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Jonathan Barron

Industrial Design Portfolio.

Hi, I’m Jon. Welcome!

“A 20 year old industrial design student studying at Loughborough University seeking a 12 month placement”

First, A bit about me, I live in London but I’m currently in my second year of studying Industrial Designand Technology at Loughborough University. Whilst I study all areas of design, My key strengths lie in Physical prototyping and research. I enjoy getting my hands dirty and have a hands on approach to design. When im not studying I’m either working on my next DIY project or out on my bikes. With a passion for cycling and bicycles in general, I recently took on the challenge of riding from London to Paris over the course of 3 days, raising in excess of £1,500 for breast cancer research.


2016-Present Loughborough University

BA(Hons) Industrial Design and Technology. Currently working at a 2:1. Taking User Experience Design as an optional module

2008-2016 Whitgift School

GCSE- 9xA*-B Grades AS Level- AAB A2 Level- AAB EPQ Artefact- B

Experience. 2014-2016 Croydon Amphibians

Swimming teacher to 4-10 year olds.

2015 Visit to Equator Design

Day-long visit to gain insights into packaging design and manufacture.

2015 Waitrose DFC Operative 2013-2018 Winterbotham Darby

Creation of promotional content for multiple in-house brands. Graphic packaging design for new vegetarian burger line currently being presented to Tesco.

What’s Inside? One Nike Speedfuel Two E.R.A. Three Motus

A collection of work completed both at Loughborough University and in my free time.

Four Injection Moulding Five Personal Projects Six Miscellaneous

Industrial design studies “Create a device that allows hot food to be eaten on location� Split into two parts, this project first involved working within a group to analyse and break down a given brand, in order to create a product inspired by and inkeeping with the brand DNA and style. We were given NIKE as our brand and the research culminated in a presentation, showing conclusions and insights we were able to pull from our research. The second part was to individually develop our own concepts and solutions to the problems identified with eating on the go.

I can’t afford to keep buying meal deals, I’m spending almost

4 Hours

an hour’s pay on dinner everyday”


Deliveroo rider, Loughborough, 2018

The average shift length for a deliveroo rider during the day.

Percentage of riders that said they always consumed some kind of food during their delivery shifts.


Percentage of riders that admitted to eating fast food often rather than a healthier alternative or food from home.


Average spend for a rider when buying food when on shift. Going out and asking deliveroo riders about their eating habits when working as well as their wants and needs revealed some surprising information. I found that, despite working for a food delivery company, the majority of riders didn’t understand the importance of proper nutrition and caloric intake when completing extended periods of cycling. One key finding was that a large majority of riders were resorting to purchasing fast food rather than a healthier alternative. This was something I wanted to address specifically. I found that both speed and having a range of food options available to riders would be key to the products success.

3 Times

The average amount of times riders said they consumed food when on shift. *Of a survey of 42 Deliveroo riders

A range of sketch ideation for the project showing both external forms and details such as mounting brackets and straps for securing the device to the mount.

Modelling various concepts throughout the project was important as it allowed me to test the ergonomics of each design with real users as well as collect feedback and improvement suggestions. These really helped me develop my ideas quickly and come to the best solution to the problems previously identified in my research.

These images show my final design concept. Interacting with a real user was important as it allowed me to finalise overall dimensions of the food heating device. Watching the user iteract with the product also allowed me to identify any issues with the user interaction or functionality of the device.

FUEL YOUR RIDE. A final advertising campaign image that I produced by making a CAD model and keyshot to render it using the deliveroo colours. This image is intended to be printed large scale on billboards and used for bus advertisments.

Design practice “Identify an opportunity for an IoT product for which the industrial design and app interface are dedicated to a clearly defined context.� Key skills used and refined during this project were time management, model making, rapid concept creation and idea development. Rapid concept creation was particularly important in this case to allow me to explore a range of design directions before chosing which I liked most.


inhalation is the most common cause of death in house fires*”

“73% of deaths caused by smoke inhalation*” (*2004-2014, fire deaths, NFPA website)



User The user of this product was decided to be either the fire rescue personnel or the victim. This is due to the fact the mask could be used as an emergency measure or kept in the home as a precaution in case of fire, similar to a fire blanket or extinguisher.

The purpose of the mask is to not only act to prevent inhalation but to provide vital data to emergency services, allowing them to treat victims faster and more effectively with the right measures based on individual cases.

Environment The mask would be used in any emergency situation where inhalation of harmful substances is a risk. This would mainly be aimed at fire rescue operations but could include chemical spills or disaster relief operations.

Developed Personal Brief: “Design and model an IoT enabled emergency respiratory aid that improves survivability of accidents through recording and exchange of vital data with emergency services.”

Having defined the purpose of the product, i set to sketching a range of concepts, eventually deciding to go with a modern and clean looking form. I produced a range of elevational and exploded views to work from when modelling the mask

Producing a range of prototypes during the design development stage was important as it allowed me to test the masks by wearing them as well as get feedback from other people who were asked to try them on. I used a variety of materials including blue foam, wire, prolab and clay to model the mask before finalising the design.

The final finshed model, constructed mainly of prolab with use of wire mesh and neoprene. Complete with 3M reflective tape as seen in use by all emergency services to improve visibility. Front facing LEDs also illuminate the users path ahead for easier navigation in poor visibilty conditions.

User experience design “Design a smartphone app that enhances the experience of smart city living.� This project involved making use of known software such as adobe creative suite as well as learning to use Axure. The combination of these tools allowed me to take my ideas all the way from paper to a real working prototype. This allowed me to test my app in a real world scenario with real users. Getting instant feedback and insights enabled me to quicly find and address any issues. This project combined both group research and individual app prototyping.

“In 2014, 62%

of adults in England were classified as overweight or obese, compared to 53% 20 years ago.*� (*NHS website, 2014)


Dan is a 31 year old marketing agent, he travels around 30 minutes to work via public transport everyday but dislikes his commute. He used to be a successful athelete but since being in such a busy job, he finds it hard to get enough exercise into his schedule.

What is Motus? Motus is a unique app that allows commuters to seamlessly incorporate exercise into their daily lives without feeling like they’re wasting time. Motus combines quick and easy route planning with intelegent smart city data to suggest alternative routes and methods for completion of journeys based on user innputs. Suggestions are based on a variety of timescales and exercise intensity, giving the user choice and control of their exercise intensity level. Live data recording allows Motus to direct users away from busy/crowded areas like main roads and onto alternative routes that may include quieter roads or open spaces like parks. The app is mainly aimed to steadily improve fitness and wellbeing without the major time sacrifices and high costs. often associated with gym memberships

User Pain Points -The bus is often very busy and sometimes he can’t even get on

Task Goals -To be able to plan his journey to work. -To be able to track his fitness progress.

-The crowds around London Bridge station make Dan feel uncomfortable. -The travel app he currently uses is innaccurate, making him late to work. -The train is very busy and he can’t find a seat so must stand still for extended periods of time. -Trains and busses get very stuffy and smelly, causing Dan to feel unwell.

-To share his progress with others. -To see measurable results. -To be able to avoid busy/ crowded public transport services.

Experience Goals -To effortlessly intergrate exercise into his day to day life with no impact on his work. -To regain some of his past fitness. -To spend more time away from busy public transport -To save some money by substituting an expensive train journey with a free walk or run.

By producing a range of paper mockups I was able to both see what each layout idea would look like on a real device and conduct some user testing to gain feedback and insights into what model users thoouht of the app. I was also able to observe how the users navigated through the app and compare if it was as I had originally designed it to be.

Once the app was finished, I took my designs into photoshop where I applied them to phone screens. Here I have shown the start up screen, the home menu and the activity tracking screen where the user can track their progress.

Promotional injection moulding “Design a functional polymer ‘widget’ that is intended to be given away to promote a partiular brand or product.” This project was split into two stages, the first being an individual mould tool development task where I formed my idea and used SolidWorks to model the intended injection moulding tool. The second stage involved working in groups, choosing one design and then going into the workshops and actually machining the tool and injecting plastic into it to form the widget.

The main aim of this product was to design a promtional widget that would not only be functional but also desirable. I first had to decide on a brand/company for the widget to represent, evetually ending up choosing GOKU, a small, London-based bike shop specialising in fixed gear and single speed bicycles.

“My multitool is bulky and I have nowhere to store

it whilst riding”

Storage of tools and spares on a fixed gear bike is a problem myself and other riders often encounter. When out on longer rides over rougher roads it’s good to carry spares just incase of punctures and any repairs that need to be done. However, saddle bags are heavy and many riders choose not to use them as they detreact from the aesthetics of their bikes. I set out to design a functional polymer widget that would fit neatly onto a bike without altering the profile and aesthetics of the bike massively.

Working in solidworks, I then began to model and develop my widget concept. Once modelled, I then began to develop the injection moulding tool itself, working to achieve extremely small tolerances to avoid molten plastic flowing out of the mould under injection pressure. I also produced a range of engineering drawings to later use for reference when making the mould tool in the workshop.

After the individual mould tool development stage, we gathered into groups of six and chose one widget design to take forward into manufacture. Neccessary alterations were made to the design at this point to prevent any problems with tooling and CNC milling. Working with solidworks again, as a group, we planned out the milling paths for the two mould block halves. These were then CNC milled out of foam as a proof of concept.

Workshop tasks for this project were completed as a group, dividing the tasks evenly to simultaneously produce all the inserts that were needed to form the injection moulding tool. All parts are shown above.

The final injection moulded widget mounted to a bike.

A rendering of the final injection moulded widget, shown in multiple colours to show how a range of materials and colours can be used when injection moulding.

Personal projects “Personal projects completed during my free time at university.� During a short period of free time during a term at university I set out to design and manufacture a better backpack. This was driven out of need for a high capacity and waterproof bag for storing my laptop and work in when cycing to and from classes and lectures. By utilising recycled IKEA bags I was able to create not only an extremely functional item that met all of my needs but also an eyecatching product, attracting attention from many of my peers and the public.


“A collection of images that show things that interest me and that I am passionate about.” These images show my passion for cycling and bikes in general. I’ve been working on building up and upgrading bikes for around a year now in the hopes that I will continue to grow a collection in the future. The bikes shown here are both fixed gear bikes that I have built up from purchased components. The photos shown are from a range of locations and trips.

I also enjoy photography, prefering to shoot natural scenes and views. I try and take as many photos as I can when I’m abroad and these are a sample of a few. These were taken in the USA, Morocco, the UK and the Caribbean. I love to travel and enjoy spending time outdoors, completing multiple treks and expeditions such as climbing Mt. Toubkal, the tallest mountain in North Africa, located in Morocco.

Thank you for your time, Please get in touch: 07596 202 130

Jonathan Barron Industrial Design Portfolio  

Hi, I'm Jon! I'm a 20 year old industrial design student currently studying at Loughborough University. I'm currently seeking a years placem...

Jonathan Barron Industrial Design Portfolio  

Hi, I'm Jon! I'm a 20 year old industrial design student currently studying at Loughborough University. I'm currently seeking a years placem...