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excited to see the outcome.” Brown said that while he appreciates the school, he wanted to see some improvements in the curriculum. “I grew up during the days of segregation, and I think the schools should spend more time teaching not just american history but the history of the great African-American heroes that paved the way for so many today.” He shares that same passion for education with Texas Wesleyan. Brown shook hands with Wesleyan President Dr. Harold Jeffcoat Oct. 2 in front of a plaque on the wall that was dedicated to Brown for his contributions to the video conferencing equipment in Dan Waggoner Hall. Brown also established an endowed scholarship for the school of education. He remains active on campus and wants to reach out to the community through some of the campus organizations. “I’m just happy to be a small part of the education offered at Texas Wesleyan,” Brown said. “I love Texas Wesleyan, and I love being around the staff and students because everyone is so nice to me.” Brown said that he is always welcomed with open arms when he walks the campus. “The students even open the door for me,” he said. Brown shared a few words of wisdom with Wesleyan students. “Staying in school can be a challenge during the recession,” he said. “But stay in school because your education is go| Renee Greer Rambler Staff ing to be very valuable in the end.”

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In 2008, 44 million 18-29 year olds were eligible to vote in the national elections. According to, a nonpartisan research center studying youth civic engagement and civic education, an estimated 23 million voters under the age of 30 participated in the election, which was an increase of 2 to 3 percent from the 2004 national election. Often, eligible voters abstain from voting because they claim ignorance of the issues. Justin Keller, senior exercise science major, falls into that category of voters. “I don’t know enough about it to really vote for anyone,” Keller said. However, he would vote if one of the issues was important to him. “Cutting taxes would probably draw me to the polls,” he said. Regardless of whether it is a national or local election, people choosing to vote or not vote impacts others, King said. Their vote or lack thereof affects neighbors, relatives and complete strangers. “Someone casting a ballot is the same in any election,” she said.


Prop 1 Grants municipalities a method to raise revenue to acquire land to provide a buffer zone or open space to prevent encroachment from development, or fund infrastructure to protect the mission of local military installations.

Prop 4 Establishes a National Research University Fund and would disperse those funds to emerging research institutions with the goal of producing top-tier public research universities like the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University.

Prop 9 Establishes the public’s unrestricted access to public beaches as permanent easement and authorizes the legislature to enact laws to protect the public access to the beach and the easement form interference and encroachment. There would be no right of private enforcement.

Prop 11 Spells out that, in order to take a property by eminent domain, the property must be owned, used and enjoyed by the public at large, state or local government or other agency with the power of eminent domain. It prohibits taking private property for economic development or to enhance tax revenues.

Early voting: Oct. 19-30 During early voting, registered voters may vote at any early voting location in Tarrant County. Find them at www.tarrantcounty. com/evote. Source: League of Women Voters

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reported that officials there would actually be taking a 3 percent pay cut because of mandatory furloughs for all university employees because of strenuous economic times. The tough times have spared Wesleyan this fiscal year, at least. Likewise, Jeffcoat said Wesleyan needs to remain re-

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A new state law allows police to draw blood from suspected drunk drivers in some situations without a warrant. Police officers are now allowed to take blood samples without consent almost immediately after arresting a person for driving under the influence of alcohol if the driver has a history of offenses or if a serious injury or child passenger is involved. Critics of the new law claim that it violates the Fifth Amendment’s protection against self-incrimination. The new law is intended to address the lack of evidence that often results from drunk driving cases in which Breathalyzer or blood tests are delayed by the process of obtaining warrants. Beginning last Halloween, Texas has run “No Refusal” weekends on holidays and during celebrations such as Super Bowl Sunday, when surges in drunken driving are expected. “No Refusal” weekends before the new law required police officers to always obtain a warrant before drawing blood. Austin Police Department Cpl. Scott Perry recalls as many as 30 arrests on a single night during past “No Refusal” weekends but remains optimistic about their efforts to minimize drunken

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spectful to the economics that drive this institution – which is the cost of students to attend. “We haven’t fired a soul for financial reasons,” he said. “But we’re not going to raise tuition and fees just to pay someone more.” Bleibdrey said he’s happy to


be able to grant the raises and said Wesleyan wants its people to have purchasing power as the price of everything goes up. “We’re happy to be able to do it,” he said. “And it’s our intention to continue that practice.”

Are we speaking your language? Then come to the Philosopher’s Lounge meetings! Every Friday 1 PM - 3 PM @ The Loft in The SUB Contact Information: Alonzo Reed ( or Brandan Hart (


Pink Out The volleyball team is selling items to support breast cancer awareness and support its upcoming match. The team will “pink out” its conference game against Southwestern Assemblies of God University at 7 p.m. Oct. 15 in the Sid Richardson Gym. Modern Music Both students and faculty are part of Wesleyan Music at the Modern, a free concert at the Modern Art Museum. The

driving incidences. “Our expectation is that no one will drink and drive. But if anybody is caught drunk, they will be arrested,” Perry said. APD expedites the warrant process on “No Refusal” weekends by obtaining a warrant and conducting tests within as little as an hour after an arrest. “Drunk driving is a continuing problem and a growing problem,” Perry said. “The purpose of ‘No Refusal’ weekend is to obtain as much evidence as possible so that when we go to court the jury can make a decision.” This year’s don’t drink and drive campaign, titled “Choose Your Ride,” features a hybrid between a police car and a taxi cab and asks people to choose one or the other if they have been drinking. The actual vehicles will be parked in entertainment districts throughout the state along with internet banners, posters featuring cab phone numbers, billboards and window clings that look like parking tickets. “Our approach was to remind people at every stage,” Tracie Mendez, Program Director at the DOT, said. “We’re not telling people not to drink. We just hope that people choose a safe ride and do not get behind the wheel if they have been drinking.”

show takes place at 2 p.m. Oct. 17 and will feature vocal and instrumental music by individuals as well as the Wesleyan Chamber Choir, Brass Quartet and Jazz Quintet. Got yogurt? Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority is collecting Yoplait yogurt’s pink lids through Nov. 6 for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Drop boxes are located in the SUB and the library. For every lid turned in, Yoplait donates 10 cents to breast cancer research.

fort worth & tarrant county

Nurture your child’s learning at the YWCA Polytechnic Child Development Center       


Drinking law tightens

Close to campus Quality year-round child care, birth through 5 years Children of TWU faculty, staff and students welcome! Fort Worth ISD pre-K classes on site Open 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m, Monday through Friday Nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks served daily Top rated by Child Care Management Services

Polytechnic YWCA Child Development Center 3401 Avenue I Fort Worth, Texas 76105 817-536-1731 TWU East Rosedale St.

Avenue I

Bishop St.


October 14, 2009

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TWU Early voting: Oct. 19-30 During early voting, registered voters may vote at any early voting location in Tarrant County. Find them at ww...

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