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November 18, 2009



Career services offers students choices Jonathan Resendez

Whether it’s post-grads looking for a career or freshman looking for a part-time job, career services offers help. Career services has more than 350 potential student employers, including local namesakes like Alcon Laboratories and Northwestern Mutual, on file sorted by major. Sherri Mata, director of career services, said plenty of the companies or organizations the department is currently working with would sit down and interview a student at once. “They’d be 100 percent willing to come in and talk to or schedule a meeting with the students,” she said. This was not always the case. Mata came to Wesleyan in 2004 when her career services office wasn’t much more than a desk and a computer. After reviewing the national standards for university career services, Mata asked,


credit career services 100 percent. They have helped me throughout my entire career.” Coridon Laws

Senior Biology Student “What is supposed to be happening?” Mata said her first priority was getting employers on board. Dr. Harold Jeffcoat, Wesleyan president, agrees. “When career services starts to have employers visiting our campus wanting to recruit the top of our students to go to work,” Jeffcoat said, “that’s when I know career services is really doing well.” Jeffcoat said career services’ current location, in the SUB, is an improvement over the old offices in the library. “They have more overall space,” he said. “They aren’t encapsulated in the library.” Apart from locating possible positions, career services also helps with resumes, con-

ducts mock interviews and helps unsure students find their calling. This is done through the use of various tests which can rank the top 10 most ideal positions for a student. “Research shows that if you get into a career you get into and actually like, you’re automatically going to be more successful because you’re going to do a good job,” said Mata, referring to students who pick the more lucrative degrees. Coridon Laws, biology student scheduled to graduate in December, utilized career services throughout her time at Wesleyan. “When I first came, I was in desperate need of money,” she

Jonathan Resendez | Rambler Staff Robyn Fisk, college and career counselor, Lorena Gallegos, coordinator of student and employee relations, and Sherri Mata, director of career services, help students with career needs.

said. “I did the career assessment to see what jobs would be good.” Laws eventually asked career services to e-mail her alerts for part-time jobs in the

area that related to her field. Laws was able to land a job with TALEM as a wet chemistry analyst. She learned about Talem, a local environmental testing company, through the

career services e-mail alerts. “I credit career services 100 percent,” she said. “They have helped me throughout my entire career.”

Psych professor explores criminal behavior Andie Massingill

Columbine, Virginia Tech and now Fort Hood. These massacres have people wondering why individuals commit these heinous crimes. Such tragedies often seem to have no rhyme or reason to those left to pick up the pieces. The law can clearly say the perpetrators are wrong, but the field of psychology seeks to give an answer to the question of how these tragedies can be avoided. “As psychologists, we are


trying to understand the mind of a criminal,” said Jeremy Newton, professor of psychology. Newton is embarking on teaching a special topics class for the second time at Wesleyan. It’s a course that goes beyond forensic psychology. It covers the gamut of courtroom proceedings to police behavior in regards to the techniques and the steps involved from a psychological standpoint. “People are always interested in profiling of the criminal mind,” Newton said.

That topic, as well as the FBI profiling system, is covered in the course. “There are a lot of empirical findings now concerning psychological studies that are relevant to the law that we will cover,” Newton said. The first time the class was taught, the Virginia Tech massacre occurred. “It was a very untimely tragedy for my students,” Newton said. “We wiped out the schedule and went over the details of the calamity. As unfortunate as that was, it really showed the need for more re-

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at Texas Wesleyan one Saturday a month for instruction. Graduate students from Texas Wesleyan and Texas Christian University will teach the program along with coordinators from the Crowley, Everman and Fort Worth school districts. The sixth grade students will earn ownership of an

M&A Companion Touch PC through a point system for completing community service and extracurricular school activities. Generation Hope will also have a cultural impact. Each student will be partnered with a pen pal from a different country in order to improve their communication skills

and give them a cross-cultural understanding. The Marion J. and Marie N. Brooks Fund created Generation Hope to help develop the whole child. Several corporations, foundations and institutions also support the program. Michael Board, executive of AT&T Texas, will help lead the project.

FALL 2009 FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE All final exams will be held as scheduled, and no exceptions will be made. Day/Date of Exam

Regular Class Period

Hour of Exam

Saturday, November 21 Sunday, November 22 Saturday, December 5 Sunday, December 6

Track A Track A Track B and C Track B and C

class period class period class period class period

Thursday, December 3 (Final exams for Wed & Thurs evening classes)

4:30 pm TH 6:00 pm TH 7:00 pm TH 4:30 pm W ** 6:00 pm W ** 7:00 pm W **

Friday, December 4

9:25 am TTH 10:50 am TTH 1:30 pm TTH, 1:30 pm T lab

8:00 am 10:30 am 1:00 pm

Monday, December 7

9:00 am MWF 10:00 am MWF 1:30 pm F Lab 1:30 pm MW, 1:30 pm M lab 4:30 pm M 6:00 pm M 7:00 pm M

8:00 am 10:30 am 1:00 pm 3:30 pm 4:30 pm 6:30 pm 7:00 pm

Tuesday, December 8

8:00 am MWF 3:00 pm TTH, 1:30 pm TH lab 3:00 pm MW, 1:30 pm W lab 4:30 pm T 6:00 pm T 7:00 pm T

8:00 am 10:30 am 1:00 pm 4:30 pm 6:30 pm 7:00 pm

Wednesday, December 9

8:00 am TTH 11:00 am MWF 12:00 pm MW or MWF

8:00 am 10:30 am 1:00 pm

4:30 pm 6:30 pm 7:00 pm 4:30 pm 6:30 pm 7:00 pm

Please Note:

Students with conflicting exam times should consult with the professor for arrangements.

** Note: the Wednesday evening classes will be moved to an alternate location for the Final Exam. Instructors will notify students of room change. Any online course exams requiring students to meet on campus are scheduled for 4 pm and 6 pm on Friday and Saturday, Dec. 4 & 5. Students should check with their instructor for date, time & room confirmation.

search in this area.” The more subtly interesting things include discussing police line-ups and why witnesses pick the wrong person. Eye-witness memory is an important aspect of the law and yet is very sketchy. “With the stress of the situation and the way the police ask questions can taint people’s responses,” Newton said. Also covered are polygraphs and why the results from these tests are not admissible in court. Many other topics will be offered in the course such

as false confession and why someone would be motivated to say yes when they were not responsible for the crime. “Many times now we are seeing that people are not being coerced to confess, but are more interested in the notoriety of being an infamous character,” Newton said. The course will touch on this aspect, as well as the overall psyche of criminals. “The big challenge is to understand that the percentage of insane people committing crimes is actually very small,” Newton said.

This class is not just for psychology students, Newton said. It is also useful for pre-law students and political science students who would benefit from the history of psychology and how it has influenced courtroom reasoning. The course requires no prerequisites. “’Legal’ or ‘illegal’ are terms of the law, but with psychology there is more of a spectrum of different types of behaviors that we will study,” Newton said.

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Senior Biology Student Saturday, November 21 Track A class period Sunday, November 22 Track A class period Saturday, December 5 Track B and...