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Christopher Columbus By: James van der Sloot October 2013

Facts 

Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa Italy, in August 1451, he became 55 years old. His birth name was Christoforo Colombo.

His father was a Woolman.

Columbus was always attracted to sea travel and started to sail from the age of 14. He later supported himself by selling maps and charts.

Columbus believed that Asia would be 2,400 miles west in fact it was 10,000 nautical miles far.

Facts 

Columbus requested King John of Portugal to pay for a sea journey in discovering a new waterway to Southeast Asia.

The king denied his request as it was too expensive.

Queen Isabella also found the cost too high and that he requested too many ships.

After 6 years Queen Isabella agreed to fund the trip after Columbus had given up hope.

Facts 

Finding a crew for his ship was even harder then finding money for the trip. People believe the world to be flat and feared that they would fall off the edge when sailing too far.

A special law allowing criminals to escape persecution when joining Columbus finally gave him some of his crew.

Columbus eventually proved that the world was round and discovered most of the Caribbean, South America and Central America.

Facts 

Columbus ship names were; 1.





Santa Maria

Story 

The Egg of Columbus

In the story, Christopher Columbus attends a dinner which a Spanish gentleman had given in his honor. Columbus asks the gentlemen in attendance to make an egg stand on end. After the gentlemen successively tried to and failed, they stated that it was impossible. Columbus then placed the egg's small end on the table, breaking the shell a bit, so that it could stand upright. Columbus then stated that it was "the simplest thing in the world. Anybody can do it, after he has been shown how!"

The End

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