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PMP Education Requirements In order to even site for the PMP certification exam you must document 35 contact hours in the area of project management. In general these contact hours should cover the areas of project quality, scope, time, cost, human resources, communications, risk, procurement, and integration management. When documenting these contact hours you may use any relevant education that you have as long as it is completed prior to applying for the exam, meaning there is no expiration on your project management education. Also, the same 35 hour requirement is in effect for all applicants, regardless of education level. When documenting your hours keep the following in mind … 35 hours is just that, 1 hour of education is equal to 60 minutes of education. For example, if you take a college course that meets for 15 weeks at 3 hours per week, it equals 45 contact hours. In this scenario you have satisfied the PMP education requirements. If the class is only geared towards project management for 50% of the time then you are almost there at 22.5 contact hours. Another example, if you are offered a 4 day crash course in project management through your employer and each day is 8 hours of training then are almost there at 32 contact hours. You must be able to document and map your education to one of the core areas mentioned above. If you are unsure whether a class or training will qualify towards the 35 contact hour requirements be sure to do you due diligence before registering for the course or training. In general the following will qualify towards the PMP education requirements; an R.E.P, which is a PMI registered education provider, an employer sponsored program in project management. Other ways to satisfy these requirements is through a training company, distance learning, a university program or courses offered through a PMI Component organization. Unfortunately, the following won’t help (this is not to say they don’t have value) … PMI chapter meetings or self-study, such as reading through a book. In conclusion, make sure to document all of your education experience, regardless of whether you think it relates to project management or not. A good way to do this is by creating a PMP education matrix in which you map your past education to one the areas outlined above. This will give you an easy analysis of what you have and what you are missing. Once you have all of your education requirements in order you are ready to continue on with the PMP application. Be sure to find out what else prerequisites you need to take the PMP certification exam by visiting Good luck!

PMP Education Requirements  

Understand the educational requirements to sit for the PMP certification test.

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