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Is it? Isn't it? Well, no it isn't! In our last gallery of photographs exploring behind the scenes of the intro scene of Hammer Films DRACULA AD 72, we have two unsung heroes. These are the guys who took the risks and tumbles during that dramatic coach ride through Hyde Park. Eddie Powell who for many years doubled and did stunt duty for Christopher Lee and Peter Munt standing in for Peter Cushing. Even though Peter was never shy of performing his own stunts on many films, this one was though just a little too risky. These photographs and the stills featured were taken by Peter Nicolson who was invited by Peter to spend a day on set whilst the prologue scene was being shot.

Eddie Powell veteran Hammer Films stunt man chats with Christopher Lee.

The horse handlers get the horse and coach off to a flying start!

Both Powell and Munt go through their paces on top of the coach.

If you look carefully you can spot the rope and safety clasp that is attached to the middle top of the coach and the two stuntmen.

Peter Munt as Van Helsing is thrown from the top of the coach by Dracula

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A brief look behind the scenes of filming Dracula AD 72 in Hyde Park

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