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MANILA - The Philippine peso hit a new 10-year low on Monday amid the expected rate hike by the US Federal Reserve next month. The peso closed at P50.27 to $1, its lowest level since P50.32 to $1 in September 26, 2006, data from the Philippine Dealing System showed. The peso opened weaker at P50.24 to $1 from Friday’s 50.215 to $1, and depreciated further to an intraday low of 50.285 to $1. PESO, 3

ENTERTAINMENT P6 MINING IN DINAGAT ISLAND. Photo shows an aerial shot of the mining site in Loreto town in Dinagat island taken on February 25, 2017. Environment Secretary Gina Lopez ordered the closure of 23 mining operations around the country, receiving positive feedback from environmental and indigenous groups. However, she also earned the ire of big mining firms.(ABS-CBN NEWS)






Tokhang may be revived

MANILA, Philippines - Less than a month after banning the police from antidrug operations and suspending Oplan Tokhang, President Duterte is open to the resumption of his brutal campaign against the drug menace. 



2 n March 1-15, 2017

LP senators ousted Abu Sayyaf from majority, releases video committee posts of German’s beheading MANILA — Abu Sayyaf extremists in the Philippines have released a video of the beheading of a German hostage. The brief video circulated Monday by the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors jihadi websites, is the first sign that the brutal militants proceeded with their threat to kill Jurgen Gustav Kantner in the southern Philippines after a Sunday ransom deadline lapsed. The video shows Kantner sitting in a grassy clearing and saying "Now he kill me" shortly before a masked militant beheads him with a curved knife. A few gunmen mutter "Allahu Akbar," or God is great. Foreign Ministry spokesman Martin Schaefer said German experts were evaluating the video to determine whether it is authentic, but that if it is, it's "deeply shocking." "It makes you question

what can lead people to commit such a barbaric crime, but at the moment I'm not in a position to say whether the video's authentic." The militants had demanded a ransom of 30 million pesos ($605,000), officials said. The Philippine military said in November that the Abu Sayyaf claimed its gunmen had kidnapped Kantner and killed a woman sailing with him off neighboring Malaysia's Sabah state. Villagers reported finding a dead woman lying beside a shotgun on board a light blue yacht with the German flag and marked "Rockall" off Laparan Island in Sulu, the military said. The predominantly Muslim province is where ransomseeking militants have held many hostages in jungle encampments. Kantner was also kidnapped by Somali pirates years ago.Associated Press

MANILA — Several senators from the Liberal Party have been ousted from their committee chairmanships and were booted out of the majority on Monday. Sen. Manny Pacquiao declared the senate president pro tempore post, held by Sen. Franklin Drilon, as vacant. He also declared the chairmanships of the committees on education, agriculture and health as vacant. The three committees were all chaired by Liberal Party members who have been voicing opposition to some of the administration's policies. Sen. Ralph Recto, who was previously the minority leader,

has been elected as the new Senate President Pro Tempore, replacing Sen. Franklin Drilon. Both senators are members of the LP. Sen. Risa Hontiveros, a Liberal Party ally who chaired the committee on health, has been replaced by Sen. JV Ejercito. Sen. Cynthia Villar replaced Sen. Francis Pangilinan of the LP as chairman of the Senate committee on agriculture and food. Sen. Bam Aquino has also been ousted as chairman of the committee on education and has been replaced by Sen. Francis Escudero. Aquino, Drilon, Hontiveros and Pangilinan are now part of

the Senate minority along with Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV. The four LP senators ousted from their posts were also those who visited Sen. Leila De Lima at her office before her arrest last week. They also attended the 31st anniversary celebration of the EDSA revolution at the People Power Monument in Quezon City last Saturday. "If this is the price to pay to show up on the streets of EDSA, talking about democracy, talking about the issues of violence on our streets... If this is the price to pay, I gladly pay that price," Aquino said on being stripped off his committee chairmanship.-Philstar

March 1-15, 2017



Tokhang may be revived TOKHANG... 

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patriotic fervor to serve their country.” “The standard is you must be honest and efficient, you must not be corrupt so that everything will be in order,” he stressed. Earlier, he had Tokhang suspended after some PNP scalawags were found to have used it as a weapon to extort money from people. The campaign was criticized by the United Nations and several human rights groups because of the high number of people killed. More than half of about 8,000 lives lost due to Tokhang were done by unidentified assailants, sometimes referred to as vigilantes. Government authorities though attributed these killings to drug syndicates, saying the warlords were purging their own ranks. In jest, Duterte issued a threat to drug offenders who refuse to stop their activities. “Kung ayaw nilang huminto mag-suicide ako. Takutin ko na lang sila. Mag-bomber na lang ako, suicide bomber (If they don’t stop, I’ll commit suicide. I’ll just scare them. I’ll just be a bomber, a suicide bomber),” he said, confirming that the drug war was in the agenda of yesterday’s joint military and police command conference in Malacañang. Philstar

‘Iron Crotch Kung Fu Master’ shows off ability to take groin hits Feb. 24 (UPI) -- A Chinese martial artist shared video of he and his students taking repeated blows to the groin as means of promoting his unusual form of kung fu. Master Wei Yaobin, known as the “Iron Crotch Kung Fu Master,” appeared in a video alongside some of his students taking strong kicks to the groin, as well as being hit in the privates with objects including bricks and a battering ram. Wei claims his form of kung fu can help men overcome erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The master said he previously only taught his form of kung fu, which he has been practicing for 10 years in the city of Luoyang, to family members, but he is now seeking to make his “Iron Crotch” methods more widespread. “We want it to be more popular and accepted by public,” Wei told AsiaOne.

Grandpa builds miniature electric Lamborghinis for grandson Feb. 24 (UPI) -- A Chinese man concerned about his young grandson's safety on a scooter engineered a solution -- miniature Lamborghini replicas with electric engines. Guo Liangyuan, 53, said he became concerned about the safety of his young grandson while riding a scooter, so he turned to Lamborghinis for inspiration to design the boy a safer vehicle. Guo, an engineer, said he has made three electric cars for the boy so far and is working on a third. A video recorded Monday in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, shows Guo driving the small electric vehicles with his grandchildren.

SILANG, Cavite — Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa said Tuesday that he already signed the dismissal order for some 200 scalawag police officers. "Yesterday, mga 200 ang napirmahan ko, dinismiss sa service. Tatanggalin talaga natin ang mga scalawag. We will be going nowhere kapag hindi natin sineryoso ang internal cleansing," Dela Rosa said in his speech during the 23rd anniversary of National Police College. He said the cases of other police officers who have earlier been dismissed

from service but have been reinstated are now undergoing review. "The cleansing has begun. The cases are being reviewed for final decision. I will be resolute and unforgiving," he said. —ALG, GMA News


Duterte said yesterday it would be up to the Philippine National Police (PNP) to decide whether to resume Tokhang now or wait a few months amid reports indicating a rise in the sale of illegal drugs on the streets. If the organization decides to resume it sooner, Duterte stressed that the PNP should “assign trustworthy men.” The resurgence in the sale of illegal drugs on the streets made police chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa think of asking the President to order the resumption of Tokhang – the PNP operation plan against illegal drugs – that has already claimed thousands of lives. Dela Rosa reported a growing clamor from local government units to resume the war on drugs after the illicit trade was said to again be on the rise after the government suspended it due to the involvement of high ranking police officers in the kidnap-for-ransom and killing of South Korean businessman Jee Ick-joo last year. “The resumption of that

war would depend on President Duterte. If he sees that we (PNP) are done with our internal cleansing, that we have cleansed our ranks and we are ready to take on the war against drugs, then maybe and hopefully (he will revive Tokhang),” Dela Rosa said during a speech in Zamboanga City’s 80th Charter Day celebration Sunday. But Duterte would rather leave the decision to the PNP, adding that if it decides to resume the campaign sooner, then it should be assigned to “trustworthy men.” “I don’t know. I would leave it to the PNP to decide. What do they need? What do they have to do to succeed? I do not meddle in the mechanisms there. What is important for me is finish it, do it, I do not inquire into how, where, what,” the President told reporters in Malacañang yesterday. “I said give me the men that I can trust to handle the campaign,” he added as he claimed that drug-related activities have risen by 20 percent since Tokhang was suspended. “I told you it’s a virulent thing. Hindi matapos-tapos ‘yan (It is never ending).” Duterte said Dela Rosa should “look for young men in the PNP who are imbued with

PNP chief signs dismissal order for 200 scalawag cops

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The perception of the exchange rate movement could be driven by uncertainties due to another US rate hike and policies of the Trump administration, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Deputy Governor Diwa Guinigundo said. Local politics are also dictating the weakening of the peso against the dollar, an analyst said. “We attribute this local political uncertainties especially in the last couple of weeks.

This set of political developments leading to intensified political noise result to cautious views tending to favor US dollar rather than the peso,” said ING Bank Manila chief economist Joey Cuyegkeng said. The country’s external payments position including a widening trade deficit and lower current account surpluses also contribute to the peso’s underperformance, he added.-ABS-CBN News

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March 1-15, 2017

Has the existence of ghosts been disproved by the LHC? SCI-TECH Despite many scientific studies pointing to hallucinations and other phenomena as the culprits behind “supernatural” experiences, a vast majority of people still believe in ghosts. In the US alone, 42% of people believe in ghosts, and that value is even higher in the UK at 52%. While someone has yet to come forward with solid evidence that ghosts exist, one theoretical physicist believes we already have proof that they don’t – and it’s all thanks to the Large Hadron Collider. That physicist is the University of Manchester’s Brian Cox. In the BBC science series “The Infinite Monkey Cage,” he stated that if ghosts do exist, then the Large Hadron Collider would have already detected the medium or substance that sustains an individual’s information after death. “If we want some sort of pattern that carries information about our living cells to persist, then we must specify precisely what medium carries that pattern, and how it interacts with the matter particles out of which our bodies are made,” Cox explained. “We must, in other words, invent an extension to the Standard Model of Particle Physics that has escaped detection at the Large Hadron Collider. That’s almost inconceivable at the energy scales typical of the particle interactions in our bodies.” Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who appeared on the episode next to Cox, replied, “If I understand what you just declared, you just asserted that CERN, the European Centre for Nuclear Research, disproved the existence of ghosts.” “Yes,” said Cox.

Ghosts vs. the Second Law of Thermodynamics The Standard Model of Physics is not perfect, of course. It’s an incomplete theory with nu-

merous holes – an issue that scientists, for many decades, have been working hard to resolve. Still, Cox believes the existence of ghosts lies outside the Standard Model’s “known unknowns.” Basically, the concept of ghosts contradicts the second law of thermodynamics – a scientific law that has been meticulously tested and serves as one of our universe’s most fundamental laws. According to the second law of thermodynamics, an isolated system’s total entropy increases over time. What is entropy? It is a measure of the disorder or randomness within an isolated or closed system. What the second law of thermodynamics is therefore saying is that as a system loses usable energy, it experiences an increase in chaos. And unless the system receives additional energy, the advancement toward chaos is irreversible. Any system will therefore always see energy being lost to heat. The energy put into a system can never be recovered, and this is true for appliances such as a TV or refrigerator as it is for the cosmos.

Ghosts vs. the Large Hadron Collider So how is all this related to the existence of ghosts? According to our general understanding of what a ghost is, it’s not something we can touch. This must mean they’re not made of matter, which in turn suggests they’re made of energy. Remember that in every system, energy is always lost. As an energy being that consumes energy by performing a multitude of fantastic feats – such as appearing and disappearing, floating, telekinetically manipulating objects, lowering the temperature, making creepy sounds, and occasionally crawling out of your TV – then it wouldn’t be possible for the ghost to remain in existence for any considerable duration. — TJD, GMA News

March 1-15, 2017


Exports to China likely to overtake main markets


MANILA, Philippines - The country’s exports to China are expected to grow at a faster rate than the Philippines’ current major markets in line with the improving relationship between the governments of both nations. “We project that the growth rate of our exports to China will increase more than that of Japan and US,” Philippine Exporters Confederation Inc. (Philexport) president Sergio Ortiz-Luis Jr. said. Philexport said the country’s exports to China increased 2.2 percent to over $6.1 billion as of August 2016, representing an 11.4-percent share in total Philippine exports. “China’s rise as an economic powerhouse is one of the key factors that helped propel Philippine exports,” Ortiz-Luis said.

According to the export group chief, China would need to import more to sustain its 1.3 billion population and their requirements. He said these imports include metals, electronics and agri-based products. “This projection is already supported by the notable increase in China’s demand for processed Philippine food products and fresh fruits like bananas, as well as minerals and metals like iron ore, copper, and nickel,” Ortiz-Luis said. Local exporters are currently calling for various interventions, including support for promotion and financing access, to strengthen trade ties with China. Ortiz-Luis said increased market intelligence and business matching will help exporters, especially the micro, small and medium enterprises, position themselves better to successfully penetrate the huge Chinese market. Philstar


6 March 1-15, 2017

What’s the BUZZ?


BELA PADILLA brushes off supposed brewing romance with Zanjoe Marudo

SIMILAR to what she said in past interviews, Bela Padilla maintained that she and Zanjoe Marudo are just friends. Several netizens speculated that there’s a brewing romance between the My Dear Heart co-stars due to Bela’s recent ukulele cover of the song “You Are My Sunshine.” “I like watching stuff online. So I accidentally drifted towards ukulele lessons. Eh I have a ukulele. So that’s where it started na,” she shared during her recent contract signing. Bela went on to share that her desire to play again was furthered bolstered when Zanjoe brought a ukulele to the set. “And so Tsong he was playing really well. And he was telling me ‘why don’t you play this song?’” she shared. With that the press asked, is Zanjoe her sunshine? “Hindi. Hindi ba pwedeng fans? Hindi ba pwedeng friends? Hindi naman. Wala naman,” she said. According to Bela she is not yet ready to fall in love. The Kapamilya actress confirmed her split with her businessman boyfriend Neil Arce just a couple of weeks ago. "Parang hindi pa, not yet," she said, adding, "I'm really enjoying my work." Bela claimed that she’s still very much busy with work. "'Di ako natutulog, parang every day kaming either taping or shooting. So maybe I would like to have a little me time first or alone time before I get into that," she explained. When prodded about how her “working relationship” with Zanjoe has improved, Bela said, "Friends, working relationship. Nothing to tell, we are just friends.” The Camp Sawi star maintained that she’s “okay” after her split. Bela is currently working with Neil on her upcoming film Luck at First Sight together with Jericho Rosales. MAUREEN MARIE BELMONTE


March 1-15, 2017



AUBREY MILES admits she and Troy Montero plan to have another baby this year LAST seen in the series Pasion de Amor, actress Aubrey Miles shared the real reason why she chose to lay low from showbiz for the past few years. “I have a high schooler now. They are 16 and eight years old. Especially nung time ng first son ko si Maurie which you know I denied for so many years. So parang sobrang busy ko so gusto ko bumawi. So bumawi ako sa panganay ko and my second (Hunter) I want to feel yung how many years na maging truly a mommy,” she shared during the Nike Training Club event held last February 23 in Taguig city. As a mom, Aubrey said she is more of a disciplinarian. “Oh my god I’m so strict. Hindi lang with health but also with rules sa bahay. Pag kailangan anong oras matulog, what to clean, and how to treat the helpers,” she added. With her long-term relationship with Troy Montero, Aubrey said marriage is not on top of the priority list even if they are already planning to have baby number three and four. “Alam mo lagi naming

napag-uusapan (magpakasal). It’s just that saan, dito or sa States. Kasi pag nag-States ako which is si Troy doon, so parang mag-American citizen ba ako eh hindi ko naman kailangan. So may mga ganun eh. Oo naman (may plano pa kami magka-baby). May fourth pa (laughs). Actually we’re going to try end of this year, ganun. And then I’m planning also a program na pagka yung buntis ka may workout, ganun. I will never stop,” she admitted. As one of the fittest moms in showbiz today, the 34-year-old actress said there is pressure to always be fit. Aside from weight training, Aubrey also enjoys wallclimbing, swimming and yoga. “Since my teens it’s been workouts talaga. Any workout will do as long as you enjoy it. And proper sleep. For me it’s eight hours is good. Yes it’s super pressure. Actually it’s a good pressure especially sa social media. So I like it in a good way na ako din na-i-inspire sa mga followers ko na 90% of them want motivation. I’m flattered. I take it as a compliment na nape-pressure ako. Si Troy nga sabi, ‘I’m so happy na ikaw ang girlfriend ko.’ Kasi pati siya na-pe-pressure sa akin,” she said.-Rhea Manila Santos

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March 1-15, 2017

ABS-CBN Corp. files lawsuit for over $8M in damages against DALY CITY, CA, February 16, 2017 - The largest media and entertainment company in the Philippines has filed suit today in US Federal District Court against for damages of over $8M pertaining to Kissasian’s infringement of trademarks and registered copyrights of 27 of ABS-CBN’s television shows and movies including “Be My Lady”, “Born for You”, “Dolce Amore”, “You’re Still the One”, “Etiquette for Mistresses”, “Ex With Benefits”, and many more. In addition, ABS-CBN Corporation was awarded this week an amended default judgment of nearly $11 million against 11 online streaming websites that the company says regularly showcase pirated versions of its programming. According to ABS-CBN’s Assistant Vice President of Global Anti-Piracy Elisha Lawrence, “We are stepping up our antipiracy enforcement in 2017. These pirate sites often victimize our fans when they access these sites and are later attacked by malware which steals their financial and personal data. We are going after every pirate wherever they live and operate. We arrested and sued

numerous pirates last year and we plan to quadruple that effort this year.” U.S. District Judge William P. Dimitrouleas, in his amended default judgment, ordered the defendants to pay at least $1 million each in statutory damages. The judge also ordered the defendants to stop advertising, promoting, performing, copying, broadcasting or distributing ABS-CBN's copyrighted work, which includes a variety of television programming. Among the pirate websites,Freepinoychannel. com and were each ordered to pay $1.18 million in statutory damages, while, and are on the hook for $1.09 million each. was ordered to pay $1.24 million in statutory damages. The sites provide on-demand streaming performances of fulllength versions of television shows and movies through their sites, according to the suit. “Defendants' websites are classic examples of pirate operations, often with poor quality. We invest a great deal in our television shows and movies so the customers have a supe-

rior viewing experience. These pirates are willfully infringing ABS-CBN's copyrighted works and damaging the ABS-CBN brand,” according to Lawrence. The company had requested at least $2 million in statutory

damages per counterfeit trademark used, as well as triple the defendants' profits from the alleged infringement. ABS-CBN is represented by Stephen M. Gaffigan. The cases areABS-CBN Corp. et al., Case No. 0:17cv-60352 and Case ABS-CBN Corp, et al. v. et al., case number 0:15-cv-61002, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Timely, relevant “Ipaglaban Mo” stories continue to educate viewers about legal rights Filipino viewers continue to know more about their legal rights every week by watching ABS-CBN’s hit legal drama “Ipaglaban Mo,” which is now in its third year on air. Through its compelling dramatization of timely and rel-

evant cases, the show continues to generate positive feedback especially from netizens who share their thoughts and learnings about the episodes. “Rape is not a joke. The victim deserves justice. #IMAbuso,” said Twitter user @MissyNicolei

after watching an episode that featured a perverted employer forcing his garderner to sexually abuse his house help. “Unethical behavior of some public servers. Let’s not violate human rights for personal interests. #IMBuyBust,” commented @chinitooongaaa on the case of a family man who was framed by the police for possessing illegal drugs. “Whether we admit it or not, this is what’s happening now #IMBuyBust,” shared @atekztersOJD14 about the same episode. Meanwhile, the “Kapatiran” episode that featured a fra-

ternity leader who drugged and raped one of his new recruits taught netizens to be more discerning when it comes to the company they keep. “We should really choose our friends. Learn to say no sometimes. #IMKapatiran,” said @HelloThereMark. “We youngsters should listen to our parents. Sometimes they know what’s best for us,” said @ ItsLigayaJoy. Since “Ipaglaban Mo” premiered on ABS-CBN in 2014, the show has consistently drawn viewers and won in its timeslot. It has also received awards from the PMPC Star Awards for TV and Alta Media Icon Awards. The show continues to educate viewers this week with an odd case of a young man named

Andre (Marco Gumabao) who stabs and kills his friend Macky (Jairus Aquino) out of envy. His mother claims later on that he is suffering from a mental disorder. Are they telling the truth or just finding a way out? Will Macky’s family get justice? Joining the cast in this week’s episode are Sharmaine Arnaiz, Francine Prietto, Nathaniel Britt, and Mark Rivera. Don’t miss the “Laro” episode of “Ipaglaban Mo,” directed by Theodore Boborol this Saturday (Feb 18) after “It’s Showtime” on ABS-CBN. For more updates, follow @ IpaglabanMoCh2 on Twitter; @ IpaglabanMoABSCBN on Instagram, and like www.Facebook. com/IpaglabanMoABSCBN on Facebook.

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Jollibee in Winnipeg is reason to celebrate

ITH a population close to three times the size of Canada and a growing middle class, the demand for fastfood restaurants is surging in the Philippines. Over the years, I have seen more and more restaurants like McDonald’s, KFC, Dominos and other franchise stores open up in the Philippines. Despite the competition by foreign franchisees, there is no doubt that Jollibee is among the top players in this industry.

It is a sense of pride in a community that I love that caused me to invite our Prime Minister to join me at Jollibee. It is also my admiration for the Filipino community that pushed me to make that Statement in Ottawa.

Straight up (

Back in December, the Jollibee franchise came to Canada and opened a branch in Winnipeg. Not many people would know about this fastfood restaurant except the Filipino community. I find myself thinking about the Philippines whenever LAMOUREUX, 22

Nauuwi sa trahedya ang pagnanasa nang karamihang magtagumpay. Marami ang nabaon sa utang, nagkasakit, nahiwalay sa asawa at nawasak ang pamilya ng dahil sa pagnanasang magtagumpay. May iba na nagpapakamatay ng marealize nila na walang kasiyahan pagdating sa tuktok ng tagumpay na kanilang inaasam asam. Napakaraming mas importanteng bagay ang nasasakripisyo at naisasa alang alang sa ngalan ng tagumpay. Walang tao na nasa bingit ng kamatayan ang nagnanasa pang

Pagbulay-bulayan o pagaralan mo iyon araw at gabi upang matupad mo ang lahat ng nakasaad doon. Sa ganoon, magiging masagana at matagumpay ang iyong pamumuhay. makapag hanap buhay, kumita ng pera o nagaambisyong sumikat. Mga mahal sa buhay at Diyos ang kadalasang hinahanap ng mga taong mamamatay na. Mga bagay na hindi nasa isipan ng mga taong nagnanasang magtagumpay. Kadalasan ding

mali ang motibasyon ng tao sa buhay. Marami ang nagnanasang yumaman, sumikat o magtagumpay para makapagmalaki. Importante sa pasimula ng ating biyahe tungo sa ating karera o panaginip sa buhay na tama ang ating dahilan o layunin kung bakit gusto

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The peaceful uprising during four remarkable days in February 1986 succeeded because millions of Filipinos united in showing their desire to put an end to the dictatorial regime of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. But the anniversary commemoration the other day showed a nation divided.


Even a popular president and his officials can make mistakes or be tempted to abuse power and its perks. They should not expect citizens in a free society, especially the political opposition, to keep silent about such mistakes and abuses. They should even welcome criticism, so that they can implement measures to correct mistakes or address inadequacies in government service. An administration that does not tolerate criticism and dissent is bound to implode from its own follies. The opposition, for its part, must respect the people’s mandate even as it plays the role of watchdog against lapses and abuses committed by those in power. For political opposition to be effective, it must have credibility. Malicious and unfounded criticism, smear campaigns and deliberate misinformation tend to backfire and weaken the opposition. Last Saturday’s rallies must be seen as healthy expressions of divergent opinions in a free society. In a functioning democracy, people can agree to disagree. PHILSTAR


HERE were calls for national unity as two rallies representing opposing sides of the political fence were staged the other day, the 31st anniversary of the people power revolt.

The national referendum on Rodrigo Duterte took place last year, and he won the people’s mandate by a landslide in free elections. Although his survey ratings since then have consistently slipped, the President remains enormously popular, and he and his aides need not be rattled by criticism or public expressions of dissent.

Agent 777

National unity

This need not be seen as the seed of destabilization but as a healthy expression of contrasting opinions in a democracy, which is the principal gift of the people power revolt. A democracy needs an effective system of checks and balances, which is provided mostly by the political opposition.


I March 1-15, 2017


Paano maging tunay na matagumpay

BA’T iba ang pananaw ng tao patungkol sa success o pagiging matagumpay sa buhay. Marami ang nagsisisi sa huli dahil marami na ang nasayang na oras at nasirang relasyon bago nila lubos na naunawaan na mali ang landas na tinahak nila tungo sa tagumpay.



Every time I am in the Philippines I make it a point of going to Jollibee not only because of its delicious ‘chicken joy’ and famous spaghetti but also because I know that when I return to Winnipeg, it is always nice to share this food experience with my Filipino friends.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with MP Kevin Lamoureux visited the newest Jollibee branch in Winnipeg.

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OPINION n March 1-15, 2017

Political justice or true justice?


F anything, the arrest of Senator Leila de Lima has divided the country once again with people’s perception that we have another political revenge in the making. This perceived cycle of “political justice” was seen with Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who spent five years in hospital arrest on charges of plunder before she was acquitted by the Supreme Court in July last year. In retrospect, many believe GMA suffered from political persecution, with then Justice Secretary Leila de Lima disregarding the temporary restraining order that would have allowed the former president to seek medical treatment abroad, and the indifference showed by the Aquino administration for the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention’s ruling that GMA’s detention was arbitrary and violated international law on human rights. The UN body further said the continued detention of Arroyo was politically motivated and was a form of political persecution. There are speculations that former president Noynoy Aquino might also suffer the same fate of his predecessor for his major role in the “Mamasapano massacre” that resulted in the death of 44 PNP Special Action Force members, and that all these are driven by political revenge and a continuation of the cycle of “political justice” in the aftermath of the 1986 EDSA revolution.

What is clear, however, is that the country’s eternal curse – this deep political divide – is once again emerging. Right after the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution, there was so much anger and hatred directed against the Marcoses and anyone connected with them. This started the cycle of “political justice” where judicial processes were used to limit, if not destroy, whatever remnant of political power or influence the old regime and its allies may have had. A clear result was the 1987 “Cory Constitution” that has been described by many as “reactionary,” pointing to the fact that anything that had any Marcos imprint on it was totally removed. A huge majority of those appointed to the Constitutional Commission were also personal friends of Cory Aquino who, in a year, came out with a draft charter that was subsequently ratified through a plebiscite. A justified or unjustified perception – depending on your political color – is that certain groups have been using the 1987 Constitution in the guise of “political justice” to support their own agenda, using the “EDSA formula” to remove leaders from office like the Joseph Estrada ouster – rationalized through a fabricated legal concept called “constructive resignation.” Objective legal luminaries

believe that recent developments are what this country need to finally get to the truth about what happened to the Mamasapano massacre, as well as the other issues that have hounded the Aquino administration like the PDAF/pork barrel scam. While several “big fish” like Jinggoy Estrada, Bong Revilla and former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile were indicted by the anti-graft body, there is widespread suspicion that the Aquino administration had employed selective justice because Liberal Party allies seem to have been suspiciously left out. Enrile, who has since been released from detention, says that those who opposed the Aquino regime were persecuted and made to look “evil” – but now the shoe seems to be on the other foot, with many believing De Lima is simply reaping what she sowed because she used her position as Justice secretary to run roughshod over the legal rights of those perceived as political foes of the Aquino government. What is clear, however, is that the country’s eternal curse – this deep political divide – is once again emerging. More than ever, the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte must show that it respects the judicial process and will apply the rule of law to one and all.


BABE’S EYE VIEW The cycle of political revenge must stop if we seriously want to move forward and not get stuck in the past. Trump and Duterte will likely get along So much has been said about the similarities between President Rodrigo Duterte and US President Donald Trump, ranging from the superficial like their fiery rhetoric and colorful language down to the fact that they were seen as antiestablishment type of leaders and appealed to voters who were getting sick and tired of “politics as usual.” The recent report of Amnesty International lumped the two leaders together in one sweep – which could open doors for the relationship between the two presidents to grow since both are individuals with strong personalities whose focus is on establishing order and ensuring the security of their respective nations and people. While Duterte is bent on eradicating the drug menace, Trump is intensifying efforts against illegal immigrants in

the US. While about 310,000 undocumented Filipinos are now seriously in peril of getting deported, President Duterte had said he will respect the decision of Trump, just as “The Donald” had also signified his understanding of Duterte’s fight against the illegal drugs trade in this country. Our friends in Washington are convinced that the longstanding friendship between the United States and the Philippines will endure the test of time, especially with such groups like the US-Philippines Society that continues to work in strengthening bilateral ties not only in the cultural and people-to-people aspects but in terms of trade and investment. Founded in 2012 with Metro Pacific’s Manny Pangilinan and former US Deputy State Secretary and Ambassador to the Philippines John Negroponte as founding co-chairmen, the USPS (see photos in This Week on PeopleAsia in today’s Allure section of the Philippine STAR) has been instrumental in raising awareness of the Philippines as a viable investment destination. The USPS delegation from the US was here on a threeday visit. They had a meeting with the economic managers of the Duterte administration and they had a fruitful discussion regarding further trade and investment possibilities that the private sector can engage in. Philstar

Can aspirin prevent breast cancer?


Large randomized controlled trial of aspirin for breast cancer prevention is warranted in light of new evidence that aspirin use shows a strong independent inverse relationship with mammographic breast density, declared at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. Breast density is well accepted as a modifiable risk factor for both estrogen receptor negative (ER-) and estrogen receptor-positive (ER+) breast cancer. “Aspirin could be a [promising breast cancer prevention therapy. It is cheap, safe, well tolerated, and there is strong biologic and epidemiologic evidence for a prevention effect for both ER- and ER+ breast cancers” said the professor of medicine and director of the familial cancer program at the University of Vermont in


YOUR DOSE OF MEDICINE Burlington. There is an unmet need for better chemoprevention agents for breast cancer. The current ones, such as tamoxifen and raloxifene (Evista), don’t prevent ERbreast cancer. Plus, they have substantial side effects leading to low utilization for primary prevention. A retrospective study of 26,000 women that demonstrated a dose-response

Women taking aspirin at 300 mg/ day or less were 16 percent less likely to have mammographically dense breasts – that is, BIRADS three or four – than were aspirin nonusers relationship between aspirin use and lower mammographic breast density was presented. The relationship was stronger in women under age 60 years and in African Americans. That’s an important finding because those two groups are at increased risk for developing ER- breast cancer. The electronic medical records of 26,000 women in 36 primary care and ob.gyn practices were reviewed. All had undergone routine screening mammography during 2012-2013 and had an office to visit in the prior year that included gathering a confirmed list of medications.

The study group included 5,111 aspirin user and 20,889 nonusers. After performing logistics regression analysis to adjust for differences between the two groups in terms of age, ethnicity, and body mass index, the investigators examined the association between aspirin use and BI-RADS (Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System) breast density. The prevalence of low-risk, entirely fatty breasts was 9.6 percent in aspirin nonusers, compared with 16.9 percent in aspirin users, while extremely dense breasts were present in 5.1 percent of nonusers versus just 1.6 percent of aspirin users.

Women taking aspirin at 300 mg/day or less were 16 percent less likely to have mammographically dense breasts – that is, BIRADS three or four – than were aspirin nonusers. Women on more than 300 mg/day were 38 percent less likely to have dense breasts than nonusers. Previous clinical trials looking at aspirin for breast cancer prevention have had design flaws that compromised the findings. Moreover, the several prior studies examining a lik between aspirin use and mammographic breast density either lumped all NSAIDs together or was limited by small sample size, according to the oncologist. As a next step in this project, plan to examine duration of aspirin use and its relationship to mammographic breast density in this study population. Philstar

March 1-15, 2017



12 March 1-15, 2017


The Civic is one of the cars available in the Philippines that has a strong enthusiast base and aftermarket and customization support. What may come as a surprise is that most (actually almost all) of the Civics that you will see won't be of recent release. They will be cars that if they were people, would be considered millennials. That's right, the cars are 17 to 27 years old. Unlike millennials, the Civics from the '90s fully embraced the role their drivers tasked them to do. Family car, commuter car, show car, race car—whatever the role, the Honda Civic was the car that could and would. More important, it was one of the star cars that was right in the midst of the sport compact car movement that had steadily been growing since the late '80s. The '90s Civic shined just a bit brighter than any of its counterparts from other marques, and it remains popular among many today. How could it not? Starting with the 1988 EF chassis model, it was the only compact car that employed a double wishbone suspension on all four corners; trickle-down technology from

ď ´


ISIT any racing event that involves getting from point A to point B in the least amount of time and you'll quickly notice one thing: there will always be plenty of Honda Civics in the mix. More often than not, they'll also be the front runners in the respective categories, if not closely nipping at the heels of the one who is.

Honda's Formula 1 program. This enabled designers to give it a low hood line with wheels pushed out to all four corners for superior handling that outperformed everything else in its class. This suspension, shared with the Integra from Honda's premium brand Acura, was further improved in each of the two generations (the EG and EK ) that followed it. The chassis of each succeeding generation also became stiffer than the one before it, to further benefit handling. Another benefit from the Formula 1 program that set the Civic apart was Honda's VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control ) system that allowed engines to produce more power, while still maintaining good fuel economy. While this technology wasn't introduced locally until 1998 in the EK generation Civic SiR, it was available as one of the 1990 EF generation and onward Civic variants in Japan. The B-series VTEC-equipped performance motor in the Civic displaced 1.6 liters, while big brother Integra received a 1.8-liter version. Examples of these engines arrived in the Philippines via the surplus engine market in the mid-'90s, well before the local introduction of the SiR, and making their way into the engine bays of the entry-level people's car, the 1.2-liter Civic hatchback. The hatchback with the factory engine tipped the scales at 930kg. With the 1.6-liter B series motor making 160hp and the 1.8-liter producing 175hp, this gave the Civic a power-to-weight ratio unheard of at the time. Honda also made limited-edition factory tuned versions of both engines that produced even more power at 185hp and 210hp, respectively, toward the end of the century. These, of course, also found residence in engine bays that used to be home to lower-output motors. The EF, EG and EK generation Civics had engine bays that were similar enough that with AUTOMOTIVE, 15

March 1-15, 2017



Central Luzon students pick ABSCBN as Best Nat’l TV Station for 4th consecutive year at Paragala Awards

Students from 31 universities in Central Luzon still named ABSCBN as their TV network of choice, giving the country’s leading media and entertainment company its fourth Best National TV Station at the Paragala Central Luzon Media Awards. Composed of 31 participating schools in Region III, the Paragala Central Luzon Media Awards recognizes the best shows and media personalities in the country voted by students in Central Luzon. This year, the 4th Paragala Awards was able to gather 30,000 votes from the participating schools. ABS-CBN hauled a total of 10 awards for its various programs and Kapamilya news and entertainment personalities. The Kapamilya network’s news arm earned the Best Male Field Reporter award (Atom Araullo), Best Female News Anchor (Karen Davila), and its first-ever Paragala Merit Award for a Cultural Show for ABS-CBN Regional’s “Bida Kapampangan.” Also getting the love and approval of the youth of Central Luzon were “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano,” which was named the Best Teleserye, “ASAP,” recognized as the Best Musical Variety Show, and “Family Feud,” which took home the Best Game Show award. Kapamilya stars also proved to be the students’ top favorites and sources of inspiration, as Primetime King Coco Martin was hailed as Best Television Actor, “My Ex and Whys” star Liza Soberano won Best Television Actress, and “It’s Showtime” host Anne Curtis emerged as the Female Personality of the Year.

Jasmine Curtis on doing a lesbian kissing scene: ‘Kailangan maging open-minded ang maraming tao’ AS one of the two Cinema Originals film entries to be released by Star Cinema next month, Jasmine Curtis’s “Baka Bukas” gets its commercial run starting March 1 nationwide. The 22-year-old actress said she did not hesitate to accept the role of a lesbian who falls in love with her best friend. “I think kasi kailangan maging open-minded ang maraming tao. Sobrang okay lang sa mga tao ngayon na pagka bata ka pa, okay lang na ang lalake at babae maghalikan pero pagka nakitang babae sa babae ang dmaing mga nagsasabing, ‘Ang laswa naman niyan, ‘Ang pangit niyan.’ No, bakit tayo ganun? Hindi dapat ganun. Love is love. There is no boundaries in terms of gender. Bakit natin hinuhusgahan yun? So I wanted to be part of that type of movement I guess to make people more open-minded and aware na normal lang naman yun. Anong mali dun?” she shared. Jasmine said that her kissing scene with co-star Louie Delos Reyes was done very well by “Baka Bukas” director Samantha Lee. “Tender naman ito. It was a side of love that people may not usually see on the screen and I want to just strengthen that into media. Kasi kailangan natin yun. We need to provide all types of people a representation in the media,” she added.

When asked if it was possible for her to fall in love with the same sex, Jasmine gave a candid and honest answer. “I think it’s highly possible naman kasi I’m the type of person na I really get to know a person without basing it on yung mga certain dynamics that everyone looks at first. So I like to get to know a person’s brain, how they think, how they speak for themselves, how will they present themselves, and how they love themselves, those are very important to me in a person. -Rhea Manila Santos

14 n March 1-15, 2017

Quarter 4 semi-finalists battle it out in week-long competition: Who will make it to the “Tawag Ng Tanghalan Grand Finals?

It’s a boy for Kylie & Aljur MANILA, Philippines - FLASH: It’s a boy for sweethearts Aljur Abrenica and Kylie Padilla (photo) who is scheduled to give birth sometime in July. The baby, who will have two first names (one of them probably Joaquin), will make Kylie’s father Robin Padilla (photo, right) and mother Liezl Sicangco, and stepmother Mariel Rodriguez first-time grandparents. It’s also Aljur’s parents’ first grandchild. Late last year, Mariel gave birth to her and Robin’s first child, named Maria Isabella, in the States. Although he hasn’t publicly acknowledged it, Lolo Robin has reportedly forgiven Aljur after he confirmed how very much in love with Aljur his daughter is, and vice-versa. “Aljur is now embraced as member of the Padilla family,” said somebody in the know. “Robin has matured considerably and it didn’t take long for his heart to soften up and forgive Aljur.” After almost two years of separation, Aljur and Kylie reconciled last year and went to Japan for a vacation. Now engaged, the couple hasn’t set a date for their wedding yet. Kylie is Muslim and Aljur is Catholic, so one of them will probably decide to convert to the other’s religion. “I’m excited to take care of my nephew,” said Vin, Aljur’s brother, in a recent interview with Philippine STAR. “Our parents have been wishing for their first apo and they wanted it to come from me.”-By Ricky Lo

Which singers will continue to fight for their dreams and make it to the “Tawag ng Tanghalan” grand finals on “It’s Showtime”? Find out by watching seven semi-finalists from different parts of the country battle for vocal supremacy in the competition’s weeklong Quarter 4 semi-finals than began Monday (Feb 20). As they face the toughest battle of their lives yet, all of them are bringing with them their own stories, experiences, and ambitions to keep them going until the end. Sam Mangubat, a YouTube sensation from Batangas, overcame his shyness and did not let his lack of experience in competing stop him from sharing his talent with the world. And from teaching music and sports to children, Froilan Canlas of Camarines Sur is now ready to risk it all to reach his dream. Also not to be outdone is the youngest semi-finalist, Julia Faith Joaquin, a high school student from Bohol, who is out to prove she can keep up with her older counterparts. Carlmalone Montecido of Bacolod, meanwhile, continues to give inspiration and show the madlang people that anyone can succeed just as long talent is coupled with determination. Representing Metro Manila are Jex De Castro of Mandaluyong, who wants to provide a better life for his family by using his talent as an events singer, and now as a “Tawag ng Tanghalan” contender on the country’s biggest stage. Hazelyn Cascaño, a freelance performing artist from Marikina, also remains steadfast on pursuing her passion despite her father’s disapproval. Also coming a long way to fight for her dream is is the sole representative of Mindanao, Joylaine Canonio, a teacher from Sarangani who would trek mountains just to teach at her school. Like in the previous semi-finals, the results will be based on combined scores from the judges and the public votes in order to get into the Grand Finals. The competition was off to a scorching start as the semi-finalists performed their audition songs, fight songs, and songs for their family. In the coming days, they are tasked to take on songs originally made popular by their musical influences, the songs picked for them by the judges, and their life songs. The semi-finalists also call for the support of their fans all over the country by voting for them. Just text TAWAG(space) NAME OF SEMI-FINALIST and send it to 2366 for all networks. A SIM can only send one vote per day. At 6PM every day, the program temporary closes the voting. Whose voices will stand out for the judges and for the madlang people? Don’t miss “It’s Showtime,”. For more information, follow “Tawag ng Tanghalan” on Facebook (, Twitter (@TNTABSCBN), and Instagram (@TawagNgTanghalan). Be updated with the latest happenings on “It’s Showtime” by also following the show on Facebook and Twitter (@ItsShowtimena).


March 1-15, 2017n

Nearly 200 storm chasers paid tribute Sunday to the late actor Bill Paxton by spelling out his initials using GPS coordinates on a map depicting the heart of Tornado Alley. The effort coordinated by Spotter Network spelled out "BP" to honor the leading man in the disaster movie "Twister," which inspired a generation of storm chasers. Storm chasers and storm spotters have spelled out the initials of fellow chasers in the tight-knit community four or five times before, but never for a non-chaser, said John Wetter, president of the nonprofit that tracks the positions of tornado chasers and works with the National Weather Service to update weather forecasts. "There are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of meteorologists today — myself included — who were impacted by the movie 'Twister' and the role Bill played in that," Wetter told The Associated Press in a phone interview. " 'Twister' was kind of the first time in a mass media place the meteorologist became cool, if only for a little while." The storm chasers spelled the initials on a map that was centered around Wakita, Oklahoma, a real town in the heart of Tornado Alley that served as the set for almost all of the movie, Wetter said. Most people participating did not travel to log their dot on the map, but they instead entered GPS coordinates manually to spell the letters after the Spotter Network posted a rough outline of the project on its Facebook page and asked for help, Wetter said. The letters took shape in real time on a map that went viral on Twitter as the day

went on. The initials, made of red dots, stretched across parts of Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma on a black map. Jake DeFlitch was one of the few storm chasers who drove to a point on the map to register his GPS dot. The 23-year-old graduate student at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma, traveled about 20 minutes, he said, and then waited for the right moment to log his contribution. "I waited until all the letters lined up," said DeFlitch, who recently dropped radarequipped pods in front of tornados as part of a research project. "I was part of the 'P,' right below one of the connections, where the half-circle came back and connected with the straight line." In the 1996 blockbuster, Paxton plays a storm chaser who's researching tornados during a twister outbreak in Oklahoma. Paxton and co-star Helen Hunt scramble to release a data-collection probe into the funnel of a tornado as they compete with another, better-funded research team that's using similar technology. Paxton's death at age 61 after complications from surgery was announced Sunday. (Associated Press)


Storm chasers honor ‘Twister’ star Bill Paxton with GPS tribute

From 12

the right mixing and matching of parts, one could interchange any of the engines available across all three generations into one another, be it a sedan or a hatchback. For those looking for more power, the aftermarket is the place to turn to. By combining the top half of the VTEC motors with the bottom half of a 2.0-liter engine from the first-generation Honda CR-V, and mixing in appropriate aftermarket parts, this pushes output to over 240hp—and that's not factoring in turbocharging, which elevates the power levels to mind-boggling numbers. Apart from the engines, quite a bit of other mechanicals between the three generations are also interchangeable. Bigger brakes, for example, from latter year EK models made their way to earlier EG and EF models, giving the parts a new lease on life and the cars dramatically larger performance limits. Unfortunately, the same following isn't enjoyed

by the 2001 and onward Civic for a myriad reasons. That year saw the Civic perceptibly getting bigger, losing the high-performance variant that didn't come back until the 2006 model year. The interval, while not that long, meant that the momentum built up during the past three generations slowed down almost to a halt, making many enthusiasts lose interest in the Civic. Many chose to remain faithful to the older generations. The final element responsible for the '90s Honda Civic being popular in almost all local disciplines of motorsports and track days is price. It's hard to beat the punch-to-peso value of a 20-year-old car that's fully depreciated compared to a much younger car. For the same cost as a five-year-old late model Civic, a kitted-out '90s Civic is going to be better-equipped to take to the track and benefits from two decades of aftermarket parts development and support. That, perhaps, is the biggest allure of all.-By Ferman Lao

JORDAN Horowitz, producer of “La La Land,” shows the envelope revealing “Moonlight” as the true winner of best picture at the Oscars on Sunday, Feb. 26, 2017, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Presenter Warren Beatty and host Jimmy Kimmel look on from right.-Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

‘Steve Harvey moment’ at Oscars 2017 Just as host Steve Harvey mistakenly announced Miss Colombia as Miss Universe 2015 when it should be Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach, 89th Academy Awards presenter Faye Dunaway erroneously announced "La La Land" as this year’s Best Picture. The correct Best Picture winner, "Moonlight," was just announced after Jordan Horowitz of "La La Land" made a heartfelt acceptance speech. An visibly confused Warren Beatty, Dunaway's co-presenter, was hesitant to announce the winner upon opening the envelope and instead passed it on to Dunaway, who made the announcement. Beatty later explained he made the mistake

because he read the envelope that was for the previous award — Emma Stone as Best Actress for "La La Land." "I blame myself for this. Let’s remember that this is an awards show and a lot of things happen," Beatty said, clarifying that what happened was not a joke. "I really screwed this show up!" As a result, many of the awards’ attendees stood up in shock, including Oscar winners Nicole Kidman and Michelle Williams. Many news organizations, like CNN and Associated Press, also had to retract their previous reports. "Moonlight" was then applauded and wellreceived by the audience as the real winner.-By Deni Rose M. Afinidad-Bernardo (

16 n March 1-15, 2017

Academy Awards 2017 registers many firsts

EBONY and Ivory: Best Supporting Actor Mahershala Ali and Best Supporting Actress Viola Davis; Best Actor Casey Affleck and Best Actress Emma Stone Associated Press.

Megan Young speaks up on boyfriend Mikael Daez’s admission of their relationship WHILE she was surprised by the revelation, Miss World 2013 Megan Young was relieved that she and longtime boyfriend Mikael Daez’s secret is now out. Mikael finally revealed the real score between them after years of dodging questions about them. He likewise shared that they have actually been a couple for six years now. Megan, for her part, finally got the chance to react to Mikael’s surprise admission. “Finally we don’t have to keep the secret anymore. Kahit na open secret naman talaga siya,” she blurted in a report by 24 Oras on Wednesday evening. She continued, “I’m happy. I feel lighter.” Although they have been constant figures in each other’s lives, as seen in their travel posts on their social media accounts, the two never really opened up about the real score between them until Mikael’s recent move. Since his admission, both of them became a lot more open with the times that they’ve spent together as seen on the amount of throwback posts that they’ve posted.-Maureen Marie Belmonte

LOS ANGELES — The 89th Academy Awards lists many firsts, including perhaps, a first wrongfully announced Best Picture winner. The first winner to be announced at the Academy Awards 2017 was Mahershala Ali, who was awarded Best Supporting Actor for “Moonlight.” He is reportedly the first Muslim to win the award. It was also his first Oscar nomination. Likewise, Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan got his first Academy Award. He received a Lifetime Achievement Award for doing Hollywood and Hong Kong movies since the 1960s. Viola Davis, who won the Academy for Best Supporting Actress for “Fences,” is the first black woman to be nominated for three Oscars. Meanwhile, Achievement in Costume Design for “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” is the first Academy

Award ever won by a J. K. Rowling film. “Manchester by the Sea” lead actor Casey Affleck got his first Academy Award for Best Actor. The flick also got him the Best Actor distinction from Golden Globe and BAFTA. “La La Land,” which swept the Oscars with 14 nominations, also has the most wins in Oscar history with seven awards. The musical movie also got the first Oscar nomination and win for its director, Damien Chazelle. The movie also won Best Original Song for “City of Stars,” as well as Best Production Design, Cinematography, Best Original Score and Best Actress. Best Actress winner Emma Stone bested veteran actresses Meryl Streep, Isabelle Huppert and Natalie Portman. This is Stone’s first Oscar and second nomination.-By Deni Rose M. Afinidad-Bernardo (

March 1-15, 2017



NADINE on relationship with James: We’ve grown MANILA – Time indeed flies. It seems it was only yesterday when James Reid professed his love for Nadine Lustre at the Araneta Coliseum to mark their first major concert together. It was also on that same day that the two revealed that they made their relationship official on February 11, 2016. Unlike their fans who were eagerly counting the days prior to their anniversary, Lustre admitted she did not notice that she and Reid have already been together for one year. “Ang bilis nga eh. Nung nag one year, sabi ko, February 11 na? Kasi binabati nila ako na, ‘Tomorrow na, tomorrow na.’ Sabi ko, anong tomorrow na? February 11 na pala. Super bilis. I’m really happy,” she said in an interview on Wednesday. Within that span of time, Lustre proudly shared that she and Reid have matured individually and as a couple. Asked what’s next for them following the ABS-CBN series “Till I Met You,” Lustre said:

“Ako I will be doing Luster muna, the perfume. James is finishing his album and then after, siguro I’ll be finishing my album na rin as well. Meron din po kaming tour this March sa States.” Unlike last year, Lustre said both of them were given by their management some time to rest. “Talagang Viva is giving us a break din kasi siyempre from what we did last year, medyo sunud-sunod din, so Viva wanted to give us a break. Pahinga po muna,” she said. Just recently, Lustre and Reid traveled to Japan together as they celebrated their first year as a couple. The popularity of the power pair continues to rise thanks to their two remarkable series, “On the Wings of Love” and "Till I Met You." Their relationship has also been relatively controversyfree, with Reid even saying that there's a possibility he could settle down with Lustre sometime in the future.-ABS-CBN News

ELLEN ADARNA says she and


were not “high” in viral video

ELLEN Adarna and presidential son Sebastian “Baste” Duterte once again made headlines after Ellen’s Instagram video of them has gone viral. Some netizens claim that the two were high on cannabis or marijuana when the video was taken. On Youtube, the clip has been reposted and titled, “ELLEN ADARNA AND BASTE DUTERTE: SABOG NA SABOG.” Ellen refuted their “stupid” claims and said she and Baste were just drunk. “I wouldn’t post it online if it was weed. Hahaha. Sino bang tanga gagawa n’yan?” she told PEP through a Facebook message on Thursday. “Not unless ma-legalize na

medicinal weed,” she added. Baste’s father President Rodrigo Duterte is known as a strong anti-drug advocate. He once said during the third and final presidential debate that he would let authorities “kill” his children if they’re involved in drugs. “Anak pa siya (Baste) ni Digong,” Ellen said. “Baste was smoking real cigarettes. It’s called IQOS from Japan. You can google it. They can say whatever they [want to] say. We were both drunk,” she added. Ellen posted the clip to prove that she and Baste are in good terms despite their short-lived romance.-Joan Leary

18 March 1-15, 2017



HE brain is a very important and fragile organ. Therefore, it is important to understand what a stroke is, how to recognize a stroke, and learn about some of the risk factors associated with strokes. A stroke, also called cerebral vascular accident (CVA) occurs from issues with the blood supply to the brain. There are 2 main types of stroke: ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke

1. Ischemic stroke occurs when blood flow is blocked from supplying the brain tissue. This can be caused by a blood clot or by narrowing of the arteries in the brain. 2. Hemorrhagic stroke occurs when there is a leak of blood into the brain. This can cause pressure build-up on the surrounding brain tissue and cause damage.

Other symptoms of a person having a stroke include sudden numbness on one side of the body, sudden dizziness or difficulty walking, sudden difficulty seeing, and sudden confusion. Once the stroke has occurred, an individual may experience weakness or inability to move one side of the body, sensation problems on one side of their body, memory or thinking problems, swallowing problems, etc. How do I know if someone is having a Risk Factors Associated with a Stroke: stroke? High blood pressure, smoking, heart disOne of the easiest ways to remember how ease, family history of stroke, diabetes, obesity, to recognize a stroke is to remember the ac- and age are just some of the risk factors associronym FAST. ated with stroke. Many of these risk factors are F: FACE - Ask the person to smile – look modifiable, meaning living a healthy lifestyle will for a droop on one side of the mouth help decrease your risk of stroke. Talk to your A: ARMS – Ask the person to raise both healthcare professional for more information arms – look for one arm drifting down about healthy living. S: SPEECH – Ask the person to speak – look Stroke Rehab for slurred speech Physiotherapists offer education in stroke T: TIME – If you see any of the above signs, rehabilitation to help regain physical function don’t hesitate – call 911 after an individual suffers a stroke. Talk to your healthcare professional for more information.

Disclaimer: Information in this article is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of a qualified health provider prior to starting any new treatment or with any questions you may have regarding an injury or medical condition.

Written by: Nicole Skakun MSc, PT Physiotherapist

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Ginebra takes wild OT win in Game 2 to tie series LUCENA CITY --- In an instant classic, Brgy. Ginebra was able to avoid an epic collapse to score a major victory in the 2017 PBA Philippine Cup Finals. After losing a 26-point lead, the Gin Kings were able to pull through in extra time, beating the San Miguel Beermen, 124-118, in OT Sunday at the Quezon Convention Center here. After losing Game 1 by 27 points, Ginebra has tied the best-of-7 series at one game each thanks to the combined clutch effort of more than a handful of players. Down 108-110 with 3.2 seconds to go, Joe Devance forced overtime after having the presence of mind to recover is own miss and put the ball back through the hoop as time expired. His heads-up play was the game-changer for the Gin Kings as Scottie Thompson and Sol Mercado helped Ginebra ice the win in the dying seconds of overtime. Thompson, who finished with a near-triple double of 18 points, career-high 18 rebounds, and eight assists, drove for a big layup with 53.4 seconds to go, giving the Gin Kings a 122-118 lead. Mercado then dropped the dagger 20 seconds later as Ginebra bounced back quite nicely after an embarrassing Game 1 performance. Japeth Aguilar led the Gin Kings with 23 points, two coming from a huge two-hand dunk over June Mar Fajardo, to go along with 12 rebounds. Kevin Ferrer added 21, 18 coming in a torrid shooting display in the second period that gave Ginebra a 65-39 lead. Devance scored 16 and grabbed seven boards while LA Tenorio chipped in with a quiet 15 points. Mercado added 11. "What a game, huh? Just goes to show how good San Miguel is, in terms of their ability to come back from a 24-point halftime deficit. They just dominated us in that third quarter and most of the fourth," head coach Tim Cone said. "The only thing we did good is we were resilient.

We fought with the ups and downs, and we continued to battle, we found a way to put it into overtime," he added. The Beermen, who lost Marcio Lassiter to ejection and both Fajardo and Chris Ross to fouls also came up with more than a handful of clutch plays that almost pulled off what would have been the biggest comeback in a PBA Finals game. Down 24 at the break, San Miguel matched Ginebra's 39-point quarter behind the incredible shooting of Lassiter. Super Marcio exploded for 19 points in the third quarter before he got ejected for taunting Sol Mercado. He was previously called for a flagrant foul penalty 1 in the first half as well. With Lassiter gone and Fajardo fouling out late in the fourth, the two-time Philippine Cup champions turned Arwind Santos, Gabby Espinas, and Ronald Tubid for firepower. Santos struck first as the 2013 MVP buried a three to tie the game at 106 with about 30 seconds to go. After Aguilar made two free throws to put Ginebra back up by two, Espinas then scored the go-ahead triple for a 109-108 San Miguel lead.

SCOTTIE Thompson was a beast for the barangay as the Gin Kings tied the Philippine Cup Finals at one game each (Photo courtesy of the PBA).

Pacquiao, Khan reach deal for April 23 fight

MANILA, Philippines — Mark your calendars. Both Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan's camps have reached an agreement to fight on April 23, 2017. In a tweet posted Sunday morning here, Pacquiao said he and Khan have come to terms for a showcase that "the fans wanted." Khan, who was coming off a Canelo Alvarez loss in May 2016, has been longing for a shot against the decorated Pacquiao. The two need no introductions as they have been old sparring mates under Freddie Roach. Pacquiao's adviser Mike Koncz confirmed that it was indeed the Filipino icon who tweeted the development.

"I have no statement at this time other than to confirm that yes, that is Manny's tweet, and we have come to terms to fight Amir khan with him and his team," Koncz told in a text message. Pacquiao, a Philippine senator and the sport's only eight-division world title holder, was initially set to fight Jeff Horn in Australia. He recently came back from retirement and took the welterweight crown from Jessie Vargas. Little has been bared regarding the venue of the Pacquiao - Khan slugfest, but the former has hinted on fighting in the United Arab Emirates.—Denison Rey A. Dalupang and Dino Maragay

20 n March 1-15, 2017

Support for Duterte resonates in Winnipeg

PH’S most loved child stars add love and fun to ABS-CBN’S Primetime Bida

JUST like in every Filipino family, children are the source of happiness, color, and meaning in ABS-CBN's leading primetime teleseryes "FPJ's Ang Probinsyano" and "My Dear Heart," adding love and fun to viewers' nights. The child stars of Primetime Bida get intense support from viewers not only because of their superb performances, but also because they are good role models to young audiences nationwide. Aside from action and drama, "FPJ's Ang Probinsyano" offers fun and laughter, with the help of Macmac (Awra Briguela) and Onyok (Onyok Pineda). They have not only impressed viewers with their characters' wit, but also shared stories that left a mark on people's hearts. Macmac's coming out showed viewers that there is nothing wrong being true to oneself. Meanwhile, Onyok's despair when Cardo, whom he treats as a father, got jailed exemplified that it is not necessary to be related by blood to consider one family. The series has also taken fun up a notch with the characters of Paquito, Dang, and Ligaya

being introduced, lighting up more of Filipino families' nights. Meanwhile, the touching story of "My Dear Heart, which stars Heart Ramos, also brings happiness to viewers every night. Though young and small, Heart is her family's biggest source of love and inspiration. And despite her condition, she does what it takes to take her family's sorrow away by making ways to soften Dra. Divinagracia (Coney Reyes)'s rock-solid heart so the doctor can treat her illness and help her go back to her body. Joining Heart on her journey is her best friend Bingo, who helps her find her way back and reunite with her family. With the unwavering support of viewers, both series have maitained their lead in their respective timeslots since they started airing on television, according to data from Kantar Media. These shows are also constant trending topics on Twitter and earn praises from netizens every night. Continue to show love and support for the kids of "FPJ's Ang Probinsyano" and "My Dear Heart," weeknights on Primetime Bida on ABS-CBN.

COLD weather did not deter the supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines from gathering at the Forks to respond to the call of groups supporting President Duterte to organize a global campaign in solidarity with the homefront, which many people perceive as being destabilized by the opposition forces whom they call "Dilawan" (Yellow). Around 50 supporters converged with their flags, streamers and a life-size picture of "Mayor Digong." It was also an opportunity to discuss the latest developments in the Philippines. They also brought food for the participants to partake. Simultaneously, in the Philippines, rallies were organized and held in the traditional venues. One group had a rally at the EDSA Shrine where some of the veterans of the EDSA uprising gathered by the thousands. On the other hand, the supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte had their rally at the Quirino Grandstand, which according to Reuters, police estimate that around 200,000 people gathered to show their support for the programs of the Duterte regime against poverty, corruption and illegal drugs ("Duterte`s opponents turn historic event into protest march," Manuel Mogoto, Reuters, February 26, 2017). I asked Elaine Sauler-Tumbokon, the Winnipeg Manitoba Coordinator for the group - Duterte Winning Team - to give some words about the gathering and this is what she said: "We organized this event to support President Rodrigo Duterte because it is more fun in the Philippines if it is drug free." Another lady who attended the Forks rally of the Duterte Winnipeg Team is Katya Labelle, who is also from Mindanao and whose mom is from Davao. She was surprised to know that I am from Davao too. Here is what she said: ʺI am here to show my support for the President. Even though I am not in the Philippines, I am proud of what he is doing to make the Philippines better.” Joel Salazar of Batangas and the President of Talisay Association of Manitoba explained, ʺKahit kami ay nasa abroad, ‘di kami papayag na manahimik kung aatakihin nila ang Pangulong Digong. Si Digong ay ginagawa ang lahat para sa mga mahirap at hindi lang para sa iilan. Ang Pilipinas ay parang taong may cancer at hindi na pwedeng gamutin ng band aid lamang, ang kailangan ay matinding operasyon.ʺ Edwin Ponce, for his part, said, ʺFeel na feel namin ang malaking pagbabago within 7 months governance. Si Mayor ay ginagawa ang lahat para matuldukan ang mga problema lalo na ang corruption, droga at kahirapan. Itong sa kabila naman, ginagawa ang lahat para patalsikin si Digong. They are doing black propaganda to tarnish the image of the Duterte government.” Jesus Diotay from Negros, who grew up in Jolo, Sulu, has this message for President Duterte: “Continue with the programs that you are implementing and we will be at your back supporting you along the way. We are also ready to struggle even if we are here in Winnipeg in the midst of the cold weather, we will be supporting you.” Elmer De Guzman commented, “We are here at the Forks to support President Rodrigo Duterte, and we are also thankful for the changes that Digong did. All the barriers that block the way of Digong have to be cleared.” Aristotle Cedilla, also from Davao City, explained that he grew up with President Duterte when the latter was still the mayor of Davao City. He said, "Mayor Duterte is a hands-on leader. He responds to the needs of the ordinary people and that is why I support him.” Last but not the least, Ray Forbes Argulla from Bulacan gave me his brief remark: "Mayor

Digong is our President and he is doing well. The “Dilawans” are trying to oust him and so, even if it is freezing, we gathered here to express our support." As a freelance writer, I went to the Forks thinking that most of the attendees would come from Mindanao or Davao City, in particular, but I was surprised to meet participants who came from different areas of the Philippines as well. As an EDSA 1 and EDSA 2 participant, I can understand the frustration of the people with the previous regimes of Presidents Corazon Aquino, Joseph Estrada, Fidel Valdez Ramos and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, since these regimes are considered as failures in implementing the promises of the 1987 Freedom Constitution. From 1986 to 2016, thirty years had lapsed and not one of these regimes was able to launch nationalist industrialization and genuine agrarian reform. It is only now under the Duterte administration that some patriotic and progressive individuals were appointed in the Cabinet. Among them are Secretary Judy Taguiwalo (Department of Social Welfare and Development), Secretary Rafael “Ka Paeng” Mariano (Department of Agrarian Reform), Under-Secretary Joel Maglunsod (Department of Labor and Employment), and Gina Lopez (Secretary of Department of Environment and Natural Resources). The Duterte regime will be buffeted by tremendous pressure coming from the right, as represented by the `Yellow" opposition and the militarist faction in the AFP, to veer absolutely to the right and let go of the patriotic tendency and presence in the Cabinet. We can see that this is happening now when the peace talks have been terminated, making the peace process the first victim of this tremendous pressure. Fortunately, talks are still going on. Aside from Duterte`s programs against corruption and drugs, addressing the root cause of belligerency through socio-economic reforms is the most strategic way in achieving justice and lasting peace. (Photos: Nelson 'Nonie' Manalili)

(Levy Abad is a freelance writer and also a singer songwriter/ recording artist and a member of Migrante Canada-Mb chapter and also a founding member/ program coordinator of Winnipeg Multicultural Human Rights Forum, Levy has released three albums, Canadian Experience Vol. 1 (iTunes ), Never Give Up and Rhythms of Compassion CanEx 3. Levy is soon to release a his fourth album by fall titled “I Love Canada”. You can reach Levy Abad through , or on Facebook).

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21 March 1-15, 2017

Meren Aviso’s 93rd Birthday Gala Night

EMERENCIANA Monte Aviso fondly called “Meren” by her close friends and peers celebrated her 93rd birthday with a Gala Night hosted by her daughter Tess Newton at the Clarion Hotel in Winnipeg last February 10, 2017. My mother was born on January 23, 1924 in the town of Magallanes in Sorsogon, Philippines. She married my dad, Jose Aviso on June 23, 1946 and raised 10 children. Attended by well over 150 guests mostly families and friends by the Aviso and Newton clan, it was a magical night as mostly were dressed up in the Roaring 20’s fashion or Filipiniana attire. Jazz music, wide spotlight on the stage, vintage movie clips flashed in the projector and art deco style centerpiece on each table were enough to transform the ballroom into a New York’s Cotton Club reminiscent of the jazz era in the mid 1920’s. After the sumptuous dinner, the guests were entertained by a 5 minute video clip of the celebrant’s semi biographical story showing vintage and current family photos. Soon followed by a 20-minute musical revue which I directed and put together portraying the Americanization of the Philippines in the 1900’s up to the Liberation from the Japanese Occupation in mid-1940’s. From Nicanor Abelardo’s “Mutya ng Pasig” to Andrew Sister’s Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, the musical entertainment was well received by the appreciative audience. Thanks to my siblings, Lina and Ricardo and my friends for sharing their artistic talent in music and dance. On behalf of the Aviso and Newton family, I would like to thank everyone for making the birthday event a night to remember. Cakes by Katrina Bakeshop, Balloons by Melo’s Balloons, Music by EJ Sounds and Photography by Josel Media Photography. (BY DANTE AVISO)

On Stage: L to R : Ruth Cachero, Rose Manalang, Gene Guevarra, Dante Aviso, Nida Manalang,Erisa Dungca, Lyndon and Bailey Olfert.

Four Generations: L to R: great grand daughter Caleigh, daughter Tess, grand daughter Jennifer and the Celebrant.

Tess Newton Financial Services L to R: Flor, Tess,Jay-Ann & Agnes. Lina Aviso with her” Mutya ng Pasig” performance. The Celebrant turned 93 years old.

L to R: Cindy Szdlyk, Philbert, Nympha and Rick Rivard,Lyndon and Bailey Olfert, Dante Aviso

Student Works searches for best painters

Sumptuous Buffet

L to R: Daughter Lina, Great grand children Devon and Caleigh

It’s party time.

Student Works is a company that visits university and college campuses throughout Western Canada each winter looking for the best, brightest and most responsible students to take on the challenge of running a student painting outlet as their summer venture. Should you have any further questions you may contact us at our head office: 1-800-665-4992. We are also proud members of the Better Business Bureau. What Student Works painting provides: - Free estimates - Interior and exterior painting - Commercial and residential projects - Top quality products used exclusively - Highly trained, motivated students - 3-year paint and labour guarantee - Full WCB coverage - $5,000 000 Liability Insurance

Front L To R: Devon, Meren,Caleigh Back L to R: Ric, Russ, Tess, Jennifer, Amie, Lina, Andrew, Jan and Dante

Additionally, we offer students the opportunity to become Painters/Marketers for the summer as they make money, gain experience, and have fun in the sun. L to R : Tess Newton, Tia Provici and company.

22 n March 1-15, 2017


From 9

I drive by it and I suspect that I am not the only one that thinks that way. Within a few months, its popularity has grown far beyond the Filipino community. On January 26, the Prime Minister visited Winnipeg as part of his cross-Canada town hall tour. While here, he joined me at the newest Jollibee branch in Winnipeg. He took the time to meet with the staff and he also spoke with customers. Of course, there were lots of picture-taking. I know the Prime Minister enjoyed his experience at Jollibee. On February 3, I made the following Statement at the House of Commons in Ottawa:

“Mr. Speaker, a few weeks ago, I was in the Philippines with my daughter Cindy, who happens to be my local MLA. We were able to visit a number of communities inside and out-

side Manila, and wherever we went, we would see the popular restaurant known as Jollibee. If one can imagine what McDonald’s and KFC are to Canada, one can imagine what Jollibee is to the Philippines. People no longer have to travel to the Philippines to check out Jollibee. They can now come to Winnipeg to get that experience.

It is a sense of pride in a community that I love that caused me to invite our Prime Minister to join me at Jollibee. It is also my admiration for the Filipino community that pushed me to make that Statement in Ottawa.

than it is. For now, let us just celebrate the fact that we have more fastfood choices in Winnipeg. If readers would like an official copy of the Statement, please call my office at 204984-1765.


The good news does not stop there, as later this year, Winnipeg will be getting its second franchise. Jollibee coming to Canada, in good part, is a reflection of Canada’s diversity, and I am proud of the fact that Winnipeg was chosen as the first franchise location. I choose to believe it is because of one of our greatest strengths, that being our rich Canadian-Filipino heritage.”

Jollibee’s presence in Canada is a sign of how our diversity enriches our community as a whole. For me, it is symbolic of who we are. I suspect it is only a question of time before it becomes a larger footprint in Canada. There will come a day when Jollibee becomes bigger From 9

nating magtagumpay. Nang spring o tagsibol 1883, may dalawang magkaibigang lalaki ang nagtapos sa pagaaral sa pagiging doktor. Magkaiba ang kanilang itsura at ambisyon. Si Ben ay pandak at malapad ang katawan samanatalang si Will ay matangkad at payat. Pangarap ni Ben ang magdoctor sa East Coast. Nais ni Will sa rural o probinsya. Nakiusap si Ben na magsama sila sa New York para yumaman sila ng husto. Tumanggi si Will sa pakiusap ng kaibigan. Kinutya ni Ben si Will dahil sa hangarin nitong mag doktor sa Midwest. Sinabi ni Will na hindi pera, pagsikat at malaking syudad ang hangarin niya kundi ang maging magaling na surgeon o siruhano para makatulong sa maraming tao. Ilang taon ang nakalipas ang mga mayaya-

man at makapangyarihan sa buong mundo ay nagpagamot kay Will sa kanyang clinic, ang Mayo Clinic. Hanggang ngayon, sikat at pinupuntahan ang Mayo Clinic dahil sa galing ng mga doktor dito. Sa pagtatapos, kung nais natin ng tamang dahilan para sa ating karera at tunay na tagumpay sa buhay, iiwanan ko kayo ng sinabi ng Diyos sa Bibliya sa Josue 1:8 kung papapaano maging tunay na matagumpay sa buhay - “Huwag mong kaliligtaang basahin ang aklat ng kautusan, ang Bibliya o Salita ng Diyos. Pagbulay-bulayan o pagaralan mo iyon araw at gabi upang matupad mo ang lahat ng nakasaad doon. Sa ganoon, magiging masagana at matagumpay ang iyong pamumuhay.”

Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel pokes fun at new world under Trump LOS ANGELES -- Comic Jimmy Kimmel opened Sunday's Oscars show seeking to break the tension among jittery nominees by poking deadpan fun at the political tumult roiling the United States and the globe during President Donald Trump's early weeks in office. "This broadcast is being watched live by millions of Americans, and around the world in more than 225 countries that now hate us, and I think that is amazing," the late-night television star exclaimed shortly after stepping onto the stage of the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. Admitting he was at a loss in using his Oscar platform to help unite a divided country, Kimmel exhorted viewers to make an effort at reconciliation by reaching out to political adversaries they knew personally and to "have a positive, considerate conversation, not as liberals or conservatives, as Americans." "If we could all do that, we could make America great again," he said, an allusion to Trump's own campaign slogan. After segueing into a gag about trying to heal his longrunning faux rift with actor Matt Damon, Kimmel turned back to Trump with a sly parallel between the criticism both the president and the Oscars have taken for a perceived lack of racial sensitivity. -Steve Gorman, Reuters

March 1-15, 2017




90’s Rock and Roll


IN the first half of this article, I tried to dig into the influences of JhayzonParedes as a musician and founder of three bands: Palitaw, FourSight and Fhamathou. At this point, I will be discussing a bit on these bands, so that they will be documented. Forming a band is not a joke and managing it is tougher. You have to establish relationship and trust among the members for a band to survive. Jhayzon, through the years, was able to maintain friendship with musicians who he came into contact with and this in itself is already a great feat and a contribution to the cultural tapestry of the community.

Palitaw Band

As mentioned above, Palitaw (19942004) was one of the earliest bands that Jhayzon was a part of in the Peg in the 90s. Jhayzon explained to me that Palitaw, as the name suggests, means palutang or a float for a bait of a fishing gear. The pioneer members were JhayzonParedes on bass guitar, Fortune Caranay (lead guitar), Danny Lizardo (drums). These three guys started playing alternative Tagalog songs and decided to concentrate on such. As to influences, they claim they were avid students of Nirvana and Green day. Back in March 1997 when the musicians’ organization FAMOUS (Filipino Association of Musicians and Other Unknown Artist) was founded, Palitaw was one of the original convenors of FAMOUS. During FAMOUS’ first concert, Palitaw performed and got projected in the community that led to invitations to perform at birthday parties and wedding socials. Palitaw also became the front act of the 1997 visit of Mike Hanopol in Winnipeg. Eventually, the organization FAMOUS started to mellow down and together with it, the band Palitaw also faded in the background.

FourSight Band

In 2004, JhaysonParedes known for tirelessly organizing events formed a band called FourSight. According to the FourSight’s web page,

the group was formed back in winter 2004 when it was terribly cold (-55) and boring. It says that out of boredom, the members of the band came together and decided to call themselves FourSight. The one who coined the name of the band was Trexier (nickname of Lord Arwin Bautista), the vocalist of the group. The members of FourSight band (2004 to 2012) were the following: Lord Arwin Bautista (vocals), JhaysonParedes (bass guitar), Ricky Lontoc (lead guitar) and Dennis Francisco (drums). By 2005, Brian De Nieva joined the group as the lead guitarist and James De Nieva played drums. Come 2006, the original lead guitarist Ricky Lontoc came back, but there was a new drummer in the person of Rod Dizon. The latest changes in band members happened in 2007 with Jeff Reyes playing lead guitar, Jan Castillo (2nd lead) and Chester Pangan (drums). In the website of FourSight, it says that the group performed as front act for bands that performed here in Winnipeg like Siakol, Mike Hanopol, Parokya Ni Edgar, Slapshock and many more. The band considers itself as a metal alternative band, a fusion of North American Metal, Grunge influences and Filipino Alternative music.


The third band that JhaysonParedes helped organize was the Fhamathou back in early 2006. Fhamathou simply means Pamato/Pambato in Tagalog or star/ace, like in a star player or band. In the 90’s, it means a vanguard band. The original members of this band were the following: JhayzonParedes –guitar and vocals, Rod Dizon- bass and vocals, Danny Lizardo on drums. As to influences, they adhere to the 90s Philippine Alternative Rock tradition like

the E-heads, Yano, Teeth, Siakol, Parokyani Edgar, just to name a few. These were the bands that played at Mayric’s Bar in the 90s where I used to hang out as a folk singer during the time of Burt Chaves and SaziCosino as managers of Mayrics. The band also covered classic rock (Eric Clapton and Credence Clearwater Revival). According to an article written by Alfie Vera Mella of Filipino Journal, Fhamathou not only covers songs but also writes their own songs like “Chatroom,” “Sinayang Mo,” “Bakit pa?” to mention a few. Most of these songs were written by JhayzonParedes. Jhayzon also owns a recording studio equipped with the latest instruments according to Alfie’s article, “Fhamathou: A pride of PinoyMusikero of Winnipeg.” I had the privilege to visit Jhayzon’s place and he made me listen to some of his compositions that he also arranged. I must admit that I cannot do the things that he did. In my case, I write the lyrics, put the melody and go to a friend sound engineer to lay in my songs. As a Winnipeg band, Fhamathou has experienced big gigs as front act for famous Philippine bandsthat visited Winnipeg like The Youth concert, Yano and The Teeth. Alfie wrote that JhayzonParedes produced concerts for both local and Philippine based bands and artists. Among the acts that he already brought to Winnipeg include Siakol, Parokyani Edgar, True Faith, Pupil, The Youth, Dong Abay and Glenn Jacinto. If you want further readings on the background of Fhamathou, I suggest AlfieMella’s article in Filipino Journal. To date, Fhamathou performed as front act for Lolita Carbon’s Pagbabalik concert in the Peg. Jhayzon played a huge role as the band leader of Fhamathou and as an organizer. He was instrumental for the success of the concert that was held at the Pampanga Restaurant on October 14, 2016 and at the Canton Buffet Restaurant on October 16th where hundreds from the Filipino community attended. Summing up from 1994 up to the October 2016, JhayzonParedes played a crucial link in the band scene of the Filipino community. Twenty two years of involvement is proof enough of his commitment to the cause of rock and roll culture in Manitoba’s Filipino diaspora. Together with the earlier artists who I have mentioned in my previous articles, Jhayzon and his Metal Alternative rock and roll buddies must not be forgotten as they contributed and continue to be a part of the narrative.

(Levy Abad is a freelance writer and also a singer songwriter/recording artist and a member of Migrante Canada-Mb chapter and also a founding member/ program coordinator of Winnipeg Multicultural Human Rights Forum, Levy has released three albums, Canadian Experience Vol. 1 (iTunes), Never Give Up and Rhythms of Compassion (Canadian Experience Vol 3). Levy is soon to release his fourth album titled "I Love Canada." You can reach Levy Abad at lev67.abad@yahoo. ca or on Facebook).

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