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Evacuate “Evacuate! Evacuate! Evacuate!” screamed a voice on the radio. “Mount Vesuvius will erupt in about 7 hours!” We had been waiting for this announcement for a couple of weeks and now it was real. Mt Vesuvius was going to erupt! I started to pack my belongings into a small suitcase, including as many important things as I could. I put the suitcase on my bed and thought about it. “What are the most valuable items that I need? Where are we going to evacuate to?” These thoughts raced through my mind. I looked around my room… This was horrible news! I felt worried, very worried. I would have to leave my family, my home. I lay on my bed, imagining how Mt Vesuvius erupted right after I left. Would it kill hundreds or even thousands of people!? Would it kill mum and dad? 5 hours later..... As my mum and dad brought me to the station, I waved goodbye to them. I felt a lump in my throat and I knew I didn’t want to let it out. My mum and dad were having brave smiles on their faces but I knew they were about to cry. My mum had a tear dripping down here face but wiped it quickly. Then suddenly it all happened the train was about to leave and I quickly hugged mum and dad then I went in the train. It was pin drop silence in the train nobody said a word. My heart was pumping, not slow, and not medium but fast. Suddenly BOOM! Mt. Vesuvius went. I had a tear dripping down my chin. Opened my suitcase and took my photo out I saw my mum and my dad all cheerful. But the day has come and all the children had to go. I place the photo back in the suitcase and sat quietly whispering to myself. “Oh no! Mt. Vesuvius had erupted!” I felt very miserable and frightened. We got off the train and Ms.Alice brought us to our foster parents. Ms.Alice knocked the door and suddenly the door creaked opened and a big figure appeared. “There was an eruption from Mt. Vesuvius so these children would have to have a foster parent.” Ms.Alice stared at me and whispered “Now, don’t be shy, please get in the house.” I got in and then the door slams....... When I got in, the big figure appeared. It had a big a big white beard with white hair. He looked very grumpy and tired but had tried smiled at me. It was

really late so I had to go to sleep he lead me to my bedroom and left. I quickly changed into my jumper and went to sleep.

Evacuate Homework- Louise