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Having completed this Dyson DC25 review, it's easy to understand why the Dyson DC25 Ball All Floors vacuum has become one of the most popular, best-selling vacuums today. Continue reading to find out why. PRODUCT The Dyson DC25 Ball All Floors Upright Vacuum Cleaner PRICE The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $499.00, but great discount opportunities can be found. ABOUT DYSON For several decades Dyson has been a leading innovative force in manufacturing products that make life easier. Perhaps the most famous innovation has been the development of cyclonic separation to make a vacuum that does not lose suction when it picks up dirt as conventional vacuums do. Since the launch of the first Dyson vacuums, other manufacturers have tried to copy the Dyson technology, but with innovation and excellence as their hallmarks Dyson continues to lead the industry. WHAT YOU GET Without exaggerating, when you buy the Dyson DC25 vacuum you get a top of the line, highly innovative house cleaning tool that provides ease of use, superb cleaning power, and fantastic durability and reliability for years of enjoyable service. Weighing only 16 lbs, this vacuum can be hauled around the house without strain, even up and down stairs. Because of the ball technology, this vacuum maneuvers easily around table legs and other obstacles, making vacuuming the house almost effortless. The Quick Draw telescoping wand also makes cleaning hard to reach places a breeze, including blinds, drapes, window sills, and even cobwebs lodged in ceiling corners. The bagless canister means no more coming into contact with the dirt you are picking up, and no more ordering and replacing bags. All of this means you can finish your chores quickly and easily, with plenty of energy left for other things you might want to do. The clincher for the Dyson DC25 is its awesome cleaning power provided by the Root Cyclone Technology for deep cleaning carpets and for drawing the dirt from between the boards of hardwood floors. While sucking up far more dirt than conventional vacuums, the HEPA filtration system traps dust, pet dander, pollen and other allergens with 99.99% efficiency, certified asthma friendly. Not only does the Dyson DC25 clean well, it leaves everything smelling clean and purified.

Add to all of that its highly durable design and construction. The Dyson engineers thought of every detail and have produced a machine that will provide years of trouble-free reliability. To prove the point, the Dyson DC25 comes backed by an exceptional 5-year parts and labor warranty. CONSUMER DYSON DC25 REVIEW STATUS The feedback from users of this vacuum are overwhelmingly positive. Enthused consumers make note of all the features and benefits I have noted above and more. A couple of the reviews I read complained that the cord is too short, but the 24.6 foot cord can easily reach all the corners of a 24 foot by 40 foot room, plenty of range for most of us, and a drop cord could easily extend that range if necessary. One or two reviewers complained that the 1/3 gallon collection canister required emptying too often when cleaning really dirty areas, but it should be noted that under most circumstances the canister will only require emptying once. Again, nearly all of the reviews glow with the satisfaction of users who are glad they made the purchase--not surprising given the Dyson reputation. WHO WILL BENEFIT? Anyone who wants efficient, deep cleaning will benefit from the Dyson DC25 Ball All Floors vacuum cleaner, as will anyone who wants to finish his or her chores quickly and easily, with plenty of energy left for other things. MY RECOMMENDATION It should be clear by now that my Dyson DC25 review comes with my highest recommendation. This vacuum is a great pleasure to own and use. If you want one and are ready to make the buy, my other recommendation is that you pay no more than necessary.

No one wants to spend more than necessary for anything, so to find a great online deal or to read another Dyson DC25 review with more detail, visit the All About The Dyson DC25 blog.

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==== ==== How To Get Dyson DC 25 For FREE?

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