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February/March 2018


The alternati Becoming a better leader


I’ve been an active member of Terry’s High Peak/Macclesfield TAB board for over good TAB Board member, and I would Leadership training has been around tend to say business owners who are a year now. Terry is not only a great in many different guises for as long as businesses have been aware of the hungry to learn and acknowledge facilitator of our board meetings but “Based on that advice, the Board that they don’t have all the answers need for a concise business strategy always has some insightful and positive Member then makes a commitment themselves, owners who are openthat has to be initiated from the top input into the members monthly topics. about the action they will take over the minded and want to change things, down. The Alternative Board (TAB) is Terry and TAB has helped me put aside next month. At the next Board (and no spring chicken – it has been around and equally importantly owners who want to help others and who are in their private 1:1 coaching session) I time to work on my business rather than for more than 25 years, and in that prepared to share their experiences hold them accountable for what they in it. I’d recommend TAB and Terry in time has developed into a fearsome and opinions.” have committed to!” holistic methodology for making any particular to any business owner looking How does it work? You mentioned that TAB has been business and any business owner’s for help growing their business. GM Business Connect met with facilitators Paul Winterbottom and Terry Hayward to find out more, who along with Paul’s associate Jo Glass run TAB Boards covering the Greater Manchester region. We firstly asked Paul to share his passion for TAB:

“Each TAB Board typically comprises 5 – 7 business owners from noncompeting sectors who meet monthly. At every monthly Board meeting they each bring a topic relating to their business that they want some help with. Sometimes they have run out of ideas, sometimes they want the Board to check out their thinking, sometimes they want to test an idea and get some feedback. In the Board we spend time on everyone’s topic. “If two heads are better than one, then surely six good heads are six times better?” What is your role?

“I’ve yet to meet anyone who knows all there is to know about running a successful business. TAB members acknowledge that and want to learn from one another, improve themselves and their businesses. They want to be held accountable and are willing to share their own experiences and opinions to help other business owners.

“My role is to facilitate the Board meeting. We start each topic with a round of questioning to make sure everyone has a clear understanding (which sometimes helps to identify a root cause rather than a symptom). Then, in turn, each Board Member provides their individual advice, guidance, suggestions, recommendations and opinions, sometimes based on their own experience, at other times based on how they would deal with that situation in their own business.

“People often ask me who makes a

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Paul Winterbottom

What is TAB and who is it for?


I joined a TAB Board facilitated by Paul just under 3 years ago. The support I get from Paul and the other members of the board has been and is invaluable to me. The coaching and mentoring compliments the regular TAB Boards superbly and Paul’s style has helped me make real progress the effects of which are being felt in my business and personal life. I have a clear vision and goals that are driving initiatives which are making a real difference to me and the business.


Stephen Attree, Managing Partner, MLP Law

around for over 25 years, and that your business has been around for 4 years - please can you explain?

“I spent 30 years in the banking sector; 20 years working very closely with the owners of SME businesses, helping them to grow, and the final 10 years in strategic roles spanning customer service strategy, operational risk, change management, recruitment and resourcing, budgets and planning. Quite varied! When I chose to leave I hadn’t heard of TAB, but when I did I was really attracted to it because of its values and the quality of its people.


work/life balance improve.

process identifies a range of options that the business owner hasn’t considered – and enables them to make a better quality decision as a result of the Board’s input.

Carl Dean, Managing Director, Silkmoth do is email me at pwinterbottom@” Does TAB Membership involve a long term contract?

“Great question! And no is the answer! We recognise that our members must get value and a return for their monthly investment. In fact their two monthly investments; time and money. So we are focused on firstly understanding what the business owner wants to achieve (both personally and for the business) and then using the Board meetings and private “I now run three Boards in Manchester coaching sessions to help them achieve and my Associate Jo Glass launched those goals. his first board in 2017. Terry has just “Whilst there isn’t a long-term contract, launched his second Board, and every member signs a non-disclosure together with our TAB colleagues in agreement because a safe and confidential Liverpool, Cheshire and North Wales environment is at the heart of an effective we help around 70 business owners Board meeting. One member said to me every month. recently ‘this is the only place I can be truly “TAB was established in 1992 in the open and honest about my business in the USA and came to the UK in 2009. There whole month’.” are now 40 facilitators like Terry, Jo and Where do your new members me running TAB Boards across the UK come from? and in 2017 and 2016 I was voted “Nowadays mostly from referral and UK TAB Facilitator of the Year by my recommendation which is great. Terry, Jo peers which was incredible! We are part of a global business - but actually and I also network in our local business communities because most people have run our own businesses and face the never heard of TAB and don’t know about same challenges as our members. what it is. We’re clear that TAB isn’t “To mark the 25th Anniversary, TAB for everyone (in fact not everyone is right produced a book ‘Timeless Principles for TAB!) but for those business owners of Exceptional Businesses’ – each of that are, it can be transformational in the 25 chapters contains a separate tip their business.” or learning that great businesses and business owners do. We want to share What are your Plans for 2018? that more widely and Terry and I will “I am always looking for business owners send a copy to the first 25 people who would benefit from TAB and who who request one in response would make any of my existing Boards better, and Jo plans to launch a second to this article – all you need to

GM Business Connect Feb.Mar 2018  

February/March Edition of Greater Manchester's fastest growing B2B Magazine

GM Business Connect Feb.Mar 2018  

February/March Edition of Greater Manchester's fastest growing B2B Magazine