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The Interesting Facts. 1. Did you know Japanese Pigeon would take a walnut and put it on the road. [When the traffic light is red.] When the traffic light turns green, the pigeons would fly up and wait until the traffic light is red again because the pigeon would collect the broken walnut crushed by cars

2. Long ago people use pigeons to send messages to other people. Will they come back? Of course, the pigeons know their way back where they started.

The Interesting Facts 4. Did you know not everyone know how a baby pigeon looks like.

5. People enjoy watching and hosting pigeon races.

6. Did you know pigeons eat bread, scraps and walnuts. 7. Pigeons have 310 species. 8. Did you know pigeons only lay 2 or 1 eggs each time.

3. Did you know parent pigeons make milk in their throat for their baby pigeons

9. Did you know some people like to eat baby pigeons. 10. Pigeons have received bravery medals for sending messages in World War I and II.


Pigeons - Louise  
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