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“Evacuate! Evacuate! Evacuate!”screamed a voice on the radio. “Mount Vesuvius will erupt in about 7 hours!” We had been waiting for this announcement for a couple of weeks and now it was real. Mt Vesuvius was going to erupt! I started to pack my belongings into a small suitcase, including as many important things as I could. I put the suitcase on my bed and thought about it. “What are the most valuable items that I need? Where are we going to evacuate to?” These thoughts raced through my mind. I looked around my room… An hour later I finished packing. Then I got a quick bath and got dressed in my best clothes. Thirty minutes later before I knew it father and mother were driving me to the London station. “Why is this happening to me?” I thought as we saw the London station make its appearance, when we reached the platform mother and father both gave me a big hug then I walked to join the crowd of silent children. They all looked as scared as I was. My knees were knocking together while the lady made her last announcement before we left “We will be leaving for the countryside in a few minutes, we will go by this steam engine,” she said pointing to the second carriage in the steam carriage. She guided us into a line and we got ready to go. My heart started pounding hard against my cardigan as we entered the carriage and I felt hot. “Will I ever see my parents again? Will I see my family again?” these thoughts made my mind want to explode. It was worse in the carriage. The children there formed an eerie silence and the only sound was the men at the back dumping coal into the engine and the train going along the trail. Then the same lady came into the carriage a while later. She was carrying bags of sandwiches and large glasses of lemonade. My stomach ached and my mouth watered as I thought of eating them, then finally she handed everyone a sandwich and a glass of lemonade. It worked me a great lot and I felt better straight away. But the usual stab of nervousness and worried feelings were still there but soon after that I drifted off into a snooze. I was awoken by a vague siren followed by a vague voice “Everyone escapes! Quick! Mount Vesuvius will erupt any minute!” the vague voice shouted. Then I realised that it was the voice that told us to evacuate and was telling everyone to hide, I wondered worriedly if my parents were alright. But a halt of the steam engine washed my wonders away. I realised we had arrived. What will happen next?

English Homework - Mel