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Working as a group


Some of the foodwe should sell


The brief


First look


Idea One


Idea Two


Idea Two - Packaging

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Final Brand Proposal

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Final Brand Proposal - Packaging

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Final Brand Proposal - Clothing


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The Restaurant


4 Würstchen - The German Restaurant

Working as a Group


ur Idea for the design project came from one of the exchange students we had in our group. She made the comment “There isn’t really anywhere you can go to taste some of Germany foods.” So from that we decided to brand the German restaurant “Würstchen”. Wurst is the German word for “Sausage” and by adding an umlaut, you get the word Würstchen which is the German word for “Cute little sausage” and because German love sausage based meals this is what we have decided to base the restaurant around. hence the name Würstchen. Which shows off what type of food they would be serving. which are German styled hot dogs and sausage salads.

It would be aimed at student looking a lunch time meal or business people popping out of the office to run get lunch. the shop with have both a sit-in and takeaway option. It is geared closer to take-away, but there will be table for people that like to sit in.

W端rstchen - The German Restaurant 5

Some of the food we sould sell

These pictures give a small over view to what type of food we sell. ranging from German hot dogs to German sausage salads

6 W端rstchen - The German Restaurant

The Breif

W端rstchen - The German Restaurant 7

First Look Once we had written the brief it was now up to ourself to design and brand the W端rstchen restaurant. I started my Planing out what i was looking to do with the project. The first thing I would need to do is design a brand that would serve as its identity Once I had the brand, I would then need to show how this would spill over onto the Packaging, Clothing and any handouts or leaflets. The diagram below shows how the brand will transfer onto the rest of W端rstchen products.

Even though we stated in the brief we wanted to stay away from German clich辿s, I personally wanted to keep a bit of German in my design. i did this through the use of colour. the colours I picked for this design was Red yellow and black. The reason for this is because of the German flag. Yet I would use theses colours in a abstract way.

8 W端rstchen - The German Restaurant

One of the first things I done when starting this project was to experiment with the colours and text. I wanted to see how they would play of each other. Also Looked at patterns within the W端rstchen name.

Immediately liked the umlaut within the W端rstchen name. I felt it would be a good idea to explore as a logo or brand identity for the restaurant.

Würstchen - The German Restaurant 9

Idea one I liked the meaning behind the word Würstchen, “Cute little sausage” so I decided to start designing a brand identity that would also give off this feeling and look of “Cute”, but still looking German.

I started drawing out how I seen the word Würstchen as “Cute”. I began to draw it as bubble writing, but with having the letters slightly angled differently. the images above show different stages of the design. I wasn’t happy with the “W” in the name, so the image below shows how I was testing out different styles of “W’s” that would tie in with the bubble writing theme. You can also see where I tried to use the Umlaut as the logo, by just highlight it.

The images above are vector draws of the design. the one of the left is a wire framed image and the one of the right is the finial design that takes ideas from all of the stretches above. Once I was finished with this design I wasn’t happy with the outcome. so I decided to go back to the drawing board.

10 Würstchen - The German Restaurant

Idea two The next idea I had for this design project was to look into a handwritten font. The images below show 3 different peoples hand-writing. The first image is my own, but person I don’t have the handwriting look and feel i was seeking for. the next too images are my mothers handwriting and my younger sisters then to the right.

i wanted a cute smooth persons hand writing to tie in with the “cute little” feel from the Würstchen meaning. Each one of these hand writing styles had different things I liked about them, so the image below is where I tried to combine things from each while I liked.

The two images above show two typefaces I found on-line that are handwritten. Although just as before there are things I like about each, and things I don’t.

Würstchen - The German Restaurant 11

So i decided to take one of the typefaces I had found on-line and change the things I didn’t like about it, with the things i liked about the rest. In doing so I create my own and unique branding which had the playfully “cute” feel to it i was looking for. The image to the left was where i experimented with how the pen worked when drawing each letter. Where did the line thin out or thicken etc.

The image above shows the final design after I took all the things I liked about each individual font and combined it into one.

12 W端rstchen - The German Restaurant

Idea two - Packageing

W端rstchen Wrapping Paper

W端rstchen Take-away Bags

Würstchen - The German Restaurant 13

Once I had created the brand identity for the restaurant, I then done some quick vector drawing to show where the logo/brand could then be moved to. on the left hand side you can see the hot dog wrapping paper with the Wüstchen Brand on it. this paper would be semi transparent. Below the Wrapping paper, I’ve drawn up some take-away paper bags with the logo design on the front. The bags can come in 2 different colours. The Bottle to the right is another vector drawn with the Würstchen name printed on the cup at about a 45 degree angle.

After finishing the design and printing it onto some packaging, I still wasn’t happy with the outcome. So I decided to go do some research on some artiest. Würstchen Paper Cups

14 W端rstchen - The German Restaurant


I looked closely into the Spanish studio Estubio Mariscal, I really liked some of the work they done on a various projects. the images below are a section of work they done on 2 different projects. the reason i picked theses out because they outline the childlike feel I was looking for.

Würstchen - The German Restaurant 15

As you can see I’ve enlarged one of the image. This clearly shows of the part I like about their work, which is now they colour the design. They first of all draw the design in black, then colour within the lines, but purposely making a mess. This gives a child like feel to the design, which connects with the Cute little feel I was looking for in the Wüstchen name. So i plan to use this type of design in my branding.

This is more work they done on a different project. This bag is computer generated but yet looks like you can reach out and touch it. also the design again has the feel like its been drawn in a kids crayons and gives a “cute” feel to it, making it appealing.

16 Würstchen - The German Restaurant

Final Brand Proposal

After looking at Estubio Mariscal work, I’ve now finished the Final brand proposal for the German Restaurant Würstchen. The images above and below show different version of the design. For example i plan to use the Design below as the shop header. but the Design above will be used on clothing and packaging.

W端rstchen - The German Restaurant 17

I hope to use the Umlaut design to the left as W端rstchens Logo, It could be printed onto small badges, or stickers. Once the restaurant begins to be well know, this Logo could then stand as the brand identity for the place.

The Designs below are just some flat images of the brands name in two different colours. This just shows what the Name would look like without anything done. If you look closely you can see where Estubio Mariscalhave influenced the design.

18 W端rstchen - The German Restaurant

Final Brand Proposal - Packageing

As I stated before I would like to show how the branding of W端rstchen would Spill over onto the packaging. On this page you can see the two different take-away bags that would be available They are a basic paper bag with printed Logo on the front. They come in both Red and Yellow with a black String as the handle.

On the Second page you can see the box that will be used to Serve customers their food. Weather its a hot dog that can be warped in a napkin then placed inside or a Sausage salad that will fit inside the box. The box is made of cardboard and printed red with the W端rstchen designed name on the lid.

W端rstchen - The German Restaurant 19

20 Würstchen - The German Restaurant

This shows the cup and napkins of the Wüstchen restaurant brand proposal. for the cup I’ve just used the Umlaut as it looks like a smiley face, the rest of the cup will be coloured red, same with the napkins, they will be red with the Umlaut outline behind the Würstchen styled name.

W端rstchen - The German Restaurant 21

Final Brand Proposal - Clothing

For the workings at W端rstchen the uniform will be simple, you will have to wear the yellow T-shirt with the umlaut print on it with black trousers. working behind the deli counter will have to wear the apron with the W端rstchen styled print on them

22 W端rstchen - The German Restaurant

QR Codes These QR Codes will be printed on the W端rstchen Packaging, it is a way for the customer to interact with the restaurant. The first code thanks the customers for coming to W端rstchen and hopes to see them soon. this could be printed on the back of the takeaway back or on the understand of the box, This means no matter what the customers buys or weather they sit in or take-away they will receive this message. The second code is an information code, this one will contain facts about German food. This will be a way of finding out more on Germany and giving the customers a better tease of German culture. there will be a range of theses printed.

W端rstchen - The German Restaurant 23

The Restaurant These are just some ideas to what the shop front might look like. After looking into some german building i seen that would was a big material used. So ive droped in some wooden frames for the shop.

This shows how the branding can be designed into the shop front.

24 W端rstchen - The German Restaurant

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