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THE TERRIFRING VOLCANO There are fire balls exploding around San Francisco. A terrifrighting volcano erupted. A few hours ago the lake with 5 million liters were heated up in 12 hours! The lake was 62 Celsius today and 68 yesterday. Also the subway heated because the heat comes from the underground. Families were all evacuating with their children away from san Francisco. The volcano with lava was covering nearly the whole city! Fire fighters sparing water and helicopters dripping water from the sky.

Is this the end? Here’s an eye witness report. “first I was fishing in the lake with my daughter then my daughter’s fishing rope slipped off her hand. Then it went into the lake so I had to pick it up by my self. I put my hand into the water after I felt that it was hot.” said Mr George. The ground shacked with horror!” said Mia brown. “ when I got next to the lava I smelled something burning.” yelled Freddie brown. There was only one way is to use barriers and move it near the Pacific ocean.

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