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September 15, 2010

Vol. 93 • No. 16

The Rambler The voice of Texas Wesleyan University students since 1917

Grab something to eat near campus.

Lady Rams dominate rivals SAGU. Sports, page 5

A&E, page 4

Anita Perry speaks at TWU law school

Meisa Keivani Najafabadi | Rambler Staff First Lady Anita Perry speaks to about 40 Wesleyan Law students and faculty about being a successful leader in today’s society. Shauna Banks

Texas’ First Lady Anita Perry greeted everyone from the dean to the students as they filed into the Amon G. Carter auditorium Sept. 13. Perry, Gov. Rick Perry’s wife, visited the Texas Wesleyan School of Law and spoke to the students and faculty about the importance of leadership and community service. “No community is worth living in

without good leadership,” Perry said. “I heard once that people are most afraid of failure. I think we are more afraid of success.” Martin Garcia, a board member of the Texas Wesleyan Law Republicans, said the speech was organized by fellow member and third-year law student Carol Longoria. He said with midterms coming up and elections not far away, it was a good time to have Perry on campus. Perry spoke of past leaders during

her address, including Nolan Ryan and New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, revealing the biggest key to success is leadership. To become successful leaders, she said people must first define who they are to themselves so they can make tough decisions when they arise. “The people in your community should be your top priority, because you will have the chance to make a difference for them,” Perry said.

Perry ended her speech after 15 minutes by thanking law students for coming and wishing them well in their future endeavors. “For us, it’s been a privilege to have the First Lady of Texas coming to our school, and I think we’ve all learned a lot about the legal profession and helping our community,” said Mahrosh Nawaz, third-year law student. “I was actually hoping that it would be longer because she spoke very well.”

Scuba certification open to Wesleyan students Shauna Banks

Only three students so far can say they’ve donned scuba gear for graduation at Texas Wesleyan after completing a minor in recreational dive management. Starting the open-water, scuba diving activities course in 1992, scuba and swimming instructor Bill Rucker has headed a one-of-akind program at the university for more than a decade now. “The course is basically to provide a recreational dive management for a student that wants to have a secondary employment opportunity,” Rucker said. Rucker said the course takes about three years, or 20 credit hours, to complete and it certifies the students to teach others to dive and to possibly manage a diving business. A lifeguard at the university pool, junior kinesiology major Jonathan Ayala, has already completed his first semester of open-water diving. “[I will] probably end up coaching down the line,” he said. “But I’m also taking scuba, so there’s probably a lot of things I can do with that.” Students coming into the minor program with previous experience and certification can

New blog sheds light on school’s community Rachel Peel

The Signature Experience Leadership Team is going digital to promote communication within the Wesleyan community. Earlier this year, SELT ventured into the virtual world by creating a blog where students, faculty and staff at the school can share stories about what they think makes Wesleyan special. “[The blog] was my idea, because we needed a communication tool to keep the campus updated with what’s happening and what’s new,” said Amy Collier, director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. The Signature Experience Blog allows students to upload stories about their experiences at Texas Wesleyan as well as what they think separates Wesleyan from other universities. For now, the SELT team is only inviting certain people to upload their stories. Financial aid secretary Tara Cates is among those who have already posted. “I’m very proud of Wesleyan and what it has done for my family. They gave me a home at the Village when I had lost my own,” she said. Chuck Burton, assistant vice president for marketing and communications, said the department is doing its best to satisfy students and using the blog as an informational tool. “We use it to provide news updates, project updates, any kind of information related to the Signature Experience,” Burton said. In the future, SELT will open the blog to the entire Wesleyan community, but for now they are trying to get the information to the faculty and

  BLOG, page 3

“When you watch him

underwater with students, he is like this eagle eye that sees everything.” Pamela Rast

Kinesiology Department Chair

also gain credit towards the minor and start with the higher-level courses. “I encourage the students that want to do this to go ahead and take the two one-hour classes just to get started,” said Dr. Pamela Rast, kinesiology department chair and professor. All scuba students have the opportunity to go on a trip once a year as part of the program. Previous trips have been to Cozumel and the Bay Islands of Honduras, where the world’s second largest barrier reef rests, she said. “There is nothing like what you see underwater,” Rast said. The minor itself is a combination of open water diving, advanced diving, master dive and instructional assistant courses before students

Jonathan Resendez | Rambler Staff First Restoration Inc. technician Jose Prieto pumps water out of the library’s basement after thunderstorms left it sitting in 6 inches of water. The services cost an estimated $20,000.

Floods damage buildings Jonathan Resendez

The Sept. 8 thunderstorms didn’t spare Wesleyan as segments of multiple buildings were shut down due to flooding.   SCUBA, page 3 About 6 inches of water closed the library

basement and first floor of the administration building. First Restoration Inc. vacuumed and dried the buildings for multiple days, which will cost about $20,000, owner James Farley said.

  FLOOD, page 3

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Sports, page 5 Vol. 93 • No. 16 underwater with students, he is like this eagle eye that A&E, page 4 The voice of Texas Wesleyan Univers...

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