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Pigeons 1. The first ever pigeons were born on 300BC! 2. Normally a baby bird would live in its nest for 2/3 weeks but a pigeon lives in its nest for 2 months! 3. The pigeon is the 6th non mammal animal to realize that in the mirror it is not another animal and is known to recognize all the 26 letters in the alphabet! 4. Pigeons have the speed of 92.5mph! 5. Some pigeons are known to fly 700miles a day! 6. They were used by men for communication before telegraph was invented! 7. They are known to see really well over 26 mile distance! 8. A fully grown pigeon has about 10,000 feathers! 9. A pigeon flaps its wings 10 times a second and their heart beats 600 times a minute! 10. Pigeons are the only birds that don’t need to put up their heads to drink water!

Pigeons - Minato  
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