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August/September 2018


Brother UK celebrate 50 years in business Brother UK Managing Director Phil Jones MBE gives further insights to the £100M+ business located in the heart of Tameside. Full interview inside.

First Friday Connectworking NEW City Centre Business Networking with GM Business Connect Magazine and Forever Manchester Charity. Review and preview inside.


Global software firm chooses Stockport Focus on Sydney-based shipping software provider SmartFreight choosing Stockport as it’s new UK base.

University of Salford roll out new business courses The University of Salford’s Business School offer new post graduate courses. Details inside.

Choosing the right Google Adwords format In depth look at digital marketing from industry experts Media Maze. Phil Jones MBE pictured outside Brother International Europe Headquarters in Audenshaw




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/rrggroupfleet /rrggroupfleet RRG Group Fleet RRG Group Fleet 191 Moorside191 Road, Moorside SwintonRoad, M27 9LL Swinton M27 9LL RRG Group Fleet @RRGFleet/rrggroupfleet @RRGFleet Tel: 0161 452 4790 Tel: 0161 452 4790 191 Moorside Road, Swinton M27 9LL @RRGFleet Email: martin.shorrock@rrg-group.com Email: martin.shorrock@rrg-group.com www.rrgcontracthire.com www.rrgcontracthire.com Tel: 0161 452 4790 Email: martin.shorrock@rrg-group.com www.rrgcontracthire.com C-HR Dynamic 5C-HR door Coupe Dynamic FWD 5 door Hybrid Coupe 1.8 FWD VVT-iHybrid Auto. Official 1.8 VVT-i Fuel Auto. Consumption Official Fuel Figures Consumption in mpg (l/100km): Figures in mpg Urban (l/100km): 80.7 (3.5),Urban Extra80.7 Urban (3.5), 68.9Extra (4.1),Urban Combined 68.9 (4.1), 72.4 (3.9). Combined CO2 72.4 (3.9). CO2 figures figures sourced quoted fromare official sourced EU regulated from official laboratory EU regulated test results. laboratory These test are results. provided These to allow are provided comparisons to allow between comparisons vehicles between and vehicles and Emissions 87g/km. Emissions All mpg87g/km. and CO2 All mpgquoted and CO2are C-HR Dynamic 5 door Coupe FWD Hybrid 1.8 VVT-i Auto. Official Fuel Consumption Figures in mpg (l/100km): Urban 80.7 (3.5), Extra Urban 68.9 (4.1), Combined 72.4 (3.9). CO2 may not reflect your may actual not reflect driving your experience. actual driving experience. Emissions 87g/km. All mpg and CO 2 figures quoted are sourced from official EU regulated laboratory test results. These are provided to allow comparisons between vehicles and

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Since the 1980s, European new car emissions and fuel economy tests have been carried out using the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC). From 1 September e the 1980s, SinceEuropean the 1980s, new European car emissions new carand emissions fuel economy and fuel tests economy have been testscarried have been out using carried theout New using European the New Driving European CycleDriving (NEDC). Cycle From (NEDC). 1 September From 1 SeptemberSince the 2017, a new test has been introduced, the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP), to give buyers a more realistic understanding of a car’s 7, a new2017, test has a new been test introduced, has been the introduced, Worldwide theHarmonized Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Light TestVehicles Procedure Test(WLTP), Procedure to give (WLTP), buyers to a give more buyers realistic a more understanding realistic understanding of a car’s of a car’s2017, a n performance.

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With in vehicle technology and changes in driving conditions, WLTP introduces more realistic testing conditions than the near-40-year-old NEDC NEDC to DC to WLTP: NEDC what’s toadvances WLTP: changing? what’s changing? system, so that lab measurements better reflect on-road performance of a car; also providing a more accurate way of calculating actual fuel consumption and

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Toyota transition As•Toyota totransition WLTP, the tofollowing WLTP, thetype following approval type timings approval timings apply: will apply: From September 2017, all new models will be subject to will WLTP type approval and Real Driving Emissions (RDE) testing.

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om September • From 2018, September all new 2018, Lightall Commercial new Light Commercial vehicle models vehicle will be models subject willtobe WLTP subject type to approval WLTP type andapproval Real Driving and Real Emissions Driving(RDE) Emissions testing. (RDE) testing. To find out more, contact RRG Group Fleet on 0161 452 4790, visit www.rrgcontracthire.com or email martin.shorrock@rrg-group.com.

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• From September 2018, all new Light Commercial vehicle models will be subject to WLTP type approval and Real Driving Emissions (RDE) testing.

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• From September 2019, all new registrations of Light Commercial Vehicles will need to comply to type approval under WLTP and all new registrations will be t Commercial Light Commercial Vehicles (Category VehiclesN1): (Category N1): Light Com subject to RDE testing.

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nd out more, To findcontact out more, RRG contact GroupRRG FleetGroup on 0161 Fleet 452on 4790, 0161visit 452www.rrgcontracthire.com 4790, visit www.rrgcontracthire.com or email martin.shorrock@rrg-group.com. or email martin.shorrock@rrg-group.com.

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August/September 2018

contents 4 news 16 features

From Greater Manchester and beyond.

Brother UK - 50 years at your side 4 page interview feature with Phil Jones MBE, Managing Director of Brother UK, celebrating 50 years of fantastic growth at their Audenshaw HQ. First Friday Connectworking Review of the first two monthly business city centre networking events hosted by GM Business Connect in support of Forever Manchester.




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pro-manchester new chair Review of the inaugural speech from promanchester’s new chair Alistair Cree at a special celebratory lunch. SmartFreight makes Stockport new UK HQ Focus on the International software firm’s move to Stockport.

Here at GM Business Connect we are on the lookout for both news articles relating to business activity within Greater Manchester, and educational articles that can help businesses at any level.


K-Club in Salford Review of the regular business leader’s and Entrepreneur’s breakfast event.


Trafford Park Business Network Review of the Trafford Park networking event at Hotel Football.

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UA92 Focus on the new University Academy’s open day at the Point, Emirates Old Trafford.

e 24 adver tis

Round Table pro-manchester’s round table discussion on the challenges and opportunities of an ageing Manchester.

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29 networking 30 employment law The innov8-live Gin Garden Party.

Worker judgements on Hermes and Pimlico Plumbers.

Discounted packages are available on request for series bookings.

31 education


32 LinkedIn


The University of Salford’s new post-graduate courses.

Review of the business communities’ Social Media app of choice.

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digital marketing Choosing the right Google Adwords format.


34 apprenticeships The business case for apprenticeships with Salford City College.

35 debt recovery 36 wellbeing 37 diary dates 38 places to meet The importance of cashflow.

Do you ever switch off?

List of business networking events.

Venues across Greater Manchester.

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August/September 2018


Proposals for the Square Shopping Centre, Sale submitted centre with the existing shopping centre being partially demolished and the space used to deliver 202 high quality residential units, ranging from studios to a selection of townhouses. In addition to providing new living space, the plans would also see Sale become a more attractive entertainment and leisure destination with the provision of 30,000 sq ft of new leisure and retail space, including a six-screen cinema.

A major step towards the regeneration of Sale Town Centre was made recently as developer Maloneview submitted a detailed planning application to Trafford Council for The Square, Sale. The £70m scheme includes plans that will revitalise the town centre, deliver hundreds of new jobs and boost Sale’s local economy. Delivery of the scheme would see a complete transformation of the town

In addition, pedestrian access from the south into Sale town centre will be greatly improved with the creation of a new south-facing pedestrian plaza and avenue linking the corner of Sibson and Springfield Roads to Town Square.

the local community prior to the submission of an updated masterplan. This included the hosting of two dedicated public drop-in events in Sale Town Centre in November 2017. Over 600 local people attended the events to view the landmark plans and members of the project team were on hand to answer any questions. From the feedback received, over 90% of residents either strongly agreed or agreed with the principle of regenerating Sale Town Centre. The plans will bring significant benefits to Sale, by not only boosting the town’s credentials as a key shopping and leisure destination, but also improving the town’s night time economy, as well as providing a much-needed gateway into the existing town centre from the south.

To accommodate the anticipated increase in residents, shoppers and commercial users, the proposals would deliver a replacement multistorey car.

conversations with Trafford Council and listening to valuable feedback from residents the planning application for The Square, Sale has now been submitted. Delivery of this landmark scheme will act as a catalyst to the town centre as a whole, allowing it to become a leading destination for people to live, work and play. “Following the overwhelmingly positive feedback during the recent public consultation, Maloneview is dedicated to an ongoing dialogue with the local community. Trafford Council will also soon be conducting its own period of consultation before determining the application.”

Mark Rebbeck, Commercial Director at Maloneview, said:

Maloneview undertook significant consultation on the plans within

“We are delighted that following

K I N G S T R E E T & B A R TO N A R C A D E TEXT 07738 498411

CALL 0161 835 9560



1 GB









THE OFFICES AVAILABILITY w w w.t h e - o ffi c e s . co . u k /ava i l a b i l i t y

August/September 2018



Export Growth Partners Jaguar Land Rover opens Manchester hub take on the world Export Growth Partners is a new venture formed by four leading UK business support organisations. The pioneering collaboration consists of Business West, One Midlands, the Greater-Manchester based Growth Company and digital innovators Enterprise Nation.

Jaguar Land Rover has announced plans to open a new software, IT and engineering centre in Manchester to support its strategy for connected technologies in future vehicles. The new Manchester centre will work alongside the company’s engineering teams at the Gaydon Pioneering Hub, Warwickshire, the global design and engineering HQ, along with the Republic of Ireland, China, and North America. The small team will pioneer new software technology to help create the next generation of future connected car technologies. In addition, it will work on a range of mobility services and developing new technology features on future Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. Nick Rogers, Executive Director of Product Engineering, commented: “As the automotive industry continues to embrace Autonomous, Connected and Electrified technologies, Jaguar Land Rover remains committed to

engineering innovative software that will make our customers’ lives better, by creating premium in-car experiences that they love. With the Manchester team supporting the creation of connected car technology, the new centre is a fantastic opportunity for us to keep pushing the boundaries towards seamless connectivity, with disruptive technical solutions, and I look forward to welcoming our new colleagues into our Product Engineering team.” Jaguar Land Rover are delivering technologies that lead the way in connectivity and autonomy. For example, in the future vehicles will ‘talk’ to each other and notify drivers of potential hazards ahead. They are looking for IT specialists, software engineers and developers with experience in a range of disciplines such as cloud based features, vehicle software and vehicle architecture.

The four founding organisations are a mixture of award-winning global trade specialists providing export services on behalf of government, and private sector firms offering expert advice to businesses. Building on strong strategic partnerships with Department for International Trade (DIT), Department for Exiting the EU (DEXU) and Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Export Growth Partners will support the realisation of the government’s Industrial Strategy and forthcoming Export Strategy. They will provide support across all stages of the export journey - from market research, overseas market visits, finding buyers to fulfilling export documentation - right up to ensuring payment is received. Ahead of launching, the group has also negotiated preferred partner arrangements with specialist banks, translation agencies and shipping agents, to provide a comprehensive

end-to-end support package for businesses.

Speaking for Export Growth Partners, Mark Hughes, Chief Executive of The Growth Company said: “Capitalising on global opportunities is vital for UK firms and this new collaboration will give businesses a clear advantage to get access to global markets, while building strong sustainable links in a post-Brexit world. “Many of our companies feel daunted by the complexity of exporting. Even those businesses that have seen the benefit of the extra sales that exporting brings, still struggle to know where to turn to for help, advice and hands on fulfilment – including how to get paid. “Export Growth Partners is going to fundamentally change how we drive and assist UK companies to export – making it simpler than ever before to enter new markets with products and services. Combining our individual expertise, we will deliver an unrivalled range of international trade support from the public and private sector to companies up and down the country. “Technology has changed everything, and it has an important role to play in how we can make a difference to UK plc. By pooling our resources we will be able to accelerate exports much faster than working individually.” Award-winning cartoonist Tony Husband and his interesting friends are available for live presentations at your open days, training events, product launches, etc. Tony can offer a totally unique and humorous touch to your marketing literature, calendars, reception art, portraits, and Christmas cards.



...about how you can commission Manchester’s very own cartooning megastar...

O7966 303571 cartoons@ tonyhusband.co.uk




August/September 2018

news The Greater Manchester Business Awards 2019 NOW OPEN

business peers assigned to ensure a fair and open judging system for the event. “We are asking companies and individuals to put forward submissions for their own businesses now in each of 10 categories, and we’re also suggesting that the Business Person and Young Business Person of the Year awards - the additional 2 categories - can be nominated on behalf of another individual within the same organisation. “We’ve kept the template simple in the hope that it won’t take too much time to fill in the entry form. We’re also featuring an informative guide on the website to help in the submission process.

GM Business Connect magazine are once again very pleased to be media partners of the Greater Manchester Business Awards. Applications can now be submitted for the 12 categories and submissions should be put forward no later than 20 October 2018. We caught up with James Caldwell,

Director of innov8 Conference Services who are organisers of the Awards: “We are very excited to announce the opening for applications which will celebrate the professionalism and excellence of businesses and organisations in Greater Manchester. The Awards are independently judged by a panel of

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“Everything has been done to protect the integrity of the process and make it much more enjoyable for all involved. We will be asking short-listed candidates to create a free 2-3 minute video presentation with our video production company of their submission in order to promote the shortlisted companies’ achievements that will play at the Awards evening. “The Awards are for Businesses who have an official office in the Greater Manchester area only.” The process will conclude with a black-tie event at the Imperial War Museum North on 8 February 2019. Full details and entry details are available on: greatermanchesterawards.co.uk



Entries submitted: Now until 20 October 2018 Award ceremony: Imperial War Museum North, 8 February 2019 Awards tickets: Available once shortlist is announced Further details: greatermanchesterawards.co.uk

Tax preparation expert calls for workers and tax agents to observe HMRC Regulations One of the UK’s leading tax preparation specialists today spoke out about the importance of tax compliance, in light of concerning reports regarding tax agents and workers failing to comply with HMRC’s regulations when submitting Self Assessment tax returns and rebate claims. David Redfern, tax expert and founder of DSR Tax Claims today warned workers to ensure that their dealings with HMRC remained on the right side of HMRC legislation or face the full weight of HMRC’s punishing consequences.

regulations is far more serious than imagined - not only depriving the UK of necessary tax revenue but also leaving those people at risk of large penalties and fines when HMRC discover the deception, which they do far more often than people realise. HMRC puts much of its resources into investigating and discovering those who are not being honest with their taxes.”

He urged people to consider the source of their tax information carefully, adding that “While friends very often have the best intentions David commented that he was when they give tax advice, it is in increasingly speaking to potential your interests to disregard any advice clients who had been previously badly that suggests that not complying advised by both professionals and with HMRC legislation is a good fellow workers by encouraging false idea - after all, they won’t be the ones or exaggerated information - both in facing an investigation from HMRC, their Self Assessment tax returns and you will.” tax refund claims. He urged people to steer clear of such advice, warning David encouraged those workers “It’s often seen as a soft or victimless who deal with HMRC to educate themselves on tax rules and crime, a way to increase one’s own regulations to make sure that they bank balance with little harm done but non-compliance with HMRC’s don’t fall prey to bad advice.



August/September 2018

University of Salford and Morgan Sindall announce innovative ‘work-ready’ partnership Construction and Infrastructure company, Morgan Sindall, and the University of Salford have recently announced a new collaborative partnership to help students enter the employment market in a more ‘work ready’ state.

at the University’s School of the Built Environment (SoBE), as well as offering regular site visits, workshops and experience in preparing project proposals for design, planning, costing and development to SoBE multidisciplinary student teams.

Focused on enhancing the employability credentials of undergraduates, the partnership builds on work already undertaken with the university to combine leading academic insight with real world experience and learning.

Karen Fairhurst, Project Manager at Morgan Sindall, said: “Morgan Sindall is focused on developing work ready graduates and the partnership with Salford University is a fantastic opportunity to work with and nurture some really talented individuals. We aim to use our projects as a textbook in construction, providing real world examples which will enhance their understanding of the pertinent challenges within our industry.

Central to its commitment to develop a ‘future-fit’ workforce, Morgan Sindall is using its growing portfolio of projects in the Salford area to provide onsite experience to undergraduates as well as supporting PhD students by “In turn Morgan Sindall will benefit providing research opportunities within from working alongside the the company. enthusiastic and talented people who will undoubtedly play a part Members of the team will also continue to undertake regular lectures in encouraging innovation in the

construction world of the future.” Sam Grogan, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Student Experience at the University of Salford added: “Producing students L-R Jason Challender, Director of Estates, Karen Fairhurst, Project Manager at Morgan Sindall and Sunil Vadera, who are fully equipped for the Head of the School of Computing, Science and Engineering. demands of the modern workplace is the key aim of the University of Salford. further study six months after leaving. The partnership sits as one initiative “The best way to do this is to work within the University of Salford’s Industry as closely as possible with industry Collaboration Zones (ICZs). These to co-create and co-deliver flexible, innovative zones facilitate students, agile outward facing courses and to academics and industry partners to work provide our students with the work together on cutting edge industry facing experiences that will give them with the skills required. This partnership projects and ideas which bring together with Morgan Sindall will do just that world leading research and future facing for many of our students.” teaching and learning to offer unique opportunities that better prepare Morgan Sindall currently employs students for life after university. 18 University of Salford alumni in its north west region and has eight staff This is part of the University of Salford’s members currently studying there. long term vision playing out over the next two decades to link the campus Based on the latest publicly available with local industry, culture and residential data, the University of Salford can communities to help drive the local and boast that 92.1% of its UK 1st degree graduates are employed or engaged in regional economy.






























































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August/September 2018


New coffee lab and roastery set to open in Ancoats It includes an industry-leading Loring Smart Roaster machine – an odourless, flavour-locking roasting system with lower emissions – and a Tech Lab that will help the company push further boundaries within the industry when it comes to quality and taste. Phase two of the Roastery will also see Grindsmith launch a dedicated Barista training academy and Tech Lab later in the year

L-R Pete Gibson, Luke Tomlinson

Grindsmith, the Manchester-born independent and self-professed coffee-connoisseur, is converting an industrial unit on the outskirts of Ancoats into a brand-new Roastery and Laboratory.

following the collapse of Carillion, a 4,880 sqft space has been has been transformed into the state-ofthe-art laboratory.

The Grindsmith Coffee Roastery has been two-years in the making and after a number of set-backs, including an unfinished unit in Embankment

The expansive space, set across two floors, has been renovated into the new home of Grindsmith’s brand innovation and will be the supplying all three of its stores with homeroasted coffee.


The new enterprise comes after Grindsmith opened its first premises in Greater Manchester using loans from GC Business Finance to support internal infrastructure as the company expanded rapidly and grew the brand. Luke Tomlinson, co-founder of Grindsmith, said: “Opening a roastery has been a burning ambition for the company since we first opened the Pod in 2014 and enough blood sweat and tears went into this launch! “Coffee is our absolute passion so having a space dedicated to the roasting, tasting and development of

our very own product is a fantastic milestone for the business.” Grindsmith fellow co-founder, Pete Gibson, added: “Science and the quality control over product is becoming increasingly important. Our aim for the lab is that it becomes a centre of excellence and innovation within the industry and helps Manchester push the boundaries of knowledge and research within speciality coffee. “We have a number of origin trips planned this year to source and ship the world’s best coffee direct to Manchester. Coffee is an amazing industry to be part of and we can’t wait to be alongside the coffee farmers and fully controlling the product from crop to cup.” The Grindsmith Roastery will also be a base for when Grindsmith launch its wholesale and coffee subscriptions via a new-to-market app in the coming months.

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August/September 2018

Barclays to open flagship Eagle Lab in Manchester City Centre co-working and innovation spaces set up by Barclays to help businesses network, collaborate and grow. There are seventeen Eagle Labs across the UK, with Barclays staff on site offering entrepreneurs advice on how to grow their business, from access to funding, to mentoring and events. Barclays has today announced the bank will launch its first Eagle Lab in Manchester City Centre – a space for ambitious entrepreneurs to scale and grow their business and receive advice from dedicated Barclays experts.

Situated at the heart of Manchester’s financial core, Union has recently undergone a £5m transformation to offer high-quality workspace and offers businesses a prime location opposite Manchester Town Hall.

The flagship Manchester Eagle Lab will be located in Bruntwood’s Union building in Albert Square, and is set to open later this year. Eagle Labs are

By creating a dedicated space to allow entrepreneurs to connect, build relationships, and support one another, Eagle Labs and Bruntwood are helping

to stimulate and accelerate the Manchester economy.

an 80-seat auditorium, co-working and breakout space at street level and a combination of private offices, meeting rooms and breakout spaces on the first floor.

The 12,000 square foot Lab will be laid out over two floors with a coffee shop which will be open to the public,

Party under the wings of Concorde….Enjoy an iconic


from only




FSB calls for Northern rail chaos compensation Ahead of a major meeting of the Transport for the North Partnership Board, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has called on Northern operator Arriva to act following mass problems on its network. Recently, mass delays and cancellations affected thousands of Northern’s passengers, including many small businesses and their staff. Responding to this, FSB has called on the train operating company (TOC) to resolve the issues that have plagued the network’s users ever since the introduction of new timetables in May. FSB also stressed the need for a compensation scheme to be set up in order to help customers who have had their lives adversely affected by the recent problems. The chaos shows how crucial the rail network is to business

infrastructure across the north; beyond the current crisis, more investment is needed to ensure the network is fit for purpose and capable of supporting business connectivity more comprehensively. Previously, FSB was successful in their recommendation that Transport for the North be made a statutory body, but more needs to be done. Chris Manka, Area Chair for Greater Manchester & North Cheshire, said: “Commuters shouldn’t have to cope with the sort of chaos that has ensued in recent weeks, which is why Northern Rail must make sure that passengers are adequately compensated. The compensation scheme should be implemented as a priority to prevent losses for individuals and to businesses.

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August/September 2018

news Revised Manchester Piccadilly Framework Agreement announced fantastic and stylish look providing natural light to bring the station to life. A ‘dramatic’ boulevard would provide improved connectivity around the station – connecting a civic arrival space, a public square where Metrolink exits and a city park at the eastern part of the station. Transport for Greater Manchester, who are an invited guest to the HS2 Economic Growth Conference, are backing the plans. HS2 Ltd’s response recognised the key design principles for Piccadilly Station within the SRF, but did not comment on the design quality, only on functional requirements.

New plans have been revealed to help Manchester maximise the huge potential from HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail – which is set to be a huge focus of the HS2 Economic Growth Conference supported by HS2 Ltd. The revised Manchester Piccadilly Framework Agreement ensures the area around the station will be transformed into a thriving and welcoming gateway into the city of Manchester in a bid to unlock economic growth opportunities and drive employment in the area. The document was last updated back in 2014, and since then there have been a number of key announcements and movement on both HS2 and Northern Powerhouse

Rail – with the arrival of them both moving forward and the realisation of their impact becoming more realistic. With their arrival means a re-look at the plans which have seen the city aim for an ambitious vision to continue building the economic growth story of Manchester and the wider North West region. One of the highlights within the plans is the ambition to ensure it provides an incredible arrival experience and gateway to the City – with multiple entry points and a new main entrance being developed to increase the scale and size of the station. It would enable to option for retail space within the station and a new roof structure would create a

It stated that the station included in the SRF “represents a significant change in the station configuration, compared to HS2’s current design, which would require significant redesign to meet HS2 requirements”. The company also highlighted a number of further areas where the SRF differed from its current proposals, including the location of the car park, the position of the Metrolink station below the HS2 station, the level differences from the new station entrance plaza, and the links between the HS2 and existing station decks. One of the key changes is including 62 Chapeltown Street as a development plot, rather than be omitted from project as it had been previously. However, given the proximity of the grade II-listed

Make your Bookkeeping easier, become a

Crusader Works, the council has noted that any such work would need to be carefully designed. “The Manchester Piccadilly SRF presents a significant opportunity to regenerate a currently underutilised site, to provide a new mixed-use neighbourhood, in a highly accessible location bringing new jobs, commercial and amenity space, and connections to surrounding areas,” read the report. “It is a once-in-a- century opportunity to create a world-class transport hub and arrival point into the city, city region and the North. “The majority of consultation responses provided were supportive of the proposals included in the draft 2018 SRF, with some issues raised as reported throughout this report. A response to the issues has been provided and some changes are proposed to the SRF in accordance with some of the specific points raised. “Further consultation with both local stakeholders and residents will take place as more detailed plans are developed.” Manchester City Council’s Economy Scrutiny Committee has been advised that the Executive will be recommended to approve the revised Manchester Piccadilly SRF. The HS2 Economic Growth Conference in November is set to bring HS2 together with Manchester’s civic and business leaders as over 500 delegates attend to hear exclusive insights and developments set to be unlocked by HS2 and how you can get involved.

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August/September 2018

Spinning Gate Shopping Centre announce new Security Provider The Spinning Gate Shopping Centre in Leigh have announced the appointment of new Security provider: ExcluSec Security, part of The ExcluSec Group based in Trafford Park, Manchester. ExcluSec Security were awarded the security provision at Spinning Gate Shopping Centre following a comprehensive and competitive tender process. Spinning Gate Shopping Centre hosts 40 retail units within 110,000 sq ft of retail space in Leigh Town Centre. The centre is owned by Atmore Group Ltd who appoint Legat Owen as managing agents for the scheme. Manchester based ExcluSec Security now provide the centre with 10,000 security hours annually, ensuring the safety and security of the centre’s 4 million shoppers it attracts each year. The centre’s SIA licensed security officers have transferred to ExcluSec Security under TUPE and will undergo comprehensive training and

development programmes. The centre team have also launched the centre’s new security uniform, dual branded with ExcluSec and Spinning Gate Shopping Centre. Karen Cox, Centre Manager of the Spinning Gate Shopping Centre said: “ExcluSec Security demonstrated a clear understanding of the centre’s tender and provided not only the most suitable and effective security solution, commercial and residential keyholding, but a good cultural fit for the centre. mobile security patrols, vacant property “Spinning Gate are excited to be services, traveller evictions, concierge, working in partnership with ExcluSec, dog handlers across the Northwest an experienced industry security and the UK. service partner. It was imperative James Bancroft, Managing Director that we selected a company that of the ExcluSec Group commented: is proficient in delivering core “We are looking forward to working competencies of security and with and supporting the managing customer service to enhance our agents and on-site centre management shopper experience.” team at Spinning Gate. ExcluSec

“We specialise in implementing technology based systems, complimenting their people-centric ethos which match the centre’s requirements. ExcluSec sit comfortably in the top 5% of all security industry authority approved contractors in the UK and are NSI Guarding Gold accredited. We are also safe contractor approved, are ISO 9001 accredited and have achieved IIP Gold accreditation.

ExcluSec Security is a privately owned security services provider, founded in 2010 providing a portfolio of security services including event security and stewarding, security guards,

“The acquisition of the security contract at Spinning Gate is a great addition to ExcluSec Security’s Manned Guarding portfolio which continues to enjoy continued and sustained growth.”

have gained considerable previous experience in the retail and shopping centre industries and are eager to share our expertise and best practices with our new client.

Event Security, Stewarding, Crowd Management



Manned Guarding and Site Security


First Aid

Concierge, Reception and Front of House

Portable Appliance (PAT) Testing

Retail/Alcohol Licensing

Mobile Security Patrols • Key Holding Vacant Property Security

Pest Control

Void and Vacant Property Alarms

Post Room

Taxi Marshals • Security Dog Handlers


Health & Safety Customer Service Safeguarding Conflict Management

Lone Worker Protection

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August/September 2018

Harry Ramsden offer tasty franchise opportunities associated with fish and chips around the world. Harry’s iconic brand is renowned for both its quality and service which makes it stand out in the sector.

Harry Ramsden is the UK’s oldest fish and chip brand and longest established restaurant chain. Celebrating its 90 year anniversary this year, it is world renowned for both its great food and ambience. Following an exciting program of reinvigoration which has refreshed the brand’s look and feel, restaurants and menu, Harry’s has big plans for expansion, both in the UK and internationally. It is currently searching for multi-site franchise developers across the UK with the drive and experience to help grow this exciting business. The British public spends more than £1.2 billion on fish and chips every year, making it the largest food and beverage sub sector in the UK. However, it has the least penetration of branded operators, meaning the opportunity for fastgrowth is huge. Judd William’s, International Development Director with Boparan Restaurant Group, which recently acquired the Harry Ramsden’s brand, explains “Harry Ramsden is the best-known fish and chip brand in the UK, and is the brand most closely

“Given the increasing importance consumers are placing on provenance, quality and taste when making their dining choices, and the growing popularity of convenience, we see this as the perfect time to expand the brand. Harry’s has just gone through an extensive refresh and rebrand, thus making it even more appealing to an ever-growing market. For experienced branded F&B multi-site operators we believe that Harry Ramsden is a highly compelling franchise opportunity. “We have a number of restaurant formats available, that include quick service and assisted service models which drive higher unit profit through faster, more efficient service encouraging higher footfall especially during busier times. There has never been a more perfect time to become part of the Harry’s family and hit the ground running with your very own fish and chip franchise.” Harry Ramsden is specifically looking for multi-site franchisees, and currently has opportunities across the UK, including urban, coastal and tourist locations. All prospective franchisees must have the necessary funds and experience in place. Typical investment cost ranges from c£300k - c£450k, including fitout and upfront fees.

New Director of Business Development for St Ann’s from his role as Business Development Manager at NorthWest EHealth.

St Ann’s Hospice has appointed a new Director of Business Development to help lead the hospice towards its 50th anniversary, and play an important part in ensuring the organisation’s delivery of excellent palliative care for the generations to come. Dr Paul Jarvis will be joining St Ann’s

Eamonn O’Neal, Chief Executive of St Ann’s, explained: “St Ann’s is an organisation that has been providing care to the people of Greater Manchester for almost half a century, and whilst the high quality, specialist care we provide to patients remains as important as ever, the changing world around us means we must be nimble and adept at spotting opportunities and turning challenges to our advantage. “St Ann’s is a complex multi-site business, and having Paul join our team is exciting, especially with so much change and development going on”

August/September 2018

The true cost of data breaches Survey provides a stark warning for companies like Ticketmaster which suffer a data breach – could 78 per cent of consumers withdraw their custom?

greater rights over personal data.

Now a survey by Crown Records Management, global information management experts, has revealed that people from all walks of life plan As the ticket giant battles reports of a to think much harder about who gets major data breach, a new survey shows their data in future. almost four fifths of consumers will The key findings, after 2,000 people withdraw custom from firms that don’t were polled in the UK, included: look after data in future • 78 per cent said they would either British consumers have warned they definitely or probably withdraw will withdraw their custom from their custom from a company companies suffering data breaches in which suffered a data breach. huge numbers now that GDPR is here. • Those aged 25-34 were most Recently in which ticket giant certain – 35 per cent said they Ticketmaster became the first major would definitely withdraw their data breach story since GDPR came custom and 45 per cent said into force on May 25, the results make ‘probably’. sobering reading for companies that • Almost a third say a company’s are hacked or lose data. reputation could be damaged for The EU General Data Protection up to two years after a breach Regulation not only provides a new compliance structure to tackle breaches, with potential fines of up to 4m Euros or four per cent of global turnover, it also gives EU citizens



• More than a third said they will be more selective about who they give their data from now on – rising to 38 per cent for people aged 16-24.


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Armstrong Craven makes London Stock Exchange 1,000 Companies to Inspire Armstrong Craven has been named in a prestigious annual report of inspirational businesses. The global talent mapping and pipelining company has been selected for the London Stock Exchange Group’s 1,000 Companies to Inspire. The report, now in its fifth year, identifies the most dynamic and fastest growing small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK. Armstrong Craven, which is backed by private equity firm Livingbridge, works with multinational organisations in the UK and internationally providing them with a range of talent mapping, pipelining and insight services. The company employs over 70 people across its offices in Manchester, London, Singapore and,

most recently, Geneva. Key sectors include Healthcare and Life Sciences, Technology, Consumer, Industrial, Financial and Professional Services. The company has seen annual growth in excess of 45 per cent since 2014. Tom Mason, the company’s CEO, said: “I am delighted that Armstrong Craven has been recognised in such a prestigious report. “We continue to see significant growth in all of our sectors and have set our sights on becoming the global leader in providing the talent mapping, pipelining and insight services which enable our clients to take a more strategic approach to talent acquisition. “We anticipate further recruitment across our own business as well as additional office openings as we cement our international footprint.”



August/September 2018

news NGC Networks opens Northwest office Bolton’s SockShop reports 31% sales surge appointed experienced mobiles specialist Alex Stephens, who brings a wealth of experience in sales roles with Vodafone, EE and O2. Steve Tipper, head of mobile, is leading the recruitment campaign, which has an initial emphasis on NGC’s Business Mobiles division.

L-R Steve Tipper and Alex Stephens, NGC Networks

Business communications specialist NGC Networks has signalled its intention to grow its Northwest presence with the opening of a new office and the creation of 10 jobs. Yorkshire-based NGC opened the doors of its new office at Bury Business Park, Greater Manchester, in July. The business has commenced a recruitment drive and has already

NGC Networks specialises in implementing telecommunications and internet connectivity solutions for businesses across the North of England, with a focus on the Northern Powerhouse. Nikki Guest, director at NGC Networks, said: “We’re excited to announce our new office in Greater Manchester as part of a strategy to grow our customer base in the Northwest. “Alex is a fantastic addition to the team and we look forward to welcoming a number of new faces over the coming months as we build our regional presence.”

Footwear fashion retail brand SockShop has seen its sales go from strength to strength as a new sustainable product range and a bid to appeal to a wider audience has led to a 31% increase in sales. The Bolton-based retailer, which supplies over 240 countries worldwide, reported the considerable rise in sales for the past financial year, citing its new approach to marketing and expanding range. Alok Ruia, Director of SockShop, says: “We are delighted to see a growth of 31% in sales over the past financial year. This has been due to

Matthew Toynton, Chief Financial Officer, PHMG


Leading audio branding specialist PHMG has appointed Matthew Toynton as Chief Financial Officer of its global operations. Bringing more than 24 years of finance experience to the role, Matthew has held senior management roles for a number of international industry giants including Procter & Gamble, product innovators CPP Group plc and global translation and interpreting providers thebigword.






Call us now to find out how we can display your business in the best possible way. Call Dave or Paul on 0161 864 2688 to find out more. RW Signs, 2a Jackson Street, Stretford, Manchester M32 8AY office@rwsigns.co.uk www.rwsigns.co.uk

SockShop has attributed much of its successes over the past 12 months to considerable growth in the popularity of its sustainable bamboo range. The brand’s range of men’s, ladies’and kids’ bamboo socks, underwear and hosiery contains a variety of styles that are naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

to prove it, from ‘1,000 companies to inspire Britain’ to ‘Best and Brightest Companies to Work For’. “I’m delighted to have been given the opportunity to help deliver on the company’s strategic goals and ambitious growth targets.”



“Our approach to social media has also helped us to reignite the brand to a fresh, new audience.”

Manchester-based PHMG appoints new CFO



the hard work and focus of our team, and the introduction of new bespoke sock ranges.

Managing Director Grant Reed added: “Matthew joins us at an exciting time as we look to consolidate our position as global market leader and continue growth across the US and Australia. His extensive financial knowledge and experience will be invaluable.” Manchester-based PHMG is the world’s largest audio branding agency with more than 32,000 clients in 39 countries worldwide, including Coca-Cola, Audi and Adidas.

He joins from software services specialist Mobica where he had been Chief Financial Officer since March 2016.

Since its launch in 1998, the company has grown to more than 400 employees across the UK, the US, Canada and Australia, with particularly rapid growth in North America where headcount has almost tripled from 35 to 100 employees in less than two years.

“PHMG has become one of the UK’s biggest growth success stories because of its ongoing commitment to quality,” said Matthew. “Investment in world-class music composition, voice artistry and script writing talent gives clients the very best in the business - and we have a string of awards and accreditations

The company was recently recognised by three independent authorities for successful business growth, earning inclusion in the ‘1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain’, ‘FT 1,000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies’ and the ‘Greater Manchester Ward Hadaway Fastest 50’ lists.

August/September 2018



Tour of Britain - one day ahead! Phil Jones MBE, the Managing Director of Brother UK, will ride the entire route of the 2018 Tour of Britain in September, one day ahead of the elite professional riders who will tackle the same demanding eight-stage course. Accompanying Phil will be cancer survivor James Golding, the world record holder for the greatest distance ridden in seven days (2842.2km), in pursuit of an ambitious fundraising target of £50,000 for the Dave Rayner Fund, a voluntary organisation that supports young British riders racing abroad. Under Phil’s leadership, Brother UK has become the most influential supporter of grassroots British cycle sport, providing consistent, committed support in a range of areas for the last seven years. They now support seven development teams, as well as sponsoring some of Britain’s biggest races. Brother UK also funds a fleet of Skoda neutral service support vehicles for races organised by British Cycling, including the national championships. Both Phil and Brother UK turn 50 this year, and by attempting to raise £50,000 for a fund that has allowed some of the most successful British riders of the last 30 years to pursue a dream of turning professional, will add to the technology giant’s impressive commitment to the sport. “Turning 50 in 2018 made me think about doing something big in terms of a physical challenge, while also raising awareness for the excellent work of the Dave Rayner Fund,” Phil explained. “It’s a tough environment to succeed outside of the elite Olympic development programmes. In Britain, we have so much talent available, and we must provide adequate pathways for

Phil Jones MBE, Managing Director, Brother UK.

those individuals to succeed. When you consider how many of today’s professional riders have been helped by the Dave Rayner Fund, it’s clear to see that if we want to continue producing some of the best athletes in the sport, we need to help fund their racing abroad.” The modern Tour of Britain, a revitalised and expanded version of the Milk Race, has grown in popularity each year since race organiser SweetSpot re-launched the event in 2004. It’s position on the calendar attracts some of the biggest names in the peloton, who use the race as final preparation for the annual World Championships. A race that even elite professionals regard as demanding will offer Jones and Golding the ultimate challenge. “This will be the hardest thing I’ve ever done on a bike, for sure,” Phil said. “Having started road cycling ten years ago, I’ve experienced firsthand how much progress you can make with your physical and mental wellbeing by riding a bike. “My first charity challenge was 30 miles from Manchester to Liverpool in 2008, which felt like a huge challenge, and now I’m ready to join James Golding in taking on the UK’s leading multi-stage race, totalling

around 1,500km of distance. Cycling has given me so much, and I am keen to give something back to the sport.” The OVO Energy Tour of Britain is Britain’s premier multi-stage race, unfolding over eight days. The 2018 parcours is particularly challenging, with a hilly route through some of the country’s most iconic landscapes. Previous British winners of the race include former Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins (2013), and the reigning British road and time-trial champion, Steve Cummings (2016). One of the vehicles from Brother UK’s neutral service fleet, commissioned by Brother for use in British professional races, will follow the pair in support. Financial partners keen to support the costs of staging the eight-day event are sought, with sponsorship going directly to the Dave Rayner Fund. A number of fundraising events are planned before the challenge, and Phil is asking road cyclists across the UK to donate with a view to contributing to the £50,000 target perhaps by giving the cost of a cappuccino and cake - £5.00 - via the Dave Rayner Fund website. Speaking for the Dave Rayner Fund, former British champion Tim

Harris said: “It’s great to see an initiative like this. Riding multi-stage events takes a lot of preparation. It won’t be easy by any stretch of the imagination, and Phil will need to be in peak physical and mental condition. I know that he will be up for the challenge, and having a world record holder like James by his side will push him on to the finish.” Speaking for SweetSpot, organisers of the OVO Energy Tour of Britain, Race Director Mick Bennett said: “This year’s OVO Tour of Britain is particularly challenging, as many of the teams use this race as a springboard to the World Championships. We’ve increased the climbing this year to reflect the World Championship course in Innsbruck, so it’s going to be a hard, tough, race for anyone riding the route.” Phil Jones’ ‘One Day Ahead’ challenge will start In Carmanthenshire on Saturday 1 September 2018, and finish in London on Sunday 8 September 2018, the same day as the race (allowing for a rest day). Further information on the challenge can be found at www.race-pace.net and donations can be made via the Dave Rayner Fund website at




August/September 2018


Brother UK

50 years at your side growth. He was awarded an MBE for ‘Services to Business’ in the Queen’s birthday honours list 2016.

GM Business Connect caught up with Phil at Brother UK’s Audenshaw offices to find out more about the successes and accolades the business and their MD have enjoyed, and to try and reveal the business methodologies that have made the business grow their market share and turnover to over £100 million last year: You started out as a Fax Salesman for Brother in 1994. Only 6 years later you had become the UK Sales and Marketing Director, followed by Managing Director in 2013. What made you stay with the same business for over 20 years?

Phil Jones MBE is Managing Director of Brother UK. As a global Japanese brand, Brother technology can be found in offices everywhere you look. An Information, Communication and Technology business supplying products and services to hundreds of thousands of UK enterprises of all sizes, the UK headquarters are based in Audenshaw, and Brother UK are very proud of their Tameside history. Phil has been with the company for almost 25 years, practically his entire professional life. A veteran of the IT industry, he’s witnessed the birth of the internet, bluetooth, mobile phones and cloud computing platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Previously named on the Power 100 for ‘Insider North West Magazine’, a Top 100 Thinker by ‘Britain means Business’ and a Top 100 figure in the Manufacturing Industry, Phil is one of the established thought leaders in organisational design

and enlightened leadership, and consequently is an in-demand public speaker on the subject. A former winner of Institute of Directors Manchester and North West Director of the year awards, he retains an all round capability on business growth, innovation and market development. He sits on the ‘Advisory Board’ to the Manchester Growth Company advising specifically on technology, growth and business acceleration. Phil also served as President of Greater Manchester Community

Foundation – Forever Manchester – from June 2014 to June 2017. Under his leadership, Brother UK have been named a Times Top 100 place to work, an Investors in People Platinum Workplace, CIO ‘Technology Business of the Year’ and PC Pro ‘Printer Vendor of the Year in amongst a raft of other product awards. Phil has been granted ‘Fellow’ status of the Institute of Directors and ‘Companion’ of the Chartered Institute of Management for his work around Leadership and Business

“I never expected to be here that long. At the time I thought I’d only be here 2 or 3 years and then move on, as salesmen tend to do. Three things have kept me here. Firstly, I really enjoy learning from the culture of Japanese thinking and doing – a very considered business methodology for long term sustainability. “This led secondly to a feeling of familyled culture. I felt welcome – as though I had ‘come home’. The business made me passionate about what they do and I always felt bound together as a big global family. This strongly sat with me as an individual. “The third thing is that I’ve always felt challenged here – the markets we work in are so dynamic and fast moving, we never have two days the same. “Next year will be 25 years at Brother UK

August/September 2018

and I wonder where that time has gone as I have enjoyed it so much. The support from Brother during that time, particularly early in my career, has been invaluable. “In my time here at the company, I have had many great role models such as Kazuaki Tazaki, who moved from Japan to set up and oversee the European operations in 1958. He was so clever yet very caring and passionate about the people he worked alongside. I learned from him that to be a good leader at Brother, you have to be good at your job, but also you have to really care for people. This resonates with me and I want to continue to nurture this culture, under my own leadership.” We last spoke at the beginning of 2015 about long term plans for both Brother UK and Brother International as a global business. Has that stayed on course in light of the turmoil from Brexit and the recently developing isolationism from the US? “Globally Brother is reporting record results. As a business model, Brother has different categories, regions and currencies. As a result it has become very resilient in how it operates at the global level. “As far as the UK is concerned, we did see a post-referendum shock largely due to rapid currency devaluation leading to a difficult 6 months as our local sterling prices went up sharply in response. This was because a lot of our products are pegged to the Euro, so unfortunately we had to push price increases through as we could not absorb them. We are dealing on net profit levels of between 2-3%, so when we had an 18% movement in currency we simply couldn’t absorb it and had to pass through the increases via our supply chain. “However, our long term plan helped us pass through this tumultuous time. When I speak to other business leaders about successful strategies, I often refer to ‘your dot on your horizon’ (where ‘dot’ is an acronym for ‘direction of travel’). What I mean by this is that every business needs to be clear about where their ‘dot’ is on the horizon. Essentially, you need to know broadly where you are going.


“Once you broadly know where you are going, then you must follow that pathway without being distracted in order to be successful. Broadly, because being too prescriptive right here and now doesn’t allow for the changeable environment that many businesses are working in. “For example, we need to be able to face unpredictable changes, adjust and say “despite what is going on, we are still going over there albeit the route may deviate. “This attitude also helps to gain clarity, keep perspective and galvanise your people. Chris Paton of Quirk solutions coined the phrase ‘freedom in a framework’ which really resonates with me.” As a consumer-led business, how do you gauge appetite for your products, and how are those viewpoints and appetites reflected in your marketing and product choice. How do you see your marketplace changing in the future and what actions are you taking to future proof your products? “It may surprise people to know that we are more of a B2B operation rather than B2C. Round about 90% of our sales are to businesses. As a business, we are passionate about being close to the customer – an ‘at your side’ ethic.

– always ready to help and always inventing to solve problems. We have technologists and futurists continually looking at trends and needs as they evolve. “We need to predict change. We are for example already fixing specification for products that will be released in 2020. This mindset is essential to remaining relevant to our customers by understanding their pain points.” Has this direction impacted on your market share? “Brother in the UK have a very solid market share. Taking a look at our categories, in laser printing we are the number 1 brand. In labelling, we are number 1. We are number 1 or 2 in every category in which we are competing. In 1994 when I joined the company, we were number 5 or 6. We have always been ‘challengers’ and then leaders, so in all the years I have been here I have never let complacency creep in.


“We are a solid business with both discipline and excellence and as a result, we have over £100 million worth of sales and a substantial customer base.” Does Brother offer a recycling service on its products or, intend to? “Absolutely. Everything we sell, we recycle. We have a plant in North Wales where the products for recycling go, and the plant itself has zero waste. We recycle and repurpose everything. It’s incredible what can be achieved to reduce environmental impact with the right resources.” Also, we talked about diversification in the past. How strongly are you pushing this in the UK marketplace? “For every business there is a constant dilemma: What is serving you now? versus, What do you need for the future? “It’s about how you proportion your resources. Teams need to be focused. It is important to ensure that the people who are employed to grow the future are given scope to focus on specifically this – and not distracted by present day targets or objectives related to the current business model.” “I’m satisfied that our future portfolio is looking bright as we are achieving

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“Whilst the product may be physically at your side, we are also there as a business

Phil Jones MBE, Managing Director, Brother UK



August/September 2018

interview Continued from previous page considerable growth in those areas that we set out to, by looking at vertical categories and new markets. “We need to market enter, market make, market build and this takes time and patience. My outlook is as always, cautious but confident taking calculated risk. “One big problem I see businesses often make is that everything becomes a ‘priority’. If everything is a priority, then nothing is a priority. It’s simple. All I do here is prioritise my people and their main effort – what’s important is who does what; once people know what their main priorities are, they will give their discretionary effort to get there. “If instead, you are constantly changing your rhetoric and moving the goal-posts then you create a state of confusion that leads to inertia. You need to give people clarity for them to give you clear results.” What is Brother’s commitment to apprenticeships and how many do you currently have? “We just reached the ‘magic 5%’ of our workforce who are apprentices or, have come up through our apprenticeship programme. What I’m really proud of is that 5 years ago we didn’t have an apprenticeship programme and we hadn’t had one for 20 years. “I was passionate about encouraging

young people and creating opportunity, so we started our scheme in 2013. “When we started, 3 people joined us as apprentices, and they are still with us today in full-time roles. We have 180 people here and have had over 10 apprentices come through now, more than 5% of our workforce – which is the ‘golden number’ of apprentice workforce considered to maximise the future of UK PLC. If all businesses were achieving this, then so many issues could be overcome nationwide. “Our apprentices are a massive contribution to our business. I would recommend that businesses bring young people in, train them well and see what they can do for you.” You were one of the first businesses in the UK to achieve a Platinum ‘Investors in People’ award. Can you let us know the specific milestones you had to reach to win this? “That process started for us in 2013 when I wanted to ratify our great skills, culture and people. I wanted to start accrediting us. “We had Sunday Times ‘Top 100 Employer of the Year’ which was great, but I wanted something that was based more around learning, development and growing people rather than the workplace itself. “IIP is recognised in 78 countries – and I wanted that standard recognised for us at Brother UK.

“Our pathway led us to Gold initially – but this was before there was a ‘Platinum’. We were actually there at the conception of the Platinum standard and I knew we wanted to achieve this. We were indeed one of the first to win (actually, the second by virtue of a few days!) and it was a great milestone for us, setting us apart from many organisations. “To achieve it, we had to capture and evidence robust data that showcased our meritorious practice and continual positive progress. To win, businesses had to demonstrate excellence by 9 principles (with 4 levels within) where we needed to be excellent (highest level) in at least 7 of the 9 major areas – reflecting elements such as leadership, orientation and strategic alignment. “Since the Platinum standard has been rolled out we have actually achieved the highest position within that class of top performing businesses. Of course, we still have improvements to make, but as it stands we are demonstrably one of the best places to work here in the North West, in the UK, and in Europe.

“It was wonderful for us. In particular because it was our 50th Anniversary. It is one of the toughest and most prestigious awards to win so the timing was excellent. It is awarded for sustainable enterprise – not just about being environmentally conscious and providing a good workplace, it’s also about the sustainability of business for the long term. It shows confidence that we will be around in 30/40/50 years’ time and that ultimately, we are a ‘good citizen of business’.

“The employee survey conducted by IIP evidenced that our people feel valued as individuals, that they can be trusted to act and, that they trust our leadership. Essentially – they are valued and provide value.”

“This business is considered to be doing really well, and the acknowledgement was an all-round award for recognising good practice. This means so much to me: seeing apprentices in their teens grow with us, flourish and build their potential to go all the way, and particularly with many of these young people coming from the local community.

Tells us about winning the Queen’s Award for the second time. Also, what does it mean to you personally to pick up an MBE for services to business?

“Many businesses say they have a problem finding talent. We don’t have this problem. Talent is knocking on the door – they want to work with us, they aspire to work with Team Brother UK. “Getting the MBE was a total shock! Absolutely wonderful, although for me it’s always ‘cause before applause’. So when the news hit me, I actually found this personal accolade a little uncomfortable . I don’t look for personal awards, I look for awards for ‘us’ at Brother and so I’m humbled, grateful and honoured. It’s important not to be defined by personal awards – and to just do good in my opinion. “I’m from humble beginnings and grateful for my life – and so in recognising this, I try to help others on their personal journeys too. I have been poor and struggling as a young person, and have come to believe that ‘your beginning doesn’t define your end’. “I’ve had a lot of opportunity, and over time I developed the confidence to take up those opportunities – and to try. When you really try, it’s amazing what good will people will show you.”

August/September 2018

I’m looking to the next 50 years and where we are going next.” You have achieved many goals within yourself and with Brother UK, what other goals would you like to achieve as MD? “The main thing for me when my retirement comes is that people will review my time here as hopefully having set the business on a successful path for the next 50 years.

After finishing your presidency of Forever Manchester, have you stayed on board with the charity? Also, what other areas of Corporate Social Responsibility are you involved in as a business? “I’m not officially involved but we have a Brother UK named fund set up specifically for projects in Tameside. This is centred around education, the elderly and entrepreneurship – the things we are passionate about. Louise Marshall (one of our directors) sits on the board as trustee so we still have strong a link. “I learned some years ago that we can’t help everyone as our resources are limited. I also didn’t want to spread our support too thinly so I take the stance that it is better to be a big help to someone, than little help to many. So, we decided that our passion is for our community – around Tameside and the wider Greater Manchester community – which is where Forever Manchester comes in. “We’re also looking at direct support of STEM or STEAM subjects within the educational sector, again at a local level supporting our local community, plus other charities that mean a lot within our immediate community – our employees.”

express your emotions. This congruent understanding of self will lead to a deeper understanding of others which means you can’t fail to be a really good team player adding immeasurable value to an organisation, comprised of many people.

“To master your subject matter properly is to do so in a ‘T-shape’ - where true knowledge is having both a depth of “I’d like to think that when I step back, vertical knowledge (the job), topped it was left in an excellent state with by a breadth of application across how people we have talked to, making a pipeline of talent coming through. a business works and will grow. us an attractive prospect as a career Our young people joining us now will path for them. Something we’re very “These two techniques put together pleased about. Judging by the amount be our future top talent – hopefully (and applied to the business) will with one of them running the place. of pictures we see of it on social media ensure that top management will notice This will be my ideal legacy.” channels it’s having the desired effect!” and encourage such a person, where What tips would you give someone growth of the individual and growth of “Also, there are a number of customer reading this interview and maybe business can happen simultaneously. events planned around the country working in a large organisation? themed around our anniversary, plus What advice would you give with “A line we have used in the past is so a major dinner in November for all your experience to get in to senior apt: “Grow yourself through growing the other MDs of Brother Europe. management? others” which ultimately has only one The dinner will also be attended by outcome when applied successfully. “I recently spoke to an audience of our European CEO, and the Global That is we help to make people and young ambitious people about my President of Brother Industries will career tips. I had two pieces of advice businesses more successful more quickly. even fly in to help us celebrate. for them: master yourself and, master “In organisations, we always have “We have the Lord Lieutenant your subject matter. teams, with sub-cultures within visiting in October and the Japanese – each holding a variety of ideas “To truly master yourself is to Ambassador coming too, along and outlooks, a team of teams. understand, observe and respond to with other regional dignitaries. However, when viewing the overall your own psychology. For example, A busy year! team, in our case ‘Team Brother’, how you think, how best you work, “For me however, I’m going to enjoy your internal thinking styles and habits the result is a successful cohesion plus biases – and how you control or it and yet also stay on the journey – of all involved.”

For more information on Brother UK please visit www.brother.co.uk You can follow Phil Jones MBE on twitter @philjones40

How are you planning to celebrate your 50th anniversary with staff, customers and your wider business support network? “We have marked the milestone in a number of ways already, including our summer party with all our staff. We have a gold wrapped BMW i8 travelling around our key customers as a central focus and conversation point around our 50th anniversary. The vehicle is a visual metaphor for the speed, sustainability, relevancy and modernity of our business. We’ve actually found the gold i8 has been received well by our customers also by the local community of young people within schools for example. “There’s something about a business featuring a gold-wrapped sports car that seems to be very attractive to the young



Phil Jones MBE with the Brother UK Gold-wrapped 50th Anniversary BMW i8




Business Con





L-R Paul Mirage, Nick Massey DL, Jon Cheetham

As supporters of Forever Manchester, GM Business Connect have always enjoyed a close relationship with the charity, promoting their business affiliated activities and reporting on many of their business-themed events and promotions. Paul Mirage from GM Business Connect is also an Ambassador for the charity. Over recent years Forever Manchester have promoted a regular monthly business networking event – First Friday – taking place between 4-6pm on the First Friday of every month. This was always a great way to end the week. Based in iconic venues across the City Centre, the event was always a laid-back approach to networking. Very grass roots – very Mancunian – a networking ethos that was aimed at businesses that were strong on the idea of community support, and very proud to wear their own CSR credentials, yet were happy and confidant that networking with like-minded businesses was a natural way of showcasing their own businesses. This was always right on the money with GM Business Connect, who as a magazine not just covered the events editorially, but fully supported business engagement. Connecting businesses was and still is our prime concern. As a charity Forever Manchester are constantly looking for new methods

L-R Ged Murray, Nic Edmondson, John Alexander

August/September 2018

of getting their important message out to the business community, and when First Fridays took a back seat to the many fantastic activities that the charity have been championing, GM Business Connect wasted no time in suggesting we take over the event – this time with the added support of our extensive business network. There have had to be a few changes. We now charge £15 entry. This goes to providing the very best in hospitality for those attending, as well as the purchase of a Forever Manchester tombola ticket on entry which features some great prizes including overseas holiday breaks. Our ethos is still the same as previously – that is to attract the very best calibre businesses to network on a regular basis in the heart of Manchester City Centre. There are no long speeches or talks. The event is 2 hours of pure business networking, with a short break for a business card draw and a few words from Forever Manchester. We are very clear that the emphasis is on networking, also on raising the profile



August/September 2018

nnectworking in the heart of Manchester of Forever Manchester as Greater Manchester’s premier vehicle for a very Mancunian approach to CSR.

So, the inaugural new ‘supercharged’ First Friday Connectworking event took part on 1 June at Artisan restaurant in the heart of Spinningfields. The soft launch was a fantastic success, with over 70 businesses attending. Manchester Three Rivers Gin Company provided free Gin and Tonics for the attendees, and the business card draw featured a meal for two and a free bottle of wine for Lunya Spanish Restaurant, a classic Concorde

tour for two at the Runway Visitors Centre, a bottle of Navy Strength Four Pillars Gin, plus 500 free business cards from Minuteman Press in Altrincham. As well as the draw there was an auction for dinner, bed and breakfast for two provided by Hotel Football, which raised a further £140 for Forever Manchester, plus Artisan provided free pizza for all the attendees (to soak up the free Gin!) July’s First Friday Connectworking event also took place at Artisan,

L-R Kieron Hill, Kim Batchelor, Zara O’Hare, Paul Mirage

Cheryl Garnett, Simon Pick

Jean Mills, Danny Franks

L-R Peter Collins, Ed Bower

following the winning formula of the inaugural event. Free Gin and Tonics were again available, as well as pizza and the chance this time to win a 3 Course Dinner and bottle of wine at 20 Stories restaurant in the business card draw. Also featuring as prizes were a bottle of Champagne from Halecroft Recruitment, and a quality bottle of Red wine.

L-R Paul Daine, Peter Collins

Another highlight was when Jean Mills from Forever Manchester spoke for a few minutes about the charity, Danny Franks from Hudson Hill Consulting, and an Ambassador for Forever Manchester, presented a cheque for £2,500 raised from Tour de Manc for Forever Manchester. Both events were notable not just for the hospitality and the chance to support Forever Manchester, but for the quality of businesses attending. The next two events will be held at Atlas Bar on Deansgate, on August 3 and September 7.

L-R Charlotte Rasburn, Roger McBride, Jessica Southworth

L-R Simon Edmondson, Phil Tompson

Forever Manchester work with local communities across Greater Manchester to inspire and encourage projects that the communities want to see, to make their neighbourhoods happier and healthier. They help local people to build communities from the inside out, and galvanise the true creative, entrepreneurial spirit for Greater Mancunians to emerge and shine. To see how your business can work with Forever Manchester contact Jean Mills on 0161 214 0940 jean@forevermanchester.com www.forevermanchester.com


@GMBizConnect @4EVERManchester


Don’t forget yo business card ur s!

Friday, 3rd August + 7th September City Centre Business Networking Atlas Bar, 376 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4LY • 4.00pm - 6.00pm Tickets only £15 from Eventbrite: First Friday Connectworking Photography by Martin Hambleton of Commercial Photography North West 07766 815703



August/September 2018


pro-manchester welc July saw a change of Chair for pro-manchester. After holding the reins for the past year outgoing Chair Jane Forbes from PwC handed over to Alistair Cree from Eversheds-Sutherland at a very enjoyable lunch held at the Albert Square Chop House.

After an introduction from John Ashcroft, CEO of pro-manchester, Alistair took to the mike to outline his vision for the next year ahead for pro-manchester and it’s growing membership of over 300 professional services businesses. “In terms of what I want to talk about, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself and how I’ve become connected with pro-manchester and then I thought I would set out my thoughts on what I was hoping to focus on (and indeed achieve) in my year as Chair. “I must admit that when I moved to Manchester I didn’t know a huge amount about the place. I had friends here, who all said it was great, I have vague memories of travelling down from University and going to various parties and so forth but, if I am being honest I probably thought that I would move to Manchester for a couple of years, and then

perhaps move back to London.

“The thing is though that once I got here, and once I started working in the city, there was never any real moment that I ever wanted to move back. I soon realised that Manchester is not a second best to London, or frankly a second best to anywhere, rather it is a fantastic place to live and work, with its own unique cultural identity, unique vitality, drive and purpose. I want to see Manchester and its business community thrive on a world stage and being on the board and subsequently now as Chair gives me the opportunity to play my part. “At its heart, pro-manchester is a business development organisation and the role of the chair (and indeed the exec) is to serve its members, to drive their interests (and the interests of the city generally) forward and to create opportunities for growth. “To me, one of the key aspects of generating growth (and focusing on the future) is to ensure that young people, whether they be people coming out of Manchester’s universities (or indeed graduates from around the country, or internationally) view Manchester as a place they want to live and work, and this is

something that I’d like to bring through as a theme in talking to you today.

themselves as technology companies because they recognise that is where the world is going.

“Half of the global population is under 25 and that whilst 25% of the workforce is currently under 25, within 10 years 40% of the workforce will be under 25. These young people are globally wired, entrepreneurial, collaborative and change-orientated, and we need to make Manchester and its business community relevant (and attractive) to them.

“Manchester’s business community need to recognise this. The pace of change is tremendous and that is why I will try as much as I can to promote pro-manchester events within the tech, digital sector, social media and e-commerce sectors and to promote the concept of the city as a tech sector to the people I come into contact with.

“So how can pro-manchester help in doing this? “Technology resonates with people coming out of the universities. In my view, we need to harness the Universities we have in the city, the biotech firms, fintech and indeed investment community to help make Manchester, and indeed the region, become recognised as a national, if not world centre, for technology. “I talk to a lot of businesses as part of my job, and quite a number of them are in the traditional manufacturing heavy industry sector. A notable trend is that these (traditional) businesses don’t describe themselves as being “industrial” or “manufacturing” businesses anymore, they describe

“Promoting jobs within this sector will draw graduates / young people in and ultimately push the city forward. We, as members of the Manchester business community, need to me mindful of exploiting this. “What else do I intend to focus on? “I think that the we can leverage a vibrant professional services community to attract and retain the best graduates. The city already has a reputation, second only to London, for professional services. Some of the top law firms, accountancy firms, PE houses and corporate finance advisers in the country are based in Manchester, and we need rightly to promote this sector and drive it forward as much as possible. “I think that this is particularly important at present, as there is a growing trend amongst graduates to value certain items above pure salary (which is something that does still set us apart from London). If we

August/September 2018



omes new chair can promote Manchester to people coming through (whether they be part of the professional services community or in industry) as a city that can give you the best of both worlds - top rated work within an environment that ticks the boxes on the work/life balance, this is a powerful combination. We need to make Manchester famous for it. “How can pro-manchester help here? “Well, through linking the professional services community within Manchester (which was the genus of pro-manchester) with the business (non-professional services) members of pro-manchester (and the universities). “To me at least, the “hook” here is pro-manchester’s sector programme, because it provides that initial linkage or reason to strike up a conversation. The programme expanded significantly this year, with hugely successful lunches covering the sports and hospitality, corporate finance, retail and e-commerce and property sectors.

“It’s very important if we are promoting Manchester to graduates and businesses (both nationally and internationally) that we are co-ordinated in what we are saying. pro-manchester already has very well established links with the GMCA, MIDAS, City UK, the office of the metro mayor. Personally, I think it’s important to strengthen those links to ensure that we are all, frankly, singing from the same hymn sheet.

Alistair Cree, new Chair of pro-manchester

“I will play my part in bringing the pro-manchester message to some of these organisations, and listening to what they have to say, and bringing that back to you, the membership. “The fourth area that I touch on is Transport.

“The third theme I’d like to touch on is co-operation.

“I whole-heartedly agree with the need to improve, significantly, the transport links within the North West. This is vital to Manchester. Part of what has driven Manchester forward over the past decade has been the success of the airport. It brings people in and facilitates the flow of investment into Manchester.

“It seems to me that there are quite a number of different organisations which are purporting to promote Manchester in similar ways.

“I have clients who could invest in multiple different parts of the world but because there are direct air links between where they live abroad

and Manchester, and they can have meetings here and it’s easy, they come to Manchester. The £1bn plus development of the new “super terminal” is great news for us all. “The airport is however only one element of transport. We need to do something about the rail links, congestion and having more of an integrated transport policy. “In many ways the city has become a victim of its own success – the infrastructure has not been able to keep up with the influx of businesses (and residential living) within the city and its suburbs. “If we are going to promote Manchester as a great place to both live and work (as I believe we should), and to use this as a differentiator from London to technology companies, professional services and business generally, we need to make sure people can get around, can get in, can get out and can commute, because that sort of flexibility is what is attractive, or certainly one of the key things that is attractive, about living in Manchester. “So how shall I measure success? “I have outlined today some areas that I would like to focus on:

Jane Forbes, John Ashcroft, Alistair Cree

• Making Manchester more attractive to graduates, to people coming through, • A focus on promoting technology

and innovation in general within Manchester, • Greater alignment between the various groups promoting the City, • A continued push on promoting the strength of the professional services sector; and • Support (in whatever guise that forms) for those pushing forward transport reform and infrastructure growth. “These are all fairly lofty ambitions but they are vitally important in developing Manchester into what we, the members of pro-manchester, want it to be. A world city with a worldwide reputation that attracts and retains the best of talent. “We all share the same collective ambition, to see our businesses grow and thrive. I am very proud of the City and if I can stand at the annual dinner in 12 months’ time and say how pro-manchester, under my Chair, has driven these objectives forward then I will be a happy man.” pro-manchester is a corporate membership organisation representing the 240,000 employed in the financial and professional service community in and around Greater Manchester. Boasting more than 300 corporate member firms, pro-manchester engages with over 5,000 individuals. For more details call 0161 833 0964 or email: admin@pro-manchester.co.uk



August/September 2018


Global software firm makes Stockport its UK home

set our sights on the UK market. To make that ambition a reality, we’re investing heavily into growing our presence here and it’s just the start of the journey.”

Jeff then outlined the history of the brand: “Interactive Freight Systems (IFS) began operating in 1997 and specialised in multi-carrier shipping solutions, with SmartFreight as its core product.

“Its global headquarters are based in Rhodes, Sydney with local distributors in New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland and the UK. “An early believer in using disruptive technology to improve customer experience, it created one of Australia’s first generic multi-carrier shipping systems and quickly became a market leader, by putting the customer first, and helping them take back control, with a system that offered versatility, transparency, accountability and efficiency.

“SmartFreight works by using the client’s own shipping rates with their own chosen transport providers, loaded into the system by the SmartFreight team. This means customers are still in control of the commercial relationship with their transport providers, not a third party that may have a vested interest promoting certain transport providers.

Sydney-based shipping software provider SmartFreight has opened its first UK office, choosing Stockport as its base of operations throughout the UK and Ireland. GM Business Connect caught up with SmartFreight’s National Partnership Manager Jeff Francis, who is heading up the expansion. Jeff has lived in Stockport for more than 35 years and is keen to sing the town’s praises as the perfect choice for locating the new European headquarters. Jeff commented: “We’re very excited to be opening our first UK office in Stockport, which will act as our European headquarters as we expand to meet growing customer demand. Stockport is my home and I am delighted to be able to help bring a globally respected and

leading software brand to the UK. “SmartFreight provides innovative software solutions to some 3,000 companies around the world, helping cut their distribution costs and enhancing their supply chain operations. We have already received acclaim in Ireland where we have quickly helped around 400 customers we’re now setting our sights on the UK.

administration, IT and technical support, as well as national and regional sales and marketing. “Few people working outside of the supply chain sector will have heard of us and that’s very exciting as we start to get our story out there. “SmartFreight is the leading provider of its kind in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland and has now firmly

“Stockport stood out as the perfect location to base our European headquarters and we’ve initially taken 300 sq ft of office space at Cheadle Place, Stockport. This is Jeff Francis, likely to increase soon as we’re National intending to rapidly grow to Partnership Manager meet customer demand. “We’re already recruiting staff to build up our team, where seven immediate roles are available in

“As an award-winning pioneer of SaaS (Software as a Service) shipping software, SmartFreight has one of the best levels of functionality of any product and is extremely competitive with a quick return on investment. ”SmartFreight is part of the IFS Group and also has offices in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland. For more than 20 years it has provided transport management software to some of the world’s leading organisations and currently processes more than £325m each year of freight spend across its 16,000+ software users.

For further enquiries please contact Jeff Francis on 0845 094 9477 or email

jeff.francis@eu.smartfreight.com Suite 42, Cheadle Place, Stockport Cheshire SK8 2GL



August/September 2018



Exporting opportunities

+ food for thought!

The beginning of July brought two great speakers to K-Club’s regular Salford networking event - Thomas Kirk, Director of family firm Francis Kirk Group plus Jo Whitfield, Retail Chief Executive of Co-op Food.

differences - but with a business partner speaking 7 languages, and determination, they overcame these hurdles, urging Tom to reflect on the importance of learning languages for business. Furthermore, he encountered difficulties in currency exchanges and So, after the usual excellent breakfast banking system politics – e.g. which courtesy of hosts AJ Bell Stadium, banks would or would not deal with Thomas Kirk took to the mike. With his which countries. Big unexpected main focus on exporting, Tom spoke expenses would incur and mount up about his family business – Francis Kirk - such as transportation costs and the Group – 150 years old this year. unseen costs of cross-cultural business Following in the footsteps of his father management where there would be significant differences in operational and grandfather, Tom took up the styles and business cultures. mantle of 5 generations to continue the legacy of his family business. “What fits for one doesn’t fit for Started in 1868 the business was everyone.” Tom stressed the grown from a tool-shop in Denton importance of having people ‘on making horse and cart tools, through the ground’ and nurturing face to to making fasteners after the war and face relationships that are built on through to his own father bringing “trust, honest and integrity”. Our in metric fasteners in the 1980s. future business is based on mutual Family orientated through and opportunity so it’s essential to meet through, his staff and apprentices partners and customers at a local level. also make up the ‘family’. In growing a family business, he Tom went on to explain that in 2012 explained: “We must always treat one of his suppliers was struggling our staff, customers and partners as to manufacture and in the spirit of extended family – make the effort seeing opportunity rather than crisis, to understand and respect their the result was that he and his family culture, no matter how geographically bought a new business in Pontefract. extended they are.” From there he described moving into the middle east marketplace, where a potential dispute over unpaid commissions from previous owners was resolved allowing opportunity to trade in a new region. Many challenges would lie ahead – not least where restrictions on trade with Iran were put in place almost overnight! Again challenges were turned from restrictions to new routes with alternatives explored. Looking at the issues, Tom expressed that the biggest challenge was the language barriers and also, time

Jo Whitfield then shared her experience and insight gleaned from her position at a community retailer with over 160 years of diverse history. As a welder’s daughter, Jo explained that her parents had left school at 15 and didn’t have many opportunities for education, as a result, her parents were determined to give Jo and her brother the chances they didn’t have. As such, she studied business at university and specialised in finance. Quickly learning how to lead others (who had many more years of experience) and in a male-dominated industry,

Jo learned how to manage business and people across a number of areas. This encouraged her to build ‘a great team’ – by listening and understanding in order to draw on the strengths of others. After spending time at GE, a move to retail with Matalan opened up new opportunities for Jo. Explaining that she loved the pace and energy of it and starting off as finance controller, she saw significant change for the business and for herself: with much opportunity to balance her career with motherhood. Returning to her position after maternity leave, much had changed including the team of people she had come to know. She was thus involved in a lot of restructuring, due diligence, and developing new relationships with the new leadership team. It was all change and a fresh perspective. It was at this point in her career that Jo suggested she was beginning to see the importance of business networking - essential opportunities for cultivating crucial relationships. Breaking through with a role in George (Asda) Jo was able to expand her skillset before arriving at Co-op Food as Finance Director. Then, after only 8 months, Jo stepped up to lead the division in her current role as Retail Chief Executive allowing for further learning and deeper experience in the new position. Referencing Asda’s hiring mantra, “You hire for attitude and you train for skill” Jo expressed her alignment with the mindset of listening to learn, immersing oneself in what’s going well (or not well) to understand where improvements can be made. Just as Jo felt that she benefited from

L-R Tom Kirkland, K-Club Founder Fred Stone and Jo Whitfield

those who spotted talent in her and gave her diverse roles, she urged us all to spot opportunities in people and give them the confidence to take those diverse roles. As a CEO Jo also explained that in this role there is privilege and responsibility - you speak for everyone and represent the brand. Summing up the lessons she has learned, Jo enthuses about resilience, authenticity and support networks. Resilience and a sense of humour have been key for encouraging collaboration between people. Being herself - being authentic - in the face of competition, glass ceilings and juggling her work/life balance is what Jo believes has garnered her the trust of her staff. Tapping in to the help and support of others when challenges set it, helps to achieve the work/life balance which in turn, builds resilience. As a CEO, being a good listener and support to others is essential to nurture great people for an amazing business. After these two fantastic presentations K-Club presented a round table K-nowledge event: “Giving your website visitors the best user experience.” In this ‘taster’ session, members were invited to hear from Website Conversion expert Paul Rouke of PRWD, who covered how to make websites more accessible, logical and a more enjoyable experience for visitors, ultimately converting those visitors through to customers. He explained and provided examples of the most advanced ways to engage and convert visitors across a business’s multi-channel experience. The next K-Club breakfast event is on Thursday 27 September again at the AJ Bell Stadium.

For further information please contact Amanda Manson, Events Organiser on

07754 069 829





August/September 2018

review July saw the regular joint Trafford Council and GM Chamber’s Trafford Park Business Network take place at Hotel Football in Old Trafford. As well as the usual itinerary of networking and presentations, the event was also host to the new University Academy UA92 and property business Bruntwood officially signing the Trafford Pledge. Proceedings started with a welcome from Graham Dixon, Group Director of Esprit Warehousing and Docks, who was host for the morning. The first speaker was Simon Guy, Interim Principal of UA92, who went on to describe the formation and intentions of the new Academy. Next to present was Jane Keys, Director of Apprenticeships, Trafford College. Jane went into detail about the role of apprenticeships in terms of the modern business community. She then went on to describe the specific offering from Trafford College. This led on naturally to the next presentation – Richard Waggott, Apprenticeship Development Manager, Manchester Metropolitan University. Richard went into detail about the structure of degree level apprenticeships and how they can be actioned to nurture talent within businesses, saving significant amounts of funding for both businesses and students alike by leveraging the new levy on larger businesses.

The Trafford Park

Business Network

Council, Trafford College, and the Department for Work and Pensions to ensure new job roles are promoted locally and create opportunities to help support people back into work. Alongside this UA92 will be working with partners to create non-traditional routes into the University. The new campus will be built on the site of the old Kelloggs building adjacent to Emirates Old Trafford.

Bruntwood, a locally based property, letting and management company and will be delivering the construction of the new UA92 University campus. Bruntwood have pledged to identify jobs and apprenticeships suitable for local Trafford residents both within the UA92 contract and other developments in the Trafford area.

Partington in April 2013 as a response to the high number of long term unemployed young people in the area. The idea was simple; to match the 85 unemployed young people in the area with the 150 businesses to help support them into work. A partnership was formed between Trafford Council, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Trafford College to deliver the Pledge and local businesses were invited to sign up to offer any one or more of the following; a job; an apprenticeship; work experience or practical support.

During the first six months the businesses that signed up helped move half the young people into work, saving over £100k in out of work After a question and answer session benefits. The Pledge now covers Graham then organised a business the whole of Trafford and focuses card draw, where 10 businesses each Bruntwood are working in partnership on supporting people who are presented a 60 second elevator pitch with UA92 and Trafford Council to disadvantaged in the labour market to the room. such as; NEET young people deliver the construction of the new Councillor Andrew Western, Leader (Not Engaged in Education, University. Bruntwood will put out the of Trafford Council, also gave a short Employment or Training); construction to tender to ensure that speech on the signing of the pledge, Care Leavers; Army veterans; the principles of the Trafford Pledge and the exciting investment into agreement are built into any contracts, people with a health condition Trafford of the new University Campus. not just for UA92 but for other or people with complex needs. developments in Trafford as well. The event then moved on to the To date over 1500 people have The overlying principles are:actual signing of the Trafford Pledge been supported into work through by Bruntwood and UA92. the Trafford Pledge and over • To support recruitment of local 50 businesses have now signed up Trafford talent wherever possible. UA92 including Laing O’Rourke, Cartwrights, The new University Academy (UA92) • Achieve maximum coverage of Cargil, Hotel Football, Wilmott Dixon co-founded by Gary Neville and employment opportunities locally. Partnership, Amey and Peel. the Class of 92 and local property • To work towards a proportion (to UA92 and the Trafford Pledge company, Bruntwood, are the latest be determined) of the jobs with businesses to sign the Trafford The development of the new Bruntwood or their supply chain Pledge, supporting local people into University academy provides fantastic on developments including the employment and training. new resources and opportunities for construction of UA92 to be from people to upskill them and access The new University Academy will open the local population. new job opportunities. The role of its doors to students in September • Support the development of new the Trafford Pledge is to ensure that 2019 and has pledged to support local apprenticeship opportunities local people can access these new employment, both through their own where possible for local residents. opportunities. recruitment and also through their contractors. UA92 will work closely with Trafford Pledge partners; Trafford

The Trafford Pledge

The Trafford Pledge started in

The overlying principles of the UA92 agreement for the Trafford Pledge are:

• To support recruitment of local Trafford talent wherever possible. • Achieve maximum coverage of employment opportunities locally. • To work towards a proportion (to be determined) of the jobs with UA92 or their supply chain to be from the local population. • To develop degree level apprenticeships an alternative route to achieving degree level qualifications. • To develop alternative pathways/routes into UA92. For further information and to register interest in attending, contact the Trafford Council Strategic Growth Team on 0161 912 4583 or email business@trafford.gov.uk

Graham Dixon, Group Director, Esprit Warehousing and Docks

Simon Guy, Interim Principal, UA92

Jane Keys, Director of Apprenticeships, Trafford College

Richard Waggott, Apprenticeship Development Manager, MMU

Councillor Andrew Western, Leader of Trafford Council



August/September 2018


UA92 kicks off in style at the Point Lancashire Cricket Club and INSIGHT. game-changing not just for the Commenting on the day, co-founder sector, but also for the students that come and study with us. Gary Neville said; “I feel incredibly proud that we have arrived at the stage where we are able to host our very first Open Day.

University Academy 92 (UA92) welcomed the first of its prospective students to its inaugural Open Day at Lancashire Cricket Club recently. Guests at the Emirates Old Trafford event heard from co-founders Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs on how their education as part of the Class of 92 inspired them to want to launch the new university academy and pass on the winning philosophy. Academic partners Lancaster

University, who will accredit the UA92 degrees, spoke about how they were working with the Class of 92 to translate their vision into the innovative Target Talent curriculum, which focuses not just on academic excellence but on character development as an integral part of the programmes UA92 will offer. A large exhibition showcased UA92’s partners, such as founding partner Microsoft, as well as KPMG,

“Three years ago when we started this project this day seemed a very long way away, but now we are here and able to talk to potential UA92 students, it suddenly feels very real and that is very exciting.”

“The philosophy of the Class of 92, coupled with the academic rigour of Lancaster University, make for a very exciting proposition and I’m delighted to be part of the team offering prospective students their first taste of the UA92 experience.” UA92 Founders Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville

Interim UA92 Principal Professor Simon Guy added, “To be here on the inaugural UA92 Open Day is a significant moment in the development of this new university academy. “The vision for UA92 is a fresh, innovative approach to higher education and I firmly believe that UA92 can, and will, prove

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August/September 2018

round table

Challenges and opportunities for an ageing Manchester by Mell Hill

age discrimination claims directed at older people. A lot of these claims start with language used which has a huge impact on how people feel. This could be applied in other areas quite easily. “For example, the new apprenticeship schemes that are aimed at older people could do to be renamed, as it has certain connotations about it. There is a huge amount of people in workplaces with good skills in terms of dealing with people but their professional skills aren’t necessarily needed anymore, so can we upskill them in other areas?”

In March, Greater Manchester became the UK’s first age-friendly city region as recognised by the World Health Organization. Mayor Andy Burnham has released GM’s Age Friendly Strategy and is working with all sectors, including healthcare, transport, housing and sport, to implement it. There are 10 million people aged 65 or over in the UK at present, and it is expected that this will rise to 15.5 million in 20 years’ time, and to around 19 million by 2050. As Greater Manchester becomes the first age-friendly city region in the UK, as recognised by the World Health Organisation, Mayor Andy Burnham launched an age-friendly strategy and joined GreaterSport to celebrate the securing of £1m funding from Sport England to encourage older people to be more physically and socially active. To mark the achievement and to see how public bodies and the private sector are adapting, pro-manchester gathered some of Manchester’s most in-the-know professionals to discuss the challenges and opportunities for an ageing Manchester. GreaterSport’s Development Officer for Older Adults, Beth Mitchell, who discussed their new strategy with Mayor Andy Burnham at length: “The program has already shown great signs of longevity way after our funding ends. “Traditionally these programs have been created by a bunch of people sat in boardrooms, but by getting out into the boroughs of Greater Manchester and doing focus groups, gaining insight and conducting surveys, we believe we have increased the potential of it being sustainable

in communities post-project.” Beth also discussed the Greater Manchester’s new ‘Beelines’ project, an innovative new plan to create a city-region-wide cycling and walking network made up of more than 1,000 miles of routes, including 75 miles of Dutch-style segregated bike lanes. The accessibility of this project, Beth believes, will mean that more people will use it. “There is no cost for people to use it, they don’t even need a bike. I think if these routes make people safer, it will encourage more walking,” she commented. What more needs to be done for older people in the workplace? Jon Cheetham, GM Business Connect says: “There was a huge ageism issue in workplace culture, however, there’s definitely a change happening now – not because of political correctness, but because of necessity bourne out of a real skills

shortage across the region. This only seems the case within the white collar rather than blue collar workforce though which is a problem. “I would say a 50-year-old now is not perceived the same way a 50-year-old was perceived 20 years ago. We see people who have made a life choice not to retire at 60 or 65 because they want to carry on as it’s a vocation and they enjoy their work. I meet “older” entrepreneurs a lot in my line of work - these people are staying fitter, healthier and more focused far older because of their engagement in their business roles. Businesses are reaping the benefits of a far more effective older demographic and I really think there are lots of positives to having an ageing workforce.” Alison Loveday, Partner at Kennedy’s, believes the best way for businesses to adapt is by changing the language they are using: “I’ve done a lot of corporate disputes, particularly with

This question sparked a great debate among our panel. Andrew Spencer, ICZ Director at University of Salford, shared insights on a fascinating new project, where 75 researchers are looking into healthy ageing at Salford’s Dementia Institute. The main aim of this project is to promote the importance of focusing on your environment, social life and general health and wellbeing in order to age more comfortably. One thing they are looking into here is whether being more active or working longer will benefit us as we age. Andrew had positive views for Greater Manchester, after his time working in both Scotland and Hertfordshire: “In terms of talking to people and their desire or will to make a change in their community to help older people, I would say it’s pretty strong in Manchester. I lived in Scotland when it got its devolution and it creates a sense that it’s small enough that you’re able to be part of something. Manchester’s devolution makes things much more cohesive. There is a much more real appetite for change and making a difference here compared to places I have previously lived.” pro-manchester is a corporate membership organisation representing the 240,000 employed in the financial and professional service community in and around Greater Manchester. Boasting more than 300 corporate member firms, pro-manchester engages with over 5,000 individuals. For more details call 0161 833 0964 or email: admin@pro-manchester.co.uk

August/September 2018




The innov8 live

Gin Garden Party

Businesses from across Greater Manchester came together for a very special evening at the end of June for a night of gin cocktails and business networking at Hotel Football’s Heaven. This included a Massive Prize draw worth thousands of pounds that was won by one lucky business in a game card draw. This was the first ever innov8-Live event, a new series of events to help businesses connect with new suppliers, partners and clients. The event was attended by a number of partners who were encouraged to bring banners and promotional material, as well as great turnout of high profile Greater Manchester businesses. As well as taking part in a game

card draw for the one big prize, each attendee were given tokens to exchange at the Gin Bar which was organised with event partner Atlas Bar, who served an array of gin cocktails. The drinks went down fantastically in the party atmosphere and the team at Atlas were sharing their in-depth experience of over 380 different Gins that the now famous “GinBible” venue currently holds in Manchester. The event included a huge prize draw for one lucky attendee who completed the game card on the evening winning the below range of prizes. The lucky winner was Karen Garrattley from COS BookKeeping, who won the following fantastic hoard of prizes: 2 x Bottles of Vintage Wine / 1 x Premium Bottle

of Gin / 4 x Business Books / 1 x Bluetooth Speaker / 1 x Partner Package at the next innov8-Live Event / 2 x Tickets to both days of the International Social Media Conference / 2 x Tickets to the Greater Manchester Business Awards / 1 x Nights Bed and Breakfast for two people at the Mercure Manchester Piccadilly / Afternoon Tea for two at the Monastery / A custom made Tea set from Hendricks Gin / 1 x quarter page advert in the next GM Business Connect Magazine. At the end of the evening we were treated to a live set from one Manchester’s best live event entertainers, Rick Moorhouse, who brought the event to a close with a live music set to

put the icing on the cake. Innov8 Director James Caldwell commented on the event: “We want to thank everyone who came up to the team at the end of the evening and who made us aware of how much they enjoyed the event. The sheer number of attendees who have already registered for the next innov8-Live on September 28 at Hotel Football, confirms to us that we definitely put on a great event. “This is a fresh and successful new look at ways of engaging businesses across Greater Manchester, and feedback received during the event definitely confirmed that we achieved this with lots of the partners confirming that they had received plenty of enquiries and the attendees having a fantastic night. “We are very excited for the next innov8 Live event and it would be great if you were able to attend the next evening taking place at Hotel Football, this time downstairs in the Old Trafford Supporters Club on 28 September. The theme for this one is “Pie ‘n’ Pint” – get registered now for your ticket to another great networking event.”

L-R Mark Wrigley, Jessica Southworth, Paul Mirage

Next event: innov8-Live Pie ‘n’ Pint Evening Where:

Hotel Football, 99 Sir Matt Busby Way, Old Trafford M16 0SZ


Friday 28 September 2018. 6.30pm – 10.30pm



Tickets: www.innov8-conferences.co.uk / event / innov8-live-pie-n-pint-evening / L-R Rick Moorhouse, Karen Garrattley, James Caldwell



August/September 2018

employment law Hermes and Pimlico Plumbers

both lose their challenge regarding ‘worker’ status

June saw two important decisions relating to the much litigated topic of employment status. Whilst both cases are very fact specific, they provide a timely summary of the issues that need to be assessed in determining whether your contractors are genuinely self employed or not.

Why is employment status important? Under UK law we have 3 types of working relationships: employee, worker and self employed. There has been a great deal of litigation recently in this area. Determining status is important as, amongst other considerations such as tax and PAYE, employees have the full range of employment protection; workers are also entitled to key benefits which self employed individuals are not. In the Pimlico Plumbers case, Mr Smith, a “self employed” contractor brought claims of disability discrimination, unlawful deduction of wages and failure to pay him his statutory annual leave entitlement. The Supreme Court rejected Pimlico’s appeal in June. Meanwhile, in the Hermes case,

a number of individuals brought test cases against Hermes to determine their employment status. Hermes workers claimed unlawful deduction of wages and failure to pay statutory annual leave entitlement. In June the employment tribunal decided that these individuals are also workers and are therefore entitled to pursue their claims.

Summary of the facts in Pimlico Mr Smith worked as a self employed contractor for Pimlico for 6 years before falling ill and was then unable to work. In reviewing the working arrangement the courts looked at the obligations placed on Mr Smith by Pimlico: • Required to lease and drive a company van and wear a uniform. • Obliged to work 40 hours per week. • Had to comply with strict administrative requirements. • Restricted from working for competitive businesses post termination. • Although Mr Smith was allowed to swap assignments between

other plumbers, they had to be Pimlico plumbers and was more akin to swapping shifts with a colleague. Given the above points, the Supreme Court decided that Pimlico exercised a significant degree of control over Mr Smith, and, as he was unable to substitute another plumber in his place, he was a worker, working under a contract of service.

Summary of the facts in Hermes 65 Hermes couriers brought a test case to establish their employment status. Hermes, the large parcel delivery company, sought to argue that the couriers were truly self employed, despite a number of requirements placed upon the couriers. The tribunal judge was scathing of Hermes’ evidence that these couriers were self employed and found many of the arguments put forward by Hermes as ‘implausible’. The couriers were subject to the following requirements: • Once a round of deliveries was allocated to the courier, they were obliged to make the deliveries (this is termed ‘mutuality of obligation’ and points to worker status). • Expected to be available 6 days per week.

from the courts’ decisions. The court will scrutinise both the terms of the contract and the reality of the working relationship to ensure that they are consistent. Mutuality of obligation and the right to substitute are key areas which will be analysed in detail in determining worker status.

What does this mean for my business? This does not mean that you cannot continue to use truly self employed contractors in your business. It doses mean that those businesses who exploit individuals by classing them as self employed, rather than worker, to avoid paying minimum wage and holiday pay, are likely to face a number of claims in the future. If you do use self employed contractors in your business, now is the time to carry out an assessment of their employment status. Look at the requirements that you place upon them; such as any requirement to abide by company procedures and processes; are they truly free to set their own working arrangements? What happens if they cannot take on a job? Given the complexities surrounding this area of the law it is always a good idea to seek advice sooner rather than later, so do not hesitate to get in touch if you think this may affect your business.

• Obliged to find cover if they could not complete a round of deliveries otherwise face a risk of not being provided with future work.

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• The choice of substitute had to be vetted by Hermes, so there was no ‘unfettered’ right to provide a substitute (which would indicate a more self employed status). Whilst both cases turn on their own individual facts, there are some common links that can be extracted

Chloë Leyland Enhanced HR Solutions Ltd www.enhancedhr.co.uk

August/September 2018




The University of Salford offers

new post graduate courses

The University of Salford is launching a suite of brand new post-graduate courses to ensure their offer is cutting edge and continues to provide students with the skills they need to take the next step in their careers. Among them is a course aimed at combating emerging forms of financial fraud.

MSc Fraud and Risk Management This course aims to train students to spot the latest forms of financial fraud, and to assess their risk, to prepare them for a career in the financial services. International finance expert Ghulam Sorwar, Professor in Finance at Salford, has helped to design the new course. Ghulam commented “Fraud is becoming more complex all the time, and we have seen with things like the Carillion situation that this can impact on many lives and reverberate throughout society. “In recent years the nature of fraud has changed and the impact of information technology means that there are now opportunities to commit fraud that did not exist in the past. We will teach students about these using theoretical problems but we will also use real world case studies to look at the limitations of these theories.” The exciting new programme aims to fill a gap where professional financial fraud is examined from different viewpoints including financial fraud, accounting fraud and banking fraud. It will provide students with an understanding of what motivates fraud and how to detect it. This course will prepare students to spot the latest fraud techniques, such as accounting fraud, IT issues and security issues.

New Master’s programmes for September As well as MSc Fraud and Risk Management, the Business School is launching other new Master’s programmes for this September: MSc Professional Accounting MSc International Human Resource Management and Development MSc Finance and Investment Management MSc Operations Management MSc Digital Business

• Digitally enabled: digital is now an integral part of all business, be it mobile banking in the finance sector, digital fluency in human resource management and development or the application of big data for supply chain management. • Global in outlook: with students and academics from all parts of the world, the programmes have an international focus through live briefs and case studies from global organisations.

The next intake for students is September 2018 but there are several entry points through the academic year, so students can choose the start time that works best for them. For more information on all the post graduate programmes offered at Salford, see the website www.salford.ac.uk / business-school/programmes / postgraduate-course-listing

• Ethically sound: in all programmes, students are taught ethical and sustainable business practices.

For more information about the proposed developments from the University of Salford please contact Sam Wood on 0161 295 5361 or email s.e.wood@salford.ac.uk

LLM Health Safety and Industrial Law Dean of the Business School at the University of Salford, Professor Dave Spicer, said: “I’m excited to be introducing all these new courses. “They will ensure that our portfolio of options for post graduate taught students is fully up to date and they can be confident that when they come to Salford they get an education which will prepare them for all the challenges of the modern business world, putting them in a great place to boost their career or even launch a new one.” The launch of these new programmes sits alongside the postgraduate programme review that the Business School has completed, working with employers and current students to create the most industry-relevant business school. As well as being academically challenging, the programmes also focus on being: • Industry informed: industry partners work with academics to co-create and deliver programmes to ensure that students’ learning is relevant, real-world and experiential.


IN PARTNERSHIP WITH INDUSTRY We develop graduates who mean business.

Find out more about our business-informed, industry-relevant Business, Finance and Law programmes

www.salford.ac.uk/business-school +44 (0)161 295 2222 sbs-admin@salford.ac.uk




August/September 2018


You’re on LinkedIn, and you think ‘So what?’ 2. Get engaged.

Having a LinkedIn profile will not benefit you one jot if you don’t engage. Be a human being. What knowledge can you share? What tips can you give? What perspective can you add to a conversation? What questions are your prospects asking?

Did you know most people have this view of LinkedIn?

route to being in a position to always be ready for that new opportunity.

business sales. Yes, new business, straight out of LinkedIn.

Are you guilty of thinking LinkedIn is the place to go when you need a career move?

LinkedIn is the place to build your online personal brand, enhance your reputational value by sharing what you know, seek valuable new connections that can add value to your life’s experiences and nurture relationships that will grow you and your business. Time spent on LinkedIn is a profitable investment that will serve you well for the rest of your working days.

Let me add, I have yet to find an industry segment that cannot benefit from LinkedIn. From individual entrepreneurs, education, to central government. And do you also know, people tell me it’s fun!

Did you know LinkedIn is THE business-to-business social media platform? Now you see what you did there? As soon as the term ‘social media’ popped into the equation, a little part of your brain turned-off? That’s normal by the way. If you weren’t ‘born digital’ some of this stuff doesn’t come easy to you. Can I be a bit controversial here too – the more ‘senior’ people are, the less they think LinkedIn matters much. How wrong there are!

Let me run that past you in a slightly different way. If you could unearth the greatest tool to make you and your business more successful, would you be interested? No-one I have ever asked that question of has said no.

Let me tell you – LinkedIn IS that tool. In the past, LinkedIn was understood to be the place you went when looking for a new job. You can still tell when that is the case. People start to improve their profile, update their photo, adjust the experience section, etc. But this is simply too late. Being present and active on LinkedIn is the

Now, I’m old and ugly enough to know that claims like this quickly evaporate in today’s noisy world of bite-sized media messages. But I also witness that people tell me every week LinkedIn has changed their lives. Yes, you read that correctly – LinkedIn changes lives. Only last week did a writer on nanotechnology tell me that pretty much all his work comes through LinkedIn. A hotel chain I spoke with a few months ago now have LinkedIn at the heart of their sales strategy. Within two weeks of developing an understanding of the power of LinkedIn, several people generated new business, entirely off the back of activity and time spent on the platform. A person in an audience I spoke to called me to say she had won two new pieces of business in the last two weeks as a result of listening to just one of my tips. Why? Because in a few short weeks a better understanding of it drove new

So, what next, you ask? You won’t have the patience to read War & Peace here, so I’ll give you just two tips that you might just take away and commit to.

1. Sort out your LinkedIn Profile. This is your personal online brand. Are you proud of it? It is your digital brand of honour. Over 60% of your prospects are likely to view your profile before picking up the phone to call you. If that doesn’t make you think, nothing will. We probably all understand the concept of Know – Like – Trust, don’t we? LinkedIn is a powerful vehicle to build that trust.

Do this consistently and you will find opportunities come to you. No sales pitch necessary. The world of new business has shifted on a social selling axis in the last decade. It is no longer about selling, but about engagement. In fact, to ‘sell’ on LinkedIn is the LAST thing you should ever do. It is the place to engage and build trust in the relationship. The selling will always be done elsewhere. Please excuse me from sounding like a sleazy second-hand car salesman here, but I guarantee that opportunities will be generated if you are prepared and commit to spend a little time and effort on your LinkedIn engagement strategy. Since 2002 when LinkedIn was created with the mission statement to ‘connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful’ – it has slowly become the tool of choice for savvy business professionals who want to grow their business. Why wouldn’t you want a piece of that? LinkedIn? It could just be that opportunity you have been waiting for to experience a life-changing moment.

Get yourself a great profile picture, sort out your LinkedIn headline (make clear what do you do and how can you help me). Write a great summary. Where have you been, what are you doing, where are you going? Make sure ALL the fields available to you are completed. Even the volunteer section should be completed as you never know what hobbies and passions other people have that will resonate with you and them.

Nigel Cliffe Value Exchange Ltd linkedintraining.co.uk

August/September 2018



digital marketing

Choosing the right Google Adwords advert format for your business One of the great things about Google AdWords is its versatility and adaptability, meaning that businesses of all sizes, industries and budgets are able to create campaigns to suit their objectives. We outline some of the various advert formats that can be created with the platform, for Google’s Search and Display networks, below.

Text - only adverts The default format and most straightforward to create for AdWords beginners. The text-only advert is ideal for those wanting to reach their customers directly through Google Search. You’ll be required to stick to a strict character limit, as your advert will occupy one of three positions above or beneath the organic search results, although advert text can be edited at any time. Because they are the most basic, they work best for attracting customers who have actively searched for your product /service and are already prepared to make a purchase. As a result they often generate a higher click-through rate than other advert formats, at a higher cost per click.

Image adverts Adverts which display your product or service in an image, are a good way to catch the eye of customers on the Display Network i.e. those browsing on one of Google’s 2 million partner websites. Whatever your business does, image adverts can be really valuable for attracting potential customers as we often respond more to visual rather than textual advertisements. Consequently, they are perfect for building brand awareness, if this is one of your objectives. Image adverts don’t have to be just static; you can also use interactive graphics such as GIFs to add an extra degree of appeal to your advert. Unless you have the design capabilities in house, this type of advert can be a more expensive choice.

Shopping adverts As the name suggests, shopping adverts work best for ecommerce retailers or those with physical stores by showcasing some of your best items through image and text links to the product specific page on your website. You’ll input product information through Google’s Merchant Centre, which will create an advert for you, displaying information such as your store name, price, and availability

on the Search, Shopping and Display Networks. The key difference is that your adverts won’t be controlled using your set keywords like normal; Google will display product adverts it decides are most relevant to users’ search queries.

Call-only adverts Call- only adverts are text adverts with the goal of driving calls to your business. This means that when a user sees your advert through Search and clicks on it, rather than going through to a landing page, they will be given the option to call you directly from the search results. As such, these types of adverts are only compatible with mobile devices. For businesses that depend largely on phone calls to customers (such as those requiring appointments: dentists, hairdressers etc.) this type of advert can be really valuable.

that have supplementary apps, but don’t primarily operate their business through them. When a user clicks on an app promotion advert, they will be sent to the app store or directly linked to your actual app. With countless options for customisation available, there is an advert format to suit any type of business. The key is to know which advert works best for your services or products, and it is crucial you get the correct guidance from an expert in the field. Google Adwords can be an incredibly cost-effective way of converting your marketing spend into real opportunities to convert specific enquiries into definite sales.

App promotion adverts Like call-only adverts, app promotion adverts will only work for businesses that operate through mobile apps. They are ideal for businesses that require people to download their app in order to actually use their service, such as the ‘gig economy’ style businesses like food delivery and taxis.

Justin Cottrell Media Maze www.media-maze.co.uk

They aren’t as useful for businesses

We guide you through the complex world of Paid Advertising so you don’t waste your budget on campaigns that don’t convert Paid for Search (PPC) Specialists Social Media Marketing Email Marketing Display Marketing Conversion Centred Web Design

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August/September 2018


School and college leavers are choosing apprenticeships more and more every year

With the academic year now at an end, it is the perfect time for businesses to recruit apprentice talent. Why? Apprenticeships are becoming an increasingly popular choice for young people leaving full-time education, as not only will they be earning a wage, but they will also be gaining valuable work experience and gaining a nationally recognised qualification. Apprenticeships at Salford City College are currently recruiting the most gifted school and college leavers from across Greater Manchester, to add to their already impressive portfolio of apprentice talent. The college boasts having over 1,100 apprentices on programme currently, with a view of having more than 2,000 in their talent pool by 2021.

Allan Milne, Head of Apprenticeship and Business Development at Salford City College, said: “We are coming into the prime-time of year for businesses to snap-up the best apprentice talent. As our students finish their college courses, we offer them the opportunity to apply for an apprenticeship with us. “We also work closely with our feeder schools to ensure all









0161 631 5555 WWW.SALFORDCC.AC.UK




ambitious 16-year-olds in the area, who are eager to step into the world of work, have the opportunity to be placed at a company through our free recruitment service.” Heather Beardall, who was recently named Salford City College Apprentice of the Year for her hard-work and dedication towards her Business Administration Apprenticeship, with employer Morson Group, is a previous Eccles Sixth Form College student. Heather was recruited through the Apprenticeships at Salford City College Recruitment Team when she finished college and has since excelled on her programme. She said: “After college I was motivated to carry on my learning journey so I decided to start an apprenticeship to progress my career and gain more knowledge of the business environment.” Her manager, Becki Ross, Head of HR at Morson Group, said about Heather, “I’m really proud of her, she is our rising star.” In fact, Heather has excelled so much with Morson that they are now developing a role especially for her. Becki continued: “She has just completed her Business Administration Level 3, so will now meet with the director and map out her progression for over the next few years.” Apprenticeships at Salford City College have been placed within the top 13% of colleges nationally for apprenticeship achievement rates and within the top 5% in the North West, proving their programmes deliver for both the apprentices and the employer. Allan continued: “There is no doubt

that the ‘apprenticeship movement’ is gathering significant momentum. The range, levels and quality of apprenticeship opportunities are better than they have ever been, with apprenticeship now at the heart of the skills agenda in the UK. “We have introduced a range of new apprenticeship programmes to meet the demand of businesses in this region. We now have a number of apprentices in the financial services and will soon have our first project managers and digital marketers on board.” If you are interested in hiring an apprentice, please call 0161 631 5555. Heather Beardall, who was recently named Salford City College Apprentice of the Year

August/September 2018



debt recovery

The importance of cash flow Cash flow is the lifeblood of Businesses. It enables them to invest and expand. Without it they cannot be sustainable. To make the most of opportunities, a business needs confidence in their cash flow. This means getting to grips with credit management.

How well do you know your customer? You must know who you are dealing with. You need to know the person you are trading with is credit-worthy. Should things go wrong, the more you know about them, the more effectively you can take legal action, should it become necessary. Gaining as much knowledge in advance of doing business is a sensible way of protecting yourself.

What are your payment terms? Payment terms are essential, because if something goes wrong and someone fails to pay you on time for your product or service, then without agreed terms, how do you prove late payment?

No surprises Sound credit management is not about firefighting, but putting measures in place to reduce the likelihood of problems occurring when it comes to payment. Set out and agree your payment terms in advance. Do this in writing. It’s strongly advised to confirm these agreed terms before placing an

order, or agreeing any work.

Are you invoicing effectively? It might sound obvious that if you do not raise an invoice then you will not get paid, but turning this into an efficient process will help keep you up to date with what people should be paying you. The main thing to note is that invoicing must be a priority. It is the first step in helping you achieve, and maintain, the cash flow that will allow your business to run and grow.

Getting it right from the start If you get your invoicing right at the start of the process, it reduces the chances of you having to spend time and energy issuing credit notes or follow-up invoices. Include your terms and conditions with the invoice, with special reference to interest chargeable for late payment. If you are VAT registered, your invoices must be compliant with HMRC VAT requirements.

Can you chase payments? Completing the sale is when the customer pays you. If they fail to pay you then they are hanging onto money that should belong to you. It is therefore important to follow up non-payment and to ask for what

is rightfully yours. However, getting this right means putting the right processes in place.

Consider payment methods

but you must be sure you want to commit to it. For example, if your customer who has failed to pay you is insolvent, will this gain anything?

Also, you must consider the costs Keep all your records, including proof involved in taking any action set against the money you are owed. of delivery, copies of invoices sent, and, crucially, a record of all payments In other words, is it worth it? received and actions taken where this Professional debt recovery has not occurred.

What if your reserves are running low? Regardless of how many orders you have, or what your profit margins look like, without adequate cash flow your business will be in trouble. Cash flow requires a strategy. You must plan your requirements diligently, including cash forecasts that you regularly update.

Can you protect your credit? You can trade with protection against bad debt by taking credit insurance. By reducing the risk of bad debt, credit insurance can strengthen your balance sheet and may make other forms of financing more easily available to you, including overdrafts or invoice factoring.

Another option is to commission a specialist commercial debt recovery agency to act on your behalf. We will have the expertise and resources to provide the necessary extension of your credit management process. Specialised debt recovery works because it provides a dedicated service that is focused on achieving results. Consider commercial debt recovery as a logical, effective extension of your credit management policy.

Are you out of options? Sometimes, despite every action and process you take, you cannot get paid. You can take further action,

Paul Daine Premium Collections www.premiumcollections.co.uk



August/September 2018


Do you ever switch off? So much of our lives are ruled by time, with school, work, appointments, transport connections all needing to be turned up promptly for.

to the need to switch off and take a break.

We need to take some ‘me time’, so intercept that red light before it appears and causes everything to stop. Switch off for a while and return to a healthy ‘green for go’ state.

Even when we’re looking forward to something like a run, a swim, a game of golf we may well be competing with others or trying to improve on our personal best.

Did you know that 19 million days of annual leave remain untaken in the UK each year? And that figure doesn’t include the sole traders, small businesses and self-employed who regularly forgo holidays, feel they’re too busy to switch off and take a holiday for fear of missing out on sales, business opportunities or out of concern at being unavailable and disappointing their clients.

It’s good sometimes to be highly motivated to improve, or feel invigorated to push ourselves to beat someone else, but it’s also important to notice if we ever switch off and at times ensure that we do. Think about slowing down, maybe changing down a gear at times.

But switching off for a time gives your mind a break and you’ll often find that when you do return to work you’re feeling refreshed, recharged and excited to be back. You may even have had time to reflect on your business and come up with stimulating new insights and ideas.

Let’s look at some important ways to switch off.

Notice when your ‘amber lights’ start to flash. Just like traffic lights, red means stop, green means go and amber means slow down, proceed with caution, get ready to stop. Amber lights become noticeable when you’re doing too much, are becoming stressed and overloaded.

Start that big task, the one that

Everyone has their own personal warning signs of stress. Yours may be when your sleeping patterns are affected, you’re smoking or drinking more, your good humour has evaporated, your perspective has become more gloomy. Those niggles, irritations and mood changes alert us

you’ve perhaps been dreading or avoiding. By being proactive and starting work on it you stop it from constantly playing on your mind, so preventing you from switching off. It may help to break it into parts; what you can do today, what you can’t proceed with until you’ve had a response, those areas where

you need someone else’s help and expertise. Note what you’ve set into motion and then switch off until you’re next in a position to continue.

Do activities for their own sake. Not everything has to have a purpose or point to it. Clear time for painting, craft work, walking, even pottering about or peoplewatching in the shopping mall over coffee. Value the fun, satisfaction and therapeutic benefits they bring into your life.

Spend an hour or so becoming immersed in reading a book, listening to music, tending your garden, watching a show. Remind yourself how lovely it is to switch off from the day’s demands. Really focus on what you’re doing so that you become oblivious to external distractions. the view, the weather, the scenery when you’re taking a walk. Enjoy the coffee you’re drinking or the food you’re eating, value the company you’re with. Give your full attention to whatever you’re doing, the people you’re with and find that your relationships improve as a consequence.

Turn off your technology. Set aside specific times for checking online unless there’s an emergency situation that needs regular monitoring. There are few things that can’t want an hour or so and you may find that you become more time efficient when you fritter less in constant scanning of messages and updates. oasis or haven, where you can go to truly switch off. For many their bedroom is their place of peace and calm. Include personal touches with your choice of fabrics, colours, decor. If you need a workstation in your bedroom, screen it off at the end of each working day.

- Wind down before bed, info@martinhambleton.com

07766 815703


Treat switching off as important and you’ll find that you manage your stress levels more effectively, often achieving a better work/life balance and a happier, healthier quality of life.

Live in the moment. Appreciate

- Designate a place as your


conversation before bed. Save it for another more appropriate time. Take a bath, a relaxing shower and wash away the day’s cares and stresses. If you have a tough mental job maybe enjoy some yoga or a leisurely walk before bed so that you’re able to wind down gradually.

so giving your sleep and sleep quality the significance they deserve. Avoid that deep and meaningful

Susan Leigh MNCH (ACC)

Altrincham, Cheshire and South Manchester counsellor, hypnotherapist, relationship counsellor, writer and media contributor offers help with relationship issues, stress management, assertiveness and confidence. She works with individual clients, couples and provides corporate workshops and support. She’s author of 3 books, ‘Dealing with Stress, Managing its Impact’, ‘101 Days of Inspiration #tipoftheday’ and ‘Dealing with Death, Coping with the Pain’, all on Amazon and with easy to read sections, tips and ideas to help you feel more positive about your life. To order a copy or for more information, help and free articles visit www.lifestyletherapy.net For more articles, information or to make contact please call 0161 928 7880 or visit




August/September 2018

diary dates 4 Networking

Stockport - Fridays Fortnightly - 10 Aug, 24 Aug, 7 Sept... 8.00am - 10.00am Venue Bredbury Hall, Osborne Street Bredbury, Stockport SK6 2DH Cost £15 Contact Rebecca Moloney 03300 102024

Bolton - Tuesdays Fortnightly - 14 Aug, 28 Aug, 11 Sept... 8.00am - 10.00am page Federation of 9 Small Businesses Venue Last Drop Village, Hospital Road, Bromley Cross, Bolton BL7 9PZ Networking Altrincham Cost £15 20 Aug, 17 Sep... Contact Christopher Kennaugh 07463 889002 6.00pm - 8.00pm Venue altspace, Kennedy House, Salford Quays - Wednesdays Fortnightly 31 Stamford Street, Altrincham - 15 Aug, 29 Aug, 12 Sept... 8.00am - 10.00am WA14 1ES Venue The Beefeater, 11 The Quays, FREE Cost Salford Quays M50 3SQ #FSBConnect Bolton Cost £15 7 Sep, 5 Oct... 8.00am - 9.30am Contact Alexandra Dunton 07792 472600 Venue The Watermillock, Crompton Way, www.4networking.biz Bolton, BL1 8TJ BNI Royal £10 (includes breakfast) Cost Weekly every Thursday Network Media City - early networking includes full breakfast 3 Sep, 1 Oct... 6.00pm - 8.00pm 6.45am - 9.00am Venue Orega Serviced Offices, The Blue Venue Gatley Golf Club, Waterfall Farm, Tower, Media City, Salford M50 2ST Styal Road, Heald Green, FREE Cost Cheadle SK8 3TW Contact Simon Edmondson 07766 493428 Cost £10 Simon.Edmondson@fsb.org.uk Contact Andy Walsh 07850 909055 andywalsh@strandcreative.com

Business for Breakfast

DataCentres North


Manchester Business Breakfast Club Weekly Networking every Friday - includes breakfast 7.00 - 8.30am Venue Manchester Tennis & Racquet Club, 33 Blackfriars Road, Salford M3 7AQ Visitors free for 2 visits Cost Contact 0161 820 1135 info@manchester-bbc.co.uk

Manchester Pro Business Curry Club


5 Oct, 2 Nov, 7 Dec - Venue to be confirmed Contact Paul Mirage 07708 987518 paul@businessconnectpublishing.co.uk www.gmbusinessconnect.co.uk Tickets on Eventbrite: First Friday Connectworking

Action4Business Networking, Sector lunches, Economic Updates Full listings can be found on: www.gmchamber.co.uk Contact 0161 393 4321

Dynamic Networking

Handbags & Briefcases

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Sounding Board 26 Sept 11.30am - 1.30pm Venue The Metropolitan, 2 Lapwing Lane Manchester M20 2WS £10 Cost Contact Jenny Matthews 07984 872325 info@handbagsandbriefcases.co.uk

Entrepreneur’s networking breakfast 2 Speakers + Full English Breakfast 27 Sep, Nov 15 7.30am - 10.00am Venue AJ Bell Stadium, Barton-Upon-Irwell, Salford M30 7EY £38.03 Cost

Contact Amanda Manson 07754 069 829 www.k-club.co.uk

First Friday



Women’s Business Lunch + Speaker 9 Oct 12.00noon - 2.00pm Venue JMW Solicitors LLP, 1 Byrom Street Manchester M3 3HG £31.79 Cost

20 Connectworking City Centre Business Networking with GM Business Connect Magazine in association and support of Forever Manchester Charity 3 Aug, 7 Sept 4.00pm - 6.00pm Venue Atlas Bar, 376 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4LY

2 Day Exhibition and Conference 30 April + 1 May 2019 9.00am - 5.00pm (4.00pm on 1 May) Venue Emirates Old Trafford, Old Trafford, Manchester M16 OPX Cost FREE Contact 01892 518 877 datacentres@stepex.com www.datacentresnorth.com Free Business Networking Bolton - 4th Tuesday monthly 28 Aug, 25 Sep, 23 Oct, 27 Nov... 5.30pm - 7.30pm Venue Last Drop Village, Hospital Road, Bromley Cross, Bolton BL7 9PZ FREE Cost


Women’s Networking Power Business Breakfast Club - Monthly 5 Sep, 3 Oct, 7 Nov, 5 Dec 9.30am - 11.00am Venue Alston Bar & Beef, Cathedral Street Manchester, M4 3TR £15 Cost Contact 0845 6434 940 enquiries@forwardladies.com

Weekly every Friday - includes full breakfast 6.45am - 8.30am Venue Mercure Bowdon Hotel, Langham Road, Bowdon WA14 2HT Cost £10 Contact Members@BowdonBusinessClub.co.uk

Networking - Fridays fortnightly 15 Jun, 29 Jun, 13 Jul... 7.00 - 9.00am Venue Cloud 23, Hilton Hotel, 303 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4LQ Cost £15 Contact Tracy Heatley 07812 076946


Forward Ladies

Bowdon Business Club

Business over Breakfast


Regular monthly breakfast networking with high calibre speakers 14 Sept, 12 Oct, 9 Nov, 7 Dec 7.30am - 9.30am Venue Chapel-en-le-Frith Golf Club, Manchester Rd, Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak SK23 9UH £25 Cost Contact edwinacurrie@sky.com www.highpeakbusinessclub.co.uk

Wilmslow - 1st Wednesday monthly 5 Sep, 3 Oct, 7 Nov, 5 Dec... 5.30pm - 7.30pm Venue Hallmark Hotel, Stanley Drive, Wilmslow SK9 3LD FREE Cost Contact Natalie Lewis page innov8-live Pie ‘n’ Pint natalie@dynamicnetworking.biz 29 Business Networking + Entertainment www.dynamicnetworking.biz 28 Sept 6.30pm - 10.30pm Carrington Business Park Venue Hotel Football, 99 Sir Matt Busby Way, Sept date to be confirmed Old Trafford M16 0SZ Venue Pembroke House, FREE Cost Carrington Business Park, Manchester M31 4DD Contact innov8 Conference Services Contact 0161 776 4000 0161 300 6396 info@cbpl.co.uk innov8-conferences.co.uk/events

City Centre - Fridays Fortnightly - 17 Aug, 31 Aug, 14 Sept... 12noon - 2.00pm Venue Unit 4, The Corn Exchange 37 Hanging Ditch, Manchester M4 3TR Cost £15 Contact Delyth Parsons 07517 649167

Networking - Fortnightly Venues Events are held at Bolton, Bury, Stockport, Heaton Park, Didsbury, Littleborough, Manchester, Oldham, Stockport and Whitefield Cost £10 Contact www.bforb.co.uk or email centralservices@bforb.co.uk

High Peak Business Club

Sale - 3rd Tuesday monthly 21 Aug, 18 Sep, 16 Oct, 20 Nov... 5.30pm - 7.30pm Venue The Boathouse, Sale Water Park, Rifle Road, Sale M33 2LX FREE Cost

Cheadle - Fridays Fortnightly - 17 Aug, 31 Aug, 14 Sept... 8.00am - 10.00am Venue De Vere Hotel Cheadle, Cheadle Royal Business Park, Cheadle SK8 3FS Cost £15 Contact Paul McGowan 07971 289686

Contact innov8 Conference Services 0161 300 6396 greatermanchesterawards.co.uk

The South Manchester Business Association Weekly networking breakfast every Wednesday 6.45am - 8.15am Venue Mercure Bowdon Hotel, Langham Road, Bowdon WA14 2HT Cost FREE Contact 0161 962 5195 smba.org.uk

The Business Network Manchester Business Lunch 30 Aug, 27 Sep, 13 Dec 12noon - 2.00pm Venue The Lowry Hotel, 50 Dearmans Place, Chapel Wharf, Manchester M3 5LH Cost £42.50 Business Lunch 31 Oct, 21 Nov 12noon - 2.00pm Venue The Midland, 16 Peter Street, Manchester M60 2DS Cost £42.50 Contact Helen Bennett 0870 751 7523 helen@business-network.co.uk

The Business Network South Manchester Business Lunch 6 Sep, 4 Oct 12noon - 2.00pm Venue Alderley Edge Hotel, Macclesfield Road Alderley Edge, Cheshire SK9 7BJ Cost £32.00+VAT Business Lunch 1 Nov, 6 Dec 12noon - 2.00pm Venue Marriott Hotel Manchester Airport, Hale Road, Hale Barns WA15 8XW Cost £32.00+VAT Contact Simon Coy 07860 121773 simon@business-network.co.uk

The Northern Business Exhibition 2019

Three course lunch and networking 29 Aug 12noon - 2.30pm Venue Rajdoot Tandoori, Carlton House, 18 Albert Square, Manchester M2 5PR Cost £20 Contact Steve Maz 0161 260 0011 pro-business.co.uk

2 Day business Expo GM Business Connect are media partners 12+13 March 2019 and will be exhibiting - visit us! 10.00am - 4.00pm Venue Manchester Central, Windmill Street, Manchester M2 3GX Cost FREE (pre-registration required) Contact www.northernbusinessexpo.com 0330 1222 049

M62 Connections

Trafford Business Club

PAYG Networking Wednesdays Fortnightly 22 Aug, 5 Sept... 9.30am - 11.30am Venue The Coach House, Wilderspool Wood, Trafford Centre M17 8WW £10 Cost Thursdays Fortnightly 16 Aug, 30 Aug... 9.30am - 11.30am Venue The Sandbrook, Sandbrook Way, Rochdale, OL11 1RY £10 Cost Contact Bill Dove 07932 044 743 m62connections.co.uk


Greater Manchester

6 Business Awards 2019 8 Feb 2019 7.00pm - late Venue Imperial War Museum North Trafford Wharf Road, Stretford, Manchester M17 1TZ Cost £100


22 Hot topic breakfasts, Sector lunches, Economic Updates Full listings can be found on: www.pro-manchester.co.uk Contact Nicola McCormick 0161 817 3483 nicola.mccormick@pro-manchester.co.uk

Weekly Networking every Friday - early networking includes breakfast 6.30 - 8.30am Venue The Claremont Centre, Claremont Road, Sale M33 7DZ Cost £5 for guests Contact Laura Evans 07976 894419

Women’s 20/20 Women’s networking - second Wednesday each month Sep 12, Oct 10, Nov 14, Dec 12... 12.15 - 2.30pm Venue Mercure Bowdon Hotel, Langham Road, Bowdon WA14 2HT Cost £20 for non-members Contact Catherine Sandland enquiries@2020network.co.uk

Don’t forget your Business Cards! Please note If you plan to visit any of the above events please ensure all details are correct in advance. Whilst every effort has been made to confirm accuracy some details may be subject to change.



August/September 2018

places to meet Altspace Altrincham Address Contact Facilities

First Floor, Kennedy House, 31 Stamford Street, Altrincham WA14 1ES 07946 728 863 Co-working office space

AJ Bell Stadium Address Contact Facilities

1, Stadium Way, Eccles, Salford M30 7EY 0161 786 1570 Conference, Meeting Rooms, Events

Albert Square Chop House Address Contact Facilities

Memorial Hall, 14 Albert Square, Manchester M2 5PF 0161 834 1866 Function Room, Restaurant, Pub

Bean and Brush Art Café Address 12 Hayfield Walk, Sale M33 7XW Contact 0161 973 2140 Facilities Café, Food, Drink


Warrington Address The Genesis Centre, Garrett Field, Birchwood, Warrington WA3 7BH Contact 01925 396 800 Facilities Serviced Offices, Meeting Rooms

Costa Coffee Address Contact Address Contact Address Contact Facilities

33-35 George Street, Altrincham WA14 1RN 0161 929 0382 Century House, Ashley Road, Hale WA15 9SF 0161 926 9913 Golden Way, Urmston, Manchester M41 0NA 0161 926 7707 Coffee, Snacks

Cresta Court Hotel Address Contact Facilities

Church Street, Altrincham WA14 4DP 0161 927 7272 Snack, Rest, Hotel, Free Parking

DeVere Venues

Address Atlantic Business Centre Address Atlantic Street, Altrincham WA14 5NQ Contact Contact 0161 926 3600 Facilities Facilities Conference Rooms, Café

Cheadle House, Cheadle Royal Business Park, Cheadle SK8 3FS 0161 492 100 Conference, Leisure, Restaurant

Elliot House

Bizspace Empress Business Centre

Address Contact Facilities

380 Chester Road, Manchester M16 9EA 0161 877 5579 Meeting Rooms, Offices

Bizspace Hollinwood Business Centre

Address Contact Facilities

Albert Sreet, Failsworth, Oldham OL8 3QL 0161 684 2319 Meeting Rooms, Offices

Bossco Address Contact Facilities

Business Design Store

13 Stonepail Road, Gatley SK8 4EZ 0161 282 0011 Tea/Coffee, Web Design, Print, Business Support

Bowdon Rooms The Cinnamon Club Address Contact Facilities

The Firs, Bowdon, Altrincham WA14 2TQ 0161 282 0011 Conferences, Boardroom, Live Music

Café Gourmand Address 221 Ashley Road, Hale WA15 9SZ Contact 0161 929 6050 Facilities Coffee and Patisserie Shop

Carrington Business Park Address Contact Facilities

Carrington Lane, Carrington, Manchester M31 4DD 0161 776 4000 Café, Conference Rooms

Citibase Salford Address Merchants Quay, Salford M50 3SG Contact 0161 660 6204 Manchester Address 40 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6DE Contact 0161 234 0000 / 07827 016 707 Trafford Address Oakland House, 76 Talbot Road, Old Trafford, Manchester M16 0PQ Contact 0161 464 7287 / 07920 763 889

Address 151 Deansgate, Manchester M3 3WD Contact 0161 393 4352 Facilities Meeting Rooms, Private Dining

Emirates Old Trafford Home of LCCC - Event Space

Address Talbot Road, Manchester M16 0PX Contact 0161 282 4020 Facilities Conference, Meeting Rooms, Events

Hilton Double Tree Address Contact Facilities

One Piccadilly Place, 1 Auburn St, Manchester M1 3DG 0161 242 1000 Hotel, Meeting Rooms

Hilton Manchester Address Deansgate, Manchester M3 4LQ Contact 0161 870 1600 Facilities Hotel, Meeting Rooms, Conferences

Hilton Manchester Airport Address Contact Facilities

Outwood Lane, Manchester M90 4WP 0161 435 3000 Hotel, Meeting Rooms, Conferences

Holiday Inn Express Trafford City Address 2 Mercury Way, Urmston, Manchester M41 7PA Contact 0333 003 0050 Facilities Meeting Rooms, Events

Holiday Inn Manchester Central Park Address Contact Facilities

888 Oldham Road, Manchester, M40 2BS 0161 277 6910 Starbucks, Meeting Rooms Free WiFi, Free Parking

Houldsworth Mill Address Contact Facilities

Houldsworth Street, Reddish, Stockport SK5 6DA 0161 975 6000 Meeting Rooms, Conferences

La Famiglia Address Contact Facilities

12-14 Victoria Road, Hale, Altrincham WA15 9AD 0161 929 9626 Italian Restaurant

Macdonald Manchester Hotel Address Contact Facilities

London road, Manchester M1 2PG 0344 879 9088 Leisure Club, Spa, Conference Centre, Restaurant

Manchester Airport Marriott Hotel Address Contact Facilities

Hale Road, Hale Barns, Cheshire WA15 8XW 0161 904 0301 Leisure Club, Spa, Conference Centre, Restaurant

Manchester Escalator Address 233 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4EN Contact 07711 556913 Facilities Coffee, Food, Meeting Rooms

Mercure Bowdon Hotel Address Langham Road, Bowdon WA14 2HT Contact 0161 928 7121 Facilities Hotel and Leisure, Free Parking

Midland Hotel Address 16 Peter St, Manchester M60 2DS Contact 0161 236 3333 Facilities Function Rooms, Hotel

Mr Thomas’s Chop House Address 52 Cross Street, Manchester M2 7AR Contact 0161 832 2245 Facilities Restaurant, Pub

Orega Offices Address 3 Piccadilly Place, Manchester M1 3BN

76 King Street, Manchester M2 4NH

Blue Tower, MediaCityUK M50 2ST

Contact 0800 840 5509 Facilities Meeting Rooms, Serviced Offices

Radisson Blu Address Chicago Avenue, M90 3RA Contact 0161 490 5000 Facilities Hotel, Meeting Rooms

Red Rooms Meeting rooms in Bruntwood Address Station House, Stamford New Road, Altrincham WA14 1EP

Landmark House, Station Road, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire SK8 7BS

111 Piccadilly, Manchester M1 2HY

Contact 0843 504 4753 Facilities Offices, Meeting Rooms

Regus Meeting rooms for hire across a range of Regus properties Address Contact

Adamson House, Towers Business Park, Wilmslow Road, Didsbury M20 2YY 0161 955 4200

Address Contact

Regus Express Hilton Manchester Airport, Outwood Lane, Manchester M90 4WP 0161 261 1440 / 07785 253 488

Address 5300 Lakeside, Cheadle Royal Business Park, Cheadle SK8 3GP Contact 0161 246 6000 Address Contact

Manchester Business Park, 3000 Aviator Way, Manchester M22 5TG 0845 300 3585

Facilities Business Lounges, Meeting Rooms, Offices

Runway Visitor Park Address Contact Facilities

Sunbank Lane, Altrincham WA15 8XQ 0161 489 3932 Conference Room, Conference area underneath Concorde, Restaurant, Concorde Experience and Tours, Meeting Rooms

Sam’s Chop House Address Contact Facilities

Back Pool Fold (off Cross Street), Manchester M2 1HN 0161 834 3210 Restaurant, Pub

St Anthony’s Centre Address Contact Facilities

Eleventh Street, Trafford Park, Manchester M17 1JF 0161 848 9173 Conference Rooms

St James Club Manchester Address Contact Facilities

Eleventh Street, Trafford Park, Manchester M17 1JF 0161 848 9173 Private Members’ Club, Function Rooms, Business Suite

San Carlo Fiorentina Address Contact Facilities

Manchester Airport, Marriott Hotel, Hale Road, Hale Barns, Cheshire WA15 8XW 0161 904 5043 Bar & Restaurant

The Coffee House Address Contact Facilities

Warburton House, 14 Eagle Brow, Lymm WA13 0LJ also at 102 School Road, Sale M33 7XB 01925 551797 Coffee, Snacks

The FUSE Address Warburton Lane, Partington M31 4BU Contact 0161 393 4511 Facilities Conferences, Meeting Rooms, Events

The LifeCentre Address 235 Washway Road, Sale M33 4BP Contact 0161 850 0770 Facilities Meeting Rooms, Café

The Lowry Hotel Address Contact Facilities

50 Dearmans Place, Chapel Wharf Manchester M3 5LH 0161 827 4000 Conference, Leisure, Hotel

The Mere Golf Resort & Spa Address Contact Facilities

Chester Road, Mere, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6LJ 01565 830 155 Meeting Rooms, Conferences

The Offices Address 53 King Street, Manchester M2 4LQ Address 46 Barton Arcade, Deansgate, Manchester M3 2BW Contact 0161 835 9560 Facilities Meeting Rooms, Hot Desks, Business Lounge, 1GB Wi-fi, Gym

Victoria Warehouse Address Contact Facilities

Trafford Wharf Road, Stretford, Manchester M17 1AB 0161 660 7000 Conference, Leisure, Hotel

Warren Bruce Court Address Contact Facilities

Warren Bruce Road, Trafford Park, Manchester M17 1LB 0845 602 5047 Meeting Rooms

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If your business needs a reliable and professional If your business needs a reliable and professional Ifprinter, your business a reliable and professional Brother’sneeds laser range offers exceptional printer, Brother’s laser range offers exceptional printer, Brother’s laser rangeglowing offers exceptional performance that’s earned praise from performance that’s earned glowing praise from performance that’s earned glowing praise from critics and customers. It passed independent critics and customers. It passed independent criticsby and customers. It passed independent tests Buyers Lab with no mis-feeds or service tests by Buyers Lab with no mis-feeds or service testsouts. by Buyers Lab with no mis-feeds or service call call outs. call outs. 7 7 7

*Specific Promotion available on MFC-L8690CDW only. Offer valid until 31/08/2018, Ts & Cs apply, whilst stocks available last. Other offers across the SMB mono and colourTs laser range. *Specifi c Promotion onpromotional MFC-L8690CDW only. Offer valid until 31/08/2018, & Cs *apply, Specifiwhilst c Promotion onpromotional MFC-L8690CDW only. Offer valid until 31/08/2018, & Cs stocks available last. Other offers across the SMB mono and colourTs laser range. apply, whilst stocks last. Other promotional offers across the SMB mono and colour laser range.

DCP-L8410CDW DCP-L8410CDW Colour laser DCP-L8410CDW Colour laser Colour laser

Up to Up to Up to

£75 £75

Cashback Cashback Cashback

and and and 3 year free free 3 year * free 3 year warranty warranty** warranty

Profile for Business Connect Publishing

GM Business Connect Aug.Sept 2018  

August/September Edition of Greater Manchester's fastest growing B2B Magazine

GM Business Connect Aug.Sept 2018  

August/September Edition of Greater Manchester's fastest growing B2B Magazine

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