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August/September 2017


Payroll for in 2004 and start to differentiate the services.

“And so, as a result of a staff brainstorming exercise to give the payroll function some clear identity ‘PayPartners’ as a name was decided upon.”

Did the business take off on its own? In what way do you stand out from others? Stephen: “In the beginning we had different marketing approaches including email marketing to raise awareness of our brand and service. “Once we had our website up and running with SEO we started also to understand social media and the impact it could have mainly for awareness of our services as much as direct selling. “We gathered clients through cross selling to our vast customer database but acutely became aware as with the early days of Kinetic we needed managed growth and the right type of customers who appreciated our high standards.

The story of organic business growth and diversification is always a result of circumstances, economic opportunity, and in some cases a need to support an existing business model. As a business focus we visited PayPartners – a specialist Payroll management service. The business operates alongside Kinetic plc – a very successful established contract recruitment business specialising in engineering, manufacturing and technical markets. Both businesses are headquartered in the Lancastrian Office Centre located next to Emirates Old Trafford. GM Business Connect interviewed Neil Smith MBE, Managing Director of both Kinetic plc and PayPartners Limited along with Stephen Moreton, Business Manager, to find out more about PayPartners.

Tell us about the history of the business? Neil: “PayPartners grew out of our recruitment business, Kinetic.

Around since 1983, Kinetic plc started out providing temporary contract labour. As a result of Kinetic’s rapid growth there was a need to invest significantly in the back office support functions and recognise the fact that payroll was a fundamental part of the business.

Was necessity the mother of invention? Neil: “It was a familiar growth story – a sales driven environment where functions like payroll had been considered far less as a core competency, yet it was so critical to the business. “So we had to turn our attention to quality processes. We became active members of our trade body the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP), and very much engaged with the industry focusing on standards. “A move towards British Quality Standard accreditation was key, as the strategy was to be very clear on value (as opposed to low cost) for the customers we needed to focus on.”

How did PayPartners grow out of Kinetic? Neil: “We began to have a few enquiries from regular clients who wanted payroll management as much as recruitment. This was the kernel that started it all. We had strong quality systems established by now and branded ourselves ‘Kinetic Payroll Services’. However, over time we realised this name was too strongly linked to recruitment and not synonymous with a payroll service – so we decided to rebrand

Neil Smith MBE, Managing Director, PayPartners

“All of us are CIPP qualified staff working to British Quality ISO standards. This, as part of the service offering, enabled us to not only crunch the payroll numbers but where necessary provide detailed management information and importantly deal with all queries raised by employers and employees around complicated areas of tax status.” Neil: “We don’t employ sales people – we market our own professional standards and deep knowledge of payroll. Textbook stuff in a way of recognising and growing your own competency in business” “Longevity of payroll production with a strength in managing all types of

Stephen Moreton, Business Manager, PayPartners

GM Business Connect Aug.Sept 2017  

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