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THE URBAN AREA 1. Rats The best known rat is the black and brown rat. A special type of rat was kept as a pet since the 19th century. Rats can also be dangerous, as they can carry a flea that can cause 'The black death'. The average lifespan is about 1 year.

2. Cats A cats skull is very strange with big eye sockets and powerful jaws. Most house cats weighs about 4-5kg. A cats fur is a conductor.

3. Dogs Dogs have been a mans best friend for over a thousand years. A dog's lifespan is usually 10 or more years. Scientist estimate that 4.7 million people are bit by dogs every year and 50% of those bit are in the owner's yard or house.

Cats, Rats & Dog - William  
Cats, Rats & Dog - William