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the purpose of representing students and channelling your voices. I was elected by students, and that means I’m accountable to students.

Hi there, I’m Jo Swo and I’m your Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer. University can be a really difficult time in people’s lives, it’s when you’re figuring out who you are what that means. At UEASU we strive to make sure everyone feels safe, valued and represented. That’s why we’ve created this guide, to tell you more about the wonderful multi-faith chaplaincy, the societies on campus and your local community. A Student Union is an organisation with

That’s why I have created a Multi-Faith Working Group, where students of all faith can come together and discuss matters important to them, and feed them into the work I do. In this guide you will meet some of your other elected representatives at UEA and the multifaith centre, and learn about what they do and what they can do for you. If you have any questions, you can always reach me via my email J.Swo@ I would love to hear from you and welcome to UEA!



FATHER DARREN - CHAPLAIN A Big HELLO and WELCOME to UEA from the Multifaith Chaplaincy Team. We do hope your time at UEA will be an enjoyable and enriching experience for you. You have chosen well! Faith and Belief is an integral part of many students’ identity. The Multifaith Centre is a place where everyone matters. The Chaplains and MultiFaith representative advisors are here for anyone who works or studies at the University. We can be contacted by telephone or our email addresses. The Multifaith Centre provides the Campus with: • A centre for quiet reflection • Peaceful common room facilities


• An opportunity to learn about our own and other’s beliefs and faith traditions • We affirm the value of the spiritual • Offer coffee and tea throughout the day within one of the best views on campus Come and meet the team as we seek to offer non-judgemental friendship and support. Seek advice on faith issues from accredited chaplains. Come and tell us your concerns and share your joys; we are here to listen and remember we are a place, where everyone matters. Do pop in and say hello. You will be pleasantly surprised. With best wishes, Fr. Darren Thornton UEA Coordinating Chaplain

FAITH & LGBT+ SHARMIN HOQUE LGBT+ OFFICER (OPEN PLACE) Religion has been a source of solace and grief for many LGBT+ individuals, many continue to cherish their faith community however too many have been forced to leave those communities behind because of condemnation of LGBT+ people. I’m Sharmin Hoque, UEA’s LGBT+ Officer (Open Place) and I’m also a bisexual Muslim. I strongly believe that you can be both a person of faith and part of the LGBT+ community, I personally remain a Muslim because it is just as part and parcel to my identity as being queer is. It is just who I am, how I was raised, and through no choice of my own. Here at UEA, as LGBT+ Officer I will be working hard to encourage dialogue between LGBT+ and religious societies to ensure that all student that are LGBT+ and part of a faith are safe within our campus. Also to ensure people of faith are always on the agenda

and when talking about equality and diversity, include religion. As for my own experience, my first year at university was amazing because I was free to be myself, as I am still not out to family, however due to the level of acceptance and love from friends and the LGBT+ community at UEA, I was able to run for the position of LGBT+ Officer as I want to share the experience that I first felt, and make it more accepting for people of faith. Within the LGBT+ community, there is the religion vs gay framing which can be reinforced by LGBT people as well. You may feel like a minority within a minority, as I occasionally do myself. Many queer people have left spiritually abusive households and don’t want anything to do with religion. However with time, all good things start to happen the fact that the rising tide of LGBT+ acceptance is allowing more people in conservative communities to come out who wouldn't have a generation ago. It’s slow progress but its great progress. As your officer, I am here to 5 support you, I’m here to make sure your experience is a great one. My advice would be to embrace who you are at university and not to be afraid. I know everyone is not out and proud, and here at UEA we acknowledge that everyone’s experiences is different. I know the personal struggle between being religious and being part of LGBT+. Having to question which community to defend, and with two important parts of your identity constantly against each other. However just being able to talk of your experiences can help, and I’ll be more than happy to listen. As someone of faith and LGBT+, I wish to respond to everyone who accepts, tolerates, or even hates with the love and acceptance they deserve. You don’t have to choice between your sexuality and your faith, you can be both and proud. LGBT+ CAUCUS LGBT+ Caucus is a safe space for all students who identify as LGBT+ to come together and discuss their experiences at UEA, hold their elected Officers to account and discuss Union issues. You can come along and meet like-minded people, chat about everything 6

from the LCR to your modules, you even run for an elected committee position if you fancy! All meetings take place at 6pm in Bookable Room 6 (upstairs in Union House). Tuesday 11th October Tuesday 15th November Tuesday 17th January Tuesday 28th February PRIDE Pride is UEA’s very own LGBT+ society, with a committee of elected student who provide a peer support network and organise amazing events throughout the year. This year they’ll be running events such as Bi Bi Prejudice, Asexual Awareness Week, Trans Awareness and (of course) LGBT+ History Month in February, so keep your eyes peeled! You can join the society for just £3 on our website and check them out on Facebook to keep updated!

FAITH & MENTAL HEALTH seek support from chaplains or faith representative advisors.

The Student Support Service has a dedicated team of Mental Health and Wellbeing Advisors that can provide confidential support and advice to students about things that are worrying or distressing them. Some common problems at university can include, self-esteem, sexuality and gender, stress and difficulty sleeping. The team also provide Mental Health support to students with emerging and ongoing mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders and psychosis. Confidential one to one counselling is also available for students who want to talk through personal issues over a number of booked sessions. If a student is struggling with spirituality or needs a quiet place to reflect, Advisors may informally refer them to the MultiFaith Chaplaincy where they can

You can book an appointment with someone in the Student Service Support between 9am - 5pm either by walking in (we are located on the Upper Street between Waterstones Bookshop and Unio) or calling us (01603592761) or emailing us ( FINN NORTHROP NON-PORTFOLIO OFFICER Spirituality often becomes more important in times of emotional stress, physical and mental illness, loss and bereavement. Everyone of faith will react differently to emotional stress and mental health issues. Some will lean heavily on their spirituality and faith to guide them through difficult times, others will question their faith like never before and will drift away from their previous practises. It is most important at this stage to understand that whatever 7 reaction you have is entirely legitimate and entirely normal. There is no ‘correct’ response. 1 in 4 of us will face mental health problems at some stage in our lives, and often University can be the first time many experience mental health problems. The University has a variety of professional services available to deal with whatever issue you are facing and these resources are there to be utilised, the GP services on campus are also fully equipped to help recommend what path of treatment is best for you. Equally if, in tandem


with this, you wish to meet with someone to speak about what you are facing from a more spiritual standpoint all the religious representatives at UEA are more than happy to speak with you. Medical and Spiritual help work perfectly together, they are not mutually exclusive in any way, and to seek formal medical health is not an abandonment of your faith. Nearly all faiths and spiritualties feature an emphasis on the vital importance of compassion and caring for others, this is an integral part of the identity of many people of faith. But it is vital to balance this with practicing good self-

FAITH & LONELINESS FINN NORTHROP – NONPORTFOLIO OFFICER Loneliness is an emotional epidemic in the modern world, and whilst it may carry connotations of being a problem suffered by the elderly, many can find themselves feeling isolated at university. Fresher’s fair and welcome week may pass you by in a flash, and within the first few weeks and many find they have not made any real connections with anyone. This often leads to students either becoming shut away and lonely for the year, or even dropping out. This can be keenly felt by those who, often for religious reasons, choose not to drink and can often feel excluded from the parties and the ‘welcome drinks’. However here at UEA the students union always works with societies to ensure that there are a wide variety of non-alcoholic social events

all year round and especially during welcome week, so have a look around Soc Mart and in our welcome week guides and try and find a social you think suits you. Of course many people will find friends and connections through their faith, and most ‘major’ faith groups hold a variety of social events over the year as well as weekly religious services. These can be excellent places to meet and get to know, not your peers, but also our excellent faith centre staff! Information is also available on all of the various faith groups that meet in the community, this can be particularly helpful if you are a member of a ‘smaller’ faith group. Even attending your religious service on campus can really help people make friends and make sure they stay in contact with others rather than


HOW TO GET INVOVLED WITH YOUR STUDENTS UNION DEMOCRACY AMY RUST - CAMPAIGNS AND DEMOCRACY OFFICER Hi, I’m the Campaigns and Democracy Officer at the Union of UEA Students. My priorities focus on meaningful student engagement, improving officer accountability, and empowering students with the tools to make change on our campus. In past our students have made a real impact on campus- from putting on great charity events to campaigning for minority rights. Alongside joining

JO SWO - WELFARE, COMMUNITY AND DIVERSITY OFFICER This year we’re inviting all students of faith and beliefs to attend the first Multi-Faith Working Group on the 4th October (5pm in Bookable Room 6), a dedicated space for students to come and share their experiences of what it’s like to be a student of faith at UEA. We want to create an inclusive and safe campus for all, and we believe that the only way to do this is to involve 10

clubs and societies, there are number of ways to get your voice heard in your students’ union- by joining our democratic decision-making body, Union Council or getting involved online via our ‘VoiceSU’ page. By being part of our union democracy, you can make a real difference to students both on campus and students across the country by joining national campaigns. If you would like to know more how to learn more about your students’ union or how to get involved, email me

students of faith in the decision making process, and listen to their feedback in what the Union and the University does for them. If you would like to learn more about the Multi-Faith Working Group or learn when the next one is please email me at MULTI-FAITH WORKING GROUPS 4th October 5pm - Bookable Room 2 16th November 5pm 25th January 5pm 8th March 5pm 19th April 5pm


JOE ZILCH – ACTIVITIES AND OPPORTUNITIES OFFICER I am the Activities and Opportunities Officer; it is my job to help run, support and represent all the sports clubs and societies at UEA. Societies and Sport clubs are a great way to engage with and get to know people with like-minded interests. There’s a whole multitude of societies at UEA, anything from Accounting, Baking, Cardiology, to animal welfare, Games, Laser tag, Knitting, Gospel Choir and probably anything else that you can think of. There are around 10-14 different faith societies here at UEA and if there isn’t one that you are looking for; let’s create one!

the UEASU website, under the opportunities and society section. If you can’t find what you are looking for and want to set one up, then under the societies section on our website (www. there will also be some documents you can have a read through. Once you’ve had a read through and filled it out, by all means send me an email and we can go through the process together. We as a Students’ Union pride ourselves on being inclusive and welcoming to everyone so if you have any worries or concerns about joining a particular club or society, or just have some questions, just drop me an email and I will try and get the answers you are asking for.

All of the information of the current societies we have, are on



REPRESENTATIVE Alokadhara (Mr Robert Haworth)

Buddhism is a spiritual tradition which arose in India about two thousand five hundred years ago. If we look in a dictionary we will find Buddhism classed as a world religion, however Buddhism is different from other world religions because it does not have a creator God. Buddhism was founded by a man called Gautama Siddhartha who whilst in India studied meditation under different meditation masters. He eventually abandoned the practices of these master and began searching for the real nature of reality and the truth of why, we are born, suffer, and die. Siddhartha continued to meditate and one day came to rest under the Bodhi tree and vowed not to move until he had attained enlightenment, that night Siddhartha attained enlightenment, and became the Buddha.

SOCIETY No society currently exists. Interested in setting one up? Check out Page 11


ON CAMPUS Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Alokadhara is leading a meditation session on Mondays in term time from 1:05 - 2 pm upstairs in the Multifaith Centre. LOCAL SPACES Norwich Buddhist Centre, 14 Bank Street Norwich NR2 4SE. Tel. 01603 627034 Email: info@

CHRISTIANITY UCCF: The Christian Unions Coming to university is a huge opportunity explore some of the deepest questions about life, the universe and everything else. The

Christian Union is the place to hear and consider for yourself the person that has shaped western civilization perhaps more than any other. Whether you are familiar with the life of Jesus Christ or investigating what he had to say for the first time, the CU is a welcoming community that exists to give you the chance to explore what Christianity has to say about life’s biggest questions. The CU hosts all kinds of events to which students of all faiths and none are welcome to enjoy: these include lunchtime talks, which explore deep questions such as: “If god is real, why is there suffering?” and social events such as acoustic nights and ceilidhs that help you to get to know people. The CU is strongly supported by local churches in Norwich so if you are looking to attend a church while at university, the CU will also help you to find a church that suits you. It’s a big adventure coming to university for the first time, and Christians can be nervous of leaving behind the community they grew up in. The CU is a supportive community in which you will meet other Christian students, hear from God’s word about how to live as a Christian

at uni, worship and pray together. You can also join a campus based small group which many find helpful. Here are some suggestions to make your first weeks at UEA the very best they can be: 1. Have an open door – resist the temptation to close yourself away in your room. Be the person who says “Hello!” first and embrace the opportunity to make new friends. Yes, some of them will become that Facebook friend who you can’t remember when you met them, but some of them will become your best friends through your uni adventure. 2. Explore your uni – before you have your favourite haunts, you need to know the lie of the land! Term will soon fill up with socials, societies, on-demand video marathons and even some work! – so before it gets busy, why not find out where the best coffee shops are? Discover where you can buy milk at two in the morning (this need will arise – trust us!) or where is the best place to unwind between your lectures. 3. Get Involved – your time at uni will be so much more than 13 your studies. Go to the societies fair and sign up for any that catch your eye. You don’t have to commit to them all, and you may even find enthusiasm for a hobby or cause you never knew existed! Don’t forget to look out for events too – BBQs, movie nights, and sports tournaments are just a small sample of the events you can expect on campus. 4. Join a local church – if you have grown up in a church, chances are you will miss the feeling of community you grew up with when you come to uni. Joining a local church is a great way to have like-minded people around you to support and encourage you during your time at uni. Many churches even provide free lunches for students! 5. Check out the Christian Union – the CU is a great place to learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ – whether you have big questions that you want answered, or you’re looking to share to your new friends (see point 1!) what your faith is all about. Uni is all about exploring deep questions and finding your own perspective on life, and the CU is a great place to do that.


SOCIETY Christian Union ueachristianunion

CHURCH OF ENGLAND ANGLICAN The Anglican Chaplain at UEA is Father Darren Thornton who is also the Coordinating Chaplain for the Multifaith Chaplaincy team. The Chaplains are here for anyone who works or studies at the University - staff and students of any faith or none. Students are encouraged to explore the wide range of nearby Anglican Churches for Sunday and evening worship. Do speak to Fr Darren to find out what is happening at the local Churches near UEA and in the City. Fr Darren is happy to help set up contacts with the clergy and people of those Churches. There is something for everyone in Norwich. A Church on every corner! We have quiet rooms in Multifaith centre for prayer reflection. Prayer requests also be left with Fr Darren.

the and can Do

make yourselves known to me when you see me around the campus and if I can be off any help or assistance do pop in for a chat. I am here to offer friendship and support, listen to your concerns and help with any spiritual and religious needs Fr Darren can be contacted by telephone, email (D.Thornton@ or by popping in to the Multifaith Centre.

Church of England www.cofe. Norwich Cathedral www.

REPRESENTATIVE Reverend Darren d.thornton@

I am a Methodist minister and am here as the Free Church Chaplain, representing Baptist, United Reformed and Methodist churches. These generally have a more relaxed style of worship and also focus on service and worship in daily life.

SOCIETY No society exists for this faith yet, but you can make one! Check out page 11 ON CAMPUS Multi-Faith Chaplaincy. Come and join in some worship! Every Wednesday [in term time] there is a Eucharist at 1.05pm. During the term there will be various guest preachers with an opportunity to ask questions about the sermon after the Eucharist as we eat our lunch in the common room. LOCAL COMMUNITY Diocese of Norwich, www.

FREE CHURCH The Free Church Chaplain is a member of the UEA’s Multifaith Centre team, which is there for all UEA students and staff - of all faiths or none.

I am in the Multifaith Centre all day Monday and Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. There are no formal free church services on campus. There is Bible study which is arranged to suit students’ wishes and timetables. Some of the churches in the city are: Chapelfield Road Methodist Church on Chapelfield Road, City Baptist Church on Duke street, and United Reformed church on Princess Street.

15 REPRESENTATIVE Jen Woodfin j.woodfin@uea. Jen is normally available in the Centre on campus on Mondays, Tuesday mornings, and Thursdays in term time. • Offering friendship and support • Listening to your concerns • Helping to meet your spiritual and religious needs SOCIETY No society exists for this faith yet, but you can make one! Check out page 11 ON CAMPUS Jen hosts a Bible Study group on Mondays at 2pm. All are welcome • Morning Prayer Monday – Fridays 8.40 • Evening Prayer Monday - Friday at 15.40 • Bible Study on Mondays at 2pm • Christian Union on Tuesdays 19.30 (in Congregation Hall) Jen is very happy to meet with individuals or groups, whether students or staff in term time: • Mondays 10.00 - 16.00 • Tuesdays 10.00 - 16.00 • Thursdays 13.30 - 16.00 16

HINDU The National Hindu Students’ Forum (UK) is a national representative body for Hindu students in the UK, founded with the vision for young, educated Hinduos to contribute to society. With thousands of student members across the United Kingdom, NHSF (UK) unites them with one purpose: creating a peaceful world based on Hindu Dharma. By providing an expansive support network for our Hindu students at university and providing opportunities for them to develop their skills in a Dharmic environment, we have seen our members go on to become national and international leaders in thought and action. Today, we have grown to host over 4,000 actvie student members, across more than 50 universities and form a network fo thousands of alumni and professionals. We believe everyone has something to give for the benefit of society, we can help you realise it. We create the Hindu leaders of tomorrow, today.

REPRESENTATIVE UEA has no Hindu Representative, but you can contact: Gopal-Lila Das Imperial College, London Shaunaka Rishi Das Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies Tel: 01865 304300 Dr Suresh C. Vasishtha 0208 5506231 SOCIETY Hindu Society groups/hindu--3

ISLAM The Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS), the umbrella organisation to which the vast majority of university Islamic societies are affiliated, was founded in 1963 by a number of activists from the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaate-Islami movement. FOSIS is a body that caters for the needs of Muslim students in further and higher education across the UK and Ireland. It aims at uniting all existing student Islamic

organisations, encouraging and helping members conduct prayers, lectures, discussion groups and Islamic classes and participate with their wider community. REPRESENTATIVE Mr Masoud Gadir SOCIETY Islamic Society groups/islamic-society--11 ON CAMPUS A new Prayer Room has been opened in the main Lecture Theatre Block (opposite Lecture Theatre 2). This will be open for daily prayers from 6am–11pm every day including weekends, via campus card swipe access. Users will need to apply for their campus card to be activated so they can gain access to the buildings. Please apply online at: islamic/cardax-access-requestform OFF CAMPUS - Norwich & Norfolk Muslim Association Community Centre 286 Dereham Rd, Norwich NR2 3UU

17 - Ihsan Islamic Centre 7 Chapel Field E, Norwich NR2 1SF - East Anglian Bangladeshi Islamic Centre 70-72 Rose Ln, Norwich NR1 1PT

THE UNION OF JEWISH STUDENTS The Union of Jewish Students (UJS) is the representative body for over 8,500 Jewish students studying in the UK and Ireland. UJS is a cross-communal space for all Jewish students and is the only peer led Jewish student organisation. UJS supports 64 Jewish societies across the UK and Ireland. UJS delivers campaigns relating to Jewish student interests, supports Jewish societies, runs national events and programmes and supports Jewish students to ensure kosher and Shabbat friendly accomodation and spaces. HOW TO GET INVOLVED IN YOUR J-SOC? Jewish Societies are a home away from home for many Jewish students. The activities that Jewish societies provide, 18

from Friday Night Dinners to guest speakers, ensure a close community of Jewish students on campus. For more information about UEA J-Soc, visit the stall at Freshers Fair or contact: Kosher food and accommodation provision UJS and J-Socs make sure that all Jewish students are catered for no matter their religious needs. Therefore, Jewish students can seek support from their J-Soc and from UJS to find kosher food and accommodation. They can also be put in touch with the local Jewish community in the area who can provide Shabbat and holiday services. TACKLING ANTISEMITISM ON CAMPUS The vast majority of Jewish Students have a positive and enjoyable experience on campus. However, there are occasions when Jewish students face antisemitism on campus and it is important that it is reported and dealt with. If you are a victim of, or witness an incident of antisemitism on campus, you should notify: - Police - The Community Security Trust (CST), who is responsible for protecting the UK Jewish

community, and monitors levels of antisemitism. - UJS and J-Soc - The university and student union or 020 7424 3288 REPRESENTATIVE Daniel Rosenthal - minister.dr@ SOCIETY Jewish Society (J-Soc) http:// jewish-society-jsoc--3 OFF CAMPUS • Orthodox Jewish Synagogue, 3a Earlham Road, Norwich, Tel. 01263 710726 • Progressive Jewish Community of East Anglia - uk, mail to: uk

QUAKER Quakers believe that all people can have direct experience of God. We find that in our Meetings for Worship we can meet with God in silence. We can be empowered by this experience to find peace

and strength for our work in the world. In a Meeting for Worship we do not recite creeds, sing hymns or say set prayers. There is no ceremony, no pre-arranged service at all. REPRESENTATIVE Prof. Peter Belton p.belton@uea. SOCIETY There is no society at present but you can find out how to make one at page 11 ON CAMPUS: The Quakers meet Tuesdays during term time at 13.15- 13.45 in the Centre Quiet Room in the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy (on the first floor look for the sign on the door). Simply come in and sit where you like. A Quaker Meeting is based on silence, but it is a silence of waiting in expectancy. OFF CAMPUS: Quakers Religious Society Of Friends - Friends Meeting House, Upper Goat Ln, Norwich NR2 1EW


ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH My name is Deacon Andrew, and I am the Catholic Chaplain at UEA. Catholicism is the largest Christian Church in the world, and Catholic students from all over the world worship and socialise together at UEA – though you don’t have to be a Catholic to come to a Catholic church or event! Catholic students and staff meet on most days of the week on campus, and also go on trips off campus together. Our main worship is Mass, which takes place at the Multifaith Centre every Sunday evening at 6pm and every Thursday evening at 7pm. After Mass we always eat together and socialise. I am usually on campus every day of the week except for Saturday, from 8.45am till 4pm on weekdays, and from 4pm till 8pm on Sundays. REPRESENTATIVE I can be contacted by email at, on Facebook as Deacon Andrew, or by telephone on 01603 592168.


SERVICES ON CAMPUS ARE: Morning Prayer every weekday morning at 8.45am Rosary Monday 12pm Mass Thursday 7pm Mass Sunday 6pm Off campus the main place of worship is the Catholic Cathedral on the end of Earlham Road as you go into the city from UEA. SOCIETY CathSoc groups/catholic-society-cathsoc MASS AND PRAYER TIMES - in term time only Sunday Mass 6 pm, upstairs in the Centre on campus Thursday Mass 7pm in the Centre followed by Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Morning Prayer 8.40am every morning Evening Prayer 3.40pm every afternoon These short times of morning and evening prayer follow the Catholic daily office - all at UEA very welcome Rosary Mondays at 12.30pm. Confessions Sunday or Thursday before and after Mass, and at other times by appointment - ask the Chaplains

OTHER RELIGIONS/FAITH OFF CAMPUS Adat Yeshua Messianic Synagogue. Contact Rabbi Andrew Sheldrake, telephone 01603 464367 Assemblies of God, 171 Earlham Green Lane, Norwich, 452062 Assembly of God Church, Cooper Lane, Hingham, 01953 851359 Bah’ai Information Centre, 98 Brunswick Park Road, London N11, 020 8361 7093 Buddhist Centre, 41a All Saints Green, Norwich, 627034 Chinese Christian Fellowship, contact Charlotte Christian Science, 5 Recorder Road, Norwich, 219550 Church of God (Chesterfield Hall), Cabell Road, Cromer, 01263 511661 Church of Jesus Christ & Latter Day Saints (Mormons), 19 Greenways, Eaton, Norwich, 452440 Council of Christians & Jews, Martha Wilson, 593444 Education Temple, Moat Farm, Fressingham, 01379 586308 Elim Pentecostal, Trory Street, Norwich, 219038 Friends International (evangelical Christian organisation organising off-campus events for international students). Staff workers in Norwich: Joel (07879 369 070) and Rebekah (07980 884 875) Callow Hindu Association, 5 (Temple) Anglesea Avenue, London SE18, 020 8854 4906 21 Hindu - Bhaktivedanta Manor, Hare Krishna Temple / ISKCON, Dharam Marg, Hilfield Lane Watford, Herts WD25 8DT, 01923 851 000 Hindu UEA contact: Dr Anish Ghosh Indian (local) community contact: Mrs Gayatri Verna, 01603 716509 Jehovah’s Witnesses, 10 Old Hall Road, Norwich, 505028 Norfolk & Waveney Churches Together, 880602 Norwich Community Church, King Street, 765795 Norwich Vineyard, 15 St Andrew’s Close, Norwich, 701750 Octagon Unitarian, Colgate, Norwich, 666636 Orthodox Jewish Synagogue, 3a Earlham Road, Norwich, 01263 710726 Progressive Jewish Community of East Anglia,, mail to: Sabud Norwich, 6 Cathedral Close, Norwich, 614883 Salvation Army, 34 St Giles Street, Norwich, 620747 Seventh Day Adventist, 133 Dereham Road, Norwich, Contact: 07868 711912 or Sikh Temple, Old Palace Road (near junction with Dereham Road), Norwich - worship every Sunday from 11.30 am to 2 pm Sikh World Council, Unit 5/20/22 Highbury Grove, London N5, 020 7226 7070 Please inform us of any changes in the information given above.




multi-faith working groups Come along to meet other students of faith and talk about your experiences as a student here at UEA and what your Student Union can do to improve! We’re working hard this year to make sure that students of faith are at the centre of what we do, we want to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Each meeting will be held at 5pm in Bookable Room 2 (upstairs in Union House) with free tea and snacks!



multi-faith guide  
multi-faith guide