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When we think of mind reading we think of many things. We think of psychics and clairvoyants being able to seemingly state what we think and predict the future. The truth is however that all these people rely on one simple technique known as cold reading. The technique that all these charlatans use is a technique that can be used for ethical, entertainment purposes as well. Welcome to the world of the mentalist, where conjurations and illusions are part of every day life. You see the mentalist differs from your average individual who just uses magic for their own personal gain. The mentalist is quite open about his abilities, just as a magician is his. Mentalism, particularly online mentalism, is a field that many aren't aware of. Did you know that you can seemingly create illusions for people in online settings utilising techniques of cold reading? You can give the illusion that you can read into a person's mind, perhaps even tell their fortune, even though in reality no such thing is possible. So how does one do this you may ask? How does one give the illusion of mind reading? Once againn, it boils down to the technique of cold reading. When a person has a natural knack for picking up subconscious cues and body language then they're much more able to determine what a person might be thinking. Whilst it will be by far too length to cover the scope of what a mentalist can pick up through cold reading alone, you can just imagine the amount of signals that we give off with our body langugae when we're talking to someone. A mentalist is able to use these body language signals and read them just as if the person was speaking. Body language often tells us more than words, for what a person says and what they mean can be two toally different things, whereas body language is more often than not a thing that cannot be falsely replicated. So where does the aspiring magician or mentalist begin? Through learning cold reading, and learning how to display that cold reading in such a convincing manner that a crowd becomes wild over seemingly magical tricks of illusion. Through showmanship, a mentalist can awe an audience in no time. As that is the craft of the mentalist is making the impossible seem possible. A mentalist adopts cold reading and uses it to devastating effect during the course of all his performances. Whenever there may be a slight err, a slight mistake, he covers this up superbly with his showmanship skills and turns the mistake into a positive. Online mentalism is a field that is fast emerging which involves using hypnotic concepts and cold

reading in online settings, utilising text alone. Whilst there is still much uncertainity surrounding how to do mentalism in online settings, there are some who know this skill and keep it quite a secret. And rightfully so of course.

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==== ==== Top magic consultant reveals insider short- cut secrets to becoming a master mentalist and magician. ==== ====

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