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A leading partner in your

business development We can produce a distinctive business image that will help give your company an identity. To do this we deploy the finest in visual and audio stimulus as well as professional and tactical market research that is crucial for any business. In short, you worry about your business; we’ll spread the word. We employ a multitude of professional individuals, each with a creative mind and special skills that will maximize your marketing potential. Set up a free consultation to learn how we can satisfy your marketing needs.

Iek Solutions Media Kit Jambi Media Media Kit

hat began as a mere idea in early 2008 has evolved into the tailored solution for your marketing needs. Iek Solutions is more than just a media company; we are problem solvers that give life and identity to a business.




Iek Solutions has multiple partnerships and resources available to optimize marketing for your business. From brand development and advertising campaigns to website design, Iek Solutions will tailor a solution to your marketing problem with creative and professional execution. Iek Solutions has partnerships with the following: ABC Print Company, Clear Channel, CBS, Neilsen Design Center, and Counter Point Consulting Group.

-Mindy Morgan Owner of Nail Logic the Institute of Nail Technology

Love your style, passion and knowledge! -CBS (in reference to Jambi Media)

In working with Jambi Media I was very impressed with their creativity. Their out of the box approach to matching my business with my message has really made a difference.

Iek Solutions Media Kit Jambi Media Media Kit

Why you should partner   with us

My business cards that you have designed to go with my logo are amazing and I get tons of compliments everytime I hand them out.

-Absolute Merchants






A well Managed business can only go so far,  When communicating with an audience, a recognizable and distinguishable brand name and image is essential. It gives your company a unique personality that can be used not only to retain loyal costumers, but also to reach out to any prospective consumers, therefore increasing your business. A brand image plays a large factor when choosing between two company’s products or services. A brand name and image are essential for a business’ overall professional presentation, and the fundamental building block for marketing, public relations, and advertising.

Iek Solutions Media Kit Jambi Media Media Kit

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-Printing solutions gives strength to a brand image A part of making your brand recognizable and reinforcing its imagery within the minds of your consumers is printing solution. Placing your logo on pens, t-shirts, and other various mediums can have a lasting effect on consumers. When considering a simple pen or t-shirt could be what tips the scales in his or her decision making process. Companies for years have placed their logo on some sort of tangible collateral, simply for the fact that it reminds people of who they are and what they do. Print Solutions are not only a step towards establishing a brand image, but making that image into an icon.

-Printing solutions provides consumers with hands on collateral -Printing solutions makes a brand logo/business more iconic

Iek Solutions Media Kit Jambi Media Media Kit

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Web De


ment -An easier interface encourages website visitors to navigate through a company’s website.

Any modern business establishing a brand name and image is going to need a web site to compliment its quality of service. A web site tells the consumer a lot about the business he or she has an interest in. In some cases, a website’s interface might be so complicated that it discourages web surfers from actually navigating through a business’ website. On the other hand if it’s too simple to navigate through, it might actually make the content of the website harder to retain. Practical design is the fundamental building block of good web design. Having elements of balance, functionality and design is crucial to your company’s overall presentation and will make the website memorable and reinforce brand image.

-Your website is your business’s number one marketing tool -Your website represents your company’s overall professional presentation. -Web development provides 24/7 exposure

Iek Solutions Media Kit Jambi Media Media Kit

Did you know?


Web M



When a prospective consumer is curious about a product or service they have no experience with, the typical way they try to find information is through a word search on the Internet. Should any of these prospects happen to be searching for the same kind of product or service that your business provides, they may very well not even notice your company’s website. This is were Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. The likelyhood of your business appearing on the first page of search engines greatly increases the chance of being able to be the company that satisfies the consumer’s wants. If you have the perfect brand image and website, then make sure you have an audience.

Did you know? -SEO increases number of visitors to your web site. -SEO increases credibility. -SEO brings attention to your business. -SEO is worldwide broadcasting -SEO never sleeps

Iek Solutions Media Kit Jambi Media Media Kit

Have the loudest  world wide broadcast...





Social Media:


-Reaches out to consumers in a cost-effective and personal way

-Hard not to be noticed by potential customers driving by.

-Great way for your company to mass broadcast to all potential customers

-24/7 placement

-A more personalized and friendly way to communicate with customers you may wish to retain

-Reinforces Brand Image


-Keeps consumers updated with your business services and/or products

-Radio is a cost effective way to mass broadcast and leave a lasting impression on potential customers

Direct Mail:

-Radio and TV have been said to be the most effective form of advertisements

-Perfect way to close in on potential customers. -Great method for retaining customers. -Ideal for target marketing

-Best way to fully display company attitude, and develop a company image.

Iek Solutions Media Kit Jambi Media Media Kit

A business may have a well established brand image, website and all the collateral it could possibly need, yet still not reach its full marketing potential. In order for a company to reach out to all its potential consumers, it must be maximizing its marketing through advertising. Advertising comes in many mediums, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. More than reaching out to prospective consumers, advertising is the final ingredient towards developing a brand image and a company personality.



Give your business the  marketing it deserves… Iek Solutions is more than a design or advertisement firm; we are professional marketing problem solvers. We never employ halfmeasures, what we do is employ professional and tactical market research for our clients. Together we can give your consumers a complete and utter brand immersion and experience turning your business into a brand, and your brand into an icon. 888.800.5758

Iek Solutions Media Kit Jambi Media Media Kit



Iek Solutions Media Plan  
Iek Solutions Media Plan  

A leading partner in your business development.