 2018

Philippine Air Force boosts intel gathering with drones acquisition

from front page

big boost. “This new asset has a state-of-the-art technology that makes it highly capable of conducting intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR),” Lorenzana said. The UAVs have the capability to conduct various functions including special services operations, escorts operations, sea-lane and convoy protection, protection of key installations as well as high speed wireless voice video and data communications. Given the “super technical specifications” of the Scan Eagle, the Air Force, he said, will be able to use these UAVs to support a variety of missions also aimed at addressing internal and external threats. Lorenzana issued the statement following the official turnover of these UAVs by US Ambassador Sung Kim to the Air Force in a ceremony held at the 250th President Airlift Wing Hangar, Villamor Air Base in Pasay City yesterday. Lt. Gen. Galileo Gerard Kintanar Jr., Air Force chief, said that the six Scan Eagle UAVs are the first unmanned aerial vehicles which the PAF has acquired. He added that these UAVs will be placed under operational control of the 300th Air Intelligence and Security Wing. Aside from the US ambassador, the turnover rites were also witnessed by US military officials led by Joint US Military Assistance Group (JUSMAG) chief Col. Ernest Lee.-Jaime Laude (The

DEFENSE Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, US Ambassador Sung Kim and Defense Undersecretary Cesar Yano examining one of the six UAVs turned over by the US to the Philippines. Edd

Philippine Star)


71st happiest from front page

Finland took the top spot from Norway as the happiest nation. The following are the happiest countries in the world: 1. Finland 2. Norway 3. Denmark 4. Iceland 5. Switzerland 6. The Netherlands 7. Canada 8. New Zealand 9. Sweden 10. Australia Burundi, on the other hand, is the unhappiest country in the world. The following are the unhappiest nations: 147. Malawi 148. Haiti 149. Liberia 150. Syria 151. Rwanda 152. Yemen 153. Tanzania 154. South Sudan 155. Central African Republic 156. Burundi The report also said that the Philippines ranked third in the countries with highest levels of positive affect. It explained that positive affect is measured as the simple average of the “day-before” dichotomous variables such as smiled or laughed yesterday, learned something, treated with respect, experience enjoyment and felt well-rested. The World Happiness Report is produced by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network. In a separate global survey by US-based firm Gallup International released last month, the Philippines placed third in the happiest country in the world with a net score of +84. Fiji is the happiest nation in the world, followed by Colombia.-Gaea Katreena Cabico (



From 9

destroy us and steal our hope. We can hope again. Beyond the cross, hope endures even through suffering. One of the things that threaten to steal our hope is suffering. Suffering has been a part of what it means to be human ever since sin entered into the world. And even though Jesus paid for our sins on the cross with His own blood, still suffering is present with us and will be until this world is a part of history. We can let suffering steal our hope, or we can hold onto that hope by concentrating on some of the positive things that can come out of suffering: Suffering can bring believers closer to Christ. Suffering teaches us total dependence on Him. How many of us have been through circumstances where we knew that we could not have made it through without the Lord being there? Suffering also brings people closer together. Several years ago, six of the rescued POWs could have come home to America and their families sooner than they did, but they chose to wait a few extra days so that all of them would be healthy enough to come home together. Why? Because their ordeal had developed a bond between them. Suffering assures believers that they belong to Christ. Jesus said that we should expect persecution and suffering. They persecuted Him. He promised that they would persecute us. This will continue until one day when God says that the cup is full, and His judgment will be poured out. Suffering itself and the attacks of the enemy confirm that I am a part of God’s family. Suffering reminds believers that this world is not eternal and it is not home. Suffering changes believers and produces hope within us. We usually say, “As long as there is life, there is hope.” The truth is, “As long as there is hope, there is life.” Every time that we make it over some obstacle in our life, it gives us hope that empowers us to make it over the next obstacle that comes along.When we are faced with a situation that threatens to steal our hope, look back. Look back at all those other times that we thought there was no hope. We made it through those times. God is still the same as He has ever been, and His power is still available to us. We can make it over. Let us avail of the power of the resurrection of Jesus to overcome sufferings that we face. Easter 2018 will soon be part of history. But its power is still available to us every day of the year! Need prayer or someone to talk to? Please don’t hesitate to give me a call (204-633-2230), e-mail me at fredsebastian1@ or better still be my guest at our worship services every Sunday beginning at 10:30 AM at Church of the Living Hope, 235 Enniskillen Avenue, Winnipeg, MB. GOOD FRIDAY SERVICE “A SERVICE OF THE STATION OF THE CROSS” A Contemplative Service tracing the Stations of the Cross through songs, reading, acting and prayers. March 30, 2018 10:30 AM RESURRECTION SUNDAY SERVICE- This is also a Celebration of CHURCH OF THE LIVING HOPE 28th ANNIVERSARY, April 1, 2018, 10:30 AM

March 16-31, 2018


Protect your family – now and in the future


t the beginning of a “living-together” relationship, life is pretty simple. Your biggest responsibilities are paying the rent, buying groceries and deciding whose turn it is to clean up. It’s not until you but your first home that you feel the need to do something to protect your investment. It’s not uncommon for mortgage protection to be your first encounter with insurance. If the unthinkable were to happen, insurance can provide a tax-free, lump-sum to cover the mortgage or other expenses. Life insurance to cover your mortgage is an easy conversation to have with your partner, but the conversation shouldn’t end there. Tragedy can take many forms, like disabilities from illness or accidents and critical illnesses. While the odds of surviving a serious illness are improving, it can still be challenging to cope with the after-effects – emotionally, physically and financially. Think about the impact on your family’s

lifestyle if you were unable to work and required assistance to do simple things like cooking, bathing, and dressing. A serious illness affects everyone in your family. You may have some form of insurance and benefits through your employer, but this may not be enough in extreme circumstances. Benefits can also end if you’re no longer able to work, so relying on it as your main source of protection may not be the best plan. If you think you can’t afford another monthly expense, think about what would happen if you didn’t have any money coming in to cover the mortgage. Your financial plan should cover all the bases including budgeting, savings, a will and a family protection.

Life insurance

Life insurance is designed to provide your loved ones with security when you die. In exchange for regular payments, a lump-sum

amount of money is paid to the beneficiaries after the insured person passes away. Insurance can provide the assurance that your loved ones will be supported at a time when they need it most. The beneficiary can receive the money tax free and can use it to pay down the remaining mortgage, cover funeral costs or create a retirement plan that would have been funded by your income. There are three types of insurance to choose from: • Term – A policy purchased for a certain term, such as the length of your mortgage. You can decide on the amount you need and may have the option to renew at the end of the term. This type of policy has no cash value. • Permanent – This type of plan covers you for life and is more cost-effective for long term needs. Premiums are higher than term insurance when you’re

younger, but lower when you get older. Permanent life insurance usually accumulates a cash value, which can be paid out if you cancel the policy. • Universal – A universal life insurance policy provides lifetime protection and offers more flexibility than conventional permanent plans. Premiums may increase or stay the same, depending on your policy. The big benefit is if you make payments greater than the required cost of your policy, the excess can be invested and grow tax deferred.

23 for a year that costs $100 a day. Ask yourself: Do your other plans – life, group health, or disability – offer adequate coverage? Would your retirement goals still be realistic if you withdrew $50,000 for medical expenses? Your family income could be reduced if you’re unable to work, need to travel to medical appointments and need home-care.

Making it part of your plan Family protection insurance helps ensure your loved ones are financially prepared should something happen to you. This can seem overwhelming and is a lot to take in. Let’s talk – I can explain how life insurance and critical illness insurance can work together to protect your family, now and in the future. TESS AVISO-NEWTON

Critical Illness insurance We’d all like to imagine a future with perfect health, but the right time to plan for the unexpected is when you’re healthy. Once you become ill, your options are limited. Critical illness insurance can help cover the costs associated with a life-altering illness. Imagine needing daily medication

Financially sound (This information is provided by Tess Newton Financial Services Inc., representing Sun Life Financial. As a Financial Advisor, Tess is self-employed and operates her own business. She is also a Commissioner of Oath for the Province of Manitoba.)

24 n March 16-31, 2018

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