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Who are we? A unique combination of professionalism, industry knowledge and a fresh twist means we offer something different to the standard marketing company. We utilize the expertise of a young and dynamic team to ensure our clientele stand out from the competition and we pride ourselves on knowing exactly what our client is all about, what they represent and what they aim to achieve. In knowing this, it gives us the ability to be able to portray them exactly the way they expect. We conduct extensive research into the market to ensure that, we not only know all there is to know, but are fully aware of any and all recent developments that arise. This is our way of keeping current with the industry, meaning that our clients don’t fall behind the times. Each and every one of our clients get a completely bespoke service dependent on their needs, for example, in the past we have executed a campaign which required a networking event for local business owners, one required us to source a double-decker bus, another which seen us organize a whole Freshers Fayre, and one which involved a 6ft Monkey costume (this was probably our favourite). Obviously this is not the content of all our campaigns, but these are the extents we have gone to in the past and had great success with. It is becoming increasingly more difficult for businesses to flourish, however here at Unfold we are able to offer the missing link converting a standard company into a market leader. This is apparent when looking at our client-base, we have worked with an array of Regional and National businesses in differing sectors, from Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf to Barburrito and Liverpool Football Club to Genting Casino. Thinking outside the box is what we do and we do it best – We think BIG then proceed to trim these ideas down to suit each campaign, this way we ensure that creativity and effectiveness is not lost along the process in accordance with individual budgets and restraints.

If we weren’t setting the pace, everyone would be standing still

“Working with Unfold Media Ltd has been a pleasure from day one. A sharp, innovative thinking business who always go the extra mile for their clients best interests. The quirky marketing strategies they employ have been very successful and I am personally looking forward to working closely together in the future.” Tony Inman, General Manager at The Gym Group, Liverpool ONE

Who have we worked with?

‘Jon Dunnington of Unfold Creative Design is a very talented graphic designer with many creative and inventive ideas. He is cur“Having worked with the Unfold team on in the lastand academic I found them to beartwork, very knowledgeable about the service I required rently working with my band ‘Merger’ logos graphicyear designs for our album promotional posters and websites. We and went about their workanyone in a very professional and design efficientideas, way and lookalready forwardhave to working withyou them again in the near future.” would highly recommend looking for graphic or ifI you ideas that want produce, to work with Leo Jackson, Regional Manager at Wok & Go him as he has a very good work ethic and reliable time management skills as well as many other useful attributes.’ Merger, Band

What we do: Marketing, PR & Advertising Knowing how your company is perceived by the public is one of the key components to running a successful establishment. Through an array of techniques we are able to assess the current perception of any brand and provide an in-depth marketing proposal which will ensure the company is moving forward in the desired direction. That’s what marketing is about after all – sending the right message out to the right people. We will work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure that all proposed campaigns are successfully implemented to maximum effect with inspirational and thought provoking and inspirational ideas that will even excite you and your staff. Third Party Marketing - In the past, we have used many partnerships and collaborations for successful campaigns, from forging long working relationships with like-minded or complimentary businesses to running one-off campaigns for a specific event. From helping small start-up companies raise local awareness, to the deployment of national marketing campaigns, we become a part of your business working as an extension of your own company, after all, we are YOUR marketing company. Advertising - Undoubtedly the strongest form of communication and marketing, a direct avenue to persuade your audience to take new and immediate action. From a commercial angle, we aim to increase consumption of your product/service. To achieve this it is essential to create a brand which is instantly recognizable and ingrain it in the minds of consumers through the use of the correct media. This can range from a local magazine or public transport poster to a radio or television ad. Opportunities - We can provide an array of possible mediums to promote your business, through our in house student publication, or through the efforts of media buying from local and national contacts. Ensuring your message is going to the right people and generating revenue is essentially what we perceive the objective of advertising to be. As with our marketing services, we work closely with you to source the most effective platforms for your advertising, we then work with you on the content and design or your ad to ensure the maximum impression on your target markets.

“ The Unfold Media team were very flexible and supportive. Really great to work with.” Adam Gill, Commercial & Tourism Manager at Club 18-30

What we do: Media Buying To make advertising more cost-effective, having spent time accumulating a large business network, we are able to provide support to clients through the acquisition of alternative forms of media for a fraction of the rate card price. We have extensive experience with other marketing, media and public relation companies to ensure our clients are the first to hear about the most effective ways to promote their business and increase brand awareness. Anything from; radio campaigns, magazines, billboards… you get the idea. With our fresh and unique approach to marketing, not only do we have great relationships with publications and radio stations around the City, but our network also caters for other advertising at the best rates such as taxi advertising, SMS / Bluetooth marketing, Eco Street Adverts, Flyer Distribution and much more. We are able to provide our clients with a platform that is not only ideal for their budget but also perfect for what they are trying to achieve. Here are a selection of business which offer us exclusive advertising rates:

“We have worked with Unfold for a few months now and have been very impressed with the services that they offer. We initially ‘Jon Dunnington Creative is a very to talented graphic designer many and inventive He is got involved with of theUnfold student packs Design which we found be a very useful tool for with getting ourcreative message directly into ideas. the hands ofcurone rently with my bandbases. ‘Merger’ logosofand for our album artwork, promotional posters websites. of our working key target customer As on a result thisgraphic we did designs see an increase in footfall to our business. We thenand brought UnfoldWe would highly recommend anyone looking graphic ideas, or if you have ideas that campaigns you want produce, to work with in as our full-time marketing company andfor five weeksdesign in we are working wellalready together on numerous and having great him as heThey has aprovide very good work ethic and reliable time management skills as as many otherclients usefuland attributes.’ success. a professional, hands on service. They are attentive to well the needs of their deliver their service in a Merger, Band pro-active and enthusiastic manner.” Gary Rice, General Manager at Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf, Liverpool ONE

What we do: Graphic & Web Design A sub-section committed to Graphic & Web Design for both B2B and B2C clients who either do not have their own in-house design divisions or who find that it is much more economical to outsource the work. Unfold Creative Design offer every service you may require from Logo, Flyer and Stationery design to Websites, Magazines and Mobile Applications. We also have access to a variety of amazing photographers and we are in proud partnership with a great printer that we call Bob (because it’s his name), at the best prices and quality around. This allows us to offer great value printing, should you need it, allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your business in the safe knowledge that all of your design needs are OUR priority. Unfold Creative Design have worked with a huge variety of clients from Bars/ Nightclubs, Dance Schools and Retail Outlets to Property Developers, Office Suites and Schools/Colleges. These clients range from many areas, including Liverpool, Manchester and Blackpool, even as far as Thailand, Dubai and North America.

What else we do: Alongside all of our other services, our networks enable us to offer much more than your average Marketing Agency. We would never recommend any service providers that we do not use ourselves to ensure our clients get the best quality at the lowest possible prices. See a list of our other available services below: • • • • • • • • •

Printing Photography App Design & Development Search Engine Optimization Video Production Copyrighting Networking Event Planning / Organization Sales & Lead Generation

“It has been a pleasure to work along side Unfold Media. They are extremely well organised, creative and great communicators. We looking forward to working with them again in the future.” Ashley Morrison, Events Co-ordinator at Revolution St.Peters Square

Why outsource to us? There are many benefits of outsourcing a marketing team such as Unfold Media Ltd, including: • • • • • •

Cheaper than hiring an in-house marketing team Get a whole team for the price of a single candidate Confidence that you are getting professional, experienced and qualified Marketeers No need to purchase the required equipment, software or more office space Faster service – It’s what we do and we do it best Minimal risk in a shaky economy

In a nutshell, we offer a quality service at the best rate with unlimited knowledge. We have worked alongside several businesses as an outsourced marketing team for a long time. We have worked on Corporate Literature for other Marketing and PR agencies, User-interface Design for Web and App Developers, Advertising and Editorial for magazines and Marketing & PR for several B2C clients from Restaurants and Bars to Attractions and Travel Agents. All of which, use Unfold for their own requirements and trust us with their client and customer’s needs. But don’t just take our word for it: “We have worked with Unfold for a few months now and have been very impressed with the services that they offer. We initially got involved with the student packs which we found to be a very useful tool for getting our message directly into the hands of one of our key target customer bases. As a result of this we did see an increase in footfall to our business. We then brought Unfold in as our full-time marketing company and five weeks in we are working well together on numerous campaigns and having great success. They provide a professional, hands on service. They are attentive to the needs of their clients and deliver their service in a pro-active and enthusiastic manner.” Gary Rice - General Manager at Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf, Liverpool ONE

‘Jon Dunnington of Unfold Creative Design is a very talented graphic designer with many creative and inventive ideas. He is cur“Unfold provides Arriva with the opportunity to communicate directlyfor with student market. A professional, helpful approach We and rently working with my band ‘Merger’ on logos and graphic designs ourthe album artwork, promotional posters and websites. great communication throughout made them a pleasure.” would highly recommend anyonehas looking forworking graphicwith design ideas, or if you already have ideas that you want produce, to work with Debra Heaton, Marketing Manager at Arriva Northwest him as he has a very good work ethic and reliable time management skills as well as many other useful attributes.’ Merger, Band

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“I’ve personally known the guys at Unfold for several years, and they are really some of the most inspiring people you’ll meet. The vibe they have in their office now is just incredible, and I know that translates into truly effective marketing & creative campaigns. You’ll not only get what you want with these guys, but I think they’ll inject so much life into each endeavour that it will just take on a mind of its own. I highly recommend them!” Richard Peck, Managing Director at Frontline Utilities

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