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L-R Paul Mirage, Nick Massey DL, Jon Cheetham

As supporters of Forever Manchester, GM Business Connect have always enjoyed a close relationship with the charity, promoting their business affiliated activities and reporting on many of their business-themed events and promotions. Paul Mirage from GM Business Connect is also an Ambassador for the charity. Over recent years Forever Manchester have promoted a regular monthly business networking event – First Friday – taking place between 4-6pm on the First Friday of every month. This was always a great way to end the week. Based in iconic venues across the City Centre, the event was always a laid-back approach to networking. Very grass roots – very Mancunian – a networking ethos that was aimed at businesses that were strong on the idea of community support, and very proud to wear their own CSR credentials, yet were happy and confidant that networking with like-minded businesses was a natural way of showcasing their own businesses. This was always right on the money with GM Business Connect, who as a magazine not just covered the events editorially, but fully supported business engagement. Connecting businesses was and still is our prime concern. As a charity Forever Manchester are constantly looking for new methods

L-R Ged Murray, Nic Edmondson, John Alexander

August/September 2018

of getting their important message out to the business community, and when First Fridays took a back seat to the many fantastic activities that the charity have been championing, GM Business Connect wasted no time in suggesting we take over the event – this time with the added support of our extensive business network. There have had to be a few changes. We now charge £15 entry. This goes to providing the very best in hospitality for those attending, as well as the purchase of a Forever Manchester tombola ticket on entry which features some great prizes including overseas holiday breaks. Our ethos is still the same as previously – that is to attract the very best calibre businesses to network on a regular basis in the heart of Manchester City Centre. There are no long speeches or talks. The event is 2 hours of pure business networking, with a short break for a business card draw and a few words from Forever Manchester. We are very clear that the emphasis is on networking, also on raising the profile

GM Business Connect Aug.Sept 2018  

August/September Edition of Greater Manchester's fastest growing B2B Magazine

GM Business Connect Aug.Sept 2018  

August/September Edition of Greater Manchester's fastest growing B2B Magazine