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December/January 2018




Tweeting #SBS Theo Paphitis talks Small Business Sunday GM Business Connect caught up with Theo to ask him to remind us of the good work he’s doing with Small Business Sunday. Do you know how many businesses have taken part in Small Business Sunday? “I think we have about 2,000 winners now – thousands every week have a go.” Do you actually pick out the winners or does somebody actually do it for you? “At the beginning yes - I did it myself, but as it is so big now it is impossible for one person to manage on their own. In fact, it takes a team of 4 or 5 people to do it now.”

anymore. That’s the nature of small businesses. A lot are lifestyle businesses that rely on the individual, and are non-scalable - so growing ‘big’ isn’t always possible. “This is why I love doing events related to Small Business Sunday because I get the chance to talk to such people and hear what they want to say first hand. It’s always great to hear how people are enjoying their business journeys.” Do the businesses that do get through to Small Business Sunday get preferred treatment from the sponsors?

“All the winners get preferred treatment. Just by winning they get Which business has stood all sorts of help - on the website, out from the rest this year preferential rates from DHL, free for Small Business Sunday stationary from Ryman’s… it’s little and why? goodies and such that make a little “It’d be unfair to pick out one bit of a difference when you are business because they all get picked running your own business.” out for their respective strengths. They all have incredible passion and What do small businesses look some have gone on to great success for when taking part? – and some (sadly) no longer do it “The biggest things are endorsement of their ideas, clarity and peer advice. When you’re working on your own day in, day out, and you’ve got very few other people to talk to, you might have family and friends who are very supportive, but they are sometimes not the best qualified to help from a business perspective. Being able to talk to others who are at different stages of the business Theo Paphitis with GM Business Connect’s cycle allows you to unburden and Paul Mirage clear your mind.

“To actually talk through issues that affect your business with a peer is invaluable. “When things are tricky, which does happen on any business journey, you can pick up the phone, tweet, text or email colleagues with other businesses that may be on different stages of that journey. The process allows you to unburden and clear your mind.” Which business sector would you say is most successful for a start-up? “It’s horses for courses. It’s whatever you do that adds value and has other people willing to pay for that value. In my view it doesn’t matter which area of business you try, you need to enjoy your business journey and that will ultimately help you be successful in the long run.”

How to enter Small Business Sunday... Follow @TheoPaphitis and @RymanStationery on Twitter. Tweet about your business in 280 characters or less, directed to @TheoPaphitis, adding the hashtag #SBS. Tweet on a Sunday between 5.00 -7.30pm. Use humour and topicality if it feels natural to you. Feel free to add a link or web address in your tweet. Having a website increases your chances of being noticed. Ensure your profile sells your business and has a link to your website. Include a colourful graphic. It helps to know the names behind the business. #SBS is for small businesses. The personal touch is liked – just tweet once in each weekly time slot. Look out for the re-tweets. If you are not chosen, don’t despair – try again next week!

Good luck! Photography by Ian Cartwright, Caramel Photography,

GM Business Connect Dec.Jan 2018  
GM Business Connect Dec.Jan 2018  

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