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There are so many variations in careers in the field of marketing and advertising that professionals in this industry may have a hard time choosing from all of the interesting paths to take. Media buying is one of the careers in the industry that can be challenging and interesting for media experts. Media buyers are marketing professionals that purchase media time and space. These individuals are also responsible for creating marketing and advertising campaigns for their clients. The main focus of a buyer is to help clients find the best mix of media to showcase their message to customers and potential clients. Depending on the client that they are marketing for, media buyers have to take into consideration many different factors. Some of the factors that these professionals must consider are demographics, station formats, geographic factors, pricing rates and psychographics that are in relation to the advertiser's service or product. There are many different marketing medium that buyers may choose to use for clients, just depending on the nature of the clients business. Some of these medium are television, radio, print and the Internet. When choosing the medium that will work best they will figure out when the advertising for the client should be run or broadcast and who the target audience for the client will be. When considering the different vehicles that there are to choose from media buyers must look at traditional and new media alike. In terms of traditional avenues, buyers work with newspapers, television, radio, and magazines. In terms of new methods, buyers work with the Internet, Satellite and XM radio, and Satellite and cable television. Some of the forms of advertising and marketing that a buyer would consider in the different outlets would be commercials for television, emails on the Internet, commercials on radio and print ads in newspapers and magazines. Some mediums work well for certain business and others don't. That's why media buyers have to be experts when it comes to what mediums promote what types of products or services the best.

Kathleen Whitlow is a copywriter and marketing agent of WFofR. The media buying firm provides media buying, planning, research and analysis services throughout the nation. For more information on their Media Spot Buying please visit their website.

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