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ESCAPE FROM THE VOLCANO By Oliver T-C I started to pack my suitcase and started to think about what I needed to bring. “What are the most important things to me?” I asked myself. “Hmm, my computer, my savings money, photographs, camera, and my favorite toy.” I put some clothes in first, then my computer on top so that it wouldn’t get damaged. I put my Lego camera in too with Mr Snuggles, my cuddly toy dog. There was no way I could have managed to sleep properly again without him! I put some photographs of my family and of my best friends inside my book to keep them safe. Now I was ready!

“Where are we going to go?” I wondered so I asked my mom. “We’re going to Cuneo in Turin to stay with Auntie Elizabeth and Uncle Peter”, she said, “then we’ll go back to Scotland.” I was so happy and excited when she said that but at the same time I was sad to finish our holiday because of the volcano. I didn’t feel scared as I knew we were going to be alright. So finally we left the apartment. We were leaving by train, as

there were no more flights left. We weren’t going by car either as there were traffic jams everywhere. We tried to get a bus but after waiting on the main street they were all full so none of them stopped. They all went racing by! I started to feel worried that we would be trapped here when the volcano erupted. We started to walk. It was still quite cool, as the sun hadn’t come out yet. Even though we had had breakfast, I still felt very sleepy and hungry. We ended up nearly walking from one end of the city to the other but we hadn’t even got half way yet! Oh, my feet were so sore! I knew I was going to have big blisters on my feet. My little sister Amy was really tired so my mom was giving her a piggy back. Finally a man in a pickup truck saw us and stopped by the side of the road. “Would you like a lift?” he said. My dad said “that would be great! We’re trying to get to the station to go to Cuneo.” ”So you want to go to the north station right?” asked the man. “Yes” said my dad. “Ok lets go!” said the man. “Jump in the back!” So we finally got there. There were billions of people!

But we managed to get on the first train as we were lucky to have tickets. “Phew!” I said. “ I’m glad were not walking anymore, I’m so glad we’re finally at Cuneo!” “Attention all citizens! The volcano has finished!” said the man on the radio. “ You are free to go back now!” he said. “Can we go back to Scotland now?” I asked my mom. “Yes” she said.