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Content  Reading with understanding  How reading is taught  A visit from 6I students  Supporting your child at home  Resources and ideas via Google drive  This presentation will be on the English blog (see AP1 Parents’ blog and newsletter)

Reading with understanding  Blobdags like nutto  What do the blobdags like?  This proves that you do not need to understand every sentence to be able to answer questions on a text  Our aim is for students to read with understanding rather than just read

How reading is taught  Periods of silent reading  One-to-one with the class teacher or teaching assistant  Guided Reading sessions  Bloom’s Taxonomy and Edward de Bono’s Thinking Hat’s – What are these?  ‘Assessment Foci’ – let’s have a look  Assessment Tests and Teaching Assessment

Further support  Group work – watch a ‘Guided Reading’ lesson  Peer readers from AP2 students plus ‘Buddy classes’  Helps children have an overview of a short story so they can appreciate the structure and organisation of a text, e.g. a beginning, a problem, a resolution and an ending.

Support at home  Listen to your child read 3 to 5 times a week  Students should read out loud for 10-15 minutes  How can I help?  Encourage your child to read out loud for fluency, without interrupting!  Ask your child to retell the story  Ask your child questions about the text – refer to ‘reading prompt’ cards  Encourage your child to read to a younger child or to imagine that this happening

Video Diaries  What if time is an issue?  As an alternative, you could encourage your child to keep a video diary of their reading progress.    

Reading out loud for fluency Retelling a story Ask your child questions about the text Video diaries could be shared with the teacher

Example of a Video Diary

Destiny  BIS Library website (can count as one of their 3 – 5 sessions of reading)  Students should know how to log in from their library lessons.  Top 10 books and ‘new arrivals’ are generated automatically  Lists are popular books as voted for by the students

Finding Destiny from the BIS website Change

Destiny homepage ď ł From here students can add a book review, recommend a book to their friends or use TitlePeek which links to an external website with more information on the book.

Destiny websites  Use the ‘websites’ tab to search for child-friendly, reviewed websites

Your reading resources  Reading prompts that provide questions that you can ask your child  Each colour is linked to the ‘Assessment Foci’  What is Google drive? When and how will I receive my reading resources?  A sneak preview? Booklists, activities, expert advice, videos, audio books and magazines, Destiny & Encyclopaedia Britannica

Reading materials  What type of materials should my child be reading?  High interest  Vocabulary that stretches but does not exclude the reader  Variety:  Internet reports and news e.g. Children’s BBC  Instruction manuals  Recipe books  Newspapers  Magazines – outstanding FREE stuff from Scholastic  Comics & graphic novels  Audio books – please refer to your Google drive folder

Reading and boys  A different species?  Attention spans & learning styles  Graphic novels  Books that make the reader a participant  Non-fiction



Star Wars

Non-fiction  Google search e.g. dinosaurs  Search Tools  All results  Reading Level  Basic  This removes a huge amount of non-relevant data  Forget Wikipedia – now there is something better!

Encyclopaedia Britannica  Example  Here’s the link  Generating passwords:  first 2 letters of first name  first 2 letters of last name  date of birthday e.g. 02  month of birthday e.g. 07  year of birthday e.g. 02

 E.g. James Bond, born 18.10.1941 so password is jabo181041

First Language Reading  Can one of the reading sessions be in the home language i.e. not English?  Yes – especially retelling a story as this encourages reading with understanding - e.g. a news article from their home country.

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