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My Intent To continually improve my knowledge of design and fabrication in order to better understand how the parts and pieces can fit together to form the spatial experience. Education Master of Architecture 2013 University of South Florida School of Architecture + Community Design Good Academic Standing | 170+ Credit Hours Earned Design GPA 3.75 | Graduate GPA 3.62


Tampa, FL August 2007 - May 2013

Skills Proficient Understanding AutoCAD Architectural Desktop, Sketch-up, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe In-Design, Adobe Illustrator, Strong Work Ethic, Digital Fab Equipment, Universal Laser Systems, Detail Oriented Model Builder, Wood Working, Metal Work, MIG Welding Basic Understanding V-ray for Sketch-up, Rhino 4.0, Revit Architecture, Kerkythea Rendering

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407.697.8836 Awards and Honors e-mail masters document masters_doc_jonathon_anderson portfolios

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AIA Florida / Caribbean Theoretical & Design Award of Merit | Recipient 2012 S.A.C.D. Construction Specifications Institute Award | Recipient 2012 S.A.C.D. Contractors Masonry Scholarship Award | Finalist 2010 S.A.C.D. Outstanding Core Design Portfolio Award | Finalist 2010 S.A.C.D. Rohe Scholarship | Finalist 2010 United Daughters of the Confederacy Scholarship | Recipient 2007-2012 Experience Graduate Teaching Assistant August 2012 - May 2013 Wood Shop Advisor / Digital Fabrication | USF S.A.C.D. Michael LeMieux Assistant Dock Master June 2012 - Present USFSP Waterfront Zac Oppenheim Internship Position January 2011 - November 2011 Team Florida Solar Decathlon | USF S.A.C.D. Professor Stan Russell Graduate Research Assistant August 2010 - May 2011 Troya Museum Competition | USF S.A.C.D. Selected by Lead Designer Dr. Levent Kara Architecture Modeling Position August 2010 - May 2011 Halflants & Pichette | Studio for Modern Design Sarasota, FL Activities and Societies CSI Secretary August 2012 - Present Construction Specifications Institute Student Chapter USF | S.A.C.D. ACC Vice President August 2010 - July 2012 Architectural College Council [Served 2 Consecutive Terms] USF | S.A.C.D. Intramural Architecture Team Sports January 2010 - April 2013 Flag Football, Soccer, Softball Children of the Confederacy President May 2005 - May 2007 Apopka, FL | Descendant of a Veteran



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Oppenheim, Zac Waterfront Director University of South Florida St. Petersburg | Campus Recreation Zac is my supervisor at the USF St. Petersburg Waterfront, and is the director of all recreation watercraft programs and pool activities. e: p: 727.873.4948 Halflants, Michael, AIA, LEED AP Principal at Halflants + Pichette Design / Build | Assistant Professor masters document masters_doc_jonathon_anderson portfolios

http:/ docs/advanceddesignportfolio http:/ docs/coredesignportfolio


University of South Florida | School of Architecture + Community Design Michael was my professor for two design elective courses offered at the university, Modern Housing and Tropical Architecture. e: p: 941.365.1820 Russell, Stanley, AIA Assistant Professor + Director of the USF Design/Build Program University of South Florida | School of Architecture + Community Design Stan was my Advanced Design A professor and Team Florida Faculity Leader for the design/build of our FLeX House entry to the 2011 U.S. D.O.E. Solar Decathlon. e: p: 813.974.1989 LeMieux, Michael Wood Shop Supervisor University of South Florida | School of Architecture + Community Design Michael was my supervisor at the SACD Wood Shop + Digital Fabrication Lab, and is responsible for managing the graduate assistants and daily activity of the shop. e: p: 813.892.0209


::creating community through democratic architecture::

In modern day American cities there is a significant social construct missing from the core of the community. In Colonial times, cities were planned around a town square, a place where public life breathed throughout the city. Markets, musical events, political assemblies, and many other events took place here on a regular basis. It was a place to see and a place to be seen, but in our new age of urban planning we have lost this entity, this place where a community comes together to interact on a social level. This begs the questions: How can we change this? What can we as creators of public life, do to challenge the view of what a city center is and does for its community? Just how accessible is the community to the public figures that represent them? How can the activity and architecture of the place create a more engaging social landscape? There were two building types that were historically typical to the location of the town square, the original courthouse and city hall. I feel that through investigating these two building types, I will discover which one will best suit my intentions of redeveloping the civic programs of the building type to incorporate more community oriented functions while linking to the public space which is the town square. I think architectural design can play a crucial role in allowing opportunities of social interaction to take place in a setting that has, for much of the 20th century, only served as a seat of local government.

Masters Project Abstract

chair: Vikas Mehta, fall 2012_spring 2013

Masters Project

chair: Vikas Mehta, fall 2012_spring 2013

Modern Housing Prototypes

prof. Michael Halflants Spring 2012

FLeX House: Team Florida Solar Decathlon

prof. Stanley Russell Spring - Fall 2011

Design Developement

prof. John McKenna Fall 2011

Tropical Architecture

prof. Michael Halflants Summer 2012

Core Design 3

prof. Levent Kara Fall 2010

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