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The Language 0 The languages used in Singapore are English and


The Singaporean dollars 0 This are the Singaporean dollar in other currency.

1 Singaporean dollar = 16.000 VND 50 Singaporean dollar= 800.000 VND 100 Singaporean dollar= 78 US Dollars 150 Singaporean dollar= 118 US Dollars 200 Singaporean dollar= 115 Euros 250 Singaporean dollar= 144 Euros 1000 Singaporean dollar= 481 British Pound 10,000 Singaporean dollar= 4815 British Pound 20,000 Singaporean dollar= 524995 Russian Ruble 40,000 Singaporean dollar= 1049990 Russian Ruble

Top 2 Resorts in Singapore 0 Many peoples stay in Sentosa Resort and Marina Sand

Bay hotel.

Where is Singapore? 0 It is Southeast Asia, an island between Malaysia and


The Population 0In Singapore there are 5.5million people. Population: 05,460,302 (July 2013 est.) 0country comparison to the world: 116 0Age structure: 00-14 years: 13.6% (male 381,145/female 363,504) 015-24 years: 18.2% (male 490,526/female 505,713) 025-54 years: 50.1% (male 1,336,298/female 1,401,106) 055-64 years: 9.9% (male 269,411/female 269,137) 065 years and over: 8.1% (male 200,602/female 242,860) (2013 est.)

Universal Studio 0 One of the most famous Theme Parks.

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Singapore Zoo 0 This zoo is one of the biggest zoos in the World, and the

biggest in Southeast Asia.

The Flag Meaning 0 Two equal horizontal bands of red (top) and white; near the

hoist side of the red band, there is a vertical, white crescent (closed portion is toward the hoist side) partially enclosing five white five-pointed stars arranged in a circle; red denotes brotherhood and equality; white signifies purity and virtue; the waxing crescent moon symbolizes a young nation on the ascendancy; the five stars represent the nation's ideals of democracy, peace, progress, justice, and equality.

The Formula 1 The Formula 1 is a race between F1 cars. The race happened every year. The 2014 Formula race in on the 21st September.

S.E.A Aquarium 0 Discover the awe-inspiring world of life in the ocean at the world’s largest

aquarium accredited by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™. Step into S.E.A. Aquarium and immerse yourself in a magical marine world seen through our planet’s largest window to the ocean. With more than 800 species of marine animals, the aquarium is home to majestic manta rays, enormous goliath grouper, napoleon wrasse, and other gentle giants of the sea. Come face-to-face with over 200 sharks and uncover the centuries of myths about these ocean predators. Sneak a peek at a moray eel in a rocky crevice or tour an underwater reef community. Discover and unfold the endless wonders of our blue planet at S.E.A. Aquarium. It located in Sentosa World Hotel. Outside of the S.E.A Aquarium are Pirate and they have massive ship.

How big is it? 0 Area:

0 total: 697 sq km 0 country comparison to the world: 192

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0 land: 687 sq km 0 water: 10 sq km 0 Area - comparative:

0 slightly more than 3.5 times the size of Washington, DC

The top places to go 0 Singapore Flyer 0 The Singapore Flyer is a giant Ferris wheel in Singapore that was constructed

between 2005 and 2008. 0 Address: 30 Raffles Ave, Singapore 039803 0 Height: 165 m 0 Construction started: September 25, 2005 0 Opened: March 1, 2008 0 Hours: Monday 8:30 am – 10:30 pm 0 Phone: +65 6333 3311 0 Architect: Kisho Kurokawa

Night Safari, Singapore 0 The Night Safari is the world's first nocturnal zoo and is one of the most

popular tourist attractions in Singapore. 0 Address: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826 0 Opened: May 26, 1994 0 Area: 40 ha 0 Hours: Monday 6:30 pm – 12:00 am 0 Phone: +65 6269 3411 0 Exhibits: Indo-Malayan Region, Burmese Hillside

The Tiger Sky Tower 0 The Tiger Sky Tower, previously known as Carlsberg Sky Tower, is the highest observation

tower in Singapore. It is located in the Imbiah Lookout zone in the centre of Sentosa Island.

0 Address: 101 Thomson Road #24-01/05, Singapore 307591

Opened: February 7, 2004

Height: 110 m

Phone: +65 6259 9288

The Singapore Science Center 0 The Science Centre Singapore, previously known as Singapore Science Centre is a scientific

institution in Jurong East, Singapore, specialising in the promotion of scientific and technological education for the general public.

Address: 15 Science Centre Rd, Singapore 609081

Hours: Tuesday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Phone: +65 6425 2500

Singapore Botanic Gardens 0 The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a 74-hectare botanical garden in

Singapore. It is the only botanic garden in the world that opens from 5 a.m. to 12 midnight every single day of the year. 1.Address: 1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569 2.Phone: +65 6471 7361 3.Management: National Parks Board

Escape Theme Park 0 Escape Theme Park was an outdoor theme park located inside NTUC

Downtown East, Pasir Ris in Singapore. It was opened in May 2000 and a water park named Wild Wild Wet located adjacent to it was opened in June 2004. Its slogan is "360 degrees of fun". 1.Closed: November 26, 2011 2.Opened: May 2000 3.Rides: Kite Flyer, Daytona Go-Kart, Pirate Ship, Wet & Wild, Red Baron

Singapore Discovery Centre 0 The Singapore Discovery Centre is a 'edutainment' attraction that offers

engaging exhibits for everybody, providing insights into what makes Singapore tick.

Address: 510 Upper Jurong Rd, Singapore 638365

Hours: Tuesday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Phone: +65 6792 6188

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