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WEDNESDAY April 14, 2010

Vol. 93 • No. 10 ONLINE:

The Rambler The voice of Texas Wesleyan University students since 1917

Staff present opposing views on ‘legal weed.’ Opinion, page 2

DNAP student helps in Haiti. College Life, page 4

Thieves target campus lots Jonathan Resendez

In the last three months, thieves have burglarized more cars on Texas Wesleyan property than all of last year combined. The 2009 campus security report showed six burglaries for the year. As of April 8, 2010, thieves have burglarized 10 cars by shattering their

windows, said Security Director Felisa Barnes. “This was the most car burglaries we ever encountered in one month of March,” she said. “It’s seasonal. It’s always at the beginning of the spring and fall semesters.” Although GPS devices, iPods and laptops left in plain sight are easy targets, Barnes said the thieves are specifically breaking into vehicles with

intentions of stealing the stereo. “One student had money in her car, and the money was not touched,” Barnes said. “Their main focus is to get your CD player, but if you have an iPod or laptop lying out in your seat, it won’t take but a second to get that.” It also only takes seconds for thieves to smash a car’s window and ransack valuables, Barnes said.

A.J. Fenton, senior theater major, knows firsthand how fast thieves can make off with stolen goods. The most recent victim of the burglaries, it took less than an hour from the time she parked, with security guards present, to the time she got back for thieves to rip off her truck’s stereo. “I took the precautions the e-mail said, so I honestly don’t know what

to say,” she said, referring to an email sent last month by the university warning students of the breakins. “Nothing was visible when you looked in the window.” Fenton said she’s disturbed that her stereo’s removable face plate was stolen even though she hid it. “It means they got lucky when they

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Wesleyan TT claims three titles April 11 Joakim Soederbaum

Texas Wesleyan University brought home the national title from the national table tennis tournament in Waukesha, Wis., April 9 to 11. With three event wins, Wesleyan has won 41 of 59 possible titles during the last nine years and seven straight team national championships. The Rams entered this year’s tournament as the No. 2 seed. “We knew it was going to be tough this year,” Head Coach Jasna Rather said. “The quality of the participating players has improved significantly across the board, and there were many new, very talented players.” One of the players participating in her first national tournament was Wesleyan freshman Sara Hazinski. “She did everything she could on her own,” Rather said. Sara Hazinski was directly involved in all three of Wesleyan’s titles. She won women’s singles on her own, paired with her husband, Mark Hazinksi, to win the mixed doubles and brought the team back from a deficit in the final

Festival Fun Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival offers music, art and entertainment for Video at all. Story on page 5.

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Conner Howell | Rambler Staff

Mentor program beneficial Melissa Bates

Texas Wesleyan started its mentorship program in spring 2005 with the hopes of keeping students in school and focused. It began as a program for students fresh out of high school who were coming to Wesleyan feeling lost and overwhelmed. In fall 2008 it blossomed even further by being offered to transfer students as well. “I think that it should give new students a person that they can go to on-campus,” said Blair Ensign, coordinator of new student programs and transfer liaison at Wesleyan. “Someone they feel comfortable with who can


think that it should give new students a person they can go to on campus.” Blair Ensign

new student programs answer their questions and concerns.” New college students need a lot of support systems to keep them on track, Ensign said, which is another brick in the path that students journey down, another way to keep them moving forward. Joe Brown, dean of freshman success and professor of theater and communication, is a mentor. He doesn’t believe he is a good one though.

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Video of final game at therambler. org

Program offers offenders second chance Melissa Bates

Texas Wesleyan’s career services office is trying to help parolees get back into the job market. Sherri Mata, director of career services, was asked to give a presentation at an Offender Employment Specialist conference where she discussed the benefits of formal assessments. “We want to help the ex-offenders find gainful employment,” Mata said. “A lot of them don’t have the peer skills, they don’t know how to look for a job, they don’t know about online applications, they don’t have resumes and they don’t know what they want to do or what kind of jobs they can get.” Mata spoke specifically about the Strong Interest Inventory, a program that provides parolees with an idea of what they can do and shows them the first few steps down the right path. Mata gave the presentation to the probation and parole officers who deal with the re-entry population. She wanted to teach the officers how to excite, encour-

Melissa Bates | Rambler Staff The Tarrant County Re-Entry Initiative helps parolees develop their peer skills.

age and empower their clients. She calls it E3. Around the same time Robyn Fisk, Wesleyan alumna and college and career services counselor, was working with training clients at the parole office

on McCart Avenue. Mata and Fisk came to realize that they were working for the same program, the Tarrant County ReEntry Initiative, but on opposite ends of

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04-14-10 P1 should give new students a person they can go to on The voice of Texas Wesleyan University students since 1917   TITLES,...

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