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It’s official: red lipstick is back. But if you haven’t found your signature shade, Poppy King’s new lipstick and lipgloss collection for No7 is here to help. With retro packaging inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s beauty spot, lipstick guru Poppy has chosen her seven all-time favourite shades – including nude and blackberry, if you’re not quite ready for pillar-box red. It’s the easiest way to say ‘confident and groomed’, so embrace the made-up mouth. No7 Poppy King Lipsticks, £12 each, and Lipglosses, £11 each. Available in 250 Boots stores nationwide and at

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BeSt new product innoVation: olay regenerist 3 point Super Serum Olay has come a long way since the iconic Beauty Fluid your mum used, but it’s clear you love the new products just as much. This hydrating serum, £29.99, is packed with a winning formula of youth boosters, including amino acids and peptides, to instantly plump and firm your skin. 2nd: Garnier Caffeine Anti Dark Circles 2 in 1 Tinted Eye Roll-On 3rd: L’Oréal Paris Youth Code

The go-to skincare

premium Skincare: clinique For the second year in a row, Clinique has triumphed in this category. You’re loving the new daily serum, Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector, £35, which mirrors the effects of a wrinkle-blasting Fraxel laser to help repair environmental damage and protect against premature ageing. 2nd: Clarins 3rd: Vichy

eSSential Skincare: no7 protect & perfect The original anti-ageing serum sold out in days, thanks to its clinically proven results and low price point. And continuing to ride the wave of success is the latest addition: Protect & Perfect Intense Day Cream, £21.50. It’s the first moisturiser to deliver five-star UVA protection and is proven to help smooth deep lines and wrinkles in just four weeks. 2nd: Olay Regenerist 3rd: Garnier Ultra Lift Pro-X

The bathroom ESSENTIALS medicine caBinet quick-Fix: nurofen From niggling headaches to back pain and cold and flu symptoms, you know where to turn. The new Express Caplets, £3.69, are designed to target pain twice as fast as standard ibuprofen to help keep up with our busy lives. 2nd: Panadol 3rd: Anadin

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complementary therapy: nelsons Bach Flower remedies Many of you know and love Bach’s iconic Rescue Remedy, but the new Emotional Eating Kit, £9.95, is truly groundbreaking, as it’s the first product in the UK to use flower essences to tackle the negative emotions linked to comfort eating. 2nd: Neal’s Yard Remedies 3rd: Boots Botanics

Vitamin Supplement: Boots With its impressive range of vitamins and minerals, Boots is your one-stop shop. You said its Pharmaceuticals Evening Primrose Oil, £6.99, is one of your essential health buys because it not only helps to keep your hormones balanced, it gives your skin a boost, too. 2nd: Seven Seas 3rd: Imedeen

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BeSt pharmacy: Boots Established in 1849 by John Boot, no high street is complete without a branch of Boots to meet all your health and beauty needs. But it isn’t just about dispensing prescriptions – you say it’s your first port of call because it offers expert advice alongside top brand names in health and beauty. 2nd: Lloyds Pharmacy 3rd: Asda

new Fragrance: marc Jacobs lola Last year Marc Jacobs won this award for his Daisy Eau De Parfum – and this year he’s wowed you with this intoxicating pink peppercorn and fuchsia scent. Try the latest incarnation with its flocked velvet cap: Lola by Marc Jacobs Velvet Edition, £45. 2nd: Estée Lauder Pleasures Bloom 3rd: Clarins Eau des Jardins


coSmeticS range: Boots no7 No7 is a classic British brand, and topping your make-up must-have list this year is the Moisture Drench Lipstick in Highland Mist, £9.75, which leaves lips smooth and full. 2nd: L’Oréal Paris 3rd: Max Factor

premium coSmeticS range: clinique It’s no surprise that the UK’s best-selling premium beauty brand has got your vote. Its High Lengths Mascara, £15, comes with an unbeatable wand applicator to instantly add dramatic length and volume. 2nd: Elizabeth Arden 3rd: Estée Lauder >

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The make-up must-haves


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An expert’s view on

sensitive teeth the new product that could stop you fearing the dentist’s chair


o you avoid the dentist because of worries about your sensitive teeth? According to Dr James Russell, resident dentist on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies, this is a common fear many dentists and hygienists see in daily practice. But without regular check-ups, you risk other serious dental conditions, such as cavities and tooth loss. That’s why James has started using Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief™ Desensitising Polishing Paste in his surgery. The product is applied to teeth before or after common procedures, such as cleaning and scaling, to provide immediate sensitivity relief and give you a more comfortable experience. There is also a new toothpaste with the same unique technology that you can use at home – ask your dentist about it next time you visit.

Visit for more information

Kershaw ( ‘Receding gums become more common with age, but they’re also caused by over-brushing, which wears them away, or under-brushing and not flossing, which can lead to disease and shrinkage.’ Certain foods and drinks can contribute, too. ‘Anything acidic will slightly dissolve the enamel,’ says Dr Day. ‘That means sugary foods and drinks; anything fizzy, including carbonated water; and fruit and fruit juice – particularly rhubarb and grapefruit.’ Wines, vinegars, pickles and lemon juice can have the same effect, too. ‘Other causes can include gastric reflux, where acid comes up to the mouth from the stomach,’ adds dentist Dr Keith Cohen (www.dentexcel. ‘People with eating disorders like bulimia often have sensitive teeth, too, thanks to acid erosion from vomiting. Excessive teeth grinding can wear enamel away, and tooth-whitening procedures can cause temporary sensitivity.’

what you can do

‘While it’s probably best to avoid sugary, fizzy and diet drinks, don’t abstain from fruit, juice or other healthy but acidic foods – just don’t brush within 20 minutes (and ideally an hour) of consuming them,’ says Dr Day. ‘Saliva helps neutralise the acid on your teeth and if you brush straightaway, you’ll interfere with this process, as well as rinsing away any temporarily softened enamel. So brush your teeth before breakfast, not after.’ It’s a good idea to avoid hard-bristled brushes and aggressive scrubbing, too. ‘Choose a medium bristle or, better still, an electric toothbrush,’ advises Dr Kershaw. ‘It’s almost impossible to over-brush with one, and you’ll keep gums cleaner, so disease is less likely. Floss daily, too.’ Smoking ups the risk of gum disease, as well as masking symptoms, so quit. And studies have shown people with gum disease may be low in the nutrient coenzyme Q10. Try Solgar Maxi Coenzyme Q10, £11.21, available from health

food stores. ‘Anecdotal evidence supports its use for healthier gums,’ agrees Dr Kershaw. It’s also worth trying products specifically designed for this issue. ‘Desensitising toothpastes contain ingredients that form a seal over your teeth, temporarily plugging any holes in the exposed dentine,’ explains Dr Kershaw. ‘It’s a case of finding one that works for your particular pattern of sensitivity. For best results, put the toothpaste onto a dry brush, so it’s not diluted, and spit – but don’t rinse – after you’ve finished.’

in-surgery solutions

If you’ve tried self-help measures and it’s made no difference, see your dentist. ‘If sensitivity lasts more than a few seconds, or if heat or sweetness are the main triggers, they’ll want to investigate decay or an abscess,’ says Dr Day. ‘Higher-dose fluoride products can help if acid erosion is the cause. They may also suggest a “buffer” you apply to teeth and gums after brushing and leave on for extra protection. GC Tooth Mousse is a particularly effective brand.’ Most dentists sell it, or find it online or in pharmacies for around £14. Your dentist can also give you a mouthwash that creates a more alkaline environment in your mouth, preventing an overgrowth of acid-producing bacteria. ‘I’ve seen excellent results with Carifree – a well-researched product from the US,’ says Dr Day. See Your dentist or hygienist may also use special paints on areas of exposed dentine to protect the nerves. ‘This is painless, but may need repeating every six months or so,’ explains dental surgeon Dr Elaine Halley, founder of Cherrybank Dental Spa ( ‘Areas of more extreme erosion can be filled with the same white composite material used in fillings, while the latest surgery involves creating gum grafts on individual teeth to bring the gum level back down. ‘Do get help: these days, dentists want to preserve your teeth, not take them out.’

Do’s and don’ts DO l Avoid fizzy, sugary and diet drinks. l Use an electric toothbrush. Ask your dentist or hygienist to show you how to brush properly, too. l Experiment with the latest toothpastes and mouthwashes for sensitive teeth. l Consider taking coQ10 supplements. l Ask your dentist about treatments that might help – there’s so much on offer.

DON’T Use a hard-bristled toothbrush, or scrub teeth too hard. l Brush your teeth within an hour of eating or drinking. l Rinse your mouth after brushing with desensitising products. l Smoke – it can cause gum disease. l Delay seeing your dentist, as a cavity or abscess may be the culprit. l

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Fact File:

Sensitive teeth tackle the problem and relieve the pain with our expert guide


ver half of us experience the twinge of sensitive teeth at some point in our lives – 30% of us suffer daily – and it’s a problem that seems to be on the rise*. ‘One of the most common dental complaints, it tends to peak in the 30-50 age group,’ says Dr Teresa Day, clinical director and founder of the Appledore Clinic ( ‘Women are consistently shown to suffer more, too, although no one knows why.’ It’s commonly triggered by cold food and drinks, though some people react to heat, or anything very sweet or sharp. However, a few tweaks to your diet and dental regime really could help.

the causes

‘One culprit is receding gums – they expose the sensitive dentine roots of the teeth not covered by protective enamel,’ says dentist Dr Catherine >


By Hannah Ebelthite. *According to Colgate-Palmolive market research

Instant relief from pain In addition to regular brushing, Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief™ has a new 35ml handbag-sized toothpaste to use when you’re out and about. At the first sign of sensitivity, apply a small amount directly to the tooth with your finger, then massage in for one minute to obtain instant and lasting relief. For more information, log onto

Keep teeth strong and pain-free

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‘I was surprised to enjoy my labour’

Easy health boosters ✔ Flawless skin tricks ✔ Glossy hair secrets ✔

Kate Hudson

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How the experts give birth



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Are you a competitive mum-to-be?

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5 things you thought you couldn’t do during pregnancy… Say yo to sushi Next time you find yourself craving a nigiri roll, tuck in. ‘Supermarket sushi will have been frozen beforehand to kill off any bacteria and parasites, and the same goes for reputable restaurants,’ says midwife Vicki Scott of expert advice service

Top up your tan There’s no reason why you have to spend the next nine months shivering in the shade. ‘It’s fine to sunbathe,’ says Vicki. ‘Just make sure you slap on an SPF30+ cream and drink lots of water.’

Get your roots done ‘Highlights pose little risk to your baby as the chemicals don’t touch your scalp,’ explains Vicki. ‘With dyes, the risk is still low, although it’s recommended you wait until after the first 12 weeks of pregnancy when your baby’s neurological system has developed.’

Take to the skies ‘If your pregnancy is uncomplicated, you can fly up until 36 weeks (although you’ll need a letter from your GP from 28 weeks). Just make sure you stay hydrated and move around regularly during the flight,’ says Vicki.

‘Most soft cheeses carry a risk of listeria, which could harm your baby,’ says Vicki. ‘But if they’re pasteurised and rindless, then they’re fine to eat. Likewise, if they’re cooked, any bacteria will be killed off.’ In other words, baked camembert is on the menu! CREDITS TO GO IN HERE

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how to… Spring clean (with a toddler in tow) Thinking about a top-to-toe house clean? Here’s how to do it with a ‘helpful’ toddler at your feet...

Get your child involved ‘By giving him a damp cloth he can feel like he’s helping and, as he follows you around “dusting”, you’ll know exactly what he’s up to,’ says life coach Susan Dunn from

Make it a game ‘We pretended we were rabbits cleaning out our burrow,’ says Rachel Clarke, 26, mum to Seth, two. ‘He loved it and I felt like we were having quality time, rather than simply doing chores.’

Do it in small doses ‘I keep furniture wipes all over my house,’ says cleaner Claire Haymarket. ‘Then if I’ve got a few minutes, I can grab one and quickly go over the surfaces.’ Even if you do have the time, don’t go overboard – exposure to germs helps build your baby’s immune system.

photograph gEttY IMagES

Pick your products Those that do the job mean you’ll spend less time cleaning and more time playing – Claire likes Cif Cream Cleaner (£3.89) for baths and Dettol Antibacterial Surface Cleanser (£1.99) for kitchens. Green products such as those by Method or Ecover are also good.


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