Page 1 Contact: Jon Li | Business Development | 857-366-2560 Press Release January 21, 2009 An Introduction to – About its launch – How a small company in Boston is helping moms save money while shopping socially. Looking for the next great idea in shopping for your baby? A young company in Boston has created a way for moms (and dads) to receive discounts on some great baby products. Their site launched today! The company is called, and they’re doing something called ‘group buying.’ What is group buying? Good question. Let’s say you have ten moms who each want to buy a stroller. If all ten of you walk into a store, you’d probably be able to negotiate a hefty discount for buying ten strollers at once. Well, CrowdSprout enables moms to do this on the Internet. Instead of haggling for a discount, merchants on CrowdSprout are willingly discount their products. All you have to do is join the group and then make sure the group fills up! You can either sit back and wait, or you can email that best friend from high school who’s in her 3rd trimester about the deal you found, or tell your friends on Twitter or Facebook about the offer. The sooner a group fills, the sooner you’ll get that stroller or designer diaper bag shipped to you. On CrowdSprout you can find a wide selection of baby products--anything from organic onesies by B Nature, or handmade Sock Monkey by Monkey Shine Studio, to boutique nursery furniture by Bloom. Currently, the selection is great but limited. As more moms find bargains and as more mom entrepreneurs or mom designers list products, CrowdSprout will definitely take root and blossom. ! Press Release Press Release has launched. Now the world can start crowdsprouting! This is the press release.