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Mayon volcano

facts In Albay in the island of Luzon in the Philippines It has a perfect cone shape It’s the most active volcano Mount mayon is as tall as 2462 meters tall

Extra facts Mount mayon erupted 50 times on the past 500 years On February 1616 mount mayon killed 1200 people First eruption by mount mayon was in February 1616 In 1897, terrorized the whole town for 7 days

quiz Where is Mount Mayon located? A. Vietnam B. Philippines C. Mexico

Answer: Philippines

How tall is Mount Mayon? A. 1 kilometer B. 200 meters C. 2,462 meter

Answer: 2462 metres

When was the first time Mount Mayon erupted? A. 1642 B. 1616 C. 1961

Answer: 1616

How many people died when Mount Mayon erupted last February 1616? A. 1200 B. 2000 C. 2005

Answer: 1200

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